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Police and Security News reports that TASER has been developing a new launchable TASER ECD, the 40mm HEMI. “The letters stand for Human Electro-Muscular Incapacitation and 40mm means that it is compatible with existing 40mm low velocity weapons such as the M203, M320, M32, etc. TASER International is working with military customers to develop this capability. The 40mm HEMI will eventually be made available to law enforcement, too, but the current focus is on meeting military requirements . . .

The 40mm HEMI works much like TASER’s handheld ECDs (the venerable X26), but without the tethered wires required for the handheld ECDs. It is deployed as a projectile from a 40mm launcher and the front end’s nose with tiny metal barbs latch onto a person’s skin or clothing. These barbs double as the positive electrodes delivering the TASER effect. The back end section containing the negative electrodes separates on impact to create spread between the electrodes.

These two sections create a “circuit” for the series of electrical TASER pulses which incapacitate a human for a 30 second period of time. The 40mm HEMI round is capable of reaching a target up to 164 feet away . . .

In both the XREP and the 40mm HEMI, the battery supply is fully integrated into the projectile chassis. The XREP projectile produces a 20 second shock, while the 40mm HEMI is being designed to provide a longer duration because it has a greater range.”

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  1. A 20 second or longer Taser ride? Count me out. We have people dying with the 5 second ride.

  2. I’m more concerned about the speed these fly at. Regular 40mm nades launched at close range can already be lethal as a projectile.

  3. Cujo, the 5 second ride is not killing anyone. It is any ride at all coupled with underlying health problems. High blood pressure or other circulatory issues are significant risks. But the shock is not the problem. The .02 amps at 1-2 joules of power simply are not medically significant. The people who have died after Taser use would most likely have died after wrestling with police officers. It is not that they are being shocked, it is that their heart rate increased during the encounter. If the police had not used the Taser, but had wrestled them to the ground or pepper-sprayed them, the outcome would have been the same because it was the underlying medical condition that killed the person.

    My argument against this tool is what the hell is designed to be used for? I have fired both a M203 and a Taser. The M203 is an area weapon. Put a round in a window is about as accurate as it gets. Hit a human target at 164 ft away? Only if they are standing still and the user has training. If the target is standing too close, serious injury can result. We have had the same issue with paintball delivered OC pellets. Calling a 40mm projectile “low-velocity” is just a categorization. It is still being fired out of a grenade launcher and is big. Imagine firing a baseball out of a grenade launcher. And aiming this thing is difficult. 40mm grenade launchers lob rounds on an arc. It is not a point and fire system.

    Unless something was left out of the press release, I can’t see a reason to use this tool. As a former MP, I understand the use of Tasers. I just don’t see how a Taser grenade will work without causing serious injury should you actually hit someone with it.

    • Oh, I know what you mean, I’m Taser and PepperBall gun qualified. I never liked the Taser because of the press ready to pounce on any use and death-worrying about breaking their necks as you press them down and cuff them is enough-and the risk of the electrodes going into the eyes. Which I see that risk could be greater here-like that claymore type Taser array they have available too. And yes, this thing this big could kill someone from impact, I would think.

  4. I dont see the need for this since Taser is already making shotgun taser rounds for the police and military. Mossberg already makes a shotgun that is specially made for these taser rounds. Why mess with something that can quickly put 3 or 4 rounds downrange into a mob and give a few people a nice ride and send a message to the rest of the mob. A 40mm isnt going to be used for a taser round when it can be used for gas and affect more with 1 round. A waste of R&D money in my opinion.

  5. Countdown until some (poorly trained) officer (who really shouldn’t have a 40mm launcher in the first place) loads a 40mm HE round, and fires it thinking its a Taser round, and gibs some poor motherfucker.

  6. I agree with a few others that have already commented. There’s really no need for this product. The ONLY thing I can see this being used for is to subdue a rampaging elephant at the zoo. Because Minute of elephant is the best accuracy you can hope for with a 40 mm launcher. Sid was right, they aren’t exactly point and shoot.

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