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SE Moore, the IT guy from New England sends one of those color-coordinated kits that he calls, “Noir.”  Fair enough.  Moore, the guy who sent the “everything including his shorts” post from a few days ago has a new one for us, but with much the same kit.

Again, he’s got the S&W M&P Shield in 9mm.  With the Crimson Trace laser add-on and extended magazine.  And the TALON grips.  Kudos for the extra mag (with the Hyve magazine extra-round or two base).  Big negative point for no flashlight.  C’mon Mr. Moore:  You’ve got to be able to positively identify your target before you can “light ’em up” with your Roscoe!

He writes:

I’ve been carrying all of these items for over 3 years. Compact, concealable and comfortable.

Sir, there are plenty of good lights out there that are small and light enough that they won’t cramp your style or weigh your down!


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  1. Flashlight needed for looking in back of server racks, under desks, and dirty switch closets.

    I carry two small ones usually.

    • It seems like a much stranger omission from an IT standpoint than a tactical one, unless he’s a pure paper pusher.

  2. Flashlights are way over rated. Almost as much as a tactical knife unless you open alot of boxes or cut alot of string. Then you only need a box cutter or a Case Sod Buster. In a gun fight you don’t need a damn flashlight or a cool auto knife. If your looking for a screw that bounced under your desk, then you might need a flashlight. Leave your flashlight on your nightstand and even then, if you got a creep in the house and its dim or dark turn on the friggin lights dummy. Nothing more stupid then walking around your house at the high ready with 200 lumens at the muzzle, sweeping back and forth with the damn lights turned off. If you got a prowler outside, call the cops. Why draw attention to yourself? Fumbling with flashlights and knives is a good way to get yourself hurt.

    • Mack, turning on an overhead light, or a lamp, won’t draw attention to yourself? Perhaps, the bad guys see in a different light spectrum. Everyone should have a real light. Even if they don’t believe it. BTW. The blade looks awfully weak. Careful he doesn’t break it on a stick of butter.

    • I carry the untacticool Leatherman Crater. Nice sharp blade with Phillips and Flathead screwdrivers. Covers a minimum of 75% of any daily tool need. And it has the all important bottle opener for the beer.

      • when you’re juggling toddlers you discover that ~everything~ is a bottle opener. maybe sooner. i don’t like using teeth, but pretty much anything within reach will do; hot wheels, building blok, lego, gi joe, pen, phone.
        where leatherman tuckedfup and sak didn’t was the corkscrew. help that gal into her mateus rose and you may be helpin’ her out of her habit. i mean muumuu.

    • Flashlights are just the newest accessory for tacticool folks to kvetch about. You could call it your “Sunny Day at the Outdoor Range” dump and people would be aghast because what on earth will you do if you have to taken on a squad of ninjas during a surprise total solar eclipse?

      • Or to diagnose a bad starter under your vehicle…

        Or for an IT, like this guy, tons of applications.

        We get it dude… You are old and don’t need one cuz ur knees never bend anymore and are home by 430. Some of us use them often, and believe it or not, they have purpose in the gun EDC world too.

      • Hannibal, you don’t want to carry a light? Don’t carry one. I don’t care. Comments are just that. But, if you need one and don’t have one don’t whine if you survive the building fire that was supposed to have emergency lights.

    • Flashlights are not just for gunfights in the dead of night.

      I carry two – a utility light and a “tactical” one – because I like to be able to see stuff. Seeing what is happening goes a long way to being able to make the right kind of call about what to do about it 😉

      EDC gear is NOT all about being prepared to fight!

  3. He has a name for his look? I thought only male models did that. Although I’d love to see a pocket dump named “Magnum”. I work in A/V, I carry a flashlight in my tool belt for little dark spaces, but not in my EDC. I’m always home quaffing beer at dusk.

    • They have their advantages. The biggest one being that they’re cool.

      Not something I would worry about. The chance of you being in a fight where you draw and use your knife is vanishingly small enough- the chance that you have to do so and it matters whether you have an OTF knife or OTS or fixed blade is within a rounding error of zero.

      • To those that rely on a knife for EDC, please remember, for the convenience of a folder you get ease of carry over a fixed blade, but you are carrying a knife that is already “broken”. Get one with a very good lock. OTF blades are very iffy.
        As for the light on the EDC gun above. Is it a white light or a red one?
        I ask because a red one is about worthless in daylight.
        And a flashlight? If you think you need it good for you. Not all of us feel the need.

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