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Really? In 2012, Newsweek reported that “law-abiding American citizens using guns in self-defense during 2003 shot and killed two and one-half times as many criminals as police did, and with fewer than one-fifth as many incidents as police where an innocent person mistakenly identified as a criminal (2% versus 11%).” Not to mention the fact that all men are created equal. And that the American people are the most important voice when it comes to matters political and, thus, legislative. And nothing they have to say is more important than the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, until and unless it is amended. Know what I mean?

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  1. Feels like a feudal system with Obama as King, Congress as Lords, and cops as knights. That leaves us as peasants.

    • He only listens to what he wants to hear. A broad statement: Police chiefs are concerned with density of population, sheriffs are concerned with open range. Very different territories.

      • More like sheriffs are usually voted for police chief are appointed. At least in my area that’s the way it works. Don’t forget that even with the wide sweeping gun control in NY retired officers do not have to follow the new law. “We need to listen to law enforcement, at least the ones I tell you to.” Sounds like a case of you help me with guns and I won’t take yours, yet!

  2. I agree with him that law enforcement is “where the rubber meets the road” regarding gun crime. The problem is that if that law enforcement grew up in Chicago or New York and never lived anywhere else, they are no different than the gun-ignorant people they “serve and protect.” They have no concept of how people in the rest of the country outside their city use and feel about guns, and simply pinning on a badge does nothing to change that. You’re missing a vital part of the argument.

    • Matt, I don’t see this as he’s talking to law enforcement. Is he talking to actual cops like accur81 or Ron? No, the guys he’s talking to, the chiefs, are just a bunch of appointed political hacks toeing the party line.

      • The guys surrounding Obama are the guys who will direct their troops to line us up against the wall and shoot us. Hopefully, someone among the troops will shoot the Chiefs.

      • I agree with JWM. A police chief is very different than a Sheriff, or beat cop. The fact these guys wear blue is almost a joke.

  3. Police chiefs are politically appointed bureaucrats, who spend as much time arguing with the cops they lead claim to as they do the communities they claim to protect.

  4. Huh, he listens to the ones that want more gun control.
    See, Obama frames the argument very well. Trick is to look at what’s not in the frame. What does he leave out of the picture? That is where you find the answers.

  5. Geez, you sound like they’re supposed to be our servants instead of our masters, kind of a radical idea.

  6. Quote: “……..and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

    Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, November 19, 1863

    Can’t say we weren’t warned…

    Quote: “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

    Then Senator Obama, February 19, 2008

  7. Obama: No Group is More Important to Listen to Than Select Political Appointees to Law Enforcement Officials Positions


  8. How the average American cannot see how rigged a meeting like this is, is beyond me. If, in fact, all of the LEO reps at that meeting were decidely anti-private ownership, it simply stands to reason the group was hand selected – especially in light of the ever growing number of departments, nationwide who have clearly announced their intent to defy any and all federal legislation infringing on the 2nd.

  9. Oh boy this is going to be good. Too early for popcorn? I’ll start. Is he going to interview Bloomberg’s NYC cops that shot nine innocent bystanders on a crowded street?

  10. What he means is “law enforcement officials who agree with ME”.

    What about all the county sheriffs who have publicly expressed their support for the Second Amendment and the right of law-abiding citizens to arm themselves? Aren’t they law enforcement officials too, Mr. President?

  11. Who are those two guys right by the president? The guy on the Presidents right looks like a pedophile happy driving a van by a playground and the guy on the Presidents left looks like a rejected Scooby Doo villain.

  12. Annie Kuster and Kelley Ayotte pulled this crap in their responses to my letters.

    Both basically said what the cops want the cops get because we love the cops and both support “keeping military style weapons off the streets.”

  13. Again, Obama insults us all w/his condescending remarks about “hunters & sportsmen” while surrounding himself w/political yes-men who are NOT “the most important voices to listen to”. The RIGHT that the 2nd Amendment recognizes (not grants!) is to NOT BE INFRINGED. Obama is intent on RAMMING through another fundamental intrusion on the American Republic while giving the impression to the sheeple that he is intently listening instead of proclaiming. I’m continuing to contact Congress to not back down & get back to the important task of balancing the budget.

  14. And what of the two full states of Sherrifs who have pledged not to enforce any infringements on the 2A? I assume that when he says “Law Enforcement”, he really only means those who agree with him.

  15. I wonder if anyone, even conservative pundits, will
    really hammer the number of LEO and state
    AGs in open opposition to the administration?

  16. He’s after those pesky magazineclips that sportsman don’t need. Good thing I only have magazines “phew”

    • I also fear for the rotaryclipmagazine in my Mannlicher 1953. Luckily, it only holds five rounds. Or is it six? In all the excitement, I lost count. ANYway, the awful part is that the rotarymagazineclip in my bolt-action rifle is removable, AND the whole contraption is Military-bred, and certainly never intended for sporting purposes as we all KNOW that a double-barreled shotgun is all you need. Plus, it’s chambered for a Military round (.30 US Government) and every day I have to check up on it to make sure it’s not loading itself with high-powered armor-piercing hollow-point 1st-Grader-killing ammunition and stealthing its way all alone to the nearby school, there to wreak havoc. Of course, at least the .30 Govt. is FAR less destructive than that incredibly Evil and Deadly .223 those EBRs shoot automatically in a Spray of Death from the hip.

      Too much? Or spot-on?

  17. I might be mistaken, but aren’t most “top cops” political appointees? Here in Chicago, the CPD chief is basically a lapdog for Mayor ShortShanks. Not someone I would trust to have an unbiased opinion.

    • Yes, you’re right. In general, police chiefs are appointed, while sheriffs are elected. Who do you think better represents the will of the people? That’s why the LEOs you’ve seen taking a 2A stand have virtually all been sheriffs.

  18. “And that the American people are the most important voice when it comes to matters political and, thus, legislative.”

    Oh, you still think this is our country? It hasn’t been for at least several decades. The American people won’t be equal in the eyes of the government again until something forces them to re-evaluate their position.

  19. Want to bet there aren’t any of LEO’s that told him to FOAD on their “panel”?

    Speaking of FOAD, I think I need a “FOAD OBAMA” t-shirt. Got to be someone printing these by now.

  20. “No group is more important to listen to than law enforcement officials”
    …..if you are a statist d***bag.

  21. 1. Has he listened to law enforcement officials around the country who have declared their refusal to go along with his proposed violations of the Constitution?

    2. On the subject of rights, law enforcement is rarely the most important party to listen to. Law enforcement officials do a hard and necessary job, but they are working on the enforcement side. They occasionally overstep their bounds. Civil rights organizations push back. Obama should understand this. We have a long history in this country of blacks having to push back against the police and sheriffs to exercise their rights. That’s one example of many.

    3. But we shouldn’t be surprised that Obama isn’t listening to anyone who disagrees with him. We have to shout all the louder, and since he’s unlike to hear even then, we have to speak with the other branches of government who will listen.

  22. In that case I’ll go with the opinion of Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, making the case that citizens need to take an active role in personal protection and not simply dial 911 and wait for a response.

  23. Why do I have the suspicion that BHO will be bending his war much more towards the liberal progressive LEO officials than the ones who actually appreciate the 2A?
    I’m curious what his response to the Sheriffs who will not allow the enforcement of unconstitutional laws and unnecessary restrictions.

    To be fair, it did take me a while to realize just how accurate and effective non-LEO armed citizens are in a DGU. So if TTAG can convert this somewhat disgruntled LEO of a dozen years, than maybe there is hope for BHO being reasonable. The thing is, I’m much more interested in survivors and warriors than with victims, and I value truth and preparation over emotion and tolerance. I respect the unfortunate loss of life, but will not allow it to strip me of the means to defend myself. So I’m not holding my breath on BHO becoming any sort of 2A advocate.

  24. Ok I giving up on trying to post just one precise comment here with the editing malfunctions. The LEOs he will be consulting with are big govt hypocrites, just like himself, that are responsible for many people’s anti police opinions. They are not the type of cops that look before they shoot, return lost property and take protecting citizens lives, and rights seriously. It used to be hard to find those, but some of them are speaking up now. He needs to listen voluntarily, before he’s forced by the courts.

  25. Just tell that fool to get an Etch A Sketch if he wants to play. Otherwise, do what he needs to do & we can take it from there, Randy

  26. Obama has deeply angered tens of millions of gun owners. He ignores his oath of office and continually bypasses the legislative process in order to declare his decrees. He repeats this with no consequence. That alone proves that tens of millions of gun owners are law biding non violent citizens.

  27. I don’t want to have to got out and slaughter animals in order to be in a protected class.

    So according to constitutional professor BO only hunters and sportsman have 2a rights?

    I can’t get a comment to post.

    BO must be discriminating against me even more than I thought……

  28. Mr. President! Do you consider IDPA, USPSA, and 3-gun real sports?
    If not, who’s to say that next year, skeet shooting will still be a real sport?
    If you do consider them sports, what type of weapons and magazines are necessary for these sports?
    I’m sure the federal government has some great advice for the proper rules for these sports.

  29. Armed task force to patrol streets with AR15’s strapped on:

    Police chief says citizens could be subject to ID checks and those refusing to produce ID may be charged with obstruction of a police operation.

    Well, wonder if our President is consulting with this Police Chief? Between them they are doing a good job of eliminating the 1st,2nd, 4th and 5th amendments of our Constitution.

    • There is a disturbing ammount of positive support for this based on the articles comment section. It sickens me that grown adults still think hiding under the covers will keep the monsters away.

  30. I would rather show up to a Home Invasion with a bullet riddled bad guy than to have to explain to little Johnny why Mommy and Daddy won’t be around to take care of him anymore because they weren’t afforded the natural right of self-defense.

    Please remember that the ‘Chiefs’ he is meeting with do not speak for me nor any of my fellow Officers that I know, in my Department, at the very least.

  31. People of the gun, please check out the Big County Sheriffs Association website(sheriffs of counties with populations exceeding 500,000 people,California has the most Sheriffs of any state as members) and the Big City Chiefs of Police Association. Their sites speak for them,sheriffs have open letter to BHO and JB declining to participate in gun grabbing .COPs are silent on subject.Elected or appointed ,you choose who you want to talk for you.

  32. This is America! I thought every citizens voice counted in this country? Guess not when you have King Obama at the helm. What an ass.

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