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TTAG’s been on the NRA’s butt for years, pleading with them to initiate minority outreach programs. Introduce them to guns, STAT. Because that’s where the battle for our gun rights will be won or lost. And right now, gun rights are losing. Big time. The latest research from Pew on Hispanic and African Americans’ views on gun control – and the role of government – is some scary, scary you-know-what. Check out the graphic above. And check this out . . .


Click here for a more detailed breakdown of the numbers. While the headline seems reassuring – more Americans are pro-gun than anti – this is the gun rights movement’s weak flank. It’s time for action. Past time.

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  1. You’d think people seeking greater freedom and higher standards of living than their previous governments could provide would vote as such.

    • Such freedoms are still an unknown to them, and people fear the unknown – even when that unknown was something they took risks to achieve.

      • It could be the same as if you take a dog from a cage and put it in and outdoor fenced in area, it might consider that freedom since it’s so much bigger and better. But it’s just a bigger cage.

      • Well if they can not understand and value them, then we need to keep them out.

        We need to reform immigration.

        Secure the border with a fence
        End birth right citizen for illegals
        Nation wide E-verify
        Tough Fines for those that hire illegals, maybe Asset forfeiture
        Same day deportation for all peoples caught.
        No federal funds for sanctuary cities

        Repeal the “family reunification” loophole
        Repeal the “refugee” scam
        Repeal the “diversity” mandates
        Cap the number of people we let into America at a permanent of 200,000

        Mandate list of requirements be the following.

        Clean bill of health.
        A minimum of $50,000 dollars in assists
        Have a skill that is in need in the work force
        Have compatible values with the culture of the United States

        Time to stop importing peasants cultures and people that do not understand or value Liberty…

        If you want to live a 3rd world nation move to one do not move its peoples. culture and their dysfunctions to America.

        • Keep who out? Minorities?
          Four posts in and we’re treated to this garbage, which is off-topic at best.

        • Keep out people who try to get in illegally. Deport anybody here illegally. Revoke the citizenship of anybody who was born to illegal parents. End birthplace citizenship.

        • Andy in NC: No, it’s right on topic, and just another of the symptoms we’ve been complaining about. This is AMERICA. We don’t aspire to be any other nation in the world. We don’ aspire to be any other people in the world. We don’t need anyone to come to our country who doesn’t aspire to be American. If America is yours to give away, IT’S MINE TO TAKE AWAY FROM YOU. [TERMS, J.M. Thomas R., 2012]

          When forming interactive societies one maxim maintains the balance of individuals when
          commingled pairs form larger groups.
          That maxim is simply:
          Again, society, though pluralistic in speech, exists singularly between individuals, a
          “pair” of people.
          However, people exist in great numbers, in groups, both vastly divided and in close
          proximity. Because of both human and natural factors, people can be compelled to live and work
          together. However, they cannot be caused to exist long together outside of societal agreement, no
          matter the compunction. Obvious examples of this can easily be found throughout human
          history when there is widespread natural disaster, or persistent catastrophic loss of basic “human
          need” resources…
          Although human interaction is full of compromise [one frequently may have to support
          the personally distasteful to obtain that which is personally acceptable or required] an individual
          cannot be expected to compromise to the point at which they become compromised. Meaning,
          that it is ignorance of human nature to assume that a person will, without great twist of truth or
          physical compulsion, surrender their personal objectives sought in forming a societal agreement
          Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence wrote “all experience hath shewn
          that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by
          abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and
          usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new
          Guards for their future security” [5].
          It is hoped that this is the case. Although, it can be more factually substantiated that
          members of a society are more likely to continue in comingled pairs when it is believed, by one
          party, that the other is in concurrence (or will quickly and inconsequentially return to
          It can therefore be logically inferred that what is contradictory to a society or at the very
          least indebted to the support of (by) the self-supported tenets of society, while covert is a
          minority, and that which is self-supportive is silent until it is believed that it is threatened by nonmutually
          supportive societal pressure (is in the majority).It is dangerously and abruptly the cause of the dissolution of society to find that this is not the case , i.e., that the other party was unsupportive, and that in fact the other party was intentionally furthering the notion of mutual compliance in an attempt to obfuscate subversive
          efforts in opposition to it.
          More plainly, the weak, the lazy and the intentionally contradictory are often the most
          brazen in their efforts to lessen the requirements of societal agreement[s] (personal
          responsibility) [6] whereas the supportive members of societies or “societal agreement[s],” wear
          their bones of it and silently uphold the ideal as a goal that protects and emboldens the collective
          march towards it.
          Thereby it is more easily shown that anti-social (un-self-sustaining societal values) can briefly exist in the eddy of societal steadfastness, until it is eradicated in direct violence [even actual violence] in the abandonment of a society.[TERMS, J.M. Thomas R., 2012, Pg.35-36]

        • Henry Bowman is at least on the right track. We need to start controlling the border and immigration. People used to come to the USA for freedom, now they are coming for the government goodies.

        • In any case, even when each immigrant chooses to “come here,” we have never allowed anyone who wants to come here to decide if they should be granted citizenship.

          Government is WE THE PEOPLE, without sovereignty of the term People, there can be no sovereignty of government. [TERMS, J.M. Thomas R., 2012]

        • “Mandate list of requirements be the following.
          Clean bill of health.
          A minimum of $50,000 dollars in assists
          Have a skill that is in need in the work force
          Have compatible values with the culture of the United States”

          I assume you meant “assets” not “assists.” I think you should add spelling to your list of requirements.

          My forebears came to this country in the 1840’s to escape the potato famine in Ireland and have been good, hard-working, law abiding citizens, some of whom have served in the military in every war since. By your list of standards, (even accounting for time-adjusted dollars) they would have been turned away. I reject your restrictions as elitist.

        • Reading your post about repealing birth right citizenship and found that the US and Canada are the only “developed nations” to still have that right.

          I seem to recall progressive politicians saying we should be more like Europe.

          for example:
          “Other countries know how to do this,” Obama said. “If France can figure this out, we can figure it out.”

          Turns out France did repeal it in 1993.

          I am not sure I am for repealing birth right citizenship, but I do agree that we have a serious problem with the seemingly planned dilution of the voter base with the massive legal and illegal immigration of demographics that as a group support specific political agendas.

          I find it particularly offensive that many of the current administrations actions are to reward illegal actions while punishing immigrants that have respect for laws and play by the rules. I think we should be allowing the second group to earn citizenship like so many before have. As for the opportunists and exploiters, we already have enough of those in government.


        • If the mother is illegally in the US then the child is not entitled to “repealing birth right citizenship”. All follows out of illegal activity. And at this point the next generation and the next and the next ALSO do no have repealing birth right citizenship. GET OUT.

        • ^^This. And if US businesses love peasant labor, they should go to those crappy countries & get the full experience. Henry Bowman for President!

        • How do you resolve issues of statelessness that will undoubtedly occur in those situations where children born to illegal immigrants are denied birth citizenship? It seems that would be creating a much bigger problem all be it different.

          And Henry, by the standards you lay out, I barely qualify as a current natural born US citizen. I exceed 50k in assets but not by a whole lot, I work and I am educated though my education is in (cursed!) liberal arts, I have health issues, I don’t have a job that is in super high demand but I do have an American mindset and love freedom and liberty. Perhaps that’s why part of that mindset calls to memory the text of “The New Colossus” and reminds me that immigration is American at its core.

          These sorts of arguments and problems you discuss are along the same things that were said back then when the Irish, Italians (that’s me), Germans, etc came to the US. They are poor, low class, uneducated, criminals, etc and they don’t want to assimilate and they want to cling to their old world ways. The arguments are the same, the people they are directed at are just different; if that isn’t eye opening I have no idea what would be.

          How do we fix it? I don’t really know but destroying any legal avenue for the average Joe to enter the country won’t reduce the number of illegal immigrants, it would only increase that number.

        • >> End birth right citizen for illegals

          That takes a constitutional amendment. Do you really think such a thing is feasible?

          >> maybe Asset forfeiture

          Awesome, let’s provide the government agencies in charge of enforcing some incentives to “find” some more illegals.

          >> Same day deportation for all peoples caught.

          Even more awesome. Grab a Hispanic looking guy on the street, claim he is suspected to be non-citizen, detain him. He doesn’t have any documents indicating otherwise (driver licenses are issued to non-citizens, and of course not everyone has one). Let’s deport him (and grab his assets)!

          >> Cap the number of people we let into America at a permanent of 200,000

          Why that number, specifically? If you think a cap is necessary, shouldn’t it at least be tied to the overall population?

          >> Have compatible values with the culture of the United States

          How do you figure that out? Ask them? The answer will be “yes, of course”.

          >> Time to stop importing peasants

          Jefferson is looking at you from the grave like you’re some urbanite filth.

      • People tend to stay with “the devil you know” rather than risk something they may not know. Also, the achievements of our modern civilization causes people to forget how animalistic human nature can be. They have skyscrapers and indoor plumbing, the government can be as corrupt or easily corrupted as our home country.

        • The argument (false when used by the evil House of (D) ) is that it is a matter of intentional OPPRESSION. That the Democrats and gun-grabbers are attempting to keep them “On the Plantation”; “On the Reservation”; “In the fields picking fruit.”

      • Wrong. They’re just very stupid snd very beholden to their statist benefactors.

        What’s “unknown” here? Nothing. These people know what life under civilian disarmament was like. Cartels and the feds colluded, while helpless student and peasants got beheaded.

        These greedy bottom feeder immigrants figure they got out, got theirs (at U.S. taxpayers’ expense), and that none of their home country crap will ever happen here. So vote Dem, keep the welfare gravy train rolling, and ignore the decades-hence ruination of America that they probably won’t live to see anyway.

  2. I simply cannot mentally come to grips with people risking life and limb giving up everything, to flee to a country…then adamantly vote in the same government that destroyed their home nation, and support the same disarmament that left them as victims.

    I can’t get it. I can’t understand it. It’s the definition of insanity. Like the high number of Jewish politicians who want to disarm themselves and vote in National Socialists.

    The NRA can’t recruit these people, because the NRA makes sense and is sane.

    • Makes as much sense as Donald Trump claiming he is “against any gun control” when he said back in 2000 he “supports the assault weapons ban.” So, he does NOT support gun control but DOES support a Clinton style gun ban. If a smart guy like The Donald can be quixotic and nonsensical what do you expect from 3rd world illegal aliens?

        • Like what? Upper middle class teenagers might have to put down their smart phones, get off of Facebook and their butts, and go mow their own lawns, vacuum their own carpets, and clean their own swimming pools?

          Oh, the humanity!

    • It’s really no different than a bunch of Massholes escaping their high-tax low-liberty state for New Hampshire only to vote for high-tax low-liberty policies there too.

      I’m convinced people are either born as free men or as slaves and no amount of education or experience can change them.

      • While I do believe that many are just an epiphany away from becoming die hard freedom lovers (so few people understand what liberty truly is, only the gilded cage they’ve been taught to think it is), I agree that many people are by nature one way or the other. Thankfully, who is the hero and who is the villain is crystal clear. Freedom lovers just want to be left alone. Slave minded people want to enslave everyone else.

        • If you think that then you are a fool….If you wish to gamble with your wealth, liberty, life and those of your posterity they you will do so with your own, not all of ours.

      • So, does that make treating people who were “born as slaves” as, well, slaves – complete with enslaving them – okay?

    • Like the high number of Jewish politicians who want to disarm themselves and vote in National Socialists. I just never got the Jews either, but heck, I am part Irish and I just never got Carolyn Maloney. You would really think Irish of all people would love gun rights and all the other Bill of Rights.

  3. So we need to chase people and try to convince them, what exactly? So you want the NRA, who you vilify every time I see it mentioned here on TTAG, to chase and try to convince people who want the government to ‘take care of them’ to stand up on their hind legs like humans, instead of the sheep they are, that taking personal responsibility it the better part of life? Sound like insanity.

  4. Can you imagine if minorities had to pay fees, take tests, and wait a period of time to exercise their constitutionally protected rights?

    • I did. As a naturalized citizen, I had to submit various forms, pay processing fees, and pass tests to become an American citizen. Before that, I didn’t have voting rights, and rights such as gun ownership were questionable. Paying taxes was definitely in the cards, however. No doubt about that.

  5. Thus the importance Heller/McDonald. Millions of people are going to start seeing guns in the hands of someone other than bad-guys. As part of the “long game,” a very big factor.

    I’ve long said WoT is arguably the most important thing that the NRA does. Reaching into urban enclaves will be harder. Necessary, but harder.

    On the bright side, we’ve seen the NRA trying to temper its “OFWG” image.

  6. We all need to recruit new gun owners. The more people who own guns and shoot the better.
    We should also take influential people to the range, media, politicians and celebs. Most people are hooked after shooting a gun for the first time.

    • What?
      You do realize that this is about minorities, not illegal iimigrants? Are you aware that there is a difference?
      Are you a bot?

        • With the looming threat of amnesty, I’d say it has everything to do with the topic at hand.

        • Just out of curiosity, pwrserge, when did your ancestors get here, and how did they arrive?

          Immigration in the U.S. is a lot like Jesus’ parable of the adulteress about to be stoned: “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.”

          Unless you’re Native American, no matter when you got here, there was somebody bitching about you showing up and how you were going to ruin the place.

          You guys do realize that the U.S. had no meaningful restrictions on immigration until 1875 or so. Whoever showed up got to stay. The majority of us trace our roots to folks who aren’t functionally much different than today’s Mexicans.

        • I actually got here myself when I was a kid, legally, after waiting a year for a visa. I earned my citizenship. I didn’t demand something for nothing. You’re mistaking a disgust for illegal immigration for a disgust for immigration in general. Way to push the liberal narrative.

        • What year is it TT? 1874? No, I didn’t think so either. How any of us got here in irrelevant, unless we did it illegally.

        • The majority of us trace our roots to folks who aren’t functionally much different than today’s Mexicans.
          None of my immigrant ancestors wanted or received a welfare check from the government. Most of my immigrant ancestors actually did serve in the military. I had a couple who were in both a German Army and the American Army. One actually defected from being a Hannoverian Mercenary coming over to the Continental Army.

        • None of my immigrant ancestors wanted or received a welfare check from the government.

          How much money do illegal immigrants gain from welfare?
          How much in taxes to illegal immigrants put into the system?

        • TT, you do realize that the potato famine and every other major immigration wave brought with it massive turmoil and growth of governnment authority? We finally started to get wise near 1900, but still have occaisional waves and attendant strife. Now, we are getting stupid again through misplaced guilt (it is not our fault, nor burden, that the societies to our south are corrupt hellholes. Even where we intervened militarily, it was to remove a corrupt foe and replace it with a corrupt friendly authority). Corruption is a way of life there, and practically everywhere else;it is a big reason we are so successful, and drag upward those with whom we do business (since we do not tolerate corruption much in a free market)

      • Irrelevant. I’m not talking about immigrants. I’m talking about ILLEGAL immigrants. Lean the damn difference trollo.

        • Read the paper, it does not distinguish between the two.

          But one wonders why the xenophobes get their their law-and-order fetish act on for immigration. It’s as if they actually trust politicians to magically know what level of immigration is proper and correct, and all immigration beyond that is suddenly evil and criminal. It’s almost like they believe in Soviet-style central planning.

        • Xenophobe? Nice attempted Alinskying of someone who has stated his opposition to illegal immigration.

          I at least give your type the benefit of the doubt, and assume you’re not merely too stupid to know the difference between legal and illegal immigration. Worse, you intentionally conflate the two.

        • The difference is whether a person fell on the right or wrong side of an arbitrary set of quotas set by politicians who took lobbying money from unions, protectionists and xenophobes. Do you put gun control laws on the same altar as immigration laws?

          LOL @ Alinskying. Coming from someone who uses “illegal” as a pejorative. “I support the law, no matter how stupid or irrational it might be!” – the argument of scoundrels.

        • So, if the legislature doesn’t enact laws to define immigration policy, who should?

          Determining who may and who may not enter our country and/or be naturalized as citizens is a defining characteristic of the sovereignty of our nation. The legislature has constitutional authority to determine naturalization policy. Note the stark contrast of this authority to the constitutional prohibition against abridgement of the right to keep and bear arms.

        • Can and should are two different things. Congress can also lock up all the Japanese people, force eugenics onto “undesirables”, and give the UAW taxpayer money to pad their pensions. That doesn’t mean they should.

          Since you’re all about law-and-order, why did the US go from a policy of no immigration quotas from 1776 to the 1920’s, to using a quota system? Let’s look at the contemporary name of the Immigration Act of 1924: National Origins Act, and Asian Exclusion Act. Revealing, eh? IT’S THE LAW, IT MUST BE RIGHT!

        • >Yes, “illegal” is a pejorative

          Do you show similar deference to the NY SAFE Act? Will you show the same to Obama’s upcoming gun control executive orders?

        • The NY SAFE act is unconstitutional. Unconstitutional law is not valid. So, no. I do not consider violation of invalid law to be illegal, nor worthy of pejorative. The state is tyrannical for enforcing it.

          And you can disagree with the legislature’s immigration policy all you want, but you cannot deny their constitutional authority to enact that policy.

          Well, I suppose you could. You come across like an anarchist-type libertarian. Even so: we’re a constitutional republic. Rule of law: deal with it.

        • Hitler to German Jews: it’s the law. Deal with it. This is what you sound like.

          Defending a law because the government has the legal authority power to enact said law is idiocy. But I did like the libertarian jab. You mad, bro?

        • Going for the Godwin award, eh?

          If you can’t even admit the constitutional authority of the Congress to enact laws that set immigratuon policy, then we’re done here. Sophistry doesn’t interest me.

        • Ah, the Godwin award. Another weasel word that ignores the rich lessons from Nazi Germany on the relation of individual and state.

          You sound like Obama. Authority. Mandate. These are the words used by an unthinking, power-mad government. Yes we can.

        • Waco, is it seriously that hard to grasp the difference between respect for constitutional laws and respect for unconstitutional, fascist laws like SAFE? You’re saying Congress “can” enact bad laws as if that falls into the same category as enacting Constitutional laws. That’s like the antis saying that thieves “can” illegally buy guns, therefore the Second Amendment is evil.

        • NFA34/GCA68/Hughes Amendment/Bush import ban are constitutional
          Alcohol prohibition was constitutional
          Drug prohibition is constitutional
          Segregation was constitutional
          Forced eugenics was constitutional
          Eminent domain is constitutional
          Asset forfeiture is constitutional
          Japanese internment is constitutional (still, somehow)

          etc and so forth. All laws should be critiqued regardless of their constitutional muster according to nine black-robed politicians, whether they be gun control laws or immigration laws.

          Study the history of immigration laws at the state and federal level in this nation and tell me they aren’t deeply rooted in xenophobia, racism and economic protectionism. It’s called the “Asian Exclusion Act” for a reason.

      • No surprise, there is zero discussion of the data you posted, but rather incredibly off-topic rants about semantics and such.

        • Lol grind, that might be your best post to date, you just described your activity here perfectly.

  7. My wife is pro gun, so there’s one Hispanic. I have a Mexican lesbian friend at work who loves shooting, so that’s a twofer.

    NRA can do all the outreach it wants, but it always starts at home. It’s like those signs religious people put in their yards.

    Invite somebody to the range this weekend.

    • Wow, did I ever have to scroll through a lot of “immigration” hysteria to get to a comment that felt constructive and useful. Thanks for that.

      For a blog that usually does so well at championing personal responsibility, this headline neatly misses the oft-recognized fact that the NRA = “us” (and not just some faceless political entity) and so we should be asking *ourselves* to champion minority shooters. Take someone to the range, indeed!

  8. While I certainly can’t speak for a whole demographic sector, I can speak from my own experience and insights being hispanic(puertorican) living in the mainland. The biggest issue when it comes to hispanics in general is that there is no tangible gun culture that has been casted in a positive way for most of them. Where many of them come from, guns are the tools of the thugs AND the corrupt and abusive cops. It is rare having the experience of going hunting with grandpa and tallying your first kill at a young age. In my case, I didn’t discovered what Hoppe’s smelled like until I was 35 years of age. Latinamerican governments have systematically prevented the development of a gun culture for the masses(except for the rich and connected. They get anything they want). Let alone the sense of pride of ownership. And so, they find themselves in the states not knowing any better. And to make matters worse, there’s the image problem of the stereotypical gun owner as it is portrayed in the media and social networks. For example, in my case I had to learn by myself that redneck =/= racist. But that’s what I had been conditioned to believe. On the other hand, yes the NRA needs to open itself for inclusion or at least market itself at being so. In my part, I do what I can to spread the truth about guns (ha ha) among my peers one trip to the range at a time. I teach them. Train them and help them understand. They always do. Yet there is still much more work to be done.

    • So why do we have all of these Germans out in the MidWest who love guns? Germany usually had just about non-existent gun privileges for the vast majority of impoverished, but ambitious Volk who wandered over here on crappy ships.

      • When those guys moved here, it was still “the frontier” of the world, and there was no way to avoid guns as simple utilitarian tools, so they were adopted as such, regardless of the original culture of the immigrant in question. Ditto for Germans and Asians on the West Coast.

        Today, though, it’s a very different thing. And same recipes won’t work.

    • “And to make matters worse, there’s the image problem of the stereotypical gun owner as it is portrayed in the media and social networks.”

      Or on TTAG. Just look at some of the comments on this story.

      Shockingly, immigrants who had to go through the absurd system don’t like people who defend the system and want to make it even more punishing.

      • True. This isn’t necessarily an NRA issue. It’s an insular culture issue. But nearly all the comments are focused on illegal immigration. Illegal immigrants aren’t the ones killing this nation, it’s the wanton spending by our congress and erosion of freedoms by both congress and the executive branch. But it’s far easier to blame dirty, poor brown people than to take real responsibility at home.

        • Yeah Grindstone, a few billion a year soaked up by illegal immigrants is chump change. Let em’ stay. Hell, let more in.

        • It’s a general politics issue. Because of the extremely polarized two-party system, largely unrelated ideas and concepts get mashed together with post hoc rationalization about why they are related (this is usually when people start talking about “statist cultures” or “born as slaves”, or sometimes be more polite and talk about American exceptionalism etc). It’s all getting so very tangled together that it’s nearly impossible to untangle clearly. You mention gun rights & gun control, and right away people start throwing around slurs such as “libtard” and “redneck”, and bringing in all the other wedge issues, and somehow in their mind you’re either with them or you’re against them on everything, and that’s the only way it can naturally be. It’s practically impossible to discuss anything across party lines because of that, but it also has the side effect of any outside group being forced to squeeze on one side of the line or the other, and adopt the corresponding packet of ideological positions wholesale.

  9. The antis cry of blood in the streets amounts to nothing more than fear mongering when considering the country as a whole, but in these communities it can be a near literal truth. They can’t afford to legally possess and practice self protection, and when or if they can, their reality is that somebody will find a way to steal it. When you can’t afford to buy food, its hard to justify ammunition. So I think they see their only option is to support plans that they think will take the weapons away from the criminals. Misguided, but I believe closer to reality than many care to admit.

  10. I have been calling on the NRA for years to reach out to the minority community. Without a doubt gun ownership and interest in the shooting sports has become more diverse and younger. But how do you educate and reach out to those immigrants who have little or no education who are for the most part interested in getting benefits from the government and their only point of reference is corrupt authoritarian political systems.
    We need to go back to the pre 1960s immigration system where people with needed skills were the first admitted and set quotas. Secure our borders, pass laws that if you are caught illegally immigrating, first time automatic deportation, second time its 5 years in prison at hard labor. If the current system is continued,America as we know it will be gone.

  11. This is why you can’t have liberty and open borders…you eventually let in enough collectivists.

    • Well that is what the left wants..They can not win with Americans, so they need to replace them with serfs who want to be ruled…..

      Leftist are traitors.

    • Gun ownership discrimination (i.e. when different people or different groups of people are treated differently wrt gun rights) is, in fact, an ACLU issue, and ACLU is involved in numerous cases across the country dealing with that. For example, in a bunch of states, they’ve allied with SAF to strike down laws that don’t allow legal immigrants to possess and/or carry firearms.

  12. Why is this surprising? Every wave of immigrants since the flood gates opened in the 1840s had meant that traditional Americans have lost rights. It is well past time to close the borders to all immigrants and to start deporting anyone with dual citizenship.

    Immigration is the problem that is destroying America.

    • By that, do you mean the nativist politicians use immigrants as an excuse to strip civil rights from all people? Like with the 1911 Sullivan Act in NYC which was passed amidst “Italian gangster” scaremongering.

      But it’s cute you believe newly arrived immigrants who have no political power can have any influence in the circles of power.

    • I’d say it’s people who don’t know the difference between correlation and causation who are destroying america more than the very few people with dual citizenship. How about you just come out and say “deport anybody who doesn’t vote the way I want them to”? No, YOU are the bigger threat to freedom.

      • Sir, you seem to be trolling the issue, are you arguing that unrestricted Immigration has not been intentionally detrimental to this country? You also are implying that voting somehow can shape issues. If so, you are either trolling or dangerously ignorant of the political process and how it really works.

  13. I am more curious of the results if the survey were controlled for those here legally vs illegally.

    Either way: if you favor gun control, you can go back to the statist sh!thole of a country you came here from. We neither need nor want you here. On the other hand, if you wish to become an American, and share in American heritage and culture – including the natural, constitutionality protected right to keep and bear arms – we welcome you with open arms.

  14. Just goes to show you how stupid mainstream Republicans are in the belief that “Dreamers” will vote for them. The RINO’s just think it’s a just strange quirk that leftists are agreeing with them in making amnesty happen for 10+ illegals.


  15. There is a simple way to reach minorities and win them over to our side. Minorities who already embrace our unalienable right to keep and bear arms have to reach out to their minority peers, explain the history/benefits in simple terms, and take their minority peers to a gun range to experience our unalienable right to keep and bear arms first hand.

    The keen reader will note that I am directing MINORITIES to reach out to their minority peers. Why? Because a minority will readily identify and connect with a minority peer and lay out our unalienable right to keep and bear arms in a meaningful way that white folks will never accomplish. Like it or not, this is a fact.

    The $50,000 question is, “How can white folks help?”. That answer is simple as well: facilitate the efforts of minorities who are reaching out to minority peers. Make sure a gun range is available within a couple miles of minority population centers. If no such range exists, build it. Identify minority “ambassadors” who are actively reaching out and provide discount rates at the range when they bring in first time shooters. Make sure that those ranges have firearms available for rent at reduced rates for first time shooters.

    This isn’t rocket science people.

    • Also, do your part to ensure that minorities feel welcome when they go to a range rather than like they’re some oddity and/or threat to be watched carefully.

  16. Just more evidence that America is circling the drain.

    What’s “exceptional” about yet another leftist socialist nation?

  17. After your hand is slapped away several times, you stop reaching out. The NRA can recruit it’s entire endowment away but still won’t get the Hispanic base of support unless it can offer free membership, welfare, tax credits and immediate citizenship to new “immigrants.”

    As far as black people are concerned, the NRA has eight black board members and features Colion Noir as a spokesman for gun rights. It’s making real progress with the black middle class and educated, upwardly mobile black people, but the lower classes will never, ever support the NRA. Ever. Period. End of story. Fergetaboutit.

    • +1 Ralph. I had a lot of “conversations” with black folks. One retired school teacher told me he was an NRA member but he wished the NRA would quit “lying” about Obama. The old” he doesn’t want to take your guns” thing-another told me he would never trust black folks carrying guns because he doesn’t trust himself(from Chicago too). I DO have vast experience dealing with 2nd(or 3rd) generation spanglish folks. I sold insurance on Chicago’s eastside and we have some business friends. And they are VERY different than the illegals(some can’t even speak decent spanglish). So there is a lot of hope to ME.

    • The long term demographic trends are clearly pointing to a consistently shrinking proportion of the population being composed of whites, and consistently growing proportions of Hispanics and Asains. This is something the NRA can’t give up on.

      I don’t know the solution. I don’t know how you turn these attitudes around. But if they remain this way, we’re going to see a lot of bad news for gun rights in the coming decades.

      • As far as I’m concerned the only way forward is to stop treating people like colors and tying them to geographies. Anyone I relate to well enough to call a friend is welcome to join me at the range or a trip to the gun show or just to engage in conversation about gun laws, shooting, the second amendment, etc. Although it’s easy to descend into uncomfortable politics, and I have had some friends turn decidedly unfriendly toward me for simply “coming out of the gun safe,” the vast majority have welcomed my invitations to tread into a world previously unknown to them with me as their guide, respectful of their comfort levels and of their abilities to form their own opinions.

  18. having worked extensively with non-acclimated people from wherever south of texas, there is a cultural difference that no one talks about. it is called the “patron” (pay-trone). the patron accepts full, likely life-time responsibility to feed, clothe, house and protect those who serve the patron (in this case, “to work for” counts as serving). this concept of someone else being responsible for a person’s well-being translates into a mind of dependency that applies to all aspects of life. the idea that someone other than the “patron” (and maybe his immediate personal staff) would be expected to provide for personal safety of those dependent on the patron does not compute. add the fact that so many people south of here only experience firearms in the hands of the elite (government and patrons) and truly bad guys, it is no wonder so-called ‘hispanics’ (which is not a ‘race’) seem to respond negatively to the idea of personal gun-ownership. but in the end, the scourge dependency will continue to spread alongside the invasion of peoples with little idea of personal responsibility.

  19. Wrong. NRA is not chasing Hispanics cause there’s no gain in 2A. Just finished Adios America by Ann Coulter. Chase 4% more white voters and you secure 2A. Chase 50% Hispanic and you don’t move the needle.

    Lock down the border, Hispanics w& Blacks vote Republican because labor pool is reduced. You’ll get 10% more white votes and crush the Democrats. NRA steps in and holdd Republicans accountable and secure constitutional carry.

  20. Most estimates put the number of illegals in the U.S. at 11-12 million. That’s something like 1/3 of foreign-born people in the U.S.

    If you could magically repatriate all 11-12 million illegals back to their home countries at once do you think the problems solved would outweigh the problems created or vice versa? No matter what, you’re going to create upward wage pressure while removing demand from the economy at the same time. Food prices will likely rise significantly.

    Like it or not, the U.S. economy is basically a Ponzi scheme predicated on ever rising levels of demand created by an ever increasing number of consumers. Good old fashioned hard working Americans don’t reproduce fast enough to support it, especially with that population pyramid starting to teeter heavily toward the aged (and the aged is the group that consumes the most government resources).

    Take the magic out, and start thinking about the logistics involved in finding and deporting 11,000,000 people. You can’t build enough detention centers, trucks, airplanes, ships, etc. And Lord knows we already have too many government workers. This doesn’t even get into what to do when the immigrants’ home countries won’t take them back.

    The illegals that are already here are staying. Because of the conditions south of the border and the size of the Mexican border, significant numbers will keep coming. Even if we could magically reduce illegal immigration to 0, the current numbers already here are enough to tilt the demographics of the country over time. The only questions are how do you live with the illegal immigrants going forward, and what do you do to change the socialist views that predominate within the immigrant community.

    • A government big enough to deport millions of illegals under a GOP President is big enough to confiscate “assault weapons” from law abiding citizens… If you don’t think a bunch of Homeland Security Agents under a President Walker wouldn’t be redeployed to start grabbing guns in 2023 under President Julian Castro…

    • You dont have to round them up. Just pass laws that bar illegals from registering their kids for school, no public assistance and hefty penalties for those businesses who hire them. They will self deport.

      • They won’t leave. They have no decent schools, public assistance, or jobs where they came from. Most importantly, they have no way to get back. You do realize there weren’t 11,000,000 living on the U.S. border? The people smugglers only work in one direction. That strawberry picker from Guatamala has no way to get back.

        • +1

          Shocking how many believe in the “self-deportation” fantasy… We have absolutely no idea how bad the situation in Guatemala must be for them to ride for days end on the roof of a train, risk robbery, assault, rape (yep) – leave their wives behind for the town fat cat to fondle while they’re gone… You think a guy who has gone to these lengths is going to say “oh noes, I can’t sign up for food stamps – I guess I’ll go back even though some gringo is willing to pay me $10 hour to mow lawns?”. These guys are made of sterner stuff than that out of necessity…

  21. I would like to point something out on the first infograph. Heed the difference for “pro” between first generation and second generation Hispanic immigrants. The people coming to this country are probably already set in their ways, as they are all probably already adults. Their kids, who grow up in America and are ultimately the first to “assimilate” into our culture are who we should be going for. It is how we play the long game. To assume that Hispanics will remain a huge anti-gun voting block into the next few generations is a mistake. The Irish aren’t still at the beck and call of Tammany Hall after all.

    • Not going to take the risk…We have nothing to gain and everything to lose..

      And have you seen the North East? Nothing but blue for a reason.

  22. You have not been follow the case of the nut job Rachel Dolezal. Has become evident that everything about “minority” is a fraud, a scam, and an “artificial construct”. Puts the laugh in everything the various whining special treatment lobbies have been demanding for the last few decades.

    • Let’s see, my Spanish is a little (read: extremely) rusty, but here goes.

      “I don’t speak English. Who wants a taco?
      Pancho Villa lives!”
      “long live Pancho Villa!”

      Someone let me know if I messed it up.

  23. I agree that the NRA needs to get ahead of the curve rather than trying to play catch-up all the time. They’re not bad at playing catch up, but it’s inefficient and a waste of resources that could otherwise be spent better.

  24. Where are the inner city shooting teams sponsored by the NRA? Imagine the good press this would get on NPR and MSNBC if they started to kick ass in competitions.

    Why aren’t they putting people like Shaneen Allen and other minority women in commercials preaching the benefits of responsible gun ownership?

    Colion Noir is not the answer.

    • There are several inner city shooting teams, but they’re wearing blue or red and aren’t looking for NRA endorsement.

  25. I understand the graphic there, but I find it meaningless. This tells us nothing of how the illegals will vote.

  26. Mention the word “Hispanic” in a post, and the comment section of TTAG gets filled up with anti-immigrant hysteria. And y’all wonder why less minorities feel welcome to participate in the 2A community?

    Since my particular ethnic group isn’t rated on the graph (Chinese Americans always get lumped together with Asian Americans, and even “Chinese” is a blanket term to describe a rather diverse group), I think a better analysis would be to break down Latino Americans by generation (1st, 2nd, etc) and by the state in which they reside. The 40-59 pro/anti-gun split among US-born folks isn’t ideal, but it’s certainly better than the 14-82 foreign born split.
    Here’s the top 15 states with Hispanic / Latino populations, ranked by percent of population in the state:

    (2010 population, percent growth 2000-2010, percentage of population compared to the state as a whole)

    New Mexico 53,403 +24.6% 47.0%
    California 14,013,719 +27.8% 38.2%
    Texas 9,460,921 +41.8% 38.2%
    Arizona 1,895,149 +46.3% 30.2%
    Nevada 716,501 +81.9% 27.3%
    Florida 4,223,806 +57.4% 23.2%
    Colorado 1,038,687 +41.2% 21.0%
    New Jersey 1,555,144 +39.2% 18.5%
    New York 3,416,922 +19.2% 18.2%
    Illinois 2,027,578 +32.5% 16.3%
    Connecticut 479,087 +49.6% 14.2%
    Utah 358,340 +77.8% 13.3%
    Rhode Island 130,655 +43.9% 13.2%
    Oregon 450,062 +63.5% 12.2%
    Washington 755,790 +71.2% 11.7%

    Now if you look at the states that have the growth, it easy to see why many Latinos lean toward gun control: they live in gun control obsessed states such as California, New York, New Jersey, Illinois.

    An idea: If the NRA wants to focus on boosting numbers of minorities who are pro-gun, an effective strategy might be to first target minorities who already live in pro-gun states. These minority focused outreach campaigns, when successful, can then reach out to minorities in anti-gun states.

    • Actually, I find most comments are against illegal-aliens, not really legal aliens. It’s due to geographical proximity that most illegals will be Latino in nature. As someone who is ethnically Chinese with parents who legally immigrated, I share the same sentiments.

      Btw, Hispanic is a reference to ancient Hispania and the language, so technically that could include Spain and her territories. Latinos is specifically referring to geography, specifically Latin America and parts of South America, where Spanish may or may not be spoken.

  27. So many of these comments are just sad. I feel bad for some of you. Stuck in your old man ways. Feeling like you’re losing “your” country.

    Bottom line. We fear what we don’t know or understand. How many of you have friends or family who are minorities or immigrants? Further, who gives a rat’s ass what the color of someone’s skin is or what armpit of the world they or their family came from? I certainly do not.

    If it’s possible, put yourselves in their shoes. You’ve come from nothing and risked your life to live here. 2A is about freedom from gov tyranny. How are they supposed to oppose the gov that they’re appealing to for help and protection? They fear what they do not know.

    What can white people do? Encourage other minorities to teach their own about 2A? Well intentioned but short-sighted.

    First, stop being afraid of what you do not know. Big reveal – we are all the same. Second, calm down. You are in the right on 2A and you are a Jedi. Third, reach out. If you or NRA has already done that and it didn’t work, try again. And again and again. Leave the door open. Minorities need the ability to protect themselves, just like everyone, if not more. Gun rights are civil rights. Guns and shooting are awesome. Show them what a great community the POTG really are.

    If you are incapable of such, get out of the way. Go live in your little corner with your misery to keep you company as the world passes you by. We don’t need you. You are the problem, not them.

    • He know and understand them, their culture, and their politics very well..And I am 24…So if you want to risk your future fine..Move to the 3rd world..You will not move it here any more.

  28. There are several things the NRA could do to expand its appeal. Dialing down their association with NASCAR, country music and Jesus would help. These only serve to confirm the NRA as a club for redneck OFWG’s.

    • I can’t recall a time NRA referenced NASCAR, country music or even Jesus, but then again, I’m not a consistent NRA member.

      Maybe they need to start referencing Jesus though. Quite a few Latinos are religious (Catholic) by their upbringing.

  29. NRA is part of the problem….

    I was at a Patriot gathering in my county last year where Larry Pratt criticized the NRA for selling out on mental health issues and rolling over for the politicians and Obama..

    Many Veterans were in attendance whose right to self defense could be placed in jeopardy because of PTSD……..some of these guys owned their guns for fourty years..

    Not to mention that this is how Eastern Europe disarmed the citizenry prior to WWII

    Mental Health confiscation is dishonest and dangerous!!

    American Psychiatric Asso: Half of Americans are mentally ill..

    300 million prescriptions for psychiatric drugs written in 2009 alone….

    be careful what you ask for


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