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The Presidential hug arrives at 4:43. “Nothing is going to be more important in making sure Congress moves forward this week than hearing from them [the families of the children slain at Sandy Hook].” Not logic. Not practicality. Not efficacy. The President’s speech kicks off more like an election rally than a civilian disarmament speech. “I love you too,” Obama says to the cheering, adoring crowd. And then the grimaces. And the assurance that Congress can enact “gun safety reform . . . while protecting our second amendment rights.” The mantras . . .

“Let’s get that done” and “Let’s put that to a vote.” Translation: if the mob wants something, screw the Constitution. “We want a vote! We want a vote!” the mob chants (21:24).

When the Prez tells the crowd that Washington press says gun control failure will be an Obama failure, he really gets worked up. “This is not about me . . . It’s about all the families going forward. It’s about law enforcement officials putting their lives at risk! That’s what this is about! This is NOT about politics! This is NOT about politics!”

Uh, yeah it is. But on another, more important level it’s about defending and extending Americans’ Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.

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  1. Can we please, please, please get a crowd of several hundred demonstrators outside of every one of these events and hold up signs with the pie charts that show how an overwhelming majority of police officers believe magazine capacity restrictions and and semi-automatic rifle bans will not reduce violent crime?

  2. Where’s Brian Terry’s parents? they should be onboard also talking about gun trafficking by BO and the AG and their criminal coverup.

  3. It seems to me that the momentum is shifting back to the anti-gun side. While I expect rhetoric like this from my President, I had not counted on the Republican opposition in the Senate to decide to go spelunking on this issue. More and more it seems that the Senators who I counted on to express my views are going to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory. They are more concerned about having their backs patted by journalists and fellow Senate members from across the aisle rather than upholding their constituents beliefs….or the Constitution.

    During elections they spend 100’s of millions of dollars warning us of the dire circumstances of a vote for their opponents, only to cave in on the same issues after they are elected.

    The day after this Senate bill passes, whether it has a chance of passing the House or not, I will be at the Registrar’s office changing from R to I.

    • Yea I heard McCain on cnn today and almost gave up the bacon and eggs. The republican office holders are being scared by dems predictions of massive civil unrest as a result of food shortages and economic collapse, which are being engineered, thus guaranteeing the dire predictions. Both parties fear the people will hold them responsible. Don’t forget what happened in Cyprus. A daylight robbery of the citizens of an entire country by a central bank and it’s swept from the news in a week. Don’t think it won’t be tried here. They want gun confiscation to protect themselves. The argument of our self defense bears no weight with either party. In their minds it’s about their political and and physical survival, and we can shift for ourselves with sticks and stones.

  4. I don’t understand why we can’t get a huge crowd of people who are still around because they were armed. We could have them all stand around with photos of the goblins who tried to attack/rape/kill them.

    A horde of children who STILL HAVE THEIR PARENTS because of DGU

    Then again, we would have a hard time getting the media to show for such an event and who would we use as the President-equivalent?

    • Where was the coverage of the State Capital rallies? Understand that the National Media has made their decision on which side of this issue they are going to support and so, any coverage of the Pro-gun side will be either negative or negligible. The coverage drives the poll results. After the polls started turning around against the Gun Control, the media which had let the story die down, renewed its efforts to show Pro-gun forces as aberrant, dangerous and Unpatriotic……except in movies, when it is really really cool.

      • Agreed pro-2A counter protests will not see the light of day on the MFM and if they do it will be them turd picking somebody from the crowd that inadvertently says something inflammatory. That’s how the MFM rolls now days.

        The best way is making your own video and hope it goes viral. Witness the 15YO girl that was highlighted on this blog and YAHOO front page for a few days. You have to bypass the MFM.

      • Thank you, Ed. Ranting, name calling, and obscenity simply lowers us to their level, and makes sensible adherence to guaranteed rights look like insanity.

        • Different rules apply to us. I may be proud to be a red neck who clings to his guns and bible, but the media makes that sound unappealing somehow. I read lefty forums and am amazed at the vile rantings that go unmentioned {witness some of the horrid things said yesterday on the passing of Lady Thatcher} but let one over the top comment by a pro gunner get picked up by the media and we are all painted with a broad brush and it is accepted as even more reason to keep guns out of citizens’ hands.

        • You two actually believe “raising the level of discourse” will change the minds of the grabbers-of-guns. What color is the sky in your world? Good luck, living in your fantasy world.

  5. The next couple of weeks are critical. Donate to the NRA, GOA or NAGR if you can. If we can break these guys in the Senate their momentum is gone and this crap is dead for now. Then we can turn our attention to the states that need our help like MD and RI.

  6. Any subject to keep attention away from how pathetic the economy is and how terrible the last 5 yrs have been. He’s the worst ever and wants to talk about anything but that.

  7. It’s pretty ironic how Liberals like to use dead children as props to push their political agenda, except of course when it comes to the abortion issue. In that case they can’t stand the sight of them.

  8. Would you buy a used car from that man? Sure the wheels will probably fall off & the steering wheel is barely fastened, you will probably die in the deathtrap, but it sure is a beauty he goes on to say. /// I don’t think we are talking about amending the constitution here so if thats correct the courts could still overturn some of the gun grabbing crap. They have no choice except to keep on pushing their stupidity. There was another man who thought he had black America in the bag, MC Hammer & he is probably selling fries now. I live in a black neighborhood & the once proud now don’t even mention him. I think he is more & more becomming the million mom march, Randy

  9. This is pathetic and he will not stop……My fear is his narrative is constantly fueling the left base while wearing down the 2A community. I personally will never give up the fight, but I do wonder if these events coupled with unprecedented ammo shortages and firearm price gouging are enough to make some surrender. Put another way, a whatever happens/happens attitude.

  10. I hope the big o’s toilet overflows while he is sitting on the only throne that suits him. Seriously this kind of BS is not only wholly intolerable, it’s illegal to suggest such trampling of the bill of rights. This crowd may as well be chanting “Sieg Heil.”

  11. The NYT published an article on Obama’s demagogic speech waving the red shirt on Newtown.

    The comments are full of anti’s, but there are some voices of reason. Unfortunately they’re being drowned out. The leading anti comment has 58 votes. The leading pro-2A has 17.

    Go to this link and vote. (You need to register)…ents#permid=27

    Yes it gives them a click. But it’s important to make our voice heard, if only to provide social support, so that gun owners in anti-gun environments don’t feel shamed and silenced.

    Here is the text of the comment.
    “Now’s the time to push back on fear and frustration and misinformation.”
    — B. Obama
    Obama said it better than anyone else could have. And that’s exactly why so many left-leaning gun owners who despise the NRA are opposing Obama and the anti-gun extremists. We’re sick of the lies, distortions, and fear mongering they’ve done in their rush to ram their pre-packaged agenda through Congress.

    We’re also disgusted that Obama and the anti-gun extremists have used the deaths of innocent school children as pawns to make the general public fearful of sending their kids to school, which is still the safest place to be in the country.

    If Obama had wanted to have a rational debate, many gun owners would have agreed. But a rational debate was the last thing that he, Biden, and other anti-gun extremists wanted.

    Obama might have fired up his base, but he lost a lot of Democratic-leaning gun owners in the process. I come from a battleground state that can go either way in elections. The Democrats I voted for in 2012 won by a narrow margin. I’ve always voted Democrat in past elections. I’m pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, and for many other causes the liberals support. But I won’t be voting Democrat any more.

    • That was genuinely unsettling. I wonder how many of these people actually admit to themselves that every time one of these tragedies comes to their attention the first instinct is to smile. Some of us actually want this to happen less often.

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