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Here’s the 911. I mean, 411 on the above video. The Florida Police Benevolent Association is unhappy with a Republican video lampooning Democratic Gubernatorial hopeful Alex Sink for kitting-out insurance fraud investigators with rifles. I agree with one thing: this ad would have been a lot more effective if the GOP had just, you know, said it.

As law enforcement officers, we are used to suffering abuse from the criminals roaming our streets. They often yell at us, spit at us, assault us and sometimes kill us. We expect it. It comes with the territory. What we don’t expect is to be mocked and insulted by the Republican Party of Florida as part of their effort to elect Bill McCollum as Governor.

An outrageous attack advertisement, produced by the Republican Party of Florida and subsequently posted to the Bill McCollum for Governor website, portrays our officers as a deranged Marine recruit in one clip and as Rambo in another. The ad was a swipe at gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink, criticizing her decision to purchase advanced weaponry for her sworn officers at her agency. More appalling is the fact the Bill McCollum, Florida’s chief law enforcement officer, would condone placing this despicable ad on his campaign website.

In effort to score some cheap political points, Bill McCollum has enraged our officers as well as the entire law enforcement community. His extreme lack of judgment in this matter begs the question “Will Bill McCollum, as Governor, put political gain above officer safety?”

Matt Tyre President
FLPBA State Law Enforcement Officers Chapter

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