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By the NSSF:

The National Shooting Sports Foundation chose to remain respectful of the victims and their families in the El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, communities in the week following the senseless and horrific murders there. We did so because we believe it is right and proper. Both communities deserve time and space to mourn, to pray and to try to find comfort.

There is a time for healing. This was that time. While others chose to vilify and politicize the pain and tragedy brought by criminals who defy understanding, we chose not to participate.

We also know that now is another time. It is one that calls for leadership. NSSF is and has been ready, and we invite any who genuinely want to find real solutions for safer communities to come alongside us.

Unfortunately, we have been down this path before. Tragedy has struck our own community, and as it was then, we believe there is common ground. We’ve proven that with our leadership in getting our FixNICS program signed into law in Congress and 16 states, increasing the disqualifying background checks from 1.7 million to 5.3 million since 2012, a 220-percent increase.

It is the firearms industry that leads with Project ChildSafe, passing out 38 million free gun locks. We’ve partnered with the largest suicide prevention group in the country to provide gun ranges and retailers the resources to intervene before a moment of crisis. We’ve led on preventing straw purchases with our Don’t Lie for the Other Guy campaign.

We do this because we are committed to ensuring guns remain out of the hands of those who shouldn’t possess them. Blaming guns for the senseless actions of criminals is counterproductive. We know the answers require much more.

This is hard work. It takes committed leadership. We’re not afraid of the challenge and invite any of those who genuinely want to work toward answers that will save lives and respect rights to join us.

We are the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the firearms industry trade association. We are committed to real solutions for safer communities.

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  1. So the NSSF is anti gun? I mean fix nics and expanding the pool of prohibited buyers is an anti gun position.

    Common ground only means giving ground for some reason.

    • Gotta be careful NSSF. There have been hundreds of mass shootings and gobs of little children shot to death in their classrooms. If suddenly now the NSSF gives a crap, sure the optics are good, but also bad. Very bad.

      Still looking forward to SHOT Show tho.

    • Well, the “F” stands for “Fudd,” and they clearly measure the success of their gun control proposals by how many shooters are disqualified by them, so…

  2. If they were not such bullshitters they would also be supporting methods that have worked in other countries and that is not just Universal Background checks, but professional and thorough back ground checks, which include mental tests, and testimonies from friends and neighbors when a person wants to buy a weapon as well as safe storage laws. Too many times friends and neighbors have went to the police about demented people only to be ignored and the demented people could not afford mental health services which are always blocked by the greed monger Republicans that are in bed with the insurance companies which only exist to rip people off with health insurances that is not affordable. They should also be supporting red flag laws as well but to date they are not.

    • If you think those methods worked in other countries, get your commie ass on a plane and go to one of those countries. I’m sure Europistan would love to have you. I’m also sure that the local migrants will be happy to love you long time.

    • Yah got balls Vlad, some of the stuff you say is true to my ears however I just can’t jump on board with the Red Flag laws,Why well because the Domestic Violence thing when it first became law worked, then after time, “He/She sneezed on me,” became domestic violence, a gunm grab. Red Flag laws probably go the same way. and America isn’t ” another country” another country sucks. That’s why they made America

      • They never worked. Real abuser just get guns illegally like all other criminals. Allegations of abuse are now standard practice in divorce. The domestic violence prohibition is a prime example of why there is no such thing as a good or common sense gun law.

        Well, there is one common sense gun law; the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

  3. In matters of style, swim with the current. In matters of principle (or Constitution and the Bill of Rights) stand like a rock……from Thomas Jefferson

    • I do not know how accurate it was, but the mini-series, John Adams nicely illustrated how the rift between T. Jefferson and J. Adams grew as Jefferson stood firmly in favor of limiting the Federal government’s scope, while Adams gave some footing toward Hamilton’s vision.

  4. Dear NSSF,

    Advocate for a real fix. Remove all restrictions as per the 2A’s actual text. Repeal the NFA and the GCA. Stop all background checks (which disregards the ‘innocent until proven guilty’ notion). All for Constitutional Carry across the nation. Allow everyone to carry without a permit, everywhere.

    Gun violence would plummet. Society would police itself. No nation would dare invade us.

    Admiral Yamamoto was attributed with saying “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a man with a rifle behind every blade of grass.”

    And so it should be, a nation of riflemen….

    • People who cannot pass a background check because they have committed a felony or disqualifying misdemeanor have already been found guilty. What more do you want? Guns for violent felons too? That will not play in Peoria.

      • Mark,

        To use that UBC logic, everyone should be required to go through DUI checkpoints each time starting up the car. Doesn’t matter that you’re only going to work, or taking the kids to school, or going to the grocery store. There are people out there who have driven while drunk, and for everyone’s safety we must do whatever it takes to stop it.

        If we save just one life, it’s all worth it, right? Why are you against “common sense” controls like DUI checkpoints for everyone no matter what?

        • No need for a check point. Simply require breath analysis interlock devises with video backup on all vehicles. Charge a nominal fee for maintenance of the system. Since Driving a car is a privilege and not a Right. There shouldn’t be anyone against such a “Common Sense” solution to DUI injuries and fatalities. These cameras could also be used to enforce rules against cell phone use while driving. I’m sure everyone can agree these are “Common Sense” solutions to real world problems.

      • Mark we already have that. If a felon gets bounced by NICS, he just goes and buys a gun from wherever. What is the chance they will get prosecuted for lying on that 4473? Somewhere between slim and none!

        • If they catch him after the shooting, then lying on the form will be an extra charge. So, there’s that.

      • Everyone’s a felon. They’ve lowered the bar. Used to be, a felony was a serious crime.

  5. ok, so who is dumb enough here to believe white supremacists and antifa are going to unilaterally follow gun laws?

  6. This is the kind of behavior put forward by people and organizations trying to be All Things to All People. Typically used by Politicians willing to say anything to get elected. It only requires one to divest themselves of the Courage of Their Conviction and Relinquish Their Principles in the Quest to show how much they care about a cause or agenda. Anyone who chooses Popularity over Courage. Is a Coward to the very Cause. They supposedly Represent. The journey to Totalitarianism and Tyranny only requires the very things listed above. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. The Time is 3 Minutes Till Midnight.

  7. NSSF takes credit for increasing NICS denials to north of 5m. The assumption is that all of those denials were just, founded in evidence, and fully defensible. Maybe they were. Maybe those 5m denials prevented tens of thousands of deaths. Maybe, they prevented nothing. Anyone know of any data indicating NICS has reduced gun violence?

    • If we put 325 million Americans on the prohibited person’s list we can reduce some violence with guns. We got to do something. I’m sure NSSF doesn’t mind adding more names to the list. How many names are too many names?

    • The research evidence is that UBCs accomplish little if anything other than making some people feel they’ve “done something” to “reduce the epidemic of gun violence.” I can attest to that; there are numerous felon in possession arrests around here, almost all of which involve burglars supporting their meth or heroin addictions. We know they did not get those guns legally.

      • So the problem is drugs. Well, easy answer: Let’s ban drugs. Oh wait, they’re already illegal. Let’s ban alcohol, that will make driving safer. Can anyone say Black Market?

    • There are no solutions to ending violence and never has been. Where is this Utopian fantasy coming from? Who told you that you could find a solution?

      There has always been all throughout history murder, mass murder and all forms of crime. All you can do is make sure to protect yourself and those around you. That’s it. It’s the same as it has always been.

      • This.
        An article a friend sent me recently stated that 738 people have died in mass killings in this country…in the last two decades. This is a problem how? How will depriving millions of people their fundamental civil rights and banning guns cut down on what amounts to a statistically insignificant number of people, no matter how tragic their deaths.? It is a drop in the bucket compared to the 240,000 firearms murders in the same period. The only difference is that inner city violence doesn’t scare the muggles like a mass shooting of “innocents.”
        Personally, I don’t have a problem making it more difficult for violent felons to obtain firearms legally, absent a court order finding rehabilitation, but that’s just me.
        The “any felony” rule is overbroad. To make it worse, though, California has taken the opportunity based on its Democratic Party stranglehold on state politics to continually expand the number of disqualifying misdemeanors, and to extend the revocation of gun rights after a 5150 from two years to five years to ten years. Ridiculous.

        • expect congress to throw the anti-gun crowd a bone….I do worry what trump might do in a second term…but consider the alternative…

        • How do we track how many potential lives were saves with a gun? It’s like with Trump, folks focusing on all the bad he has done for 2A and not the good.

      • We can compare and contrast criminals and killers with non-criminals and non-killers. What makes them different?
        Something to live for
        Relationships / family
        People depend on you
        People look up to you
        Personal responsibility

        So how can we promote these values?
        Hmm…That seems really hard. Let’s just make everyone hate themselves and each other so we can get elected. Wow, that’s so much easier.

  8. I propose very severe sentences for violators of firearms acquisition laws with no plea bargains or early releases. If they want to screw with the exercising of our rights they should pay a real price . And that includes straw man purchases and other forms of supplying arms to prohibited persons. Be a straw man and the gun is used in a murder you get charged with felony murder. If the left won’t discuss that sort of thing we will know for certain they tyrannical hypocrites.

  9. “We do this because we are committed to ensuring guns remain out of the hands of those who shouldn’t possess them.”

    That doesn’t quite square with “shall not be infringed.” In fact, it’s the opposite.

    Here’s your goat.

  10. NSSF=FUDDLIFE full of compromise to Commies!

    How has Compromise and 23,000 gun laws worked out 4 Freedom?

    When u Compromise with Commies u get more Commies coming for More!

    Appease..Appease & u will hang by those u tried to please!

    I think there will be a rope shortage soon.

    Better stock up!

    Did u all send out 300k msgs to ur reps & Potus opposing ALL GUN LAWS in the last 9 days with a few clicks? Why NOT?

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