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National Rifle Association Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer Wayne LaPierre (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)
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A reporter for the New York Times has tweeted the following.

We’re also hearing reports — not confirmed yet — that Ackerman McQueen’s services have been terminated. If true, was one dependent on the other? That seems likely. Stay tuned…we’ll update this post as we get more.

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  1. And I have unanimously opted to no longer be associated with or fund his organization and his absurd salary.

    • They’re a slush-fund for kickbacks; that’s the problem. Now that the money is drying up, the various fleas & ticks are fighting over the remaining blood in the turnip. LaPierre via NRA is suing AM for stealing money after he steered them contracts for decades, AM just (allegedly) tried to blackmail LaPierre into dropping the case & resigning with a claim he blew $200,000 in donations on suits via NRA President Ollie North (who is also an employee of AM). Meanwhile LaPierre’s wife sits on AM’s board.

      It’s a lover’s quarrel among parasites.

    • They want cannibalize the corpse before the NY AG seizes it. That’s all. They could care less about the NRA, or the Second Amendment.

      The lawsuit against Ackerman McQueen is probably some legal maneuver to deflect criminal liability.

      They cashed out (Lapierre, others.) of the NRA pension funds a few years ago. Essentially bankrupting the funds too. So if it goes down, none of the ringleaders will suffer that much. They’ll lose their million dollar a year salary/compensation from Ack/Mac, but that’s it.

      They’ll go lie on a beach, with off duty cop guards, and laugh at all the suckers they bilked. Nobody dares shoot them, the Bloomsberg people would make them into antigun martyrs !!

  2. Well, the results don’t surprise me. Good ‘ole Boy’s gang even at the NRA. Sad day today.

    • Maybe Wayne’s really some Green Hornet hero-villain character, and this is a scheme to alienate, anger, radicalize, and organize the masses of American gun owners into a new unstoppable force for freedom using the GOA?

  3. The only people cheering are the left wing progressive liberals who know that the NRA leadership is taking the organization into oblivion. Really amazing how stupid they are and now they can add to their legacy:
    Supported the 1934 NFA Check
    Supported the 1968 GCA Check’
    Supported the 2018 Bump stock ban check
    Standing mute on Red Flag laws check

    • Forgot the 1986 FOPA machine-gun ban, which they’d said they would challenge & see struck down almost immediately…which they now support whole-heartedly even as it expands to certain types of semi-autos (bump stocks)

    • They actually call for law enforcement to have “legal” gun confiscation powers. Yet the board reelected that man again.

      • Which is perfectly reasonable in and of itself (obviously)…but not when the context is clearly red flag laws that lack any sort of due process, and a backdrop of flinching on several other gun issues.

  4. Does anyone know a good method of removing bumper stickers… i.e. very old NRA bumper stickers?

    • Goo Gone or Goof Off to remove the adhesive, and then buff the hell out of it. If you have a dark car, under the sticker may not be faded and you’ll have the reverse of bikini lines.

      • Thank you, it is a 14 yo pickup. I think I will just scrape it off a bit as a reminder of my previous gullibility about the NRA. I really think Wayne’s cash cow is about to start giving out some truly sour milk.

  5. If the NRA goes, our rights also go!

    Exactly who is the Judas?

    And what can we do about it, ASAP?

    • Guess you’ve never heard of Gun Owners of America or the Second Amendment Foundation – you know, the people actually in the trenches fighting the battles while the NRA produces stupid little videos and funds kickbacks to corrupt board members.

  6. Yikes! I think I won’t reup after next year…who doesn’t suck?!? I guess GUNSAVELIFE for ILLinois. Is the ISRA worth anything(seriously)? SAF? Sorry I don’t have any dough to spare…

    • GSL seems to be pretty decent. Pearson from ISRA has made some major goofs in my opinion. On the national level, I like SAF the most. They’ve done some good work over the years and they’re helping with Defense Distributed’s case. (Cody Wlison, like WLP, is not helping matters)

  7. Wow so the shit show continues??
    I actually thought things might change. Won’t be the last time I was wrong about something. I’m sure glad I never went for that lifetime membership bullshit. LaPierre has proven he can’t be trusted by us. I don’t care what the world thinks about how we feel about them. Gun Owners of America are getting my funds from now on until these assclowns prove to be effective at what they are supposed to be doing for us.

    • I’m very jaded about the NRA having witnessed them rig the election last year; I still expected LaPierre to announce his retirement effective six months from now or something. This is beyond the pale brazen.

  8. Well, looks like they won’t be getting a dime from me until they go through some major changes.

  9. I will personally retain my NRA membership just because the Liberals hate the NRA so much and it makes me happy to spit in their faces. But . . . this is going to cause a significant drop in membership because a lot of people will drop out, which of course is exactly what the Liberals want to happen. So the real winners here will be Bloomberg and his ilk.

    • Correct.
      You can be sure that Soros/Bloomberg stooges are out in force on these and similar pages stirring up the pot pretending to be POTG and encouraging revolt.

  10. This is what they wanted.

    New York is going to be very happy that the people that gave them the opportunity to legally investigate the NRA are still running the NRA.

    This will be of great benefit for the leftists. They can scream, “Told you they are all corrupt Republican establishment shills.” They are already filing cases and complaints with the FEC. They are calling for congressional investigations into Russian money and agents. New York is looking to continue the dismantling by removing the NRA’s legal status. I wouldn’t be shocked if the FBI comes a looking.

  11. I was there! They tried to shut down members meeting Sat asking to take it to executive meeting cuz secrets and cuz the Cronies in the audience took over the members microphones and motioned to adjourn without a accurate count of yeas and nahs. The Old Fudds mostly went along with the Mantra of the GREAT NRA BS! It was like members have no say! We are the elite and know better!

    The National Rifle Association is in serious trouble, and the NRA Board of Directors has only two options to save America’s biggest civil rights organization.
    Option 1. A majority of the Board circles the wagons in defense of Wayne LaPierre and his pals and tries to weather the storm. (They’ll fail, and the whole ship will sink.)


    Option 2. A majority of the Board fires LaPierre and other executives (or accepts their resignations) and nullifies their contracts, suspends all vendor contracts pending thorough review and renegotiation, and purges culpable members of their own body – demonstrating a commitment to safeguarding NRA assets on behalf of the membership. (Plugging the holes and possibly saving the ship.)

    Wayne LaPierre must go!

    By Jeff Knox the son of the great Neal Knox who changed the NRA! Look up Revolt at Cincinnati.

    How NRA’s true believers converted a marksmanship group into a mighty gun lobby.

  12. I am glad I stopped giving them my money years ago. I will NEVER be a member again as long and the corrupt POS are still running the NRA.

  13. Amazing how the left has calculated all of this to get yall so upset. They really did a good job. They went hard after Parkland and now everyone is ready to have no Pro2A representation.

    Half the people talking NRA trash are paid NPC. Be long in thought and slow to act on this one guys.

    • Instead of defunding NRA, show your displeasure by buying additional memberships in the GOA and others.
      The Soros stooges are in force on these boards.

  14. It’s cool, guys. This is in the New York Times. It’s not like that “news” paper has ever been wrong, ever issued back page retractions, or shown any level of bias.

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