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In a shameful piece of race-baiting bigotry, NPR radio in Kansas City touted a study conducted by an associate professor of political science. In it, Professor Don Haider-Markel (he/him/his) completely ignores the racist roots of gun control laws to instead claim that it’s gun owners who are racists, not the politicians who support racist, classist, and sexist gun control.

The junk-science professor conducted a study that purports to show that gun owners became less inclined to support freedom and gun rights for all when shown a picture of a “dark-skinned” person pointing a gun at them.

From KCUR:

A University of Kansas study shows that, when threatened with a firearm, gun owners’ opinions of gun regulations can change.

Firearm purchases have been at record levels in recent years, as Americans continue to battle over imposing stricter gun laws. Stereotypes of Second Amendment advocates suggest an unwillingness to budge on gun regulations, but research conducted by University of Kansas professors shows that gun owners can be swayed when presented with a firearms threat.

In the study conducted by political science professor Don Haider-Markel, gun owners and non-gun owners were shown a picture of a dark-skinned person pointing a firearm at them, resulting in some gun owners being less supportive of broad gun rights.

“I think it just overall shows you that gun attitudes are not as rigid as some people tend to think, and that there’s room for movement on gun regulation,” Haidar-Markel said.

Who is Professor Don Haider-Markel?

Well, he’s a political science professor at the University of Kansas. Last January he was touting the release of his “seminal project, the Encyclopedia of LGBT Politics and Policy with Oxford University Press (OUP).

Don Haider-Markel. Courtesy University of Kansas.

His bio at Rainbow Kids” reads:

Don Haider-Markel (he/him/his) is Professor of political science at the University of Kansas. His research and teaching is focused on the representation of group interests in politics and policy, and the dynamics between public opinion, political behavior, and public policy. He has more than 20 years of experience in survey research, interviews, and in policy studies. He has authored or co-authored several books, over 80 refereed articles, and more than a dozen book chapters in a range of issue areas, including LGBTQ civil rights.

We know National Public Radio is no supporter of gun rights for all Americans, instead mocking and belittling gun owners, making baseless claims of how those with gun “complicate” things for police, and opting to support racist, classist, and sexist gun control.  But why is it that NPR is so obsessed with racism? 


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  1. “gun owners became less inclined to support freedom and gun rights for all when shown a picture of a “dark-skinned” person pointing a gun at them.”

    Don’t much care what freaking color you are if you are pointing a gun at me! What an idiot this clown is.

    • Assuming you’re not threatening or assaulting someone, if they purposely point a gun at you, they are committing a felony (assault with a deadly weapon) and should soon be spending a few years in prison to think about how they are now prohibited from legally possessing another firearm for the rest of their life.

      I’d suggest that if he showed the same (presumably all white) gun owners pictures of dark-skinned gun owners shooting a rabid dog that was mauling a toddler he’d find a totally different response. I don’t suppose he’d try that experiment because he knows damn well he would.

    • It’s NPR, they see everything through a racial lens, because they are a bunch of racists. They have bought into the systemic racism BS (CRT).

      • “They have bought into the systemic racism BS (CRT).”

        Actually, it probably should be –

        “They have bought into the systemic racism lie (CRT).”

        Does it exist is some places? Yes.

        Is it anywhere near as bad as they claim it is?

        Hell, no… 🙁

  2. Political junk science.

    Do only libtards have hyphenated names? If a person with a hyphenated last name marries another with a hyphenated last name, will there then be four names, Smith-Jones-Williams-Johnson?

  3. Don’t worry, shoving the Violence Against Women Act into the omnibus spending bill, as has been done, will fix this, or so I’m told.

    That at NJ’s new bill, A2426, creating “gulags” for gun owners and the progs have it all solved on our behalf.

    The future is bright. I’ve been assured of this.

    • Unfortunately there are two hard truths why NPR thinks they have a podium…

      1) Far too many Gun Owners have sat silent for years and failed miserably to define Gun Control as an agenda that history confirms is rooted in racism and genocide.
      2) Far too many Gun Owners have sat silent for years and failed miserably at zero tolerance for bigots. There you have it.

      • You can say exactly the same thing about most areas of life that matter and the statement applies going back at least five decades.

    • “the Violence Against Women Act”

      No it started long before that. Like when the government decided that a father should be replaced with a welfare check. And the fathers guns be replaced with the guns of a big city police department.
      And single mothers with five children from 5 different men, being housed in a “gun-free zone” government housing project.

  4. Misleading and inflammatory headline:

    “NPR Public Radio in Kansas City: Gun Owners Are Racists“

    The title gives the impression that NPR public radio in Kansas reported that gun owners are racist, when in point of fact, they are merely reporting the results of a study conducted by Professor Don Haider-Markel.

    And I don’t notice this article pointing out any falls or specific complaints with the study, just vague claims in assertions that it is somehow flawed.

    • NPR has a long history of being biased against gun owners. Did this lame ass study show a picture of a “light skinned” person pointing a gun at them and asking for their reaction? Looks like a miner flaw to me.

    • Minor MINER49er As you well know, NPR only reports stories that fit in their Leftist agenda. As has been previously pointed out MOST of these so called “studies” start out with a predetermined conclusion which they go about trying to prove by cherry picking facts that fit their agenda.

    • To add to muckraker’s reply, the study should have had a variety of people pointing the gun and a variety of people happily enjoying a day at the range (pointing the gun downrange and smiling) and analyzed the reaction to them all.

      • Paul put a video up of a very happy and smiling ear to ear little girl looking like she was having the time of her life. It didn’t look like she had any problem at all with her white instructor. Maybe if Crimson did the study we would have a net gain of responsible gun enthusiasts!

    • So, here’s a great idea for you, MinorIQ – why don’t you go read the freakin’ study??

      I can already tell you one apparent HUGE flaw that APPEARS to have been made in the study – anyone who’s EVER done a “poll/survey” type study could tell you this. People respond differently when presented with different inputs and stressors. DUH!!!

      But you just keep on carryin’ water for the ridiculous, Left-wing idiots at NPR – they need help so badly, even help from MinorIQ is probably welcome.

      Jesus, MinorIQ, that was an inane and pointless comment, even by your usual standards. Go join your daily circle jerk, and leave the adults alone.

    • One should be very careful of mistaking OPINION based on the INDIVIDUAL interpretation of available information and statements of supposed FACTS.

      Facts are facts and IMMUTABLE 2+2 will ALWAYS be a FACT. Opinions change as further information becomes available. Men and women of wisdom will always be open to a change of opinion. What was seen as fact on the day o that the uSA obtained independence in retrospect is now seen as a lot of hogwash,
      The very declaration of Independence was nothing more than a Document signed by Rich and Powerful men of Influence, mainly FREEMASONS, to the advantage of Rich Powerful men of Influence and mainly Freemasons legalising the maintainence of the status quo and to release then from the burden of taxation. It gave NOTHING of worth to the poor, the dispossessed landless , WOMEN, Afro-Americans, slaves or Native Americans None os those got anything they did NOT shed considerable blood for

      There are in fact very very few ABSOLUTE FACTS, and certainly not in the area of any kind of SOCIAL SCIENCE which includes the interpretatiion of ALL gun control discussions. The only fact is that regarding GUN CONTROL LAW in the USA there is a PROVEN connectiion between the volume of personally held firearms, both legal and illegal, available in the USA [as compared to the vast majority of civilised nations] and the ever climbing number of deaths to to the illegal AND LEGAL use of firearms, so-called gun crime. Which in the last ten years have taken between 150,000 [yes 150,000] and 200,000 lives needlessly.

      • Immutable Fact: Albert Hall is a pathetic subject, incapable of self-reliance or accepting personal responsibility. “Mummy the Queen, please come take care of me!!” is his mantra. Albert, that pedantic, nigh-illiterate word salad you just vomited up??? Yeah, it’s intellectual onanism, and psuedo-sophistication. Enjoy your faux-intellectual self-abuse, subject. Or, perhaps, wake the f*** up and smell the coffee. Monarchy was a dead system three centuries ago. We showed you a better way in 1776, and you pathetic subjects STILL haven’t gotten it.

      • Albert Hall, there you go again, trying to split hairs. Opinions no matter what you claim their basis is, are still OPINIONS. Facts are not opinions.

        As you are a leftist, all of your opinions are tainted by your Karl Marx ideology.

        If you recall, the Declaration of Independence was written in 1776. Since then the US has come a long way. It seems that it was the state of Wyoming that first gave women the right to vote while you Brits were still considering them as second class citizens. Just saying.

    • NPR has always been an anti-civil rights media group. They are very comfortable with only white people having guns.

    • I used to about 25 years ago when our local one mostly played folk music and had interesting interviews. Then they took a HARD left turn and became a source of propaganda and blatant deception.
      P*ssed me off that something so relaxing was turned into such hateful garbage.

    • The worst part is Our Tax Dollars fund Nazi Propaganda Radio. The Radical left is only following the playbook of Rules for Radicals by infiltrating all avenues of government funding to indoctrinate it’s Acolytes. Public Radio is the least effective means they have, because younger generations don’t follow public radio. It is their infiltration into the education complex that has been the biggest enemy to Freedom and Liberty. They have been able to mold the young skulls full of mush into the True Believers of Liberal and now Progressive Democrat Doctrine. For the last 50 years. As long as the dogma is allowed to exist it will always be the enemy of Free People. Not just in Our nation, but all over the world. As we are seeing now in Ukraine. The Dogma of Vladimir Putin is not that far removed from the Dogma of Liberal/Progressive Democrats. The only real difference is The Radical Left hasn’t resorted to Violent Overthrow. Yet.

    • Should be forced to give equal time to anyone requesting to be heard. Just like our taxes go to support Planned parenthood. It’s infuriating.

  5. Public radio is one of the many things in popular culture that I have used to have ambiguous thoughts about. Not anymore. The station in our former town, roughly five or so years ago, scrapped their long time morning music programming for NPR and locally generated dreck they called “news”. As a contributor to the station I felt I had some basis for asking why and asking that they change back. The supercilious reply they sent me had me dumbfounded – their reason for dumping three hours of classical music for yammering from NPR? Their rural listeners were being “underserved” when it came to reliable news & information. Yup, that’s right, us dumb hicks in the sticks (the exurban metro area we lived in splits a total population of over 60K between 4 small cities/towns each approximately 10-15 minutes from one another) weren’t smart enough to find reliable news from the nearly limitless resources on the internet, cable and broadcast TV and the two talk/news commercial radio stations that reach nearly every corner of a three county area. So that was it for contributions to public radio or listening to their programming – the web truly is a modern wonder, I can listen to more and better music 24/7/365 without hearing a single over educated numbskull telling me what a -ist or -phobe hilljack I am. Public radio – and TV – is welfare for people to narrow minded and bigoted to make in commercial broadcasting.

  6. Quote——————We know National Public Radio is no supporter of gun rights for all Americans, instead mocking and belittling gun owners, making baseless claims of how those with gun “complicate” things for police, and opting to support racist, classist, and sexist gun control. But why is it that NPR is so obsessed with racism? ———–quote

    This forum called “T” Tag is a super poster boy for everything that the Professor Don Haider-Markel article was referring to. You will not find a forum more racist than this one is.

    I belong to 3 gun clubs and one of them has over 1,000 members and not any of the three clubs has even one black member and that is no accident.

    When Philando Castile was gunned down by an untrained mad dog cop the NRA remained silent until pressure was brought on them to say something about the incident. If Philando had been White the NRA would have been screaming from the roof tops from day 1 of the incident. Even when the NRA did mention Philando it was a watered down. shameful, tepid, muted response that laid no blame on the cop that killed him. The outrage from the News Media and public was so intense that eventually the mad dog cop was fired but he should have spent time in prison.

    The Far Right fools no one because they are still marching in lock step with everything Adolf Hitler ever ranted about or believed in. The Far Right loved David Duke, former leader of the KKK when he ran for president and they loved Trump for his outrageous racism when he ran for President as he ran on a racist theme calling all Latinos, thugs, murderers and rapists. The Far Right loved every minute of his racist rants and could not stop cheering. The Far Right cheered when Trump attacked American Asians and American Muslims which resulted in violence against both groups from the Far Right. The violence spread to Jewish grave yards that were vandalized and had Maga sprayed on tomb stones as well as the twisted cross. Muslim and Jewish and Black Churches were attacked by Far Right maniacs who committed mass murder in them.

    The FBI stated that the greatest danger to the U.S. was the Far Right and that was proven beyond all doubt when the Far Right, with Trump cheering them on, tried to overthrow the legitimately elected U.S. Government on Jan 6th.

    The Far Right hate all racial minorities as well as all religions that are not White Anglo Saxon Protestant Christian, they especially even hate Catholics as well as all other religions.

    NPR’s article tells no one in the U.S. anything new about the Far Right being racist. Even Trump kept a copy of Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf” by his beside as verified by his wife. Hitler would have made Trump his most valued propaganda Minister.

    • “Professor Don Haider-Markel”

      See Gipper’s Ghost’s comment above about hyphenated names. No one with a hyphenated name should ever be give the title “professor”. Fekkin libtards.

      • “No one with a hyphenated name should ever be give the title “professor”

        Long on ad hominem attacks, short on specific and detailed complaints.

        Empty speech.

    • “still marching in lock step with everything Adolf Hitler ever ranted about or believed in”

      If true, that would be in opposition to the Marxists who have rioted in the streets for the past couple years. There’s not much to choose between them, when you get right down to it.

      Well, wait a second. Marxists in Russia and Marxists in China have killed a helluva lot more people than Hitler ever did. I think Stalin alone killed more than Hitler. You leftards sure enjoy your mass graves!!

    • “When Philando Castile was gunned down by an untrained mad dog cop the NRA remained silent”

      You witless fool, don’t you yet understand that the NRA doesn’t represent gun owners? The NRA is a milk cow for a corrupt leadership, they don’t have time or money to spend on 2A rights.

    • Anyone who compares Hitler to Trump needs to cease and desist immediately…and apologize to Hitler’s heirs.

    • Fake dacian. Notice the juvenile and uneducated manner of speaking. And he just admitted to be a member of not one but three gun clubs that are all white. Thass rayciss.

      Wish the real dacian would show up to set the record straight.

    • The majority of racists I see here are from the left of the spectrum.

      These 3 gun clubs you belong too are racist? And you belong to and support them? And you dare call someone else a racists?

      The Castile case is more nuanced than you claim. The benefit of the doubt I had when it was reported was the officer over reacted. Upon further information released along with the video, there were mistakes made by both that directly lead to the end result.

      Hitler comparisons are inaccurate, as those who invoke his name in a debate are more likely to identify as fascists’. Don’t wear that robe, it doesn’t look good on you.

      The greatest danger to America is illiteracy. People who can grasp the basic skills of life are not contributing to the advancement of society. Progressives are responsible for the dumbing down of the US as they control the education system and have for a generation. China will over take us in technology and they are showing that. Russia’s raw aggression and proclivity to use force in the arena of war and cyber technology are great threats as well. A few on the extreme right running around are a negligible threat. Then again anyone right the far left is extreme right to you.

      “The Far Right hate all racial minorities as well as all religions that are not White Anglo Saxon Protestant Christian, they especially even hate Catholics as well as all other religions.”

      The far right probably has a few of those, guess what, so does the far left. Look at you, you disparage everyone, well mostly white people you have an issue with. Probably ike many of the left I know, behind closed closed door you whisper about “those” people and how you have to help them because they can’t do anything on their own.

      So you have never read Mein Kampf? Do you rely on others to describe the thought process and beliefs of a madman? I read the “Prison Letters of Fidel Castro”. Am I a left wing revolutionary now? Have you ever read a book since Dick and Jane?

    • Good sweet baby Jesus, dacian the stupid,

      If we’re all such a bunch o’ racists, why don’t you just toddle off to Axios or Salon or some other den of like-minded nitwits who share your idiot Leftist/fascist world view?? I guaran-frickin’-tee you will NOT be missed, at all, by anyone other than possibly MinorIQ or the nameless, brainless troll. On second thought, take them with you. That single action would REMARKABLY improve this forum, and couldn’t possibly do any damage to those s***hole sites. Win-win, baby!!!

      Or, just go join your three person circle jerk with MinorIQ and the nameless, brainless troll. Or go pound salt in your @$$. Don’t go away mad, just go the fork away. Permanently.

    • Sorry Guys!!! I was coming down from a meth/mushroom combination when I wrote this, and after re-reading it, I realize it is totally psychotic nonsense.

      It’s not this forum that’s racist, it’s democrats. They are the party of “minorities can’t do it” while simultaneously pushing the notion that white people and their history are to blame for everything, and have fully embraced the socialist “pity party” mentality for everyone on not just class, but race, sex, ethnicity, the whole 9 yards. They are at peak divisiveness. You can tell when they protest and burn a US flag, then riot for a whole year burning down businesses everywhere while pretending antifa doesn’t exist and BLM are “fiery but mostly peaceful protests.” Then, get all outraged when some weirdos protest at the capital and take part in shenanigans like sitting at representatives desks, or posing with their podiums.

      I belong to 3 gun clubs and one of them has over 1,000 members and not any of the three clubs has even one black member and that is no accident. It’s because I’m a little bit racist, and I don’t invite black people to my club, and I don’t seek out clubs that have black people, but I’m working on that. I’m working on maximizing the white people percentage so I can claim gun owners are racist. Division is my friend folks.

      Philando Castile should not have been shot. The NRA and everyone even here on TTAG protested it. You can go back and read their comments. But I’m going to claim that people (white people) didn’t protest enough. Because they are racist. And that is because my goal is to sow racial division, because I believe I will get some benefit out of it here in the future. This is about me, and “I got mine,” not about what is best for the future, or for our country.

      Quote———-The Far Right fools no one because they are still marching in lock step with everything Adolf Hitler ever ranted about or believed in.———-Quote

      I don’t remember what I was thinking when I wrote this, but I do remember what I was doing. Which was taking a really big hit. I couldn’t even tell you guys where to find the far right, or where to find their opinions online, in print, or anywhere else. But if I had to, I’d pick up a micro fringe group and try to sell them as the majority. Because racial division.

      Quote———-The Far Right loved David Duke, former leader of the KKK when he ran for president…———-Quote

      I don’t know why I said this, because he was a democrat when he was knight of the Ku Klux Klan, and that just really doesn’t support my position. I also forgot to mention, that when he was running as a republican in 1988, that was after he renounced his KKK ideology, and even still, national and state republicans denounced his campaigns.

      Quote———-…and they loved Trump for his outrageous racism when he ran for President as he ran on a racist theme calling all Latinos, thugs, murderers and rapists.———-Quote

      I think this is about the time where I hit the parmesan cheese in my crack pipe. Because Trump never said this. Trump simply implied that many people crossing the border were criminals, thugs, and rapists. (Which is true). And he also said that “many of them, he assumed, were also good people. (Which is also true). The reason for this was to simply to secure the border so hollywood democrats would have to cut back or quit their cocaine habits.

      Quote———-The violence spread to Jewish grave yards that were vandalized and had Maga sprayed on tomb stones as well as the twisted cross. ———-Quote

      I don’t know why I said this either, because Trump’s son in law is jewish, and at the time, The Jews in Israel had a VERY high opinion of him, after he declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel and moved the embassy there.

      Quote———-Muslim and Jewish and Black Churches were attacked by Far Right maniacs who committed mass murder in them.———-Quote

      Which was not endorsed by Trump. That’s for sure.

      Quote———-The FBI stated that the greatest danger to the U.S. was the Far Right and that was proven beyond all doubt when the Far Right, with Trump cheering them on, tried to overthrow the legitimately elected U.S. Government on Jan 6th.———-Quote

      So I was a bit biased with this. Right? Right??? Right. So the only representative hurt in the last few years, wasn’t by a republican playing games and taking photos with podiums, but by people showing up at ball games, trying to shoot as many republican representatives as possible. I just don’t know how I forgot that.

      The far left hate all white people, blame them for everything, and use left leaning white people’s sympathy as a political correctness tactic to secure free gibs and social programs. When a left winger says cisgendered heteronormative white male patriarch that needs to check his privilege, this is meant to bring white people to their knees in tears, so they can manipulate them. This works with left leaning whites, but not with right leaning whites. And that is why right leaning whites are raciss!

      Quote———-NPR’s article tells no one in the U.S. anything new about the Far Right being racist. Even Trump kept a copy of Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf” by his beside as verified by his wife. ———-Quote

      This is actually not true. It wasn’t Mein Kampf, but “My New Order” that was given to Trump to read, and Trump didn’t buy it. It was given to him by Marty Davis of Viacom/Paramount. Not that owning a copy of mein kampf is bad. It is good to learn from the mistakes of the past. Can’t be any worse than Robin D’Angelo’s “White fragility.”

    • “…I belong to 3 gun clubs and one of them has over 1,000 members and not any of the three clubs has even one black member and that is no accident….”

      You are a RACIST by your own admission.
      If you were not a RACIST you would quit all three.

    • If we grew up with a single race family, we were taught to prefer our own race from others. This is only natural. Just because some people prefer to have sex and children within their own race, doesn’t make them bad people. Treating a person with the respect he/she is due, whether they are mentally/physically challanged, of different sexual orientation, and/or race is being an American, a good person and should not be considered racist.
      We can’t all rewire or training, but we can try to understand and treat people all the same.
      Call me racist if you like, but those doing the judging are usually even more racist themselves.

    • Hey, Rev, you racist POS,

      Cite your source, or S. T. F. U.

      Oh, making baseless, sweeping generalizations is not only intellectually lazy, it’s tribalist, classist, and at least arguably racist.

      Gee. Eff. You.

      • Lamps incoherent posts are highly concerning. I hope someone close to him gets him on a 🚩 list for his safety and the safety of others (most especially his estranged wife). Sad!

        • Hey, nameless, brainless troll!! Haven’t been subjected to any of your half-@$$ed, playground attempts at insults in a while. You never call, you never write . . . THANK YOU for that. OTOH, I can always count on the fact that when you finally do dust the Cheetoh crumbs off your hands any hunt-and-peck some inane effort at an actual insult, it will be even more pathetic than the one before. I am familiar with people pursuing excellence; you, dacian the stupid, and MinorIQ have introduced me to the relentless pursuit of idiocy, mediocracy, and pathetic delusion. I give you this, though, you three idiots won’t give up your effort to become the dumbest commenters on this or any other forum. Keep tryin’, baby!! You, too, can achieve complete, total irrelevance!!! Just don’t spend so much time on your daily circle jerks, and you may get there soon!!

        • Let’s Get Lamp…It seems you need a good reading comprehension course if you can’t understand what Lamp is posting. But then most Leftists do have a problem with understanding the Constitution and what it stands for. Laws to you folks are something to ignore when it suits your purpose. It’s lying, slimy wannabes like you that need to be red flagged and sent to a country more to their liking.

    • So this is not true. Because lots of democrats don’t like guns, don’t have guns, and don’t want guns, yet are extremely racist. They are of the “minorities can’t do it” crowd. And they are looking to give leg-ups. And it all for the purpose of manipulation. They are pro-socialist, pro -collective, and are weaponizing division to intersectionally piece together a coalition of minorities that want socialism to reach a majority. Once they have socialism, they will be ready to heal and unify from their prior divisions. Which is normally where the gulags come in to play.

    • I see a lot of white racist leftist that don’t own firearms and don’t want minorities the ability to defend themselves.

  7. Any and all black readers of TTAG need to come to grips with the fact that NPR actually believes that the black man that shot a white woman in Washington on January 6th did it out of hate and racial bigotry.

    • You clearly don’t listen to NPR. Allow me to set the record straight. Racism is a one way street, and your comment has it backwards. Source – I used to listen to NPR.

      • I no longer have any interest in pro sports either.

        The particular black man I mention clearly owns a gun and as such is apparently a racist.

  8. The same people who buy into this also believe:
    Abe Lincoln was a democrat
    Republicans blocked integration and civil rights
    It was a Republican who interred the Japanese
    The Klan held a tailgate at the RNC
    At some point the party heads got together out in a forest and while wearing capes and drinking goats blood chanted unholy verse to magically swap their histories
    Right now Byrd is a hero. Give it 20 more years and he’ll had been a Republican.

    This is useless and pointless opinion piece from a useless and pointless government funded “news” organization directed at a useless and pointless audience who already believes what they want to believe.

  9. NPR went off the rails in about 2000. The good news is that a while after you quit donating they quit bothering you.

  10. So, years of experience and all those books and articles and he is still an associate? He is if nothing else persistent.

    • In this instance that’s probably due to the lack of a spot.

      He’s tenure track and undoubtedly tenured or he’d move every few years.

      For better or worse, in poli sci departments the top echelon of professors usually hold on to the upper faculty positions for decades. It’s not cutthroat like hard science departments where it’s all about the money you bring in to the university.

  11. Pro-tip:

    One of THE primary tactics of Far Left Progressives is to demonize their political opponents. Their intention is that observers will refuse to support an “evil” person and minimize the influence of that “evil” person. Their additional intention is that the “evil” person will fear being an “other” (e.g. “cancelled”) and therefore acquiesce to the Far Left Progressive agenda.

    That’s right: the Far Left Progressive strategy is to deceive, intimidate, and coerce to achieve their goals. They have ZERO interest in facts, right-versus-wrong, honor, and persuasion.

    You would be wise to understand this and share it with as many other people as possible.

      • It’s one of the three main prongs and it’s every bit as effective in the short term as Game Theory suggests it should be.

        When you look at capture dynamics you really only need 20% to take over provided that you’re shrill as fuck, mean as hell and completely intransigent.



  13. As the Left has spiraled further down the path of irredeemable class hatred, racism and bigotry, there’s no reason to listen to them or engage with them.

    I’m not required to explain myself or justify my positions to people who only want me dead.

  14. “But why is it that NPR is so obsessed with racism?”

    Yes, they certainly are. I used to listen to NPR some (at least a little on a daily basis) while driving, that is until they started reviewing some dumb cook book or play. There was a very busy time in my life when I didn’t have time to read or watch the news. Someone suggested that I listen to NPR, and it became a habit. I began to notice the race obsession around the same time that I began to notice the unhinged insanity among Democrat politicians. So I stopped listening. Then, a few times when I didn’t feel like listening to music, I turned the station to NPR to see what they were saying. I did this about three times. Every single time, they were talking about race. The conversation was always focused on white people being racist.

    • They do it because it’s the “good fight” they can fight with zero accountability or consequences. It takes absolutely no intestinal fortitude, entails no risk and allows the “fighter” to project their worst thoughts and feelings onto the “bad people” they’re fighting against. It’s a win-win for the race baiters. Being a rich, over educated, privileged, white leftist/statist fighting “racism” is the safest way to be a do-gooder and requires the least amount of commitment. It takes real WORK and resources to actually DO something about the poor and downtrodden – and we all know how the leftist/statist “intelligencia” feel about doing actual work, that’s for “those people”, not a superior entity with multiple college degrees in button sorting and left-handed gender studies. No, it falls on churches, service organizations, fraternal clubs, veteran’s organizations and local civic groups, filled with working and middle class, everyday people to do the real work of helping the unfortunate. The “smart people” just scam the system and collect their dough while “caring” – bleh!

  15. So, if I react in a negative manner to a dark-skinned man pointing a gun at me, I’m racist? Ok. Is it still racist if I react in the same manner to a light-skinned man, or someone of any skin tone who happens to be female? Just wondering.
    NPR as well as the Democrat party, and the rest of the race baiters have so overplayed the race card as to render it meaningless. The idiots seem to think if any white person doesn’t give special privilege to anyone of other race is automatically racist. Ignoring the fact that the very act of demanding special treatment because of race is racist. I don’t care what color your skin is. Nor do I give a damn who you sleep with, or what faith you practice, or anything else I get accused of hating. I make my judgements based on a person’s woks, actions and character. To do otherwise is racist, sexist and immoral.

  16. Yeah I’m beginning to wonder about that Kansas university. Seems like it’s a liberal indoctrination center. It’s where my nephew started. He’s a professor now in Liverpool England
    Go Wildcats

    • All public universities are leftist/statist/totalitarian indoctrination centers. Not necessarily every instructor or professor but as institutions they long ago discarded the basic tenets of classical liberalism for access to political power. Smart, centered kids can still get an education as long as they willing to play along with the hooey long enough to get those essential degree credentials – the ones that have replaced actual achievements as the “key” needed to unlock the door to success. Sad what we’ve allowed to happen over the decades…

      • It’s more complicated than that.

        Part of it has to do with the way they’ve taken financial aid money that is, for all practical intents and purposes, government controlled. This plays a roll no doubt because of that whole biting the hand the feeds thing. They universities got themselves onto a treadmill they can’t get off of without serious outside assistance and the one monolithic thing that could offer them that help is exactly the thing that put the system on a treadmill to begin with.

        Much of that is post WWII accidents in terms of .gov policy that was eventually corrupted by other forces and that is, quite literally, several books worth of history. (Yuri Bezmenov is a good place to start though if you’d prefer videos.)


        The really big thing that took the freedom away was the degradation of the K-12 system.

        If kids show up to college with a good grounding in math and English they have A LOT of options. Half of which disappear if they’re missing one or the other because now they need remedial education. Realistically, shitty language skills can be papered over, and in many cases are, but math cannot be.

        That’s not the purview of a university. They don’t do K-12 education because they are not set up to do it. So missing skills means that the university, basically for lack of other options, shunts kids into programs that line up with the skillset the kids show up with.

        Suck at math? OK, well you need a single math class as a graduation requirement, we’ll give you a dumbed down college algebra or stats course and call that good. Then we’ll pack you off to a “non math intensive” program because you can’t math and we don’t have the time to teach you to math properly. You need to be out of here in four years so… fuck you, no math for you unless you do it on the side somewhere else or take summer classes that you’ll probably hurt your GPA with because the math-assistance programs don’t run during the summer.

        Science? LOL, no, you can’t do that without several years of math education which you aren’t prepared to start without remedial education which we don’t offer and never have offered.

        So, they shove kids into, for example, an English program and this has downstream consequences.

        First, how many English majors does the country need? Well, normally you’d say “let the market decide” but now you have non-market constraints being placed on the system’s input and by definition that’s to affect the output.

        What ends up happening is that you end up creating sub-departments and over time those sub-departments become departments of their own. Again, if market forces dictated this as they did when biochem split from chemistry in general, fine but that’s not what’s going on. This is finding more buckets to catch overflow that’s been created unnaturally.

        And then you end up with something like the Department of Afro-Caribbean Literature. Now, there’s nothing wrong with Afro-Caribbean Lit in and of itself, in fact some of it is pretty interesting, especially the anti-government stuff written in certain commie regimes. But does it really need it’s own department? No, not really.

        But when a department goes from 25 students in one class to being its own department this places people in an odd spot. What does one do with an Afro-Carribean Lit degree? Well, after the paradigm shift in 2008, not much other than… get a PhD in the subject and then teach it. Boom, a whole new graduate level program is created (or stuck on to an existing one as an “emphasis”). And that works for a bit but how many PhD’s does this discipline really need? What does a PhD in this subject do? Not much other than teach it is the true. And now you have a self-reinforcing structure.

        And that self-reinforcing structure takes on a life of its own eventually because do you know who, explicitly, doesn’t do a damn thing in university governance? Exactly the same people who’s degrees don’t tend to show up; hard science.

        That means that over time as oddball disciplines form their own departments those departments punch way, way above their weight class in terms of how a school is actually run. And as this system runs along a bit it becomes fashionable to hire administrators from whatever the “hot” disciplines are. So now if you want to have a good shot at being a bigwig at a major university a Master’s in some Critical Theory subject is a big, big advantage. Sure, you don’t know fuck-all about running a university but you’ve got some super-PC ideas and that’s what it’s all about, right?

        Well of course it is because the already Lefty admins want to hire more like-minded people!

        Which basically means that all your more freedom minded people end up in the hard sciences and have nothing to do with admissions criteria or how the university is run because they’re busy doing things that matter in terms of research and pulling the the research money which the university takes 40-60% off the top of to fund this little fuckery circle called “administration”. And of course such professors are, these days, no longer welcome in the governance aspects of the university because they often hold the wrong views.

        Now you have a self-licking ice cream cone fed an endless stream of fresh blood by a K-12 system that went down the shitter by 1965 but succeeded in hiding this fact for a number of decades. In fact, they were so good at it that no one questioned the obviously shitty product until the past year or so.

        • In the 6th grade we were taught to count to twenty by taking our shoes off. The days we learned subtraction the teacher came by and collected all the pocket knives.

        • “Now you have a self-licking ice cream cone fed an endless stream of fresh blood by a K-12 system that went down the shitter by 1965 but succeeded in hiding this fact for a number of decades.”

          What I am most surprised about is the fact that even with the ‘full-court press’ of a Progressive primary education (and the indoctrination that implies) , is that we’re still holding our heads above water politically with the younger folks.

          For how long we can continue to do so is a prospect I won’t enjoy seeing happening… 🙁

        • “we’re still holding our heads above water politically”

          Because the truth is impossible to hide from everyone. If the right had the same level of institutional indoctrination / media propaganda that the left currently enjoys, it wouldn’t even be close. Example: Even Democrats thought the Puppet’s SOTU address was out of touch with reality.

        • It’s not complicated. It’s just that people are so worried about the “military-industrial complex”. They simply, on purpose I believe, overlooked the rest of President Eisenhower’s final address to the nation. Where, he warned about the dangers of federal money corrupting the education system in this country.

          The people who complain about the “military industrial complex” are also the same ones who are against civilians owning military-style weaponry. Or any Weaponry for that matter. They are comfortable with only the police and military being allowed to possess machine guns and grenades.

          They talk big sh*t. But most of them are very uncomfortable with the messy aspects of freedom.

  17. NPR had one program that was good. Car Talk. Tom and Ray Magliozzi made it funny and informative. Other than those two, what has NPR produced that was beneficial?

    • Trooper,

      Back before they went completely off the rails, NPR used to feature some good music programming. My local NPR station had pretty good jazz and classical programming. Their “news” content has been worthless propaganda for decades.

    • “Other than those two, what has NPR produced that was beneficial?”

      I enjoyed the “Lake Woebegon Days” program, by Garrison Keillor.

      If you listened to it carefully, he managed to skewer Liberalism rather deftly… 🙂

  18. Ok, so this asshat shows people a photo of a black man with a gun, records the response, and calls it racist.

    Well, did he show anyone a photo of a white guy with a gun and record the response? I’m guessing he didn’t, and I’m guessing he would have gotten the same response.

    The stimulus here is not the skin color — it’s the gun.

    Junk science at its best.

  19. So NPR proudly displays it’s red, black and blue flag… where have I seen that before? Oh yeah, the colors of the Donetsk Peoples Republic. I guess it’s true that birds of a feather shit the same, or something like that.

  20. If someone points a gun at me, I’m less inclined to support any of their human rights, regardless of color.


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