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I’m a fan of Texas Armoring Corporation on Facebook. I’m also a fan of their work in real life – you know, outside of social media. Nick and I took a trip a few months back and both decided that some of our first lottery winnings will be going to secure some TAC rolling stock. And I’m thinking mine will be equipped along these lines . . .

This Urban Commando ride came through on my NewsFeed this morning and was too tasty not to share. If you like cars/trucks/SUVs and bulletproofed items, you might want to give their page a “like” so you are up to date as well.

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  1. Not available in NJ, NYC, SF, Chicago (unless your name is Rahm) and DC (unless you have special needs)

  2. Ok, let’s storyboard this. You’re rolling down the highway in this shiny automobile, the bath salts apocalypse hits, and… What happens?

    Well, one of your passengers has got to crawl over the back seat, lift that cover – assuming you have no other supplies in the cargo area – and pull the rifle and magazines out of their snug little tray. Now you’re finally ready to fight. Or you gotta’ pull over, get out of your armored cocoon, open up the back, again move all your cargo, then you can get to your firearm, and get back on the road, ready to fight.

    So think about it. What is the actual product here? The top picture. A glamor shot of an empty SUV interior with a nice-looking gun to share with your friends. That’s what you’re paying for. “I have this. I can afford this.” But for executive protection, it’s absolutely worthless.

    • I thought the same thing. Also, the gun case in the back looks awfully snug fitting. If one needed to get the weapon out quickly it looks like you made need to pry with fingers rather than grab and go. Same with the magazines spaces. Then again, the pictures may not do its justice. I’m sure if anyone were to buy this for security details, they would think to install vertical gun racks in the backs seat.
      Now as a sweet range toy and Pimp My Tank contestant, this would be the hottest.

    • It would be much better if they came up with a way to open it from either the back, outside of the vehicle, or from the backseat, inside the vehicle. Likewise with the insert, hopefully it is some kind of cut foam which will flex to allow a hand to get around the grips or the mags when removing or inserting the rifle & mags.

    • OK, the solution to this problem is to register your armored ‘Burb in the name of your recently-created “executive protection” corporation, then take it to Dillon Aero for installation of a Dillon Aero M134D minigun in 7.62 x 51. Electric drive, 1500- 3000 rounds per minute, installed in a pop-up mount (through the roof) with a joystick control for the driver or passenger.

      THEN you won’t have to worry about getting into the back seat to access your weapons.

      • If you can’t take 30 seconds to get the rifle out of the back of your BULLETPROOF SUV then maybe you got problems bigger than any suv can solve eh?

  3. why is there a lock on the lid of the gun case? if someone managed to break in to your armored car, what is a $5 lock going to do to keep them away from your rifle? And did they bother to upgrade the locks on this car, or can you break in to it with one of those inflatable air bags?

    • They didn’t show pictures of the build up (presumably for security reasons), but when Nick and I toured, they were upgrading locks. That also included the addition of inner deadbolts.

  4. I have to agree with some of the other commentators the the rifle location is suspect. Should be mounted to the inside of the roof with a mechanical keypad release and magazine holders on the inside of the door.

    • That is rather slick, but it does seem kind of silly that the gun is in the back seat, and the switch to unlock it is in the front of the car. I would like to seem something like that in the center console too.

      • It’s set up to extend forward at the push of a button so the driver or passenger can grab it. I’m guessing there’s no other place that’s suitable to conceal an MP5 — yet have it be accessible in a pinch — to the people in the front seats.


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