NRA Finally Endorses Brian Kemp for Georgia Governor

Brian Kemp via Facebook

As our readers know, the National Rifle Association did not originally support Brian Kemp during the Republican primary in Georgia. Back in April and up to the election, the NRA backed his rival, Lt. Governor Casey Cagle, a man with a horrible Second Amendment record in Georgia politics.

Here’s an abridged timeline of Cagle’s 2A record:

  • 2013: SB188 (Campus Carry) was introduced twice within that legislative session, but Cagle refused to allow the Georgia Senate to have a floor vote.
  • 2014: Cagle wanted “training requirements” inserted into HB65 when the bill being was debated and amended in the Conference Committee.
  • 2016: While hosting a forum with Georgia’s religious leaders, Cagle told them that Campus Carry was not “responsible” and that he “does not agree with this and other legislation being pushed upon our state.”
  • 2017: The Georgia Legislature passed Campus Carry, but Cagle said it was a “thoughtful compromise” when he allowed his College and Career Academies to remain on the exemption list.
  • 2017: Cagle sent SB177 (Georgia Constitutional Carry) to die in committee and blocked three additional Pro-Gun amendments from being heard in the Senate.
  • 2018: During an interview with the news, Cagle stated, “Georgia is in a very good position where our gun laws stand today, and I know of no areas where gun rights need to be expanded in the state.”

Well, at the end of July, it all came crashing down when Kemp won in a landslide. Kemp defeated Cagle, and it wasn’t by a small margin.  It was a crushing victory, and the Lt. Governor even lost his own home county.

It might have something to do with the leaked audio of Cagle criticizing the tone of his party’s values. He said that it had become focused on “who had the biggest gun, who had the biggest truck, and who could be the craziest.”

President Trump very publicly backed Brian Kemp during the primary. Kemp, for all his brash attitude and humor, is serious about expanding gun rights and very much took a page from President Trump’s playbook on how to reach honest American voters with an honest message.

Now, finally, the NRA has seen the light and is backing Kemp as well. From their official press release through the NRA-ILA.

Kemp supports a tax-free holiday for gun buyers, backs constitutional carry, is against gun violence restraining orders.

More importantly, Kemp has worked closely with, and was endorsed by, Georgia Carry before the July Primary Election.

​Georgia Carry proudly endorses Brian Kemp for governor. We believe that Brian, as a lifelong supporter of our Second Amendment rights and a Life Member of GeorgiaCarry.Org will protect and defend the Constitution of the State of Georgia and the United States on all rights, not just a few of them.

He strongly believes in the preservation and restoration of our Second Amendment rights and the protection of our due process rights enumerated in the Constitution. Our due process rights are also under attack along with our right to keep and bear arms. Many states have passed legislation diminishing due process rights and we have had several bills introduced here in GA to do the same. Without due process, we have no rights at all.

Therefore, we are endorsing Brian Kemp to defend and protect those rights as Governor of the Great State of Georgia!

As a Lifetime NRA Member and Florida resident living twenty miles shy of the Georgia border, I’m glad to see the NRA getting behind Kemp, and I hope they do the same with more like him.


  1. avatar Toni says:

    sounds good. now it needs to be seen what he actually does when in office despite the pressure that will be put on him from the other side. Some cave when the pressure is put on, others put their long march boots on

  2. avatar Gladius et Scutum says:

    GOA supported Kemp from the beginning.

    1. avatar YuGo HuGo says:

      I support the NRA with my membership, but what took them so long to see the difference between Cagle and Kemp??? The differences between the 2 seem clear for anyone to see and understand!

  3. avatar Nanashi says:

    Cagle shows how much the NRA cares about money and how little it cares about gun rights. Same with how they said more about Yeti not renewing a sponsorship than they did the entire comment period for the proposed bump stock ban.

    1. avatar Big E says:

      Dude, I get it you are not an NRA fan, but you might want to get out a little. Saying the same thing every article (NRA themed or not) is a warning sign. I’m a fairly casual reader and I know 98% of your comments are “Rick Scott sucks/I LOVE Nelson” or “NRA bad, NRA VERY BAD.”


      1. avatar MEDIC says:

        As an NRA Life Member, I haven’t made a contribution since the bump stock position.. he may be a broken clock but those are right twice a day.

  4. avatar Chris T in KY says:

    An NRA endorsement is becoming as valuable as the paper it is written on.

  5. avatar Rusty Chains says:

    Shotgun Joe Biden is going to be here in Atlanta next week to campaign for Democrat Stacy Abrams. You can guess where she stands on gun control and the 2nd Amendment.

  6. avatar Adam says:

    Patiently waiting for his Democratic rival to drudge up a sexual assault allegation from 1978 and sink his chance of winning the election.

  7. avatar Ed says:

    Too bad he’s an incompetent idiot who can’t run his current office worth a damn. He accidenti-derpily released voters’ personal data, including SSNs, not once, but TWICE, then ordered the evidence scrubbed from the servers to make investigation impossible. Putting him in the governor’s office is probably just going to lead to some kind of even more colossal screw-up down the road.

    The GA gov’s race has seriously served up a shi!t sandwich to everybody this time around. No matter who wins, we’re left with no choice but to lose overall.

    1. avatar Big E says:

      I don’t care if he’s even a sentient being. Anything is better then a Democrat. Anything.

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