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Nick Leghorn is not gay. His pathetic pics of pathetic booth babes represent his antipathy to the concept, not his sexual orientation. In the interest of booth babeĀ aficionados, I’ll try to school Mr. Leghorn on the finer points of booth babeism. Nick, THIS is a booth babe. When she’s not passing out porno-pun headlines from our favorite firearms manufacturer in the history of the world ever, Ms. Darin Larson does naked modeling. Click here to view her card at Make the jump to refine your hetero pandering radar with another gratuitous gift to mankind, uploaded from RI (to which I have returned). Meanwhile, memo to Dan: please take Nick off this beat. And note the order of those words . . .

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  1. Am I the only one who finds it distasteful to mix women and advertising? Every time I see them peddling something, and there’s a girl in the picture, I think that the company selling stuff thinks i’m some slobbering moron that thinks that maybe if I buy that Khar or EAA Witness, i’ll get the girl included in the photo, too.

    Not that I don’t like to look at women…But if she cant tell me why the company she works for went with a 1/7 twist barrel instead of a 1/9 (Or what ever boring technical detail i’m interested in), shame on her, and shame on who ever hired her.

    Or maybe i’m just jealous.

      • I could understand how you got distracted. Carry on, though. Your performance thus-far is exemplary.

      • Remember that your wife / girlfriend / female companion that you’ve had sex with is also someone’s daughter – does that now make you a creep for having sex with them?

        The whole treating women as property thing got old about 40 years ago.

      • Dude, Robert expects much better behavior than that around his daughters. Don’t even try that standard….

    • I know what you mean. It is distasteful. It’s also an irritating tease not to have access to the hot model. Darin is looking fine at 35 years old.

    • Shame on you for expecting her to know those details. She is just a young lady trying to make a living using her god-given assets. If it is distasteful, then so be it – there are plenty of OFWG (myself included) hanging around to get all that other garbage from. Can you imagine how pathetic a gun show would be without the beautiful women displaying the wares? I shudder because I went to a local one – a bunch of guys buying extra ammo. ZZZZzzzzzz… boring…

    • It’s not that they assume you’re a slobbering moron: The hot chick is there because they hope to change you into one before they try to close the deal.

    • Say what you will, but a physically attractive woman who understands that kind of technical data and can explain it is incredibly sexy.

  2. Yes! Booth babe!! hot women selling a product is older than the western world btw, nothing wrong with good marketing.

  3. Actually, there a lot of interesting women out there. They are sort of like us, but not. I’ve had over 60 years to try to figure them out, not even close. I’ve met plenty who I would like on my side when TSHTF.

    • Are you sure? There isn’t a hopper. It looks to Me like someone photochopped a bunch if gun parts together. The back end of it kooks ar-15, but the magazine doesnt match, and the barrel and gas system are definitely AK. You can tell from the shape of the gas block.

      • I saw something like a gun. I was more taken with the blue eyes, ginger hair and world class smile!

  4. Darin’s eyes are really really nice. I bet she’s like really really intelligent. I wonder if, in her free time, Darin reads books like Sun Tzu’s The Art of War or Clausewitz’s On War. Hey Robert, like I bet Darin is really tired from standing on her feet all day. She’d probably appreciate a nice foot massage, just saying.

    • Actually i have read the art of war and thank you for wondering… That is very sweet of you to assume my feet were hurting because after two jobs and distance running they were:) I have to say it is nice to make money off the assets instead of the science degree and the marketing degree, makes a little bit more. have a great day! and thank you for your assumptions of my intelligence….

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