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TTAG’s rabbi [above] has agreed to show me the SHOT show ropes. I am blessed. Unfortunately, not all Jewish spiritual advisors share the rabbi’s Masada-informed perspective on self-defense. This website has highlighted the fact that deeply misguided American Jews have led the charge for gun control. As a fellow member of The Tribes, I can say it: the truth hurts. I mean really hurts. Here’s another rabbi writing for the Huffington Post, a sanctimonious polemicist who knows not what he does . . .

Joy comes in the morning, the inspiring words of Psalm 30, is a reminder that joy brings light, light brings joy, and together, they bring new life. We are still in mourning over the losses in Tucson, even as we pray for the continued miraculous recovery of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, may God heal her and the others injured, but now is the time, in this national grief, to get ready, after our initial mourning period ends, to assert a desire for choosing life, to affect serious change, to finally pass and ratify serious, sensible and life-saving gun control laws, and not them lapse, as we did with the Brady Bill, which could have potentially saved us from this tragedy. As we emerge back into the world, let us emulate Dr. King, emulate Moses, emulate God, and seek peace, seek pathways to greater success for peace, speak to one another with kindness and respect, try to see the good and decency in one another, focus on what unites us rather than what divides. In speaking of little Christina Taylor Green, the nine year old killed, President Obama said “I want our democracy to be as good as she imagined it.  All of us – we should do everything we can to make sure this country lives up to our children’s expectations.” I couldn’t have said it any better. And so, until we have a moral leader, to these words, I say amen.

I say I just threw up in my mouth a little.

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  1. As another conservative MOT, I certainly share your pain. American Jews’ historical support for the left, which is frequently in direct contravention with many of their professed interests, is a continuing source of wonderment and facepalming to the minority of us on the right. The old observation that Jews earn like Episcopalians and vote like Puerto Ricans is funny because it’s true.

    Bravo for the rabbi and for you, Robert (funny, you don’t look Jewish). Keep up the good work here and let’s, er, keep converting Jews to the dark side one at a time.

  2. The (Jews for Preservation of Firearms) has a chart everyone who has never seen it will want to see. It’s on the Death By Gun Control page. Easy to find if you just google that. It’s a chart of how many 10s of millions (or more) have been killed thanks to “gun control.” The chart and similar things are especially good for people who understand freedom but aren’t so good at debating it. Just show the chart to some anti-rights people and ask them to explain how gun control helped all those people killed by their own governments.

  3. One reason for the antipathy to guns by some Jews is location. US Jews are concentrated in cities and nearby suburbs. City-dwellers in the US (of all religions) generally have been denied access to handguns. Since there aren’t a lot of deer roaming Central Park or other urban playgrounds, city people are also less likely to hunt so they have little contact with long guns. And it goes without saying that European Jews were denied access to all kinds of guns (and other means of self-defense) and could not pass understanding of guns to their descendants.

    People often fear what they don’t understand. Credit Rabbi Meir Kahane with precipitating a sea change in attitude about guns among Jews. Kahane was the pistol packing rabbi before TTAG’s pistol packing rabbi.

    • I was not the first and will not be the last, I invited my friend Ben Kravitz from CA to join us at SHOT. He’s the coolest Orthodox Rabbi on the planet.

  4. I picked up the DVD’s last week at American Firearms School, and so far I’ve been impressed along with a few of my friends. What kind of gun is that in the photo? I think one of those would make a nice fit in my collection.

  5. I’am formally one of those mid-west to east coast located jews, and I cant remember a day when we (as kids) or me (adult time—various western states) didn’t have at least one gun in the house. Now, in my 40’s, retired military, carry daily, shoot often, vote repub, give $$$ to the NRA and GOA…hell, I even got my spouse to get her CCW!!
    It’s all about perspective, and mine is I don’t stand a chance if/when the BG comes in the front door or from across the wal-mart parking lot unless I’am carrying…to old, to dinged up and way to slow!
    With all that being said….most jews are still “on the fence” if not “anti”…kinda sad I think.

      • Too true. But in the words of Robert Allen Zimmerman, “the times they are a-changin’.” I don’t see the Israelis giving up their Galils any time soon, and that has an effect here.

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