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We’ve written a good amount about the fine folks over at and their increasingly impressive online market of new and used guns. It’s a relatively new venture and they’ve almost instantly had a positive impact on the gun-buying experience.

Now they’re adding even more new products, including ammo, optics, and magazines. If they’re aiming to become a one-stop online shop, is already shooting tight groups.


Like any wise gun shop, made the easy determination that a firearm’s only good if it’s loaded with the right ammunition. If a customer can grab both in the same place, it’s all the better for everyone involved.

Offering a wide range of ammo was an easy addition for, and they’ve gathered all the most popular brands and calibers together in one place. There’s nothing worse than owning a gun and having a hard time finding the right ammo. Now customers can address that issue head on.


You’ve probably heard it before: you can spend all you want on a gun, just don’t skimp on the optic you mount on top. knows what experienced shooters demand in their riflescope, red dot, and other optic choices, which is why they’re putting so much effort into offering a huge variety for every use and budget.

Whether you need something for hunting, target shooting, tactical applications, or outdoor adventures, should have what you’re looking for at a reasonable price. You’ll even find rangefinders and binoculars, rounding out the optical needs for just about anyone and any need.


If you’re looking for spare or replacement magazines, has that covered too. Great prices on trusted names like Magpul, Glock, Beretta, Barrett, Browning, H&K, Kel-Tec, Kimber, Mossberg, Smith & Wesson, Taurus, Winchester, Remington, and more are available in the magazine section of their website.

You can break down the list using smart filters like caliber, brand fit, capacity, and price range. Outlet

And of course, we’d be doing a disservice if we didn’t remind potential gun buyers about the outlet. That’s where partnered FFL dealers show off their vast collection of guns for sale, giving you an even better chance of finding exactly what you want at a price that’s better than you’d expect.

The outlet’s catalog changes regularly, and could be the source of that sought-after firearm you’ve never been able to get your hands on. Search the outlet, and you might just find it.

You can learn more about the outlet (and even read actual customer reviews) on the outlet info page.

All told, the collection of firearms for sale surpasses 7,500, and now that the required accessories are available there too, there’s little reason to look elsewhere.

Make your first destination, compare and research the availability and prices, and we bet you won’t find deals this good any other place online.

Need we say more?


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