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The NRA isn’t letting any grass grow under its feet when it comes to countering the Obama administration’s stepped-up anti-gun rhetoric these days. Good to see. Here are a few helpful statistics they’ve provided . . .

  • In 2010, federally-conducted NICS checks denied 72,659 transactions. As a result of NICS denials occurring in 2010, BATFE referred a total 62 charges against 33 individuals to federal prosecutors.
  • According to The Chicago Sun-Times, felons in Chicago who illegally possess a gun typically receive a four-year sentence – a penalty on the low end of the state sentencing guidelines. In addition to lax sentencing, most people convicted of these gun crimes serve less than half of their prison terms, allowing them to return to criminal behavior. About a third of people charged with simple gun possession and about half charged with being a felon in possession of a gun in 2012 were rearrested for another crime by the end of 2013. Those charged with simple gun possession had an average of four prior arrests,while those charged with gun possession by a felon had an average of 10 prior arrests. Police have made 12,967 arrests since 2000, yet city attorneys have won just 2,068 convictions.
  • Turning to the Chicago Police Department’s 2011 Chicago murder analysis, one might be surprised to learn that nearly nine in 10 murder suspects have criminal records. That’s right – 90 percent of the murders committed in Chicago involve a suspected perpetrator with a criminal history.

One of the components of the “commonsense gun control” Obama called on Congress to pass includes universal background checks. Illinois has UBC and is home to the most violent city in America. See below on Illinois gun laws:

You cannot own or purchase firearms or ammunition in Illinois without a Firearms Owner’s Identification Card (FOID). There is a 72 hour waiting for handguns and 24 hour waiting period for long guns.

FOID requirements include:

– 21 years old
– no felony conviction
– not a patient in a mental health facility within the last 5 years or for more than 5 years.
– US resident
– Illinois resident
– no orders of protection
– no battery, assault, aggravated assault, violation of an order of protection convictions in the last 5 years.
– not convicted of domestic battery, aggravated domestic battery, or a substantially similar offense (much more to this)
– not an alien with a non-immigration visa (also much more)
– had a juvenile conviction that would have been an adult felony.
– not adjudicated as mentally disabled.
– not involuntarily admitted to mental health facility.
– not developmentally disabled.

Law enforcement agrees that Obama’s gun control agenda is not the answer, according to an extensive survey released by The survey questioned 15,000 active and retired law enforcement officers of all ranks and from departments ranging in size from less than 25 to more than 1,000. The results strongly show that law enforcement officers do not support Obama’s gun control agenda.

“The American people, and particularly our men and women in law enforcement, want politicians in Washington to stop pursuing a failed gun control agenda. Instead, they should work to fix our broken mental health system and get violent criminals off the streets,” said the executive director of NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action, Chris W. Cox.

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  1. I thought Wayne was off his rocker when his response to Sandy Hook was that we should have armed guards at our children’s schools.

    I was so, so wrong.

    I joined the NRA last week after Hillary called for Australian style disarmament and liberal media rags started openly referring to the oldest civil rights organization in America (the NRA) as a terrorist organization.

      • “Any “worst enemy” of Hillary is a friend of mine.”

        This, more than anything else is why the NRA needs our support right now.

        We can squabble about what the NRA has done wrong or which group is doing more. What it really comes down to; the Democratic Party and its minions are more afraid of the NRA than any other organization.

        • This is how I see it as well. The NRA has done some things in the past and continues to do a couple things I don’t really like. To this I say so what, I can’t think of anyone or anything I agree with 100% of the time. I also firmly believe that the NRA is our best chance guys. They have the most cash, most contacts and the biggest, most influential lobbying wing of any gun rights organization. Most importantly of all they have US, not just some bullshit Facebook likes (talking to you MDA) but real life dues paying members. That’s 4-5 million mostly loud, mostly politically active members who VOTE. One last thing and I’ll get off my soapbox; I’m 41 and turned 18 a few months before the 1992 Presidential Election. I had just bought my very own first rifle. No more having to ask Dad to get “my” gun out of the safe. Lol. Nope I had my very first gun bought with my own money. It was a SKS and a Russian one at that (cost $99 vs $69 for the cheap Chinese one, lol). That wonderful gun and the dirt cheap 7.62X39until was available meant times were good until they weren’t. The crooks in Congress chearlead by the big crook in the White House decided to pass some legislation that took a big dump on gun owners and the 2nd Amendment. Luckily for us the only way they could get it through was with a sunset provision. Guaranteed the one Hillary Clinton will try to push through if elected won’t have a sunset provision. Which if you aren’t asleep yet brings me to my point. I firmly believe that the 2016 Presidential Election is the most important Election of my time. If Hillary Clinton is elected President she will go all in at an attempt to restrict the 2nd Amendment. Don’t underestimate her! She is slicker than a snail and meaner than a Texas rattler. We are going to have a fight on our hands keeping her out of the White House. This is one fight we cannot lose guys.

    • Why? I gave up on the NRA right after sandy hook…they have become nothing but a revenue generating corp. They call and beg for money relentlessly. I recall one call in particular right as the ct. Registration deadline was looming, when some very young lady called (from an obviously generic call center) asking me if I was ready to support my “brothers and sisters” facing this horrible new law. I told them that I would be glad to send some ammunition to whomsoever would be leading the revolt in ct…but as far as the NRA they have seen there last buck from this guy. This is by no means Charlton Hestons NRA….just a bunch of money in the pockets of CEO’S who do nothing for us.

        • While I feel much the same as you both and am not a current member, one may elect, last time I checked, for all one’s membership money to go to the NRA-ILA, which is what I elected to do last time I was a member. As I recall, I was bugged for “mo’ money” less frequently. Anyway, JUST SAY NO!

          I’m on a very limited budget of Social Security only, and this year I gave a small donation to the National Association for Gun Rights. That’s it. Next year, it will probably be something else. Best I can do.

      • Ed,
        Recommend reading Ricochet – Confessions of a gun lobbyist by Richard Feldman. Used copies are almost free on Amazon (just pay for postage). Details a lot of NRA mismanagement and internal infighting. I do plan to keep my membership, but give money to SAF and others instead of donations to Wayne’s $1M / year salary. Or his secretary’s $200K+ salary.

        • I agree there are other gun rights groups with people who really care about our rights as gun owners and members first. The NRA is nothing but a lobbying group…and as long as NRA headquarters remains a “gun free zone”…they can kiss John Waynes horses ass.

        • I understand those of us who see the NRA as you do. They are indeed a huge political lobbying group and the do indeed continuously, repeatedly ask for money. Over and over and over. I even think they could spend it more wisely by printing less spam mail. But I am the NRA and I think you should be too. I do think that dues and membership is not too much to ask for that political strength. I don’t think they do everything right, but they are absolutely worth the few dollars to join and maintain membership. Just throw away the trash mail and send your dues annually, but join and be heard. Be a part of something that helps beat apart those who will take our guns and our rights. Ignore or try to change what you don’t like, but there is a reason the anti’s are always talking about the NRA

        • I have no qualms against Wayne’s salary. At the request of it’s members, He turned a FUDD organization into a strong lobbying force against politicians bent on controlling everyone’s lives. The NRA doesn’t always call the right shots in my opinion, but they are completely worth all the money I have given them. I wholeheartedly agree with NED.

      • The NRA isn’t perfect, but it nonetheless has done a lot of fighting for gun rights and continues to do so and has a lot of clout. One should give to them along with the other groups. It is interesting that so many on the control side see the NRA as extremist, saying, “This isn’t your grandpa’s NRA…” yet so many of those of us on the rights side see it as too soft. I would say that it has become a lot stronger than it used to be on gun rights, moving from being a FUDD organization to one that stands up for gun rights. And it was a risk politically after Newtown to stand against universal background checks the way that the NRA did as that legislation just sounds so commonsense to those who don’t know any better.

        So I give the to NRA and will continue to do so, even though they are not a perfect organization. But any large, politically-influential organization probably will not be without flaws and faults. As for Wayne’s salary, it’s actually pretty low when you compare it to the salaries paid to other CEOs.

    • Yup, me too. Had been thinking of joining and then Hillary made me do it. Got the 5 year deal and turned down the free duffel bag, etc.

    • Once people actually see what the NRA really is about, they quickly change their mind about their view of the NRA. The NRA is 5 million flag waving, mostly tax paying, non violent, non criminal, everyday citizens just like they are. If you listen to the president, or the media, or the Democratic party you would think the NRA is worse than ISIS!!! The facts are much different than what the media portrays. Much of the NRA’s membership includes doctors, police officers, FBI agents, members of the military, local business men and women, mothers, politicians, celebrities, and mostly regular middle class hard working American people. When they trash the NRA, they trash honest everyday people that do not support violence, but do support the prosecution of the criminal use of firearms. The NRA’s agenda is to protect the constitution, not just the 2nd amendment but the entire “Bill of Rights”.

      • Something clicked in my mind the other day and I gave a new answer to my I was carrying while out doing conservation work: “Because all life is sacred and worth defending”. The people asking know I plant trees, rip out invasive species, enhance soil building, stimulate dune formation, etc., and the gun seems a contradiction.

        So I go on to point out that coyotes attacked my dog, and I’m not going to let them get away with it if I can help it. Then I note that a wildlife gal told me that if coyotes are attacking dogs, which smell like humans, they’re not far from attacking small humans — and small humans should be protected, too. When they nod in agreement, I pat my holster and note that there are two-legged predators, too, so I don’t just carry out in the wild.

        All life is sacred and worth defending — regardless of the species of the predator.

  2. The message is fine. With Hillary calling for Australian style confiscation, maybe the Dems will trip over themselves.

    But it bears repeating, the NRA needs a new generation of leadership. Wayne is the right man for the 90s. 2016? Not so much.

      • Do you like supporting those who who want to take your guns>? Attacking the best organization for your God given rights is imo simply idiotic.. Like any organization composed of humans there are problems in the NRA and yet they do a better job of defending your God given rights then anyone else. The 5 million plus NRA members out there realize that the political game asks, “what have you done for us lately.” Yes the ads and calls our annoying but that is the price of doing business in politics today. Those of us who support the NRA see reality and realize that our latest 25 dollar membership is chicken shit against the billionaire leftists that hate and fear us. However with 5 million together contributing you can give them hell. You should understand that the NRA is the best political ally in this fight. Go ahead and live the libertarian dream of absolutism, see how far that gets you in this dramatically changed (and changing) country. Support the nations longest living civil rights organization. NRA.

        • Seriously people, THE NRA IS NOT THE ONLY OPTION! 125 million a year they take in(not including the countless millions they get licensing their logo for everything but toilet paper and condoms)…and instead of bucking the system, they spend it on lobbying (except waynes 1m a year salary) its kinda sickening. With that kind of money, they could do so much more. I remember how spineless they were following sandy hook. There are better, less self absorbed gun rights groups out there that would appreciate your donations..not take with one hand while crying poverty with another. Every time there is a gun involved negative major news story, I know a call from the NRA asking for more cash isn’t far behind. Laquisha calling axing me fo’ money on behafv of da NRA. Nah…no thanks.

        • Yes, there are more groups than just the NRA.

          So in addition to joining the NRA, I’m also going to join the Texas State Rifle Association and Gun Owners of America. I’ll probably let one or two of the memberships slip if somebody besides Hillary is the next president.

        • Ed, they spend it on a lot more than lobbying. Wikipedia has a good rough breakdown, and lobbying isn’t that high on the list.

        • The only reason groups like SAF and GOA are effective is because the NRA is out there, taking all the heat from the anti-rights idiots. Without the NRA as a blocker, all that negative attention would fall onto those smaller gun-rights organizations, who would be less equipped to take the beating. By all means, support the smaller groups, but don’t make the mistake of thinking the NRA isn’t providing an absolutely essential service to all of us.

        • God didn’t give me my rights. Every human is born with the same rights, regardless of his or her government’s views on the matter. Not to make a big deal about it. Maybe he did, but I’ve never seen the declaration.

        • Your existence is the “declaration”.

          That you figured that much out shows you’re paying attention. 🙂

    • Yeah, the NRA sure flopped on Obama’s anti-gun Senate proposals, didn’t it. Because of the NRA, we got a new AWB, Manchin-Toomey UBCs and . . .

      Oh, wait. The NRA crushed the Democrats, while your beloved SAF was bowing down to Manchin-Toomey.

      Wayne has no balls? You, my friends, have short memories.

      • You really think the NRA was paramount in them not being able to institute a new AWB? Please, I’m sure the fact that for the last three years they have been flying off shelves had nothing to do with it,right? They didn’t pass anything for the same reason the japs didn’t invade the west coast during ww2…because there will be a rifle behind every blade of grass…and there are how many more out there now?
        The NRA and their board and officers will not be shoulder to shoulder with us when it counts…bunch of stuffed shirt old farts that look like they’d feel right at home in congress trying to be politically correct at every turn.
        Also, why does all their literature have to be so damn booooring?

        • Are you a real troll or do you just like to play one on TV? Go back to living under your bloomberg supplied bridge..

        • don’t worry about it, he’s on a roll…

          The NRA kick your dog or something? Because your hatred sounds personal. These aren’t frickin’ sports teams for you to hoot at, moron.

        • Well Ed, I’m an actual gun rights advocate. That means I’m a member of the GOA, SAF, FPC, and Calguns. I also call congresscritters, write letters, vote pro gun, donate money to pro-gun candidates, support pro-gun movies and projects, argue with anti-gunners, and introduce and train new shooters. Oh, and I just renewed my membership to the NRA. It’s much more effective than b!tching about the NRA on the internet.

        • So, Ed, does that mean if you don’t see the exactly right candidate on the ballot, you stay home and don’t vote, too?

          Like Accur81, I and I am certain many others on this forum express my support for gun rights through memberships, through donations to multiple organizations and even local efforts such as the recent Colorado recall effort; through NRA/FPC/whomever form letters, personal letters to politicians and representatives, the whole gamut.

          But for the win, I am of the opinion we should broadly support the most powerful organization in our corner; the NRA. To not do so is to fall victim to the liberal/Democrat/anti’s tactic of divide and conquer.

          Why do you think the antis’ spend time and money promoting so-called NRA member FUDDS who ‘support the 2ND Amendment, but…’ It’s to create doubt and divisiveness among the not so committed gun owner sheeple.

          The NRA is the Big Dog in our corner. Support it; opine displeasure publically as you have done here on this thread and/or through NRA ‘contact us’ tools if they don’t meet your expectations, but support it nonetheless.

          The NRA is our best resource for this fight with the antis.

      • +1 to Ralph and A81. Use all the tools in your toolbox.

        Great video. NRA’s film-makers have been doing a great job for awhile now. Amazing that this only has 841 views as of 10/28 on youtube, but then Google owns it, and we know how they swing…

        Here is an idea- some enterprising bloggers take the major threads of this video and re-film by young attractive millenials- and repackage it as articles- that can then linked out, and be traded up the chain, picked up by Breitbart, etc, until it gets to the MSM, just like the journolistas and Puff-Ho’s and vox-splainers do.

        NRA now needs to bring in some social media savvy folks to fix their wonky websites,
        and even better- spend a few bucks and buy a couple hundred thousand likes on FakeBook, like Bloombergs MDA, or go buy a couple million retweets, like Kim Kardashian and Obama do, to reach the millenials.

        • La Pierre is pointing out the obvious- that existing federal gun laws can be used today, to put felons who use guns illegally, TODAY. He has been making the same point since 2013, but of course, you wont hear it in the left-wing ReliablePartyOrgans that rush to take Obama’s orders, while he is dancing in the blood of kids at the Oregon college shooting, before they even had the facts.

          This is what Bloomberg said in the Aspen Conference, and he was mobbed by the progtards- forced to try to take down the video and audio, because it spoke the truth to power, that Obama and the Left wont-
          that most of gun crime is by under 25 blacks on blacks in urban centers – Chicago and DC being the worst.

        • People in conversations on the ‘net expect links and citations these days. I’ve been after the NRA for two decades to give citations, but it’s like they don’t know what a link is!

          They need some folks in there to link every statement so we can find the links and use them.

  3. It’s common f***ing knowledge that most murderers have a long rap sheet before they “reach for the gold medal”.

    So hey, let’s release a bunch of thugs from Federal prison. What could go wrong?

    And most mass shootings occur in “gun free” zones.

    Chicago keeps doing the same shiite over and over and wondering why nothng changes.

    • If mentally ill people are not allowed to have guns, then we should confiscate them from any liberals who have them (after all, gun control doesn’t apply to THEM). One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result with every attempt.

    • If by “enforcement” you’re referring to the lack of prosecutions for felons denied purchase of guns, that’s because under the Constitution they can’t: for the NICS law to stand, immunity had to be given for all those filling out the forms to buy a gun.

      It’s also a bad idea: allow the government to persecute…. er, prosecute on the basis of those forms means allowing them to in essence build a registry, and to accustom people to the government prosecuting people for trying to buy guns — just another step in building a picture that guns are evil.

      • Lying on that form is prosecutable. The reason few are, is because the feds don’t want scrutiny on just how many of those denials are false positives.

        • Pretty certain you are wrong. Lying on a 4473 is prosecutable for me, because I am not a prohibited person, but you cannot require a person to testify against himself, ala the 5th. So it has been ruled that a prohibited person can lie his ass off, or that is an urban myth, not sure which.

        • Larryin TX I think you are wrong. Lying an a 4473 is a criminal offense and anyone can be prosecuted for it. Most people who have your belief are misunderstanding the ruling of Haynes v U.S. where a convicted felon cannot be compelled to register a firearm because that would be self-incrimination. You would be admitting to having already committed the crime of owning a firearm. Lying on the 4473 is not self incrimination because you have not already committed the crime. Filling out the form untruthfully is the crime.

          The equivalent action of not registering your gun as in Haynes would be for you to not fill out the 4473. You are free to not fill out the form 4473.

        • That’s it, all right. On another note, who does Wayne’s make-up, I wonder? It’s pretty good, I must say….

  4. It’s about time Wayne and crew hit back fast and hard.
    Much better than waiting a week or two. Then everybody wonders what he’s talking about.

    • I couldn’t agree more. This is an important change that I’ve been arguing for for years.

      The NRA has new PR peeps behind the scenes. Well done them.

      • No, it’s just that the firm that has run the NRA since before Heston finally figured out that they get more money sent in if they strike while things are hot.

        • Which is it? The NRA has no balls, and waits too long to respond to events and its critics. Or, the NRA is quick to jump on a crisis to brew up membership? I guess the NRA can’t win.

      • +1. Looks like they have been listening, RF. Starting with Colon Noir, Women of the NRA, Chris Cheng, and lots more- they are putting out good content- now the challenge is to spread that around- and while the Left happily shares and re-tweets to advance their Narrative, too many of us Gun Nuts sit and b1tch and form circular firing squads, holding on to bitter memories of the NRA from 20 years ago, or something.

        Time to see the bigger picture- peeps. Get the word out, never mind that you dont agree that .40 is the obviously Only Caliber For HD, or the G23 is The One Gun To Rule Them All.

  5. Right on Wayne. Finally the NRA comes out with a piece that expresses the truth about the politics in gun laws and the biased reporting. Thank you NRA for this great clip. I hope it is shared millions of times so that people will know the other side of the story.

    • Yes, a clearly stated, uncomplicated fact based rebuttal of Obama’s and the antis’ rhetorical BS…carried on u-tube.

      The biggest challenge we face is overcoming the media blackout of this kind of informative, relevant, and TRUTHFUL information to the public at large over the nightly news. Until the Democrat collaborating mainline legacy news media, national and regional, starts to report on information contrary to their biased anti-gun message preached in a gentleman’s conspiracy with anti-gun proponents, ours will continue to be a long uphill haul on the gun rights issue.

      I am glad to see the prompt La Pierre response; that’s long overdue, and as long as it isn’t overused, a positive change from the NRA.

      Now it’s time to start vigorously, publically shaming the ‘state’ liberal media for its blatant anti-gun bias, lies, and lies by omission, to expose their misinformation and hypocrisy when it comes to the issue of gun rights versus violent crime.

      Take a page from Trump and Carson; expose the liberal media propaganda, clearly, firmly and loud. Shame them wherever and whenever possible; they’ve earned it.

  6. A strong message taking shots at the right people. I will disagree on not waiting, I think that Obama is tasteless by making press confs to politicize people’s deaths when the bodies are literally still warm and lots of people see through that.

  7. If Hillbilly-ary gets in (god forbid) and tries to outlaw and confiscate weapons, there is going to be a mass upheaval! People are not going to take it anymore. There will be “posies” formed, and gangs over run.
    It’s not going to be pretty, and I don’t mind loosing a little blood, to send some perps away for the old “dirt nap”

  8. Good message, but Wayne needs to be specific on which laws are already on the books like Dan Zimmerman has done above. Otherwise, Wayne is being just as vague as the those clamoring for the magical, phantom stricter gun control laws that will solve all our problems. Many in Chicago are offenders simply by being in possession and underage.

  9. Does crime data from Chicago get released in an easy to digest, transparent manner? It would be awesome to actually start categorizing data on crimes, processing it into the initial charges, what they actually got convicted of, how much time they could have gotten, how much they actually got and how much time they served.

    • Chicago’s crime data is so screwed up, that the FBI has stopped accepting it.

      Since Gary McCarthy took over as Chicago’s police superintendent, he re-defined how they keep track of violent crime and murders to make the city’s numbers look better, and in the process invalidated anything you might get from there.

        • Anywhere that the department uses ‘compstat’ numbers you’ll find the same corruption. Using that level of granular analysis is just ASKING for it. In any given month all you have to do is change three robberies to thefts and you’ve come in under the magic number. It’s too easy not to do…

    • Just read on any given day. They keep running this or that story about the shootings in Chicago. Then tie the story into anything but gang bangers and thugs killing each other.

  10. The NRA needs to respond in a timely fashion to all major incidents where guns will be bought to the forefront. Sitting there and being quiet just gives the Bloombergs and the government more time to craft pointless proposals.

  11. Also most murder victims have violent criminal records as well.

    Let’s lock up the violent criminals longer, and maybe not lock up non-violent criminals.

  12. So I’m pondering why Obama seems uncomfortably interested in taking my guns while Chitown perps thrive on a catch and release program. And why izzit I’m the only one who thinks my life mattets? And why are we whining about Wayhe LaPierre when Clinton acknowledged that the NRA is as dangerous to her as armed terrorist organizations?

  13. Sic ’em Wayne! As a resident of Illinois I appauld this(it sure looks hard to own a gun in IL legally doesn’t it?) The REALITY is it’s not-no pistol permits,shall issue CC,a thriving gun and hunting culture(outside of Cook),I can own lots of fun toys and hey-if I commit a crime I get a slap on the wrist…or not. Chicago is the problem-and it infects everything in this broke-azz state. It was good to see Barry Soetoro whining about his old dangerous neighborhood…and praising the 2A!

  14. When is TTAG going to call a spade , a spade? Quit dancing around the real problem, and come out with it. We all know the reason Chicago gun laws don’t work.

  15. The liberals blame the NRA for not being able to pass more restrictive gun laws all the damn time. Obama and Hilary always bad mouthing the NRA. If they hate the NRA that much, then that must mean they’re doing something right. That’s all I need to know in order to support the NRA. $25 a year ain’t going to kill you.

  16. Illinois goes far beyond a simple background check at time of purchase. Every person in the state who holds a FOID card has been subjected to daily criminal and mental health background checks courtesy of the ISP. This practice started before 2008.

  17. Bravo Wayne. Hit them with facts and the truth. Just re-upped for 5 more years.

    Unfortunately, only the choir pays attention to these videos.

  18. Here’s how politics works: Divide and conquer. Split your opposition up into small separate groups that do not threaten your majority. That’s what the Dems are trying to do by demonising the NRA. And any sucker who falls for that is adding their vote to Hillary. Stick with the NRA.

    As for enforcing the existing laws: The existing laws are unConstitutional. Even felons’ gun rights are protected. By all means arrest them all and TEST their guns to match them to murders already committed. But sending them to jail otherwise, means they are convicted of a crime they didn’t commit. A gun is a necessity in the environment in which they live, and the God given right of any and all Americans.

    The power of the gangs lies in their ability to terrorise their neighborhoods. Armed citizens everywhere would limit this. Perhaps this is what the National Guard should really be used for. As it is, foreign nationals have infiltrated and created gangs which rule drug networks across America. This is the shame of America. And the Dems only hope for reelection. Criminals are their natural allies. Which says more about the Dems than anything else.

  19. The truth is, this war will be won or lost in the hearts of the very young. Want a return to freedom loving America? Teach the children. What to counter the demonization of firearms? Support firearm sports and youth firearm education. What a return to personal responsibility? Hold children responsible for their actions (at their level of understanding). This is the great failing of the last 30 years. We have raised a generation of young people who take no responsibility for their own actions nor their own fate. Society owes them (in their opinion), everything their parents have and more, without the 40 years it took their parents to get it. Obviously, this doesn’t apply to everyone, but it applies to way too many.

  20. Let’s remember that is never really about “guns” but about power.

    And that aphorism of “he who has the guns has the power” applies.

    Fascists/Communists/Socialists can’t as easily coerce you if you can fight back effectively.

    We see in Europe what happens when you disarm the populace as the Islamic Invasion continues.

    In Europe, “Behind every blade of grass lies a frightened, disarmed European”.

    If nothing else, it explains why we don’t see what is going on in Europe on the MSM…they don’t want the Low Info Voter to actually see what happens when you have a disarmed public during an invasion such as is occurring right now in Europe.

    • This is according to the Socialist lawyer DOUCHEbags at…See excerpt….
      Excerpt/according to *(a place where constitutional rights are magically bamboozled away through authoritarian legalese…)* $€€ Bellow low………

      An illegal drug for instance is concrete. Possession or distribution of cocaine or heroine is unlawful under any circumstance. Illegal guns are not this simple. Most firearms purchased in the United States are legal, but can take on an illegal form through unlawful secondary selling, use, or distribution. For instance, if an individual purchases a weapon legally, then conceals or fires it without a proper permit, the gun becomes illegal.

      The confusion over the definition of “illegal firearms” also exists because of the varying state laws in the U.S. With over twenty thousand gun laws in place, the formation or distribution of illegal guns is inevitable. Due to the variation and ambiguity present in state law a gun can seemingly switch from legal to illegal based on location or use.

      A firearm can be considered legal in one state, region, or even jurisdiction, but can be highly illegal in another. Regulating and creating statistics for illegal guns and illegal firearms transactions is nearly impossible because of all the contrasting legal guidelines. For example, a registered handgun bought legally in Buffalo, NY is transported via car to New York City.

      The handgun, although unloaded, will be considered illegal as soon as it crosses into the city’s limits. The physical gun is not altered, nothing has changed, except for the governing laws of New York City. This is just one example of thousands, in which legitimate purchases, can instantly turn into illegal firearms.

      Regulation of illegal guns is so difficult in the United States because firearms are commonly exchanged through a private transaction between a dealer and seller. Forty percent of all gun transactions in America take place outside of a retail market.

    • Believe that what they fail to comprehend is that these mechanisms, and contrivances are Nothing more than “infringements ” against our lawful US Constitutional-Bill of Rights!
      *(But, do these people really know what an illegal alien is…? )*

  21. All Gun Control is an infringement against the 2nd amendment of the US Constitutional-Bill of Rights! There is NO Such thing as Pre-crime! Murder is a “Crime.” It is already against the law! Why is there no Universal Background checks for the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 14th Amendments? How come there are NO addendums to the US Constitutional-Bill of Rights? Such as, all these various local/ state / federal laws, ordinances, restrictions, etc. ? Or is because the US Constitutional-Bill of Rights is clear cut to what it says….Because anything else is just an infringement…Because your government, it’s lawyers, it’s agents, it’s enforcers are blatantly lying to you !


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