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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has scheduled hearings on the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court for September 4. The lead-up to the hearings is featuring all of the hysterics and histrionics we’ve come to expect from the SCOTUS nomination process since, well, Robert Bork.

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As a recent article quoting Washington state’s former attorney general Rob McKenna notes, many observers expect a Kavanaugh Court to be flooded with Second Amendment cases after years of caution about the cases the high court has chosen to hear.

There is a range of cases that never opted to go all the way to the United States Supreme Court before because of the justices and the way they leaned politically. But President Trump has an opportunity to weight the court with even more Conservative judges and that may change things. Second Amendment cases are among the issues anticipated to be aimed at the court in the near future. …

McKenna said there “is something interesting about Judge Kavanaugh, and really his generation of Conservative jurists, who are more judicially active, or want to be more judicially active in striking down local gun control laws than older Conservatives like Reagan appointees.”

One example would be the ban in Maryland on semiautomatic rifles and high capacity magazines. The Fourth Circuit Court has upheld that ban, but opposition could take the case up again and challenge it in the Supreme Court. Another example would be California’s 10-day waiting period when selling arms. That regulation was upheld by the Ninth Circuit Court.

In short, time will tell. In the mean time, the NSSF’s Mark Oliva and Larry Keane sat down with former Senator Kelly Ayotte to talk about the confirmation process in an uncharacteristically measured and informative way.

NSSF’s Mark Oliva recently sat down with former U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) and NSSF’s Larry Keane, Senior Vice President and General Counsel. They met at NSSF-member New England Upland Shooting Preserve in Hillsborough, N.H. to get insights to what’s in store as Judge Brett Kavanaugh prepares for his confirmation hearings. This second in a short series of videos gives NSSF a glimpse into what’s in store for the upcoming confirmation hearings for Judge Brett Kavanaugh and what it means for Second Amendment rights. In the first episode, Sen. Ayotte explains the preparations for a nominee and the role of a “Sherpa.”

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  1. Why do we “expect” a pro-2A” result when the Supremes have a history of Quisling behavior? That’s from the so-called conservative judges. The leftard’s can be counted on to vote evil…

  2. “Kavanaugh, and really his generation of Conservative jurists, . . . are more judicially active . . . in striking down local gun control laws than older Conservatives like Reagan appointees.”

    McKenna, meet Judge O’Scannlain, a Reagan appointee whose been trying to squash all the bvllsh!t laws that the 9th Circus has to offer.

  3. It may not really matter. The left has now decided they will implement gun control via corporations. When no credit card servicers will accept retailers that sell guns or ammo, when insurance companies won’t insure retailers who sell guns or ammo, when insurance companies won’t sell you homeowners insurance if you have a gun, when no online gun retailer can get hosting, etc., etc. It won’t matter what laws get rolled back.

    Conservatives need to start practicing lawfare with judicious and frequent use of lawsuits. Additionally, some deep pocketed conservative folks need to set up businesses that process credit cards, offer internet hosting, sell insurance, etc. Not marketed as conservative, but as “We’re not those guys. We don’t care about your politics.” There is a market for those services and it’s a real business opportunity.

    • I call that opportunity for pro-2A (financial, insurers) corporations to come on in, set up shop with 2A companies and supporters. It could most definitley be $$$ biglygynormous. Heck, NSSF could probably do it on their own, but partnering like several minded together….membership, nut publicly owned, but that part is not my area.

    • The progs obviously have no actual understanding of Capitalism this idiot idea will fall on it’s ass (with some pushback).

      That these marxist progs don’t understand is demonstrated by the ongoing business “model” libtard “tech” sector – Starting with Amazon, Fakebook etc.

    • “…when insurance companies won’t sell you homeowners insurance if you have a gun,…”

      When your insurance company was founded by US military personnel to service active duty and retired US mil. people, you don’t worry much they will dump gun owners…

      • Have had my auto insurance with THAT company since I started driving (dad was retired military) and now do banking g and other services with them. Cannot be beat for service and reliability!!!!

    • She was chosen to shepherd Goresuch through the confirmation process. And he was confirmed.

      Who better to introduce a nominee to the RINOs and Demoprogs whose votes are needed, than a fellow RINO who was recently a fellow Senator?

  4. Who cares, she can’t vote.
    “upland birds” OMg! that’s the kind of people that have been week on the 2A all along…

  5. Correct procedure (should have been completed the week of the nomination.

    Day 1 Chair of Senate Judiciary calls committee to order. Tells Senator Feinstein to go back to CA and bake cookies; calls vote to approve sending nomination to the floor.
    D+1 Senator Majority Leader tells the demtards to FOAD. Calls the vote.
    D+2 President approves

    Unfortunately my Senator Chuck Grassley, while a good conservative, is an old school “treat them they way you’d like to be treated kind of guy”. Has not yet responded to pressure to GIT IT DONE. Same for fire/put SOB Mueller in the Fed pen.

  6. And the majority of the electorate as well as much of the country has lost the meaning of a supreme court opinion. It is an opinion only as to whether a lower court ruling is within the constitution. their opinion is not a law, laws are passed by the legislature and can be challenged in court as to whether they are within constitutional bounds. We need to get behind and support the Convention of States to restore states rights among other things, go to the convention of States website and study this.

    • A constitutional convention would be very dangerous. It would be a golden opportunity for the left to write a completely new constitution that locks in everything they want.

      • I agree! The DemoCommies/RINOs are all EU Globalists…THEY would sabotage any efforts to strengthen the 2nd Amendment…Or any Amendments pertaining to the People…Since these folks have been undermining the Bill of Rights all long in most Eastern Bloc States, and the Left-Coast…


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