NOTE: Connecticut Votes on Gun Ban Bills on Wednesday


This post-Newtownian Connecticut legislature will vote of this package of civilian disarmament bills on Wednesday. They are expected to pass. Governor Malloy will sign. And thus The Constitution State will have the most unconstitutional firearms regulations in the United States, eclipsing the defilement enshrined in New York’s SAFE Act. CA, NJ, MD, MA RI and other blue (a.k.a., slave) states will follow suit, “tightening” their firearms regulations without the slightest regard to their efficacy. As Carlos T put it re: CT, “All of these new requirements… Chances are Nancy Lanza would have passed all of them with flying colors. I also suspect the new mental health provisions wouldn’t have done much for Adam, either. So Nancy still would have her guns, Adam would still be unstable, the kids would still be completely defenseless, but millions of Connecticut residents would be stripped of their rights. Awesome.”


  1. avatar Scrimshaw says:

    What does this bill mean by “Armor-piercing bullets”?

    1. Grandstanding. They are already banned federally. Most people have not a clue though so by passing redundant bills it makes it look like they are doing even more “something.”

      1. avatar C says:

        gotta ban ball ammo because it’s “armor piercing” and we’ve got to ban hollow points because they look scary!

    2. avatar Matt in FL says:

      They know it when they see it. “Those. Those. Yeah, and those, too. Those over there are O… no, wait, those are bad too.”

      1. avatar Scrimshaw says:

        oooh, the bullets with the shoulder things that go up!?

    3. avatar Anonymous says:

      Typical garbage labels from typical moronic legislators. A 300 WSM from walmart is armor piercing.

  2. avatar C says:

    They call it the constitution state ironically. Damn hipsters.

  3. avatar Matt in FL says:

    I like that shirt, but I think I’d have to live there for it to mean something, and that’s not a price I’m willing to pay.

  4. avatar Ralph says:

    It’s springtime in Connecticut, and the stench of Bloomberg hangs over the Nutjob State.

  5. avatar dwb says:

    ironic that the CT state constitution says that ” Every citizen has a right to bear arms in defense of himself and the state.”

    and in MD i see a silver lining. I expect 3 years of vigorous challenges, and much of the law to be struck (I am an optimist). PLUS, the legislators who voted for this (and the gas tax) will get pummeled. long term, win-win.

  6. avatar CT Resident says:

    I have the regrettable distinction of living in CT. Called my Rep who is opposed to the bill, whatever it might contain. As of right now the bill doesn’t even have a number, though it will probably be a Senate bill. It is advertised as being a amalgamation of previously written proposals. The surprise will be in seeing it for the first time, probably tomorrow when they are said to be voting on it. Hopefully it won’t be another “Stealing Constitutional Rights 101”. The saddest thing is that it appears that it would do 0% to stop/prevent mass murders, and 100% to burden gun owners, but again, who can say when you can’t read the bill.

    1. avatar Silver says:

      “The saddest thing is that it appears that it would do 0% to stop/prevent mass murders, and 100% to burden gun owners”

      This is by design. Politicians don’t wish to stop violence; indeed, they want more violence, because a frightened populace is more dependent on the nanny state. These bills are designed to cause more violence and at the same time rob citizens of any means of defense against the government’s growing tyranny.

    2. I’m in Bethel, CT. I feel your pain. This State is doomed. Time to look to Tennessee or Texas. The liberals seem to be in the position of winning this battle.

      However, CCDL sent this out: An organized rally of pro-Second Amendment types to get to the Capitol via buses and speak out in person. Worth looking into.

  7. avatar Silver says:

    I simply don’t understand it. Why do we have a Constitution if it can be ignored by wannabe-tyrants without repercussion? Why do we have laws against treason if they’re not enforced? Why do we have a Second Amendment if no citizens make use of it when it’s needed most?

    Really, who can even pretend this is a free country anymore? Liberty has truly vanished from the earth. Those of us in currently semi-free states like AZ or TX may feel safe, but it’ll eventually happen here too. And the “citizens” will be just as quiet and subservient when it does. That’s our society.

    1. avatar Mina says:

      The brick by brick strategy works. It’s like boiling a frog. If you turn up the heat only a little at a time, the frog doesn’t jump out of the pot. Slowly but surely our rights are whittled away. Yet no one starts shooting / not complying. We all just complain on Facebook.

      Imagine if Facebook existed in 1776. Would the colonists have marched on the green at Lexington and met the British who came to disarm them or just whined and complained about it on Facebook?

      We are all doing a lot of whining and complaining. But there is very little action. That I think is the problem.

      I don’t have a solution just the observation.

    2. avatar Henry Bowman says:

      Don’t fret. The intellectual revolution is already happening. Humanity is evolving past the paradigm of institutionalized violence. That’s why the institution is straining so hard to maintain control.

      1. avatar Dave says:

        Actually, the support for gun control has decreased in recent decades in the US. Concealed carry proliferated. Sixty percent supported a ban on handguns around 1960, but more than 70 percent oppose it now. The are trends and there are countertrends.

        1. avatar Mina says:

          If that’s true then why are the restrictions passing so quickly?

        2. avatar Dave says:

          If one surveyed the landscape 25 years ago, one would have expected things to be a lot worse by now than they actually are. Furthermore, some things actually got better. So, one has to keep things in perspective and not give up.

        3. avatar Nor'Easter says:

          Right again Dave, this is no time to let up. I do believe that the high-water mark of gun controlism is here, passing from a feeling by the populace that “something must be done!” to a feeling that gun people are being tread upon – as we are.
          If we do our part, the wretches voting for these abominations will pay at the polls and the regulators playing games with the courts as well. I think they’re doing what they’re doing from inertia – they don’t know any better. Very much depends on the upcoming decisions of the Supreme Court and the elections of 2014.

          As I’ve said before, not all these developments will be to our liking. The populace favors some sort of “background check”, without really knowing what it means, and this will happen – may as well try to steer it our way as much as possible. Various restrictions will be in the future also – whether we like it or not, On the other hand, the 2nd Amendment has been set in stone, Scalia and crew are waiting with the crappy law shredder and even the usual suspects are forced to bow (however hypocritically) to a supposed belief in our favorite amendment.

          The Mills of the Gods do grind slow. Making/fixing the law is indeed a sloppy, messy and slow business but this must be done. As you mentioned, the attitudes on CC have reversed over the years and the “assault weapons”, with some restrictions, will do the same.

  8. avatar Jay says:

    Not that I care, because he’s a worthless pile of cooked macaroni, but our Governor’s name is Malloy.

  9. avatar IHATECT says:

    We already had strict laws in CT. Colorado’s were much looser. But the actions of four individual nut jobs made gutless state politicians apologize to the world by crapping all over their citizen’s rights without batting an eye.
    If your state is unlucky enough to host the next spree killing, it’ll happen to you too.

  10. avatar Dave says:

    I still find it strange that they are ramming this through as emergency legislation, without public input on the actual bill that will be voted on. They must have the votes to pass it, given that it is “bipartisan”, so why the rush at the very end?

    1. avatar Matt in FL says:

      To prevent people from rushing out and stocking up. Not that there’s much available to stock up on, but I’m sure that’s a lot of it. Note that many of the provisions say that they take effect “immediately upon passage,” which means as soon as the Governor’s pen hits the paper. That was part of Cuomo’s stated reasons for doing it on a Message of Necessity in New York.

      1. avatar Dave says:

        I am not sure this is the right explanation. They took a long time to come up with this bill, so people had plenty of time to stock up. Something else is driving their impatience near this endpoint.

        1. avatar AZ47 says:

          if it’s not rushed, they know it won’t fly with the majority of the people. it’s unfortunate that many of the supporters are misinformed, vastly uneducated on the topic and simply have the best intentions. they are naive and blind to the underlying agenda of total compliance.

      2. avatar Anon in CT says:

        Yup – Bil 1076, which was the prior iteration of the omnibus gun bill had provisions taking effect in July, so I was still holding out hope of grandfathering a Tavor. No chance now, and I’m guessing that every gun store in CT is right now overrun with folks grabbing whatever. Of course, since we haven’t even seen a proper bill yet, we don’t know what the restrictions on shotguns will be, whether rimfires will be exempt from the AW definition etc. Very annoying.

  11. avatar My Name Is Bob says:

    Everyone knows it is going to pass, it’s a foregone conclusion “for the children.” Our founding fathers if still alive would be storming the legislature with torches, muskets and consequences be damned! This is BS! I’m mad as hell about this, and I don’t even live in the “unconstitutional state.”

  12. avatar Anon in CT says:

    So there is not even a proper written bill for us to read, and yet it will be passed tomorrow, and likely signed by the end of the week?

    The Dems certainly are the party of good government.

  13. avatar dasboot says:

    This will be another great state for thieves and criminals to move into.

    1. dasboot,

      Indeed. When I leave CT and move to Tennessee or Texas, the thieves can have my house.

  14. FYI… Dannel Malloy is the governor of CT. Martin O’Malley is here in the “Free” state of Maryland where my 2A rights are being stripped from us today as the House prepares to vote on that a$$hole’s gun control bill.

  15. THIS. This right here.

    –As Carlos T put it re: CT, “All of these new requirements… Chances are Nancy Lanza would have passed all of them with flying colors. I also suspect the new mental health provisions wouldn’t have done much for Adam, either. So Nancy still would have her guns, Adam would still be unstable, the kids would still be completely defenseless, but millions of Connecticut residents would be stripped of their rights. Awesome.”


    PS: Has anyone actually seeeen this proposed legislation, as in the actual document? I have been waiting all day for the CT General Assembly to release it, but…not as of yet. Will this be a “sign it and then find out what’s really in it’ kinda thing?

    1. avatar AZ47 says:

      mystery bag! it could be anything. a steaming pile of crap or even a steaming pile of sh!t!

    2. I found this. A little difficult to read, but it’s something. This is from the ill-fated Bi-partisan Task Force on Gun Violence that was thrown together as an afterthought. It’s a bit lengthy, but worth reading. Tomorrow will be a huge day in CT.

      1. avatar Pascal says:

        That is not a bill, but close enough. I assume they want nobody to see the actual bill and since they are using the emergency provision, it will be screwed up like the NY SAFE Act

        1. avatar Dave says:

          The main unknown at this point seems to be the list of prohibited “assault weapons”.

  16. avatar BoddickerOCP says:

    I can only wonder what Massachusetts is gonna try to pass. Its not like states on the east coast can potentially vote out liberals like they may be able to do in Colorado. They are entrenched here. They have no use for the second amendment and will not stop until this country resembles the UK. Hopefully one day these traitors will answer for their actions.

  17. avatar Randy Drescher says:

    Criminals are safer though. The save the whale’s people are going to protect those precious criminals, its now a “good” state(in the twilight zone), Randy

  18. avatar Pat says:

    Dont vote libtard (democrat) ANYMORE. Hopefully the lesson was learned, at great loss of freedom to many states.

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