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Chris Cox, Executive Director of NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action, released the following statement regarding the ban on troops carrying firearms on military installations:

“It’s outrageous that members of our Armed Services have lost their lives because the government has forced them to be disarmed in the workplace.”

“President Obama should fully repeal Defense Department Directive 5210.56 immediately, and Congress should pursue a legislative fix to ensure that our service men and women are allowed to defend themselves on U.S. soil.”

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  1. I heartily endorse this. I can carry at home and on the weekends, but everyday as I go on and off base I cant. I’m most likely to encounter a threat while running errands after work, and I have no avenue to arm myself at that time. My CHL licenses from 3 different states, years of competitive shooting, and instructing a combat pistol team mean diddly to DoD leadership.

  2. Not likely from the administration that placed 177,000 veterans in NICS prohibited list for mental incompetency and is now trying to do the same thing to every single social security recipient who uses a representative payee.

  3. Good luck trying to get that to pass.

    Among many of the rank and file I’ve chatting with, they would love to carry. As a junior officer, I would love to have the opportunity to legally carry while I’m on base/ship.

    However, I would hazard a guess to say that you will have a hard time trying to sell that idea to anyone above the paygrade of O-5. Too much risk of idiots doing stupid things.

    Please understand that the military is not risk avoid, they just don’t like unnecssary risk. They will do things that are risky if they believe the pay-off is worth the risk.

    In this case, even though some individuals may have the background necessary to safely and effectively carry, I’m betting that they’ll see enough risk in stupid getting ahold of people that even legalizing the idea for a trusted view would be abused by others who are either not trusted, or not trained. And everyone has to be trained/qualified (On paper) to be able to do a job. Hell, if it wasn’t innate to living, there would be required annual training on how to use the bathroom.

    And the first time someone screws something up the whole thing will be in a worse place than where we are now. As of now we hope the National Command Authority will change the policy. If an incident/ND occured the program would be crushed immediately as an “unnecessary risk”, and then we would no longer wonder if NCA would ever change the policy….it would be more of a “we tried it and someone screwed it away.”

    (Yes, we in the military do receive group punishment for an individuals actions. If you don’t believe me, ask how it is that a whole base/ship is denied liberty because a few people didn’t clean their areas sufficiently and now we all have to stay several more hours continue cleaning.)

    However, every once in a while there is a unicorn/good deal that appears. Perhaps, through the danger that is the lone-wolf threat, this is the right time for this policy to correct back to the other side of the pendulum.

    • WE ARE AT WAR WITH ISLAMIC FASCIST ( PEROID ) Here in America . We are at war . WTF doesn’t anyone understand about this . If we cannot arm our soldiers here in the USA while they are being killed by their enemies , we are dumb f___ks . ( PEROID ) .

    • I’m tired hearing about risk. Train your f$&@ing people. Safety awards for doing well, time in the brig for negligent discharges. It was my life on the line in ’94-97 as an 0311 in a disarmed reserve center. I was an expert rifleman and company high shooter. In 1998 I made sergeant and could finally assign 50 rounds of “safety ammo” to myself. Only 200 rounds could be released for the whole company – or that at least what the standing order was.

      I’d like to spend some MMA time with these officers who think 0311 Marines aren’t qualified to carry firearms.

    • So…why not “compromise” in the real sense of the word and say, everyone with a CHL gets to carry on base, everyone else doesn’t. Accomplishes the goal of increasing armed responder presence while also not shoving a gun into everyone’s hands.

      • Whisper,

        Perhaps I should have qualified it “most” above O-5.

        Plus, you have the benefit of being retired, which I am sorely looking forward to in 6 years.

        The military has become more focused on being PC and providing training to tell people to not sexually assault each other, than actually doing what we’re supposed to do. I’m a pilot with 7 years of flying haze gray helicopters, and I’ve only shot 1 motored missile. Why…because we spend our money on other BS in order to present well. Money is spent on flying DVs out to the ship to “improve military relations”, but I don’t know how flying the CEO of Carnival Cruise Lines out will help the military any. The seat he took on the COD pulled an E-1 out of his seat. That E-1 was broke as hell and I had to spot him some money and the Chief had to find him a sofa to sleep on so he could eat for the day and have a place to rest until the next COD flight.

        Crap like that pisses me off…and is part of the reason I am looking forward to retiring as soon as eligible.

  4. Not far enough.

    Go Swiss – Permanent hand receipt of mil standard handgun to EVERY NCO and Officer. and annual ammo issue. Required carry while in uniform and recommended carry while in civies. AND as fed it trumps any state/local restrictions. AND can be retained at ETS. Combat arms also get M16 same terms. Rotate the inventory.

  5. When your own Gov’t argues with itself not to arm its own military, the Nation has a glaring problem.

    This is yet another example of too many layers of Gov’t and internal corruption. We the People are under attack by progressive left extremists and sadly some from the right. This is also why Donald Trump is being vilified for speaking blunt facts and truths.

  6. People can get a CCW in Nevada with a lame-ass concealed carry course. In Florida, with just a DD-214.

    Why does DoD trust Soldiers less than Florida does? why doesn’t DoD put together a qualification course if “risk” is the concern?

    Sh1t, the Army trusted me to fly Apaches, and later to make multi-billon dollar decisions, but they wouldn’t trust me to CCW, even though I could carry off base. Logic fail.

  7. As long as people in profession A (drug salesmen) can’t legally carry on the job, there’s really no reason why those in some other profession should be able to, either. But, but, but…. they’re, like, more equal, says the well indoctrinateds…….

  8. We need to put all of our efforts into supporting Donald Trump for President in 2016.
    Here is a new link to Donald Trump and his policy on the second amendment and the military.
    Please read the whole policy but here is a clip of his policy to the military.
    “MILITARY BASES AND RECRUITING CENTERS. Banning our military from carrying firearms on bases and at recruiting centers is ridiculous. We train our military how to safely and responsibly use firearms, but our current policies leave them defenseless. To make America great again, we need a strong military. To have a strong military, we need to allow them to defend themselves.”

    Donald Trump understands the second amendment and supports our troops, among other great things.


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