Oath Keepers Arrested in Mexico Beach, Florida, for Open Carrying Firearms

Oath Keepers National via Facebook

Last week, five members of the Oath Keepers were arrested in Mexico Beach, Florida for openly carrying firearms and violating Bay County’s curfew. As we have reported and informed for both Hurricane Michael and Hurricane Irma, general open carrying of firearms is verboten in the “gunshine state” (as it was once more aptly known) of Florida.

In bold letters, we advised our readers:

Best advice: keep your firearms concealed and don’t dress in a manner to attract attention.

Apparently, the Oath Keepers didn’t take that warning. According to the WJHG News, Anthony Cusumano, 34, and Tammy Joan Crandield, 48, were charged with misdemeanor curfew violation, while Thomas Hubert Terry, 34; Brian Charles Calkins, 31; and Charles Randall Moye, 44, were charged with violating the curfew as well as open carry of a firearm.

According to a report released by the Bay County Sheriff, the group was patrolling the area in Mexico Beach in a maroon Nissan Frontier and a white Ford Crown Victoria, after the sundown curfew. The Ford was decked out to look like a patrol cruiser, and every member was wearing tactical clothing, including one vest that stated “tactical officer.”

BCSO Maj. Jimmy Stanford said the group wasn’t local to the Mexico Beach area.

“They’re out there patrolling the streets,” he said. “They don’t know the area, they don’t know the community, they don’t know our laws, and that just lends itself to dangers.”

After it was confirmed the five were in Mexico Beach doing humanitarian work, they were released from the Bay County Jail.

Stewart Rhodes, Founder of the Oath Keepers, released the following statement regarding the arrest:

Under the chaotic circumstances in Panama City after the hurricane, one of our volunteer security teams, out escorting medics and search and rescue, were temporarily detained by the Bay County Sheriff Department (along with the first responders, they were escorting, who were also detained), but when their combined mission was clarified, they were all released on their own recognizance, without having to post bond, and all of their gear and vehicles returned to them.

We are now back on mission, providing security escorts for first responders as they do wellness checks, as well as doing our own wellness checks at the request of families worried about missing relatives, and delivering food and water.

To clarify: our team was not doing anti-looter patrolling of the community. They were only escorting medics and search and rescue to a particular address of a missing person that the medics and rescue had been dispatched to locate. The medics/rescue team requested our security escort. We have been doing such missions for over a week, and will continue to do so.

Our own medics and search and rescue are also doing wellness checks on particular people and addresses at the request of their families.

We were NOT doing anti-looter security patrols, nor are we “vigilantes” as a local paper labeled us.

Our security team was lead by an Army Ranger veteran who also served as a Florida Sheriff’s deputy, and also included a South Florida EMT/Fire/Search and Rescue professional, and a USMC combat veteran who served two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan as a machine-gunner.

The first response team we were escorting was made up of a Navy Corpsman veteran, and an Army MP veteran and retired police officer and his wife who were volunteers assisting the corpsman in his search and rescue. They were also temporarily detained.

We will now continue to do this important work of wellness checks to help make sure all missing persons are accounted for. We are working out of a business in Panama City owned by one of our members, Charlie Huffman, who is one of our local leaders as well as our national communications lead.

In addition, we have already delivered 10,000 meals to the community and have another 10,000 meals coming for survivors and first responders. These 20,000 meals were donated to this disaster relief effort by Oath Keepers member Chance Gibson of American Survival Wholesale.

We appreciate Bay County Sheriff Tommy Ford, and his outstanding staff, taking the time under these busy, hectic emergency circumstances, to rapidly resolve this matter so we can get back to work helping people. We consider Sheriff Ford a good, constitutional sheriff any of us would be proud to serve under.

Stewart Rhodes

Founder of Oath Keepers

Army Airborne veteran
and fire-fighter veteran

Personally, I can say that Mexico Beach and the Port St. Joe area are flooded with law enforcement. I know because I’m one of them. While the area has been devastated, both the National Guard and numerous law enforcement agencies are operating in the area, and looting has not been an issue, contrary to what Panama City has seen.

Courtesy of L. Valdes

Courtesy of L. Valdes


  1. avatar TommyG says:

    Seems like there were just helping out and not trying to get in the way. Also seems like everything was cool once local law enforcement figured that out.

    1. avatar kahlil says:

      yes, but…
      “The Ford was decked out to look like a patrol cruiser, and every member was wearing tactical clothing, including one vest that stated “tactical officer.”” and the fact they were reported to be openly carrying despite a law (no matter how unconstitutional) stating open cary was prohibited.

      What concerns me more than open carry is a car tricked out to look like a patrol cruiser and the “tactical officer” vest.

      1. avatar Bob999 says:

        So, they shop at a 511 store and they added a few enhancements to their vehicle for the job they volunteered to do. That describes most security companies with higher end security folks. Honestly, when the government can provide everyone in America with their very own police officer, than I might agree that private security is no longer necessary.

        1. avatar Bearpaw says:

          “Also seems like everything was cool once local law enforcement figured that out.”

          Cool? No.

          Tactical? Very.

        2. avatar Kahlil says:

          Volunteered, not authorized, and at risk for impersonating military or law enforcement.

        3. avatar LarryinTX says:

          Boy, when impersonating military gets you in trouble, half of America will be in trouble. Impersonating cops might be illegal if you claim you are a cop, what you wear is NEVER going to be illegal as long as your junk is covered.

      2. avatar Troybilt says:

        “no matter how unconstitutional” This is the #1 reason Americans have no more rights

        1. avatar B.D. says:

          agreed. He is more worried about the oathkeepers patches and vehicle than the infringement on our rights… sad. very fucken sad.

        2. avatar Jeff says:

          Active curfew + no open carry in FL unless you are fishing, hunting…

      3. avatar NATAWS9 says:

        There are some brainwashed cowards on these comments. Oathkeepers ARE current and/or ex-military and police, they aren’t pretending to be. And wearing or using tactical gear does not mean you are impersonating a police officer. FFS is wrong with some of you? You gotta clutch your pearls because saint government isn’t the only people out there trying to help?

        1. avatar TomC says:

          There is a very thin (and often blurry) line between wannabes and usedtabes looking to recapture what they think they once had. But neither are needed in a post-disaster situation.

          I’d like to believe that the intent of these volunteers was exactly as described, but despite the tap-dancing from the top, it seems that Oath Keepers may have been less vigilant than they ought to be about monitoring the motivation of some of their personnel — regardless of qualifications.

          Contrary to the opinion of some mall ninjas here, unofficial “tactical” teams “escorting” unofficial “first responders” are placing themselves and others at greater risk – especially when operating after dark.

        2. avatar Danny L Griffin says:

          Of course they are placing themselves at risk. That’s the point.

          Oh, you mean from the government? Yeah, that’s a problem, isn’t it? The government who can’t guarantee anything and is pretty much immune from consequences.

        3. avatar NATAWS9 says:

          What? Volunteer medics are placing people at risk in a disaster area? GTFO of here, you brainwashed sheep.

    2. avatar Bob says:

      One guy is stated to be a former Fal Deputy Sheriff. That means he should know and understand FL Law. He clearly failed.

      1. avatar LarryinTX says:

        Lawyers are expected to know and understand laws, cops not so much. Think Post graduate degrees vs. High School.

        1. avatar John KA says:

          Many agencies in FL (and I am assuming in other states) require either a college degree or prior military or LEO experience. Good luck to get hired with Tampa PD or West Palm Beach without a degree.

        2. avatar Danny L Griffin says:

          Come to Michigan. Standards are lower. As a matter of fact, you can be legally disqualified from obtaining a Concealed Pistol License (CPL) and still get hired as a police officer and be issued a gun from a police agency. All legal. And you can then carry anywhere.

        3. avatar Paul says:

          Cops must conduct an investigation after determining whether there is a crime or not, they need probable cause to make an arrest, which means they must know the elements of a crime (FL statutes for example). They must know what makes a theft a misdemeanor or a felony in Florida, same with a battery or a criminal mischief. Yes cops must know and understand laws. Attorneys and judges take it to another level because they studied laws for years, and they do not work with probable cause but proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

          You should really try to think before you post.

        4. avatar Danny L Griffin says:


          Cops must conduct an investigation after determining whether there is a crime or not, they need probable cause to make an arrest

          Really? Because I can show you videos and audio recordings of cops talking among themselves trying to figure out some law they can arrest someone for because they had no reason to do so.

        5. avatar Res says:

          Well said Danny L Griffin! Paul might want to take his own advice.

        6. avatar Craig in IA says:

          “Come to Michigan. Standards are lower. Well, of course they are- the smart people left MI during Jennifer Granholm’s regime for



    3. avatar New Continental Army says:

      Lots of bitter fighting in here about this one. I say we chalk it up to poor decision and move on to electing DeSantis, so then we can push for Open Carry finally in Florida. I’ve been donating my share to him and Florida Carry.

  2. avatar Curtis in IL says:

    “We were NOT doing anti-looter security patrols, nor are we “vigilantes” as a local paper labeled us.”

    Alrighty then. Lose the “tactical officer” costumes and stop being a caricature of the liberal perception of a gun owner.

    1. avatar kahlil says:

      yup. Which is what also helped cause trouble in Charlottesville last summer – wanna be militias decked out in gear that made it hard to distinguish them from the real authorities. I have guns and I carry publicly but I hate what whack-job III%, OathKeepers, pretend police/army folk are doing. They contribute far more AGAINST the 2A fight than what they think they contribute FOR.

      1. avatar Everyone's a citizen says:

        It seems, from their statement, that as long as they are ex-military or retired law enforcement they should be able to do as they please with regards to breaking curfew, open carrying and the like. It reeks of, “We’re entitled; not like the rest of the peons.”

        1. avatar Kahlil says:


        2. avatar neiowa says:

          So you didn’t have the nads to raise your right arm and enlist/join? popo and mil in the same sentence is BS.

      2. avatar CWT says:

        Perhaps if the police had done their job the trouble in Charlottesville wouldn’t have happened.

      3. avatar Sprocket says:

        What caused trouble in Charlottesville was leftists who decided they were entitled to be gatekeepers for the (metaphorical) public square and use violence as the means to do so. That said, trying to create the impression that you are law enforcement or military is probably not the best idea anyone’s ever had.

    2. avatar B.D. says:

      Why? Because only the government and it’s agencies can do these things? Time to shift the focus here… the law is unconstitutional. About damn time these groups are coming together.

  3. avatar JD says:

    Can’t open carry period unless a member of the privileged class. Only way to legally carry a weapon in FL is by asking permission and paying a tax.
    You can open carry if fishing, hunting, camping, range trips, or while going to or coming from one of those activities. Expect to be detained and or jailed though if you dare try it.

    1. avatar rosignol says:

      I dunno, was Mexico Beach hit hard enough by the hurricane for them to plausibly claim they’re camping?


  4. Medford, Oregon Mail Tribune: Sunday, July 31st, 2011

    Sunday’s July 24 MT via Dear Amy, page 5C, featured “On wedding days and packing heat.” Mentioned were family guests revealing the carrying of handguns.

    No one is more aggressively pro-Second Amendment and pro-gun than myself. Yet with all due respect, this practice demonstrates poor judgment. Perhaps Massad Ayoob in his booklet: “In The Gravest Extreme: the Role of the Firearm in Personal Protection” (Chapter 11) states it best: “revealing the carrying of a gun is a temptation to be avoided. It serves no purpose; indeed in our society, it can detract from your public image.”

    “In The Gravest Extreme” is a must for anyone who owns a firearm for self defense/house protection, or who possesses a valid concealed carry permit. First printed in 1980, this book has withstood the test of the judiciary and courts for over 30 years and is endorsed by judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys and law enforcement. It remains available from Lethal Force Institute/Police Bookshelf at http://www.ayoob.com.

    Two other valuable resources on concealed carry include “The Concealed Handgun Manuel” by Chris Bird and “Armed and Female” by Paxton Quigley at http://www.paxtonquigley.com. — James A. Farmer, Ashland

    Now a resident of Merrill, Oregon (Klamath County)

    This comes under the subject of time, place, and manner. As I allude to in my letter above I remain solidly pro-gun/Second Amendment. Storing your AR-15 in the trunk
    of your car or behind the seat of the pickup is acceptable. But displaying a firearm in
    public really isn’t. Why? Because it may intimidate spectators, and those standing nearby. We certainly don’t want to alienate, intimidate, and turn off the non-gun owning
    public, and must set the right example with the proper tone. Also, as a devout Christian
    I cannot engage in this, though I’m a gun owner. Two Bible verses allude to this:

    “Abstain from every form of evil.” —–1 Thessalonians 5:22

    “If it is possible, as much as depends on you, live peaceably with all men (and women)”
    —-Romans 12: 18

    1. avatar jwtaylor says:

      Except Ayoob is demonstrably wrong. Although open carry has questionable tacitical value for the average non-LEO civilian, it has had a clear political benefit in socializing the carry of firearms to the public as well as office holders.

      1. avatar Curtis in IL says:

        Is a post-hurricane disaster area the right place and time to attempt to “socialize” the carrying of firearms?

        1. avatar Huntmaster says:

          You are so right! Probably the best time…

        2. avatar jwtaylor says:

          That was clearly not what Ayoob was talking about at all.
          That said, having been through more than one hurricane, the open carry of a pistol was never a particularly odd thing to see.
          The intentional posturing to seem like law enforcement when you are not is another thing entirely.

        3. avatar James A. "Jim" Farmer says:

          Considering repelling looters in the neighborhood, perhaps. After all looters and the lawless don’t want to cross an armed citizen with say a 12 gauge shotgun, or a sidearm
          holstered on their person. Again, it all comes down to time, place, and manner. An
          armed citizen on their own premises rightly protecting their property is obviously one
          thing vs. say standing on the public square and displaying a weapon in public. This is
          my take on this issue.

        4. avatar LarryinTX says:

          Pretty sure FL has great big alligators. Any other questions?

      2. avatar Roman of Texas says:

        Agreed here strongly. Open carry shouldn’t be demonized. Its the acting like an officer when you aren’t. Loose the tact officer writing. But the vests, guns, etc? You’re a free person, why not?

    2. avatar Texican says:

      I am an advocate of Massad Ayoob. But he wrote “In The Gravest Extreme” in 1980. A lot has happened since then. I’m a Christian and carrying a gun isn’t evil or even looks like evil. Evil is a bad guy concealed carrying until he decides to rob you. Cops open carry all the time and I bet you have no problem with that, do you? Yes, let’s live peaceably but let’s be ready to give a reason for the hope we have and promote freedom wherever we go. How one chooses to go armed or not is up to the individual. It wasn’t until anti-gunners started stigmatizing open carry and making laws against it that it faded from use. Now we’re going in the right direction towards more freedom. And open carry educates the masses that good people carry guns.

      1. avatar James A. "Jim" Farmer says:

        Klamath Falls Herald and News: Wednesday, February 15th, 2017
        Letters To The Editor

        Gun rights should be kept strong

        “Judge sides with former prosecutor in $250K suit” (Herald and News, Feb.10), elicits a revisit to the issue of deadly/lethal force and concealed carry.

        I allude to two past Herald and News letters of mine addressing this issue. They include: “Carrying a firearm is a serious matter, so….” (July 21, 2013), and “Common Sense in gun decisions a good thing” (Feb. 11, 2011), respectively.

        Both remain archived in the Herald and News.

        I again strongly endorse the writings of Massad Ayoob, former police captain, gun scribe, writer and national expert on deadly/lethal force, including concealed carry at http://www.ayoob.com. Also, his latest 2014 book: “Deadly Force: Understanding Your Right To Self Defense.” Massad Ayoob is also founder of Lethal Force Institute/Police Bookshelf in Concord, N.H. In “The Gun Digest Book of Concealed Carry” by this author, Mas writes: “Fight for your rights (Second Amendment) and privileges.

        There are those in this society who work in a tireless, well-funded concerted effort to deprive you and your children of the right to self protection. You (the public) have a genuine duty ‘to you and yours’ to fight that. This is a civil rights/human rights issue.

        The great authority on common law, Lord Blackstone once stated: ‘self-defense is the highest of human rights’. Therefore, work hard to keep it, because powerful forces don’t want you and your descendants to have it.”

        Finally, Brian Jenning’s Wednesday, Feb. 8 article: “Ladies of Lead: Profiling the women who choose to carry a gun” (with online video) depicts over 4,200 women alone in Deschutes County (Bend), Oregon who collectively applied for a concealed carry permit in 2016. That indeed is astronomical!

        James A. Farmer, Merrill

        Your’e right: In The Gravest Exterme: The Role Of The Firearm In Personal Protection
        (1980) is dated by 38 years. Time to revise it. And yes indeed, times have greatly changed since then. Some for the worse, and some for the better.

    3. avatar Jon says:

      If the intent of a man who is open carrying is to intimidate spectators, then the best remedy for that situation is the presence of another armed man who’s intent is not to intimidate but to assist. A firearm openly carried by a man with a professional demeanor and tactful employment of said firearm will show non-gun owners that guns can be a normal part of everyday life.
      Can you clarify how openly carrying a firearm is “evil” and how Paul’s words can be applied to open carry?
      One could argue that the display of a firearm provides the peace that Paul refers to in Romans 12:18.

    4. avatar PavePusher says:

      Don’t ever let me catch you in a public display of books or newspapers, or brazenly walking into a church without masking your face.

      Hide that shit.

    5. avatar Danny Mann says:

      Roger that. As much as I am against any prerequisites to obtain a handgun and/or a CCW permit, Mas’ book should be required reading for such. I was a LEO back in the 80’s and 90’s, and it was STRONGLY encouraged, VERY STRONGLY ENCOURAGED, to purchase(not borrow)and read it, several times. But after reading the first few chapters, you could hardly wait to finish it, so you could read it again, AND again…… In my state, with the exception of the largest of cities, the Police Academy was not on site, they were at a few colleges that had large Criminal Justice programs within the state. And, you were allowed to work for up to 9 months, under the supervision of an FTO. Well, I was on my 3rd month when I had my 1st shoot. Excerpts from the book kept flashing in my mind. Without going into great detail, I believe that entries from that book that I could recall in the milliseconds before i engaged the shooter not only resulted in this being declared a ‘clean’ shoot(never even suggested going to the Grand Jury), but most probably saved MY life,and also, the HOSTAGE he had taken. Once again, THREE months, NO FORMAL training, just OTJ experience, and “THE BOOK”.
      I’ve long since lost my 2ND COPY, probably loaned out. Thanks, James A “Jim Farmer, for the listing of where I can get another copy, or maybe 2 or 3, to lock up in a fire/impact proof safe. Don’t want no ‘FARENHEIT 451’ scenario playing out at my expense, heh heh! *Note:The original was better than the remake, plus, it started “Ducky”!!🦆🇬🇧🇺🇸

    6. avatar NATAWS9 says:

      Better link all those LEOs out there to your super thoughtful comment. I bet they didn’t know.

  5. avatar Owen says:

    Sounds like the Sheriff needs to talk to his people about the way they deal with outside help. There have to be more volunteers out there doing good work that are armed and they shouldn’t have to stop that just because they aren’t the “approved class” of open carriers e.g. LEO.

    Based on recent Hawaii court case it’s only a matter of time before states have to choose between regulating concealed carry or open carry. Soon they won’t be able restrict both.

  6. avatar Chris T from KY says:

    I like The Oath Keepers they have a good record. They did the Lord’s work in Ferguson Missouri. And I believe they put an end to the violent rioting and destruction of private property. But it’s legal to open carry in Missouri.

    It’s not legal to open carry in California or Florida. And because of that you cannot violate the law. I will pray for them because they’re in serious trouble.

    1. avatar Gordon in MO says:

      A lot of posts attacking the Oathkeepers suggest the posters know little about them. They are all either/or both, veterans and LEO. The name refers to the oath that veterans and LEO take, “to uphold the constitution against all enemies, foreign or domestic”.

      There are probably jerks in every organization but the vast majority of Oathkeepers are serous people dedicated to upholding their oath. They volunteer to help at all disasters and major disturbances. They don’t charge for their services. They are armed to protect the innocent.

      You do them a disservice.

    2. avatar LarryinTX says:

      The laws you refer to are clearly unconstitutional, and it sounds like the local LE realize that and have no interest in prosecution. Maybe they’re being nice, and maybe they just realize that in order to have that law struck from the books, you have to have a case where someone is being prosecuted for violating it. Standing up and saying “Here I am, I’m your huckleberry!” is an act of courage and patriotism, and it may land you in prison. The cops can avoid that by refusing to arrest the good guys, even if they are blatantly disobeying unconstitutional laws. Then, the community can eventually begin to question selective enforcement, this guy goes to jail for doing the same thing that other guy was promptly released for.

  7. Appears to be a lot of validation for statism in the comment section this time around…..

    1. avatar Kroglikepie says:

      Not just this time. TTAG has a lot of boot-lickers, and a lot of zealous reactionaries. Few people bother to dig into the facts or defend something on principle while seeing the faults of the person.

      Nobody is raising a stink about the curfew though. That would piss me off into orbit. This is America, not East Berlin.

      1. avatar Phil Wilson says:

        Agree, but if you go the route of civil disobedience, you have to be prepared to accept the legal consequences. And it seems like this crew are doing that, so fine and fine.

        1. avatar LarryinTX says:

          They may also realize that there are millions of people like myself, who would be contributing to their legal defense, probably through SAF or GOA. If arrested on such a beneficial mission, they would not be quickly or easily forgotten.

  8. avatar pod says:

    I fully support their humanitarian efforts and it’s a great example of voluntaryism rather than relying on state-sponsored authorities funded by taxation. We need to see more of this at all levels.

    However, while striving for a better recognition of our rights, we need to keep things relatively within the confines of the law, lest something like this happen. If the situation is relatively stable, as it seems to be in the affected area, there’s no specific reason to project the appearance of aggression, especially since Florida authorities take a dim view of the open display of firearms, even within the narrow exceptions recognized by Florida law. Arm yourselves, yeah. But don’t go full threeper, it’s not the time for it.

    In other words, if you’re gonna roll out armed while doing humanitarian work, keep it on the DL. Don’t look like a cop, unless you are one, and don’t do cop-like things. And yeah, ditch the “AGENT” “Tactical Officer” labels.

    Now if shit really goes sideways after a disaster, do what you see fit. The cops aren’t gonna be around anyways.

    1. avatar B.D. says:

      cop like things?

      sounds like something a red coat would relay to the rest of the tyrants.

      1. avatar Phil Wilson says:

        “Cop like things” could be referring to pro-actively getting involved when they see crime (like looting) occurring instead of simply defending certain people/places from attack. Not that it’s always bad to get involved, but the problem with vigilantism is that it lacks any kind of due process. Innocents can get hurt. Regardless, this crew states that they were not doing that, and I have no reason to doubt them unless/until other info becomes available.

        1. avatar LarryinTX says:

          Things like looting are hard to distinguish from people emptying stores which they own, or distributing perishables to their friends and neighbors. Getting involved in such without actual police capability to distinguish would be stupid in the extreme, and likely illegal. And would have not a thing to do with firearms of any kind.

  9. avatar Greg says:

    I trust the Oathkeepers more than Police.

    1. avatar Curtis in IL says:

      Who do you trust when you can’t tell the difference?

      1. avatar KAHlil says:

        WINner winner chicken dinner!
        Exactly that.

  10. avatar jwtaylor says:

    The work is much appreciated. The cosumes, a huge mistake.

    1. avatar Phil Wilson says:

      Agree, though I’d like to know more about what they did to their vehicles. Just putting a search light on one would be perfectly sensible under the circumstances, and if that’s it I’m with them. If they put decals, sirens, flashing red and blue lights, etc., not with them.

    2. avatar NATAWS9 says:

      Yeah, ex-military/LEOs should be wearing spring dresses when going out into a disaster area looking for casualties. Your comment is obscenely ignorant.

  11. avatar Ed Schrade says:

    Sounds like they want you to have a permit to wear tactile clothing also. I can understand the curfew, seems like the Oath keepers need to co-ordinate with the local leo’s before they do security work.

    1. avatar pwrserge says:

      Would you go into a potentially hot situation without adequate protective gear? If I was out there, I’d be in full battle rattle, M50 and all. You never know what sort of garbage is in the air post one of these events, hence the gas mask, fun fact, most military filters are more than good enough to keep particulate out of your lungs for extended periods beyond their normal 8 hour service life, and you never know when some random looter decides that those rescue teams have some nifty gear he wants and decides to take a potshot at you. (Hence the vest, and I do mean full wrap vest with plates, and kevlar.) The “Tactical Officer” patch might be a bit much, but that’s about the only thing outside the norm that I see here.

      1. avatar jwtaylor says:

        All that stuff makes you nothing but a liability in those situations. For those of us that have been in them, a wrap around vest with plates tells me you’re an idiot who’s just doing your best to drown yourself. Unstable structures, swift water and high water rescues and heavy plates don’t mix.
        Now, if you want to play tough guy and sit in your costumed truck while the real men do the work, by all means, armor up.

        1. avatar pwrserge says:

          That depends on the plates and the circumstances, mine are positively buoyant and while it’s not a life vest, but it’s definitely not an anchor the way the old Interceptor gear was. Also, we’re not talking about actual full blown flooding, we’re talking about cleanup post hurricane. (Do you see a lot of water in those pictures?)

          Not every disaster is the same. Where I live, full scale flooding is largely a non-issue. In Houston, it was a different story.

        2. avatar Greg says:

          UHMWPE plates float. It’s nice to see folks not afraid to keep order and help out.

        3. avatar pwrserge says:

          On a side note… CWS is a thing…

        4. avatar jwtaylor says:

          Serge, I have plates that are neutrally buoyant, but I’ve never seen a wrap-around vest and plate combo that is buoyant. What brand? I would appreciate the heads up.

        5. avatar pwrserge says:

          The plates are buoyant, the vest is a little less than neutral all together. The entire combo is not buoyant, but the buoyancy of the plates helps offset it. Basically, it’s like wearing a 8lb vest rather than a 12 lb vest.

          It’s an old discontinued Blackhawk vest with sealed IIIA soft panels and UHMWPE plates.

        6. avatar Rick says:

          They also don’t appear to be doing any of the rescue work, they were “patrolling”. Whatever that means.

          Stupid people, stupid places, stupid things.

        7. avatar jwtaylor says:

          Thanks for the info Serge.

        8. avatar Ansel Hazen says:

          Real men???? Isn’t Florida the state with the Browards Cowards in it?

        9. avatar NATAWS9 says:

          Tell us some more about how dumb these Ranger and combat vets are, Mr. Operator?

        10. avatar pwrserge says:


          Let’s be fair, we don’t know how recent Taylor’s personal experience is. If we were talking about early to mid 2000s gear, he’d be mostly right. (CWS has been a thing for a LONG time and a lot of people were trained to swim in full gear, but certainly not everybody.) Fortunately, technology marches on.

  12. avatar SurfGW says:

    Oathkeepers are known to be infiltrated by Alt-Right instigators.
    When they dress in tactical everything and illegally carry weapons openly, they are instigating, not helping.
    Kudos to LEOs!

    1. avatar Huntmaster says:

      Yeah the group in the photo looked like a bunch Nazis/Clansmen/White Supremacists.

      1. avatar pwrserge says:

        You mean the one with the black guy in the center of the photo? I didn’t realize that the Klan had gotten all intersectional on us…

        1. avatar jwtaylor says:

          Two black dudes and a woman. The klan is apparently a very big tent these days.

      2. avatar Someguy says:

        You got all of that from a picture of 2 white guys, a white woman, 2 black guys and 1 Hispanic guy?

      3. avatar Huntmasrer says:

        Not that the Alt right is what so many on the left are trying to paint as being. Alinsky’s’rule #13.

        1. avatar pwrserge says:

          The “alt-right” are white identitarians… aka… leftists, but for white people.

        2. avatar Huntmaster says:

          No they’re not. Let them define themselves. Everybody’s trying to label them. The alt right is anything on the right other than traditional east coast republican elitists. This meme that it is composed of white supremicists, nazis and right wing fascists is an Alinsky smear.

        3. avatar pwrserge says:

          Have you listened to Spencer open his mouth? He’s on tape sounding like a BLM nutjob for white people.

      4. avatar LarryinTX says:

        I again remind, those who introduce race into conversations about something (anything) else are called “racists”. Because that is what they are. For example, for 8 years we had a president who repeatedly introduced racial questions into nearly every discussion, and was NEVER called for it, except by one college professor who he was trying to implicate as a fellow racist, basically told POTUS to STFU..

    2. avatar kahlil says:

      it doesn’t help when law enforcement has (on their own, private vehicles) all the threeper logos and swag, punisher mask, GS style stickers, and all the other imagery associated with that band of loons. My neighbor is a deputy and his SUV is all kitted up to look like some recon vehicle for the next civil war, but he’s easily 350 lbs and nearly as round as he is tall. he’s a paper pusher that has no chance of actually catching a perp who can jog at a nominal pace. I work with a lot of law enforcement, attorneys, and other public servants on a daily basis. The ones I trust are the ones that don’t preach all that blue lives matter threeper crap. Even if they support that stuff they don’t advertise it. When you advertise you admit you’re part of a gang and what your loyalty is – to a brand, not to something real and trustworty.

      1. avatar B.D. says:

        well fucken said.

      2. avatar Scoutino says:

        In other words – You can think whatever you want, but you mustn’t say or show what you think!

        Where did I hear that kind of crap before?

      3. avatar Michael in AK says:

        Amen…. that whole “thin blue line” BS has got to go. Too many of them haven’t read the Choir Boys or see the stupidity coming out of their mouths.

    3. avatar neiowa says:

      Surf – Is this the “Alt-Right” of CNN myth or the “Alt-Right” of the leftist radical agitators? You forgot to throw in “neocon” BS.

  13. avatar el Possum Guapo Standartenfuher " they think we're making pizza's Oberst von Burn says:

    Them guys must not like the cold, all bundled up in Florida and it’s not even November yet.

    1. avatar Huntmaster says:

      It’s the global warming. It’s going on in Colorado right now. Are you loving it Marsa???

    2. avatar kahlil says:

      that sand does make it look they’re bundled up in snow

  14. avatar bob says:

    I agree, I get it, but that’s a grey line they dance. May hurt a few folks feelings on this one but just because you’re a vet doesn’t give you a position, there’s no governing position and your own company can’t be the watch dog over you. You have no legal representation, no formal documentation or backing, etc.
    So I agree, it gives a bad image. What it looks like is every time there’s a natural disaster or public disturbance that its your time to come out and pretend you’re still in Iraq on patrol. Only the government doesn’t have your back this time in both intelligence and support. Just spells disaster.

    For example.

    To be a rescue team, say an EMS team.
    The state requires a license, training, inspections, etc…
    You have to prove you can do, know, and will perform.
    There are lists of minimum equipment needed, skills needed, work needed. There are agencies who watch you to verify this.

    So say your “EMT” team is “escorting” somebody and something happens, you lose an “escort”.
    Now what? I’ll tell you what happens, your ass gets nailed to the wall for failure to provide proper services. You made somebody believe you could protect them and you failed, lawyers rip you apart and you live out the rest of your life in debt and barred from being able to take part in any aspect of what you do.

    Again, its great when people want to help, but it sounds like these guys want to play more than help, especially when doing so in an area that has fully functioning law, fire, and rescue.

    1. avatar LarryinTX says:

      Maybe a trifle extreme, ya think? How about you examine those attitudes with respect to the Cajun Navy? Because your BS says they should stay home, as well.

      1. avatar Ansel Hazen says:

        And don’t forget that there are those out there who think this country is off the rails. You couldn’t ask for a better training scenario for SHTF than any of these natural disasters. And you know who’s gonna survive? It ain’t gonna be any of the Fudd’s.

    2. avatar NATAWS9 says:

      The People ALLOW the government to exist and operate, not the other way around, commie.

  15. avatar Michael says:

    Open carry is like having the S/A hammer over an empty chamber. A WW II U.D.T. Pacific combat survivor, who knew more about staying alive in the bad place then anyone I’ve ever known, taught me that the first time your deadly attacker should know you are defending yourself with a blade is when they feel you pull it out of their body. He was right, no room for debate. The first time your deadly attacker should know you are defending yourself with a firearm is when the first bullet hits. The expression in their eyes and on their face as they shock out is…life altering for the both of you, and not in the least little bit a good way. If you haven’t been there you don’t have any right to be glib. If you’ve been there you know enough not to be glib. You just killed a human. Show some respect. -30-

    1. avatar Ad Astra says:

      Your equating open combat in an active warzone as being the same as self defense in civilian life. That shows a lack of any sense.

      1. avatar Michael says:

        I will keep my life. Somebody else wants to take it. I’ll stop that from happening anyway that works…last time I looked, attacking someone without cause is no different whether it’s a war zone, my back yard or downtown. The ground comes up just as fast, the adrenaline dumps just hard and whoever wants it most wins, all things being equal, and I’m under no obligation to keep it equal. I’m not bound to reveal my plans to get home safely to anyone. The bottom line, it’s not a sport, there’s no room for armchair quarterbacks. Nobody cares about after the fact posturing except other revisionists. There are no rules at the exact point of conflict. I can’t read minds, nobody else can either. Then it gets very simple, live or die. There is no trophy for second place and there are no victims, only volunteers. If it’s not yours, leave it alone. If someone is minding their own business, do the same. Attack me…good luck with that. -30-

  16. avatar Richard D. Hake says:

    Does no one recall the Second Amendment’s provision for ‘the right to keep and bear & bear arms’? PERIOD; and the Tenth Amendment ‘The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, Nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.’
    Until an Amendment to the Constitution restricting the 2nd Amendment is passed any so called state laws are nullified by the 14th Amendment Section 1.
    Experience has shown that any right not exercised will be lost in the fog of time and liberal indoctrination.
    It might be more useful to think about the price in blood, fortunes, and sacred honor that paid for those rights, and less about what someone might ‘think’. Most of them probably never served in our military forces anyway so what do they know about duty and honor without the protection of the Constitution. Anyone who has lived under the discipline of the Uniform Code of Military Justice knows and has experienced the difference.

    1. avatar kahlil says:

      cut the sacred honor crap. While we might not like that open carry is banned in most circumstances in Florida it is still nonetheless banned. If these wanna be soldiers showed respect to the community they would obey the law where they are “Serving”. A disaster is not the time to condition people to open carry, not the time to practice 2A civil disobedience, or pretend to be something you are not. All this glorifying of police and military does is create an idol and a class of people to be worshipped.

      1. avatar Richard D. Hake says:

        KAHLIL that ‘crap’ as you call it was written in a pledge at the end of the Declaration of Independence. Are you an American? Or a provocateur with no allegiance? My guess would be you never served in the military.
        Maybe it is time you read the Declaration of Independence over again. It was valuable to those in the day and it is valuable to a lot of us now.
        Quit trying to imply motives like ‘Glorifying or Idolizing’ the military, police, firemen, etc. Start pulling together instead spreading the divide is polarizing our nation.

        1. avatar kahlil says:

          I am an American, born and raised – southern nonetheless, not that I need to prove that to you. My family has a history of military service, including my great grandfather (American) was honored on his 100th birthday by the French government for his duties and service in WW2, the last real war, justifiable that the US was ever party to. Police, military, and first responders do a job- at times a dangerous and thankless one, but a job all the same. The far right is just as guilty of fear mongering and creating division as the left is. An example is my aging father who as far as I can tell still has a sharp mind but drinks the Trump and Alt-righty kool aid. Upon my return to my hometown in the last couple years all he could do is get incensed by the news and was heard muttering in the house, “keep your powder dry.” THAT is just as divisive as antifa and the nuts on the left.

          While we might agree that local and state laws on 2A might be an infringement of that right the time to address it is not by playing commando escort during/after a national emergency. There is a time and place for civil disobedience and protest. There is also wisdom in when and how to carry a gun. For the most part open carry is mean to be provocative and is not normative in nature. Respect and commonsense for people wanting to serve during a disaster is to do so under the local laws and ordinances, even if they may be not what we desire. Pick your battles better.

        2. avatar neiowa says:

          That your betters/ancestors served in the military gives you no points. Just pansy attempt at “stolen valor”. To bad you didn’t have the nads to raise YOUR right hand.

        3. avatar B.D. says:

          I served. I killed for fucking oil. I killed so our gas prices could skyrocket to what they are now.

          The only thing we need to be pulling is bodies to make a wall like the fucking spartans. Starting with DC and any police/military who defend them.

          While I don’t fully agree with Kahlil, he does make some valid points. The only thing I strongly disagree with him on is the “time and place”… because that time and place has came and gone.

          As for you… That whole respect thing for any vet claiming to have ‘served’ or ‘raised their hand’ bullshit is dead. I respect a lot of people, but every single person I served with is not exactly proud to have fought our current wars. Don’t let hollywood fool you, people want to kill and need a job. Plain and simple. Tactical is a rare skill set and not many people know where else to get it now days. But if they have sense, they would know the difference between learning a skill set and being brainwashed. It’s a “selfless” training job… stop holding your fucking hand anywhere, especially out asking for recognition.

        4. avatar Ad Astra says:

          Sounds like your channelinf oliver stone.

      2. avatar NATAWS9 says:

        Listen to this kahlil coward talk down to service members as “wannabe soldiers” and calling honor crap while in his very next breath he tries to stake claim to his grandfather’s WWII service? What a joke.

        Maybe you should look up honor in the dictionary and figure out what those words mean. You aren’t impressing anyone here.

        1. avatar Kahlil says:

          Was stating a fact, not stating a claim. Call me names or demean me as you see fit but I know my character, experience, and limitations. Apparently people like you get butt hurt anyone dares to criticize Murica.

  17. avatar Butch says:

    Ayoob teaches theory and is overrated. Until you’ve been on a two way range you have no business talking about combat etc.

    1. avatar Jon says:

      If the National Guard gets involved, sometimes it becomes a three way range…

    2. avatar Michael says:

      If I had to go to court involving any type or force on force issue. I’d much rather have someone like Mas, Mr. Farnum, or Clint Smith testifying for me than just about anyone else on the planet. Mas stepped forward, swore the Oath, carried a badge and a firearm. He worked the real world in uniform as a real cop. On his own dime and time he’s been all over the world, debriefing real life shooting survivor/heros. Most importantly, he has taught the frequently unpopular facts about what must be done to keep from losing in Court what’s been won on the street. He is most certainly not a strap hanger. He has managed to do this for longer than most reading this board have been alive. Of primary importantance, someone, please explain it to me, ’cause I just don’t get it. What part of doing the job on the street, without having to shoot anyone, is supposed to be a bad thing? -30-

      1. avatar Kahlil says:

        so that gives him the right to prance around Florida, openly carrying a rifle with a car and uniform meant to imply he is law enforcement or military? No, it does not. he wants to help, he can start by ensure he and his “A-team” are following the laws.

    3. avatar Robert Wilson says:

      I disagree to an extent. I’m neither LE nor military, but I worked with a group of veterans (all but one of whom ended up going into federal LE) and was privileged in that they opened up about their experiences to a greater degree than I as a joe-shmoe nobody expected or deserved.
      In the most general of terms,
      One guy served 4 tours and saw a great deal of close combat in a specialize role, and looked men in the eyes and killed them. He is very well-adjusted, quiet and introspective.
      Another guy also served 4 tours and said he never once saw who was shooting at him, or looked at a person and killed them. He suffers severe survivor’s guilt and assorted PTSD symptoms.

      Both served in combat, but their experiences and reaction to their experiences were vastly different. I would suggest that a person, say an LE who has trained extensively for years but never been in combat, would probably fall between the two men described above in terms of ability to discuss conflict with a degree of expertise. To lump “combat” as the sole qualifier to discussing it smacks of an Ernest Hemingway-esque, “Short Happy Life” simplified outlook on the subject, in my opinion.

  18. avatar former water walker says:

    My question on my mind is will they arrest dudes like this if they’re GUARDING our SOUTHERN border?!? Open carry is legal in Texas and Arizona(?). New Mexico? Who’s pizzed about all the clumsy attempts to sway the election?!?

    1. avatar Michael says:

      You can double darn betcha’, open carry is and has always been legal in the Free State of Arizona. (Except inside the city limits of Tombstone…when those Earp brothers and the good Doctor laid down the law, it stayed laid down).-30-

      1. avatar neiowa says:

        Earps- jackbooted thugs of the 19th Century.

        1. avatar Michael says:

          Please…read the archived headlines of the times…The Earps and the Doc were not, “jack booted thugs”, they were referred to in the public prints as, “the fighting pimps”, let’s strive to be accurate with our definitions, OK, people. -30-

      2. avatar Danny L Griffin says:

        I didn’t realize Tombstone, AZ had their own special gun laws.

        1. avatar LarryinTX says:

          Danny, I’m not an expert on Tombstone (drove thru once), I seem to recall the entire point of the Gunfight at the OK Corral was enforcing Earp’s rule of no guns in town. Gotta admit, tho, not sure AZ was a state at the time.

        2. avatar Danny L Griffin says:

          I took the comment to mean that Tombstone has had no OC up until today (stayed down). I looked up the laws on Tombstone and it appears the city did make a law (contradicting AZ preemption) governing gunfight reenactments.

          I probably misunderstood what the other poster meant.

  19. Let me guess! Within a Thousand Feet of Children…

    1. avatar LarryinTX says:

      If you have that authority, it is a short jump to “within a thousand miles of children”, under the exact same authority. Which makes it very clear, the government does *not* have that authority.

  20. avatar Ralph says:

    I’m incensed — INCENSED! — that people who are not sworn officers can wear tactical clothing. There ought to be a law.

    Police are the only ones trained to wear such dangerous attire. Mere civilians cannot be trusted with tactical clothing.

    Jail them for life or cut off their heads! And for all those who are equally deeply offended by this tactical clothing display, please find a safe space to suck your thumbs.

    1. avatar Frank in VA says:

      But a “Tactical Officer” patch? That’s poser stuff. Pure costume.

      1. avatar neiowa says:

        Really? Is there anything more “poser” than a cop/swatty all decked out in their pretend “wanna be a grunt” Halloween costumage? NO

        An actual vet that choses to REDONs BDUs/LBE/etc and pick up a weapon it’s good by me. They/we paid the price, why didn’t you? Too busy chasing broads and getting high in YOUR sad misguided youth? If it’s a AF/Navy vet it’s laughable (other than a very few notable exceptions), but if they have paid THEIR military obligation I can laugh and let it go.

        1. avatar Frank in VA says:

          I’m commenting on the patch. Not the guns. Not the tactical clothes. The patch.

        2. avatar Kahlil says:

          Some of us paid our dues by working our butts off in university and grad school, earning degrees that allow us to help serve our communities and world in other ways. Vocational school, military, etc all has a time and place. While I am the first and only college grad in my immediate family I don’t discount the military service of father or the development of his own business with only a 9th grade education. “Raising my hand” meant earning a masters degree in counseling, working in group homes, living and working with orphans and refugees overseas, and serving low income areas in the USA. Military and police service does not quality anyone for automatic awe or reverence. Don’t pretend that vets are the only ones that pay a price for the jobs they do.

        3. avatar LarryinTX says:

          Great. But YOU have no business commenting like some kind of expert on matters concerning the military, either. There are plenty of military vets, including flag officers and former E-3s who have far more graduate degrees than you will ever have, who have founded companies and employed hundreds, being vets does not preclude that, you did not serve because it was beneath you.

        4. avatar kahlil says:

          To larryintx (above?)
          I didn’t claim to be an expert and I didn’t demean, degrade, or see the military as beneath me. There was a time that I thought the military might be a choice for me and then I wised-up and realized I was not the right fit for the military and I have various objections to the way the system is run currently. It was a mutually beneficial decision. Just because I didn’t serve doesn’t mean my opinions or concerns are invalid. It cracks me up that you have to have some military killing experience to be able to comment on things like this. Just because I wasn’t an IDF sniper (like Rob Grobman who used to post) and proudly share that on my resume doesn’t mean I am prevented from criticizing the Israeli occupying force. Just because I didn’t serve in Afghanistan or some other warzone for the USA doesn’t stop me from commenting on human rights or US policy. Stop thinking too highly of yourself and the military.

        5. avatar It is already halloween in FL says:

          You “paid the price”, giving you the right to violate a curfew and a law (FL Statute) in regard of open carry?
          Good joke, keep em coming please. They should use that with the judge, I am sure it is going to work well for them.

        6. avatar It is already halloween in FL says:

          LarryinTX, holly cow you are something else! And thanks for fighting for my “freedom” in Iraq or Afghanistan. Ok now you can come back down with the rest of us.

      2. avatar B.D. says:

        calls the ones who got arrested for open carrying militia style as fuck a bunch of posers…

        they hypocrisy is real here.

        1. avatar Erik Weisz says:

          Amen. And very judgemental for freedom-loving Americans.

      3. avatar NATAWS9 says:

        The patch is likely one of their internal position names for their team roles. Get over yourself, you sound like you are emotionally distraught over shit you know nothing about.

    2. avatar jwm says:

      That’s a common fallacy, Ralph. There is no safe place to suck your thumb. That’s why every one that wishes to put digits in their pie holes should be armed. May have to go from sucking to shooting in the blink of an eye.

      1. avatar LarryinTX says:

        Wait, now, lemme see if I got this. “PtuiBAM!” Maybe when I was younger, think I shot my tongue off.

  21. avatar Sgt Craig says:

    It is halloween and these guys still look silly. Mid life crisis dress up fools. Carry concealed like a human. Also- Oathkeepers do not screen applicants as long as their check clears so several impersonators looking to prove themselves seems like a bad idea… especially after their negligent discharge while “guarding” the Armed Forces recruiting center a few clicks back

    1. avatar b.d. says:

      conceal carry like a good rights waving junkie.

    2. avatar Shallnot BeInfringed says:

      “Carry concealed like the statist bootlicker that you are.”

      There, fixed it for you.

      1. avatar It is already halloween in FL says:

        Conceal carry actually gives you many advantages for SD.

        1. avatar Scoutino says:

          And several disadvantages.
          It’s a weapon. It’s not a shameful thing, you are not supposed to have to hide it.

  22. avatar Wayne says:

    If you stop responding to the trolls, the will disappear as they are not getting the attention they want. Ignore them. It works.

    1. avatar Kahlil (sorry, goofed my email this comment) says:

      Calling people with differences in opinions trolls? If POTG are going to have any success at defending the 2A and not come across as whack jobs the team needs to be thinned out some. The 2A or anything related to it isn’t the sole possession of vets or far right conservatives.

      1. avatar pwrserge says:

        Actually, yeah, it pretty much is. The left has walked away from basic decency and actual human rights. I have yet to meet a Democrat who doesn’t need to have his face caved in to remove the stupid.

      2. avatar Erik Weisz says:

        The only “whack-jobs” in the ranks of POTG are those calling other POTG “whack-jobs”.

        1. avatar kahlil says:

          So you admit you’re a whack job then, no?

        2. avatar Erik Weisz says:

          Your projection is showing.

        3. avatar kahlil says:

          I envision you saying this in Pee Wee Herman’s voice, “I know you are but what am I?” Grow up.

  23. avatar koolaidguzzler says:

    Oathkeepers are mostly recycled right white domestic terrorist wannabes.

    1. avatar b.d. says:

      were our founding forefathers considered domestic terrorists? or back then, because things were different and ‘expansion/exploration’ was pretty common… were they just runaways?

      also curious on your thoughts about tribalism and native americans before the “good guys” decided to push west.

      btw… “mostly” is kinda a funny term if you look at the picture with a hispanic, two black people, and a woman in it. The “whites” in that group are a little outnumbered.

      Domestic terrorism is a funny thing… history is full of it. Our “limited freedoms” are built on it.

    2. avatar LarryinTX says:

      Those who interject race into discussions not racial are called “racist”. You are a racist.

  24. avatar Michael says:

    In a bust out, grid down, batteries die when you need them the most situation, in a true World Without the Rule of Law disaster, there is no electricity, no comms and no way to check things out with a 3rd party, it’s going to get real sketchy, real fast. Especially if the authorities stuck behind when the “upper management” types all pull out to an undisclosed location decide to consolidate what’s left of their rapidly diminishing power by “redistributing” from the ignoble “hoarders” and start giving to the deserving “people”. Under those circumstances, the only uniforms I would want to be wearing, and I am more than halfway serious about this, would be; nuns, nurses or girl scouts in knee socks. There will be fearless leader/ imposter/neverwere and wannbe types coming out from under every rock. They’ll have “badges”, battle wagons, firearms, all kinds of uniforms and probably camoflage tutus. I wouldn’t want to be in any kind of uniform and roll through after one of these bands of ad hoc socialists comes around trying to take from each according to their ability and give to each according to their needs. (Holding out only a small % for administrative costs, etc. = themselves). I see a bad Moon rising, children. I have a lot of faith in human nature , and all of it is bad. -30-

  25. avatar TFred says:

    One of these days, SCOTUS is going to invalidate that stupid law against open carry. Maybe this would be a good case.

  26. avatar Ted Unlis says:

    I recall having a conversation at the barbershop back in 2011 with a retired U.S. Army Sgt who gave me the Oath Keepers recruitment pitch after I told him I was a retired LEO. My take on the outfit based on my conversation with the nut I met in the barbershop is that they’re prior military or LE squirrels who belonging to some sort of quasi militia/prepper/vigilante/conspiracy theorist group who imagine themselves as the good guys who will one day ride in to save the day and conquer evil after society descends into chaos and anarchy. Sounds like the uninvited tacti-cool squirrels in Mexico Beach were a tad on the nutty side as well.

    1. avatar Erik Weisz says:

      If you read and comprehend the article, you’ll see they WERE invited. Fudds like you will be trying to borrow ARs and MREs from the rest of us ‘nuts’ when the SHTF.

      1. avatar kahlil says:

        I browsed the article several times and couldn’t find where they were invited, and if so, in what official capacity? I call BS

      2. avatar kahlil says:

        the article you’re citing is not an article but rather the statement the oathkeepers put out that basically is their word without anything substantiating that claim. The permission/request of families and medics/rescue does not excuse them dressing up as commandos carrying guns against the local curfew and open carry regulations. While we might agree the open carry is restriction is unconstitutional it is not the point at this time, the point is wanna me army men are providing a service/escort that might not have been officially sanctioned. There is nothing in the linked NEWS article that states an invite or request to be there.

    2. avatar NATAWS9 says:

      Thank god you are retired. I’d hate to think a pearl clutching populist was walking the streets with a gun at night, pretending to serve the public while actually enjoying his enslavement of them.

  27. avatar Hannibal says:

    “…and a white Ford Crown Victoria, after the sundown curfew. The Ford was decked out to look like a patrol cruiser, and every member was wearing tactical clothing, including one vest that stated “tactical officer…”

    What a wonderful way to attract police attention.

    Seriously, there are like 4 kinds of people that drive crown vics that look like cop cars. Taxi operators, old people, people trying to look like the police (‘whackers’) or drug dealers (or trying to look the part). And the police are out to find those latter two groups. (if you are going to post saying that you drive a crown vic and aren’t one of those groups, yeah, you are).

  28. avatar WAguns says:

    LARPing around pretending to be military/Law Enforcement is so pathetic. They can help people without playing G.I. Joe.

    1. avatar Gralnok says:

      LARPing? Are you serious? They likely got an ex cruiser. The papers hate POTG so anything that makes them look like criminals is ripe for spinning. Got an ex cruiser? It’s now a decked out cop-wannabe. Got a scary looking gun? It’s now a military style weapon. Also, they never made any claims to be law enforcement, and finally vigilantism isn’t something I’d be against in the immediate aftermath of a SHTF scenario.

      Also, GI Joe is military, not law enforcement. Make a reference to any number of cop shows, Adam 12, Dragnet, Chicago PD, etc, but get your references straight.

    2. avatar NATAWS9 says:

      You can help people by not commenting bs that isn’t true on the internet. Does that make you pathetic? Yeah, I think it does.

      1. avatar kahlil says:

        You can also help others by stopping your rabid threeper, sheep-mutt propaganda. we all have our biases and opinions but most of you here are lacking commonsense because Murica and OMG, they criticize the military machine. Boo hoo.

        1. avatar NATAWS9 says:

          Nice fantasy world you live in. Unfortunately, your whole comment is bullshit. I base my responses on a strict code of REAL liberalism, not to be confused with “social liberalism”. Collectivism is oppression, individualism is freedom.

          No amount of you crying or ridiculing free men into being ashamed for exercising their liberties in their quest to help others is going to convince me you are anything but a destructive bane on freedom.

  29. avatar Erik Weisz says:

    Reading some of these comments makes me realize the mainstream media has done it’s brainwashing job well, and Alinsky’s ghost is laughing ’cause a bunch of you are wetting your panties over a goddam patch and some camo. Talking about ‘alt-right’ infiltrators is exactly what manchurian candidate fudds do. “Ohnoes! Constitutional contextualists! Hide the wimmins! It’s ‘Merka all up in here! eeeek

    1. avatar NATAWS9 says:

      Sometimes sheepdogs look like wolves to the sheep until the wolves have their mouths around the sheep’s necks. After that happens, they get 20/20 real fast.

  30. avatar marinedoc says:

    Make it clear. They were not impersonating police officers. Before you go tossing that term around find out exactly what the term means. I know. I was a police officer. Wearing tactical gear and driving a car that “looks” what someone may perceive as law enforcer like, doesn’t cut the definition of impersonating a police officer. Get your facts straight before tossing the term around. Sounds like something CNN or the NY Times would come up with.

    1. avatar kahlil says:

      If this is true – “including one vest that stated “tactical officer…”” then the intention may have been to give off the impression of being a person of authority. During a curfew and after a natural disaster isn’t implausible to confuse one of these military wannabes with the national guard or some other legal/sworn/enlisted individual working in an official capacity.

      1. avatar NATAWS9 says:

        They aren’t “military wannabes”, it says right in the article what they ARE. Stop being a deceptive puke and go spread your fake lies to some populist turds on the CNN comments.

        1. avatar kahlil says:

          if they aren’t active duty but dressed up in fatigues and swaggering around openly with guns, patches saying “officer” and “Escorting” medics, then yes…they are pretending to be something they are not. They’re better off on the paintball field in that get up than they are on the ground. If they wanted to help people they should have coordinated with the local police and authorities already on the ground.

        2. avatar NATAWS9 says:

          Everything in your comment is false or ignorant. Officer is a word that means multiple things, not just what you want it to mean. You are delusional.

  31. avatar John KA says:

    FL cop here. If some folks are too stupid to read “police officer” when it actually says “tactical officer” (whatever that means) it’s not these guys’ fault.
    Good cops know we NEED this kind of good fellows in this country, and we need them even more when stuff hits the fan. Many of them actually have former military and/or LEO experience. They are NOT a bunch of psychos, commies, fascists, domestic terrorists….going out to be the “law” and to push their ideologies on people!
    I understand a curfew is in place, but trust me I would gladly turn my head the other way if I spotted these guys using their free time to help their communities.
    Most of the time I hate my job, and I think most cops do even if many would never admit it. Too much stress, frustration, it is too political, too many lies, increasing liability and poor interactions with the community…
    Most cops I know are good people, some of the recruits are too young and believe they must talk to almost everyone with “authority” which is terrible. Some old timers really need to retire. Overall, in the normal parts of FL most cops are decent imo. What destroys us is micro management and politics, as well as lowering the standards due to lack of manpower in most agencies.

    1. avatar Danny L Griffin says:

      John KA, I wish you would expand on your comment “too many lies,” I think that needs to be heard. Nevertheless, I wasn’t going to mention this in this thread (I came close a couple of times) until I read your post. I know some people who evacuated Katrina. They were some of the last ones out. They left with enough arms to start a small Central American war. The NG (and maybe some others) they met were so woefully under-prepared and under-armed they gave them lots of their own personal ammo on the way out. They were thanked for that.

    2. avatar PS says:

      John, yes. I am not LE or Mil. Have known and currently know many. I have trained with many of each group. Recently, I met a young man from central FL. He was a couple weeks into LE field training after the academy. He truly scared me with his callous attitude regarding average citizens. Authoritative attitude and a poor (imho) understanding of the legal, moral and ethical aspects of society and LE. And especially with regard to lethal and physical force. I got the impression he was specifically trained with these ideas and attitudes in general and also, specifically in response to the recent escalation of attack on LE due to the “hands up don’t shoot and BLM crowds & MSM (aka LSM) news (biased, sensationized, myopic, inaccurate).

      I think you nailed it to a great extent and know other officers who think as you do.

      Thanks you for having a brain & using it. Stay safe out there.

  32. avatar John KA says:

    You have the right to dress as “tactical” as you want, this is not N.Korea. You can also drive a Tahoe or a crown vic who cares! The legal issue at hand is the curfew and illegal open carry (per FL Statute, unless they were fishing, hunting…).
    But here is the problem: In some parts of the panhandle, due to the conditions, some cops were only making LOOTERS run away. Now these guys, who are out there on their own time (and dime I believe) to help, are being arrested. That’s wonderful! What a big pile of ****

  33. avatar Tacticool Squirrels Operating 24/7 to save America says:

    I think many veterans have serious issues with their ego. They are up there with the Lord and we the filth are down there. We are not worthy to shine their boots because they believe they fought for “freedom” somewhere overseas, while we hippies were all obviously spending our time in the US by smoking pot and having orgies.
    Thanks for fighting the bankers and globalists wars. You really made a difference lol. I did not force you to sign up by the way, and you were not a 19 year old expedited in the Pacific or in Normandy during WW2 so you need to wake up asap.

    1. avatar pwrserge says:

      Oh look… some commie retard comes in here whining about “muh globalist wars”… But I’m sure you think that Iraq never had any WMDs and the 9/11 was an inside job.

      1. avatar Josh says:

        Hey idiot, that white powder handled by Powell years ago was not evidence of anything. Thousands of Americans died, were mutilated, suffered from PTSD because of another b.s war. Sending troops and spending a massive amount of $ to kick out a guy we helped to sit on the throne is also a brilliant strategy. Your stupidity is showing, comment after comment.

  34. avatar Michael says:

    I’ve lived through riots, hurricanes and the aftermath of blizzards. Riot or no riot, hurricane or no hurricane, blizzard or no blizzard, just don’t do sketchy stuff that you know will get yourself arrested. You get pulled off the board and are no longer able to protect your own responsibilities, you waste the time of the people actually charged in keeping the peace and make it that much easier for looters and cowards to run roughshod over everybody else. When the balloon goes up, park your self-inflated ego and don’t make things any more difficult than they have to be. The nails that stick up the highest are the ones what get hammered down the hardest. The nail has no just cause against the hammer. -30-

    1. avatar Danny L Griffin says:

      Waste the time of real LEOs? The LEOs chose to waste it themselves as these Oath Keepers weren’t a danger to anyone. Unlike looters and killers. Did the LEOs think these Oath Keepers were going to go around murdering people? Is that how stupid they are? Law Enforcement needs to up their standards for recruits. Maybe someone with a room temperature IQ.

      1. avatar kahlil says:

        Proverbial snowball – let these pretend soldiers do this and more people will, perhaps some with less than noble intentions. What had happened if one of these men got into a defensive situation and fired their weapon – who is to face liability and what would the authorities say then?

        1. avatar pwrserge says:

          You do realize that a militia isn’t “pretending” to be anything? Right commie?

          If they got in a defensive situation, then there would be no “liability” as the people who needed shooting would obviously have gotten shot.

          I have just as much right to walk around in any gear I choose when a private citizen as I did when I was being paid by uncle sugar.

        2. avatar kahlil says:

          walking around in a community where (albeit unconstitutionally) open carry is prohibited puts them at risk, period. Their costumes are an other matter.

        3. avatar pwrserge says:

          No it puts looters and other criminal vermin at risk. I fail to see how that’s a bad thing. What particular brand of looter / anarchist do you support that you’re worried about veterans protecting medical services from them? Better yet, what kind of racist are you that you’re ok with having these same men walking around crowds of people with machine guns, but only so long as they are crowds of brown people in foreign countries?

        4. avatar Non-Apologist says:


          We get it. You’re a bitter ex remf who likes to play dress up and pay for hookers, more power to you. You can call it being a militia all you want, most people outside of forums call it being a nerd and a loser. What’s hysterical is that you’ve actually found a handful of other goobers here that you feel comfortable openly discussing it with, as if it’s real and not a fantasy a virtue and not a pathology. And you’re always desperately reaching to redefine WMD’s in Iraq as if we should be invading every country with a liquid chlorine plant or old mustard gas shells that we sold them. It makes you yourself exactly what you call others, an apologist and bootlicker, just of a different sort.

        5. avatar pwrserge says:

          Oh you’re an adorable little commie… Tell me more about how mustard and chlorine gas shells aren’t WMDs…

          I’m sure that the Kurds that Saddam gassed would love to hear all about it.

      2. avatar FL cop says:

        Danny, I respect your opinions. I am in favor of the use of “discretion”. However, a curfew and FL statute (open carry) violation, 20 yrs ago sure but nowadays it is hard to look in the other direction. If the brass, medias, local politicians are aware forget it you have zero use of officer discretion option.

        1. avatar Danny L Griffin says:

          I respectfully disagree. I’m not a LEO, but I personally know LEOs (state and federal) and they have no problem doing what is right. I guess it’s the people I choose to hang around with. A retired LEO recently wrote here that he would have not arrested them.

          I’m not in law enforcement. I’m a project manager. I defy my managers all the time because I do what is right. They could fire me in a minute. I do not have a union like you do. But I chose to do what is right. Apparently you choose to do what is expedient for you.

        2. avatar NATAWS9 says:

          Law enforcement swear to uphold the Constitution and swear to serve and protect citizens, not oppress them at the whims of politicians. At least, I hope they do this in FL as well.

          People will respect police as honorable if you can prove to the public that you are honorable. There are always bad apples, but there are also those that want nothing more to believe police are protectors of liberty, not destroyers of it.

  35. avatar Michael says:

    Another rabbit hole provided by the progressives. It’s not about who has the right to wear what. It’s about who is making a life or death situations more complicated than they already are. The Police don’t automatically develop mind reading ability when the balloon goes up. Somebody just standing around with firearms is something they can’t legally ignore under any circumstances. It’s there job to know what’s happening. They interview for everyones safety. If you can’t take the time to learn the weapons laws where you live, don’t carry weapons, especially during a disaster. Stay home, protect what’s yours and mind your own business. I’ll say this everytime it applies. The are no victims, only volunteers. The first time you turn your back on an uncertainty will certainly be your last.-30-

  36. avatar Michael says:

    How do the Police know that they are looking at Oath keepers and not a gang of looters who just overpowered them around the corner and took their mix and match uniforms and various firearms. Could get really messy really fast. And who will get the gaff? The MSM will fall all over themselves to blame the Police. The system, thanks to the MSM, the progressives, and useful idiots is in free fall. Hate is love, lies are truth, just kick back and love Big Brother, he knows what’s best for you, thank you, Mr. Orwell. -30-

    1. avatar FL cop says:

      That’s not a valid reason for an arrest (requires probable cause). The curfew and possible violation of the FL statute for open carry are the reasons for a physical arrest of these guys.

  37. avatar Pat L says:

    It is pretty concerning we cannot have decent exchanges on TTAG, between folks who love the 2A. Some people cannot handle different opinions, and we (gun owners) are not an exception to this rule apparently. I can feel a lot of hate in some comments. I am at a point where I really do not have a lot of hope for our nation. When we fail to communicate in our own ranks, it really smells like the end. If you take a step back and a deep breath, by checking the comment section you can easily spot the same name calling tactics, poor attitude, immaturity…the “alt left” frequently displays. You don’t agree with me so you are either a commie, or a bootlicker. What is wrong with you all? What is going on with this internet thing, is it making people dumb and dumber by the second?

    1. avatar Danny L Griffin says:

      Pat L, it’s only a few people here, really. Most people who disagree still do it with respect. Occasionally it might get heated if someone’s button gets pressed, but by and large most here are civil most of the time.

      However there are a few who only post the most vile stuff unprovoked. They know who they are.

      1. avatar kahlil says:

        I’d say its more than a few and it comes and goes in waves. The article and thread on self defense for molotov cocktails, as silly as it was, didn’t garner the attention and vitriol this thread did. “It’s ok to have different opinions as long as you agree with me” is par for the course and don’t dare touch the sacred cow of LE, MIL, or Vets – then you’re in line for crucifixion. There are those that swing far to the left that come here and cause problems, then then are also those that are rabid far right that do the same – those are the ones that are most easily triggered. My dad, were he able to use a computer, would fall into that second category. It seems there is no room on here for people like me that tend to be more centrist on many topics (but enjoy guns and 2A related topics). For the people swinging harder to the right the only rule is to go balls-deep and commit fully to their agenda and their agenda alone, there there is peace and no gnashing of teeth.

        What I also find saddening is, like you mentioned, people are quick to delve into racist terms. For some reason people like to assume that I am a Muslim Middle Easterner coming to stir the pot. While I might be here to stir the pot from time to time I only happen to have an ARABIC (not Muslim) name – one that I was given at birth. I also happen to have lived and travelled in the Middle East so have solid experience of that region. My name pops up and the far reaching posters quickly start showing their prejudice in how they label. Do I call those people whack jobs? Yup, as easily as I call the rabid left loons and crazies. In general the conversations would be better if people would read or listen more. There have been times that a person that I disagree with has said something provoking or insightful that made me pause and think. I might not always respond to that but they do have me looking at a topic from another angle.

        What I will likely not change my mind is this – real guns are made of metal and wood (not plastic wonders), AR/AKs are over-rated, SA/DA hammer fired is the only choice, and people are going to worship something (God, military, guns, money, themselves) and while it might be fun to poke the bear at times I don’t think many will change their opinions on a forum like this.

        1. avatar NATAWS9 says:

          I’d call you a whack job because you are clearly interested in destroying liberty. I could care less what your name is, commie.

    2. avatar NATAWS9 says:

      There is more to these discussions than people claiming to be “pro-gun”. The reality is that there is a culture war between individual freedom and collective protection.

      Some on here claim to be pro-gun (an individual freedom) but then make it clear in their comments that they are actually collectivist scum that would destroy individual freedoms in a heartbeat for the myth of collective protections.

      Examples of these sort of people believe in things like: assault weapon bans; free men helping each other in disasters are dangerous people that need to be mocked, a.k.a. only the government can provide for us; open carriers are dangerous people that need to be mocked; etc.

      Men like that are not on our side, they are a destructive force to individual liberties and the country is in a political culture war, whether you like it or not, between collectivists and liberalists to determine what is acceptable for our future. I for one will not accept or tolerate anti-freedom discussion at the expense of good men exercising their freedom.

      If we can’t even win the individual freedom discussion on a pro-2A forum, how can we nationally? People that want to destroy individual freedoms need to not be tolerated and should be universally socially fought just like racist bigots that throw around the n-word are.

  38. avatar Craig in IA says:

    Rights and responsibilities… So long as a governmental request/temporary edict/whatever seems reasonable to me, I’ll comply. It didn’t to these guys, they didn’t, yet it still worked out without tragedy or bloodshed. Myself, I’d prefer to act more incognito and keep the weapons out of sight if possible, doubt I’d worry about finding a Crown Vic, too. Helping out is the primary thing, kudos to the guys for trying and not being confrontational.

  39. avatar TheTruthBurns says:

    I live in Florida & the Law Enforcement Agencies down here & we have Tons of them love to roll out All their toys whenever they can – for any reason & will usually send way to many squad cars for fender bender & such but they do Shoot & Kill criminals on a regular basis down here just watch the news or LiveLeak. Having said that & having lived through Hurricanes – Law Enforcement does strictly Enforce Curfew during these incidents so best practice: just Notify the Local Law Authority to avoid “Misunderstandings” & go about your business. Most of the LEO’s down here are cool but I’ve come up against Truly Stupid, Corrupt & Incompetent Orange County Sheriff’s Deputies Millenials who are too sympathetic to Scumbag Lowlifes versus Good Normal Folks. Having grown up in Oakland, CA around Black Panther Militants & Coke Dealers I learned to carry Whatever I want Whenever I want & I’m Not Advertising it. God Bless The Oath Keepers & The Good LEO’s – as for the Crooked LEO’s – May You Suffer a Very Painful Death – Damn Traitors!

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