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Next Post features a watch to watch: the Aryta Time Shot series Son of A Gun timepiece. “Using the standard 47mm wide Artya steel case, this ‘bullets for brains’ watch places six very small Flobert 6mm rounds around the automatic Swiss movement (which is placed in the center of the dial. A design on the bezel and inner dial hearken to targeting sights . . . On the rotor of the automatic movement Artya places the backs of three 38mm bullet cartridges [pic after the jump] It probably looks cool to seem spin [sic] around like the barrel on a revolver.” Blogger Ariel Adams is impressed, in a conflicted sort of way . . .

The artistic elements are apparent, and for some reason the concept feels very silly and also satisfying because yes ‘those are bullets in my watch.’

As one of the commentators pointed out, good luck getting that through airport security. [h/t/ to Matthew K. Thompson]

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  1. Artya specializes in watches that play with the tension between beauty and ugliness, but this is just tacky. It looks like somebody commissioned the Teutels to make a timepiece with an ammo theme.

    • That seems like more of a Red Jacket stunt than a Teutel thing. It doesn’t have enough flames and spider webs to be a Teutel creation.

      If it was Red Jacket though, they would probably try to find some way to make it actually shoot and then charge an absurd amount of money for it.

      • Did I see a teaser commercial for a Teutel/Red Jacket joint effort, some twisted gun-bike or bike-gun? Or did I fall asleep in front of the TV one night and make that up?

        • Nope that happened, it was a m1919 painted up to look like a dragon with the firing controls worked into a set of motorcycle handlebars.

    • The flobert rounds look like they were just sort of tossed into the watch face, they aren’t evenly spaced and that just doesn’t look right.

      • I’m assuming that this is a 100% mechanical watch. If that is the case, having the cartridges equally spaced wouldn’t rotate enough to run the watch. Instead of winding the mainspring, they would gyro too much and be ineffective for energy transfer.

  2. Illegal in Massachusetts without a license. I sh!t you not.

    “Whoever owns, possesses or transfers . . . ammunition without complying with the provisions of section 129C of chapter 140 (the firearms licensing law) shall be punished by imprisonment in a jail or house of correction for not more than 2 years or by a fine of not more than $500. For purposes of this section, “ammunition” shall mean cartridges or cartridge cases, primers (igniter), bullets or propellant powder designed for use in any firearm, rifle or shotgun.

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