NY Cop’s Functional, but Minimal EDC: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day

A New York cop named Charles submits his Functional, but Minimal ensemble for review at Everyday Carry.

Minimal is right.  GLOCK 19, Benchmade Infidel automatic knife, a nice little Olight flashlight (man, those are popular!) along with a phone, Apple watch and of course, his badge.  Oh yes, and a wallet.

Coming back to that out-the-front automatic knife.  New York State has some of the worst knife laws anywhere.  Especially New York City.  So Charles, as part of the noble class, enjoys a reprieve from that which many of us take for granted.  Heck, it has only been in the last couple of years that Illinois relaxed their law on automatic knives slightly…  so if you have a FOID card, you can own/possess/carry them.  Before that, it was a felony.



  1. avatar Swarf says:

    Is that a gravity knife, Officer?

    1. avatar Anonymous says:

      NY cops get to carry everyday? Carve out?

  2. avatar Thixotropic says:

    Is that a ‘New York’ trigger on that G19?

    9 lbs. of pure pulling hell courtesy of the Peopl’s Republic of NYC.

    1. avatar Rick the Bear says:

      I remember the NY trigger being 12 pounds. I could be wrong. (Nah.)

    2. avatar Old Guy in Montana says:

      …nine pounds? More like 12 pound (minimum) trigger pulls…it’s for the children, officer safety and all that political NYPD scheisse.

      This Pocket Dump really highlights the disconnect between the privileged NYPD and the civilians they herd around like sheep…more of the “good for me…not for thee” progressive mentality.

      I wonder if the officer wears his St. Bloomberg medallion religiously.

      1. avatar Joseph says:

        Last I checked cops don’t make the laws, the legislature does that. Very often, folk’s dislike of the police is directly related to their arrest record.

    3. avatar Rusty Chains says:

      There were two New York triggers. I have the olive NY1 in my gen 3 G19 balanced with a Ghost connector, this resulted in dropping the 9 pound trigger down to a reasonable 5.5 pound crisp breaking trigger. I did not come up with the combination, it was set up that way when I bought it as a second hand police trade in. The gen 5 is suppose to have a slightly lighter and better trigger, but what I have works well for me, obviously someone knew what they were doing when they set it up.

      1. avatar Johnq says:

        During my Glock armorers course, I found that what you described was a pretty damn nice trigger pull…

  3. avatar WI Patriot says:

    Seems like everything one might need, without all the BS…

    1. avatar Vic Nighthorse says:

      In a city maybe. Less so in the sticks.

      1. avatar WI Patriot says:

        What more would you need in the “sticks”…???

        Wait, don’t tell me, you’re one of those that needs slide into full LBE just to check your mailbox…

        1. avatar Vic Nighthorse says:

          Combat is not my main concern by a long shot. I hike and explore a lot. I am hiking with no cellular signal at least a couple times a week, and it is not always planned. My back yard is at 8,200′ and abuts a national forest. It is a much different world than a city.

        2. avatar Swarf says:

          That sounds fantastic, Vic.

  4. avatar strych9 says:

    Seems like a fair number of states have been relaxing knife laws of late.

    1. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

      And a bunch more may as well in about a year’s time…

    2. avatar WhiteDevil says:

      I lived in SC and I was surprised when I learned that they have what could be called, absolute second amendment protection, for knife rights. Everything we want to be applied to firearms, regarding the 2nd, is applied to knives in SC. You can possess and openly or conceal carry absolutely any type of knife there without having to worry about any unconstitutional laws.

      1. avatar Viejo Torro says:

        Arizona as well

  5. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

    Spare mag. Auto knives overrated. Anything else? Nope. Everything else looks good.

    1. avatar DocRed says:

      If you think an auto opening knife is over rated then you clearly haven’t worked in emergency services, or at least not for very long anyway.

  6. avatar enuf says:

    Another fool feeding Gaston’s Money Machine.

    No spare magazine? And this is a police officer?

    1. avatar Hannibal says:

      An off-duty police officer is about as likely to ever need a reload as any other conceal carrier. In other words, he won’t.

      1. avatar enuf says:

        What does the likelihood of need have to do with it?

      2. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

        And you won’t need a reload. Until you do.

        1. avatar possum says:

          Most civilian DGU’s are three shots on target at most. GF , your experience is appreciated by me, however some of your ideals do not carry over into the civilian relm of gunm shoots. You’ve been a cop, most times you entered your shtf with a drawn gunm, that don’t happen our here, bro. It’s the pistolero who gets the drop on the “other guy” or steel cold nerves with cat fast reaction’s and a IDGAF attitude. I’ve got some stories for you too, But like strych9 , we don’t need to go into that…… I’d still take a Kabar over a Fairbarn. Damb it strych you can’t pound a double edge knife through a frozen chunk o meat without fckn up one of the edges. Stories: saw my first Knife fight between two mezkins at age 9, gee nothing what I’d expected, no kung fu this n that, just real fast hands and a lot of blood. Speaking of human blood. Do any of you other guys kinda get sick smelling that iron smell? Draggin dead off choppers made me puke.

        2. avatar Hannibal says:

          You won’t need a rifle, until you do. You won’t need a vest, until you do. There’s a very long list of things of things you’ll need to carry with you if you go with that philosophy.

      3. avatar Jason says:

        And how will he shoot 34 bullets hitting the perp not at all but wounding 9 bystanders without a reload?

  7. avatar Lee says:

    No spare mag?????

  8. avatar Jon in CO says:

    Funny how every bit of that is illegal if he wasn’t a cop.

    1. avatar B.D. says:

      wrong. Just wrong.

  9. avatar Mike says:

    Perhaps I’m not a nice guy, but I care little for the bragging of the privileged class in a slave state.

  10. avatar Michael says:

    Functional?…Non-starter…no impact device, no pepper spray, no gloves, no cuffs, no spare cuff key, no rescue hook… What will he do until the real police get there, sync his watch to his phone? Glad I’m no where near N.Y. F-K-A

    1. avatar Hannibal says:

      this is obviously his off-duty carry, not work kit.

      1. avatar Michael says:

        Where is his crystal ball that tells him that nothing ever happens “off duty”, I gotta get me one of them. Barney Fife was better prepared. Love to see what happens when using a double edge knife to cut down a fresh dangler. Self-limited to three options; stab ’em, shoot “em or call the real police. Gotta be a white shirt or on the bow and arrow squad, maybe both. Kitted out like that, couldn’t “Protect and Serve” a salad.

        1. avatar Hannibal says:

          The idea of carrying around impact weapons and pepper spray off duty is the realm of mall ninja security guards.

          Off duty means not getting involved with stupid shit. Pepper spray and impact weapons are used for stupid shit. Guns are used to save someone’s life (often your own). If you see two drunk idiots fighting the answer is not to charge in there with a little baton you keep ‘just in case’ it’s to use your phone to call the police to come. You know, the ones in uniforms so they recognize each other and have all the tools they need on their bat belt.

  11. avatar Hannibal says:

    I can see not having a phone in this photos (because that’s how you take the pic) but no holster?

    1. avatar enuf says:

      Yeah? Right?Why do so many of these forget the holster?

      Or, the spare magazine?

      Or, to buy American, not Austrian?

      The 12 pound NYPD trigger though, that’s the fault of the idiots at the top. But why do NYPD rank and file tolerate it? They have a big powerful union, so u

      1. avatar guest says:

        Buying american above all else as a knee jerk action is foolish.

        1. avatar enuf says:

          Ridiculous. As difficult as it is to be supportive of one’s own country with the dollars you spend, the one manufactured product you can easily do it with is firearms.

    2. avatar Swarf says:

      The phone is in the picture. Maybe he’s photographing with the holster.

  12. avatar Specialist38 says:

    Too bad his fellow NYC subjects…er….citizens cannot avail themselves of this level of security.

    1. avatar Darkman says:

      What ? There are thousands of citizens walking around New York city packing this and more. They just choose to not obey the law. Because laws don’t stop people from going armed. Morals and Ethics and Fear do.

      1. avatar Specialist38 says:

        I take your point. They can’t LEGALLY do it unless they have bribed the correct people and have sufficient clout.

      2. avatar Swarf says:

        And if they get caught, they go to jail. Good plan.

  13. avatar dwb says:

    New York cops should be disarmed like their slave residents. Fuck em. Why would someone even think people in actual America give a rat’s ass.

  14. avatar DJ says:

    My EDC is a Benchmade Infidel along with my firearm. Legal in Colorado.

  15. “ALL HAIL DUKE VAN BLOOMBORG, High-Duke of NYC, as one of the Knights of The NYC boroughs…The High-King/Cuomo, of the NY Kingdom, fiefdom all rights of a Knight of Pollution and Crime…To Keep and bear arms in the Name of his Royal Highness, The King 👑 of New York! You are now under orders from the Sheriff of Nottingham to collect ALL Fees, Taxes, arrest and seize from the peasent s of the realm!

  16. avatar Sammeow says:

    Wow, looks like that knife cost more than his firearm.
    No holster, no reload, no car/house keys?

  17. avatar possum says:

    I don’t give a greasy possum yank stroker what a NYPD LEO carries

    1. avatar possum says:

      She’s not my type, ,,”Well, what is your type?” ,,,The ones that say yes.

  18. avatar DocRed says:

    I’m an emergency manager with 2 decades working in the field and this is basically what I carry on me as well. I carry a Springfield XDS in 45, Infidel, Streamlight Stylus Pro, CRKT William’s Tactical Pen, wallet, keys and my credentials.

    No need for all this “5 spare mags, fire kit, water filter, blah blah blah” on your body like some of these idiots walking around like they are wearing Batman’s utility belt.

    1. avatar enuf says:

      I don;t know anyone who carries all that stuff.

      On the other hand I have known cops who carried five spare magazines.

  19. avatar S says:

    Personally eff him and eff NY. Respect to cops for the job they have to do but they should not get special protected status on carrying. If a civilian can’t carry it cops and bodyguards shouldn’t get to.

    1. avatar dwb says:

      I simply dont respect cops who take a job prosecuting people for exercising their constitutional rights. Cops don’t “have” to take the job, they do something else.

  20. avatar Bloomburgmahomieeeee says:

    LOL I love the inferiority complex on here from all the inbred mouth breathers

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