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RF is always going on about Shower Carry, and I think I’ve found the perfect gun for those whose daily hygiene regimen includes “Lather, Rinse, Fire, Reload, Repeat.”  The H&K P11 entered service in the mid-1970s, and was (is?) used by Navy SEAL-types all around the Western world.

It fires a 7.62mm drag-stabilized dart with an effective range of 30 meters above water, and 15 meters submerged.  The sealed five-shot barrel contains the cartridges, and the weapon is reloaded by replacing the barrel unit with a fresh spare.  Used barrels must be returned to H&K for reloading and re-sealing.

the P11 is completely waterproof and corrosion-resistant.  If you’re worried about being ambushed on the crapper, you’re a little paranoid here’s a tactical toilet tip: the P11 will survive years of discreet storage at the bottom of your toilet tank.


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  1. Chris, shower carry has been my personal Holy Grail. RF is a mere poseur basking in my reflected glory. So is the H&K P11, which is merely a waterproof gun. Being waterproof may take care of the shower part of the equation, but leaves unanswered the carry portion of the conundrum.

    I am miffed. On the other hand, at least someone out there is paying attention to what truly matters — shower carry.

    • I have claymores with the “front towards enemy” and the clicker in the shower, so I don’t need to shower carry.

      • Claymores cause too much collateral damage. I have cats. Fortunately, they’re built close to the ground, and I tend to shoot high.

  2. I’ll stick with my Cold Steel Boar Hunting Spear until my P-11 comes in…

    • Now that I’ve looked at that CS Boar Spear, I really want one. How is the Spear Head attached to the shaft on that thing? How sturdy is it?

    • You should get the SOG spear. It is a spearhead that is threaded to screw on to mop/broom sticks.

  3. I would like to add that tossing one of these in your tank is not only tactically prudent, it’s also environmentally sound be cause the toilet uses less water. It’s a win win for everyone.

  4. Used barrels must be returned to H&K for reloading and re-sealing.

    Given H&K’s reputation for customer service–or more precisely, lack thereof–where private citizens are concerned, that’s got to be the deal-breaker.

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