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I had to “reveal” my gun to someone once. I was at home with my newborn son. It was a long time ago, and fairly uneventful. Which is exactly how it should be. Knowing I was armed was enough to make someone leave my property. If I hadn’t been…. But that’s not a situation Kim Kardashian would ever encounter. She has armed guards to protect her children and her. Which is why the celebrity felt free to use the sickening news of what one man did to an entire family in Texas as the springboard for an anti-gun Twitter rant . . .

(courtesy Twitter)Kimmy K’s failure to put a question mark after “How is it so easy to purchase guns online” indicates her willful lack of expertise on gun control. And her complete lack of curiosity about the actual facts of the matter. Like so many anti-gunners, she’s driven by pure emotion. Guns are icky!! Murder is gross!!! Make it impossible for gross people to get icky guns!!!!

How different could this tragic tale have been if just one of the two adults murdered had been armed? Am I saying this would not have ended in death? Not at all. It’s very possible he could have still been able to do a lot of damage. But those that sadly lost their lives to this maniac would have stood a fighting chance. I wonder if Mrs. Kardashian-West would care if these victims had been stabbed. My guess is no. There was a family mass stabbing in Oklahoma and I don’t recall her ranting about how easy it is to buy knives.

Kim Kardashian’s pregnant with her second baby. I don’t suppose she’s concerned about her family’s safety. She doesn’t need to be. Armed guards take care of that for her. But we aren’t worth any less than the Kardashians. Our kids may not be children of the rich and famous, but their protection is just as high a priority as it is for us as it is for Kimmy K. We have to keep up!!! Since most of us can’t afford a posse of armed bodybuilders to protect ourselves and our kids, some of us carry a gun. If only more of us did….

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  1. West is a famous name in serial killer history, perhaps ‘slaughter’ was not the most well advised use of vocabulary. #/@justsaying

  2. If only airheaded media whores had to pass a background check before posting online, I wouldn’t be exposed to this sickening ignorant spew, yes?

  3. I will start considering listening to what she has to say when she forces her guards to disarm themselves. If she is so anti gun then she shouldn’t have them on her protection detail. Frankly if she’s so antique gun she shouldn’t have a protection detail. let her put herself in the same straits as the people she wishes to disarm and let’s see what she thinks about it

  4. This sad story happened recently in a small town a little south of hom in California. A 19 year old woke up in the middle of the night at a family gathering, got a kitchen knife and stabbed 4 of the people in the house killing 2. I don’t believe it is in this version but I think he started on a 19 yo and one of the, at least, 3 adults in the house rushed to help an was stabbed for her trouble. He also forced 2 young girls to tie themselves up at knifepoint. Ban knives? I wish the first adult to respond to the sound of a 19 yo being slaughtered had done so with a gun instead of just good intentions.

  5. Incidents like this is when we should engage these antis. Use a combination if the Socratic method and Alinsky: Go outside the expertise of your enemy. Ask questions that expose their ignorance and inform the audience. Two wins in one.

    • We do that all the time, I do at least. “Have your ever actually read the constitution?” “Please point out the grammar in the 2nd ammendment that makes owning arms depend on militia membership.”

      They always believe they know or they just start yelling louder and pretending you are attacking them and play the victim. Call them out on that and it’s “I never said that!”

  6. From a Texas* CHL holder (known to Kim as fly over country*) to Kimberly K West, with all due respect, if you don’t know what you talking about shut the f**k up. I probably have more guns than you have shoes. Almost all purchased on-line and shipped FFL to FFL, with NICs run on each & everyone one of them.

    BTW: most flattering photos are with your mouth shut, just a suggestion, hon

  7. Kim K is a horse’s ass. Literally. Well, except for the tail. And she’s shown it to the entire planet. How can anyone take seriously anything that’s babbled by a woman who’s made a career out of nothing more than having an enormous heinie?

    • Keep in mind this is a world where people put their children and others in danger because a playboy bimbo says vaccinations are dangerous.

  8. Hey @KimKardashian:

    Mind your own business and leave our self-defense firearms alone.


  9. I fiend of mine worked armed security when he lived in CA. The one good job he had was at the Bel Air residence of a Hollywood bigwig. He was president of Warner Bros before moving to an executive position at Walt Disney. They had a gate house, and a couple armed guys were always on the premises. This family paid $1000.00 dollars a day, every day of the year, for 24 hr armed protection behind a gated fence. Security cameras, the whole shebang. Big, democratic, anti gun types.They even hosted a dinner for BHO. The hypocrisy of all those people is just sickening. It’s bad enough reading about it, but seeing it in person is nauseating. So glad I’m done with that plastic paradise.

  10. Like I have said in other venues, the fact that an airhead like Kim K has no idea about how guns are really bought and sold does not surprise me, and given that most people seem to know she is an airhead (they aren’t “following” her because of her intellectual prowess) I’m not too distressed that she blabs out of her complete ignorance. What bothers me more is that people who do or should know better continue to push this myth that a person can “buy a gun online”. I’m still waiting for one of these crack newshounds to go online and buy one, just to report on how easy and anonymous it was. And i’ll be waiting forever, because none of them will do it, because it would ruin their narrative once they find out that you either have to provide an FFL to have it shipped to or arrange a face-to-face meeting to transfer.

  11. Let’s just remember how she gained notoriety in the first place. Her mouth was open in those images, as well.

  12. Have you heard the heartbreaking story of the chick who became famous for being an attention whore and thought it actually meant something?

  13. Kim is sheltered and sort’a special. She does not have a reality based world view, and we do not need to consider what she thinks or says beyond countering it with the facts.

    Thank you Sara: Job completed!

  14. If it was easy to purchase guns online (well, as easy as they make it out to be), I’d have a much larger collection. Sadly, the only dealer near me that I personally knew was forced to shut down because he married a hardcore liberal. I haven’t bought any guns since (though my bank account is thankful for that).

  15. The greatest irony is if Nicole Brown or Ron Goldman were concealed carrying her biological dad would probably not even be famous and in turn she wouldn’t be famous because he wouldn’t have needed to defend OJ.

  16. I disagree. She shouldn’t even stick to selfies. Seriously, what the heck is supposed to be so appealing about her? Do people find stupid that appealing?

  17. I wish the Bajorans could get back on their feet and put those bastards down! Where is the Federation when you need them?

  18. Can someone help me understand the family tree here? The article says Conley was recently kicked out of the house and returned to find the locks changed, so he killed Jackson (his girlfriend) and her husband? It looks like Conley’s child was the oldest of the bunch. I’m confused at this.

    Plus he had a drug conviction, how could he buy a gun legally anyway?


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