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You’re the mayor of Noblesville, Indiana, a suburb of about 60,000 people northeast of Indianapolis. A new retail business is having a grand opening event in your town, something you’d think the top elected official would want to celebrate.


With last week’s middle school shooting in his town on his mind, Mayor John Ditslear noticed that, as part of its grand opening, Hoosier Armory had a tent in front of their building encouraging shoppers to join the NRA.

“I did approach the owner and I just told him that, ‘No one expected this but you’re hurting your business, in my opinion, strongly, and you’re hurting our city,’ and I asked them to maybe just think about it and take the tent down, and I was asked to leave. And with those types of attitudes, those are very difficult but something needs to happen.

“The NRA needs to realize that they have a place in this to protect gun owners but they also have to make sure that gun owners are responsible.

Hizzoner didn’t explain how the NRA was in any way at fault in the Noblesville shooting, let alone how its presence in the form of a recruitment tent was hurting the city. And the reporter apparently never thought to ask him about that.

“Hopefully they learned a lesson,” said Ditslear, a Republican and grandfather to eight children. “I’ve not talked to them. Again, I was asked to leave, so I won’t go in there until I’m asked to come back.”

One lesson probably learned is to never trust a grandstanding politician. And while we don’t know for sure, we’d guess Mayor Ditslear’s phone won’t be ringing with an invitation from Hoosier Armory any time soon.



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  1. He did himself and his town a great disservice.
    He was truly rewarded for it.

  2. And a republitard too…Indiana is pretty pro-2A. What does the NRA have to do with a deranged 13year old(?) with guns?!? Jagoff…

  3. Is there any organization which does more to educate gun owners to be more safe and responsible than NRA?

    • Mayor John Ditslear is ignorance and proud of it embodied.

      “The NRA needs to realize that they have a place in this to protect gun owners but they also have to make sure that gun owners are responsible.”

      How did Ditslear get this ignorant? Was it from listening to NPR, CNN, Huffington Post, Slate, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, The Atlantic, Slate, etc?

      Hopefully, he has the maturity and humbleness to go and learn that the NRA has numerous programs for gun safety and responsibility. Can he say he is responsible and intelligent with his words? Clearly not.

      NRA programs include (

      NRA Gun Safety Rules
      Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program
      Eddie Eagle Treehouse 9 safety program pre K through 3rd grade.
      National School Shield Program
      Firearm Training to develop safe, ethical, responsible shooters.
      NRA online training
      Hunter Education
      AND Training to be a firearms instructor.

      Someone needs to sit down with Mayor John Ditslear and kindly show him what the NRA is really about and get him and people like him out of believing the garbage that is being passed for facts about the NRA.

  4. …we’d guess Mayor Ditslear’s phone won’t be ringing with an invitation from Hoosier Armory any time soon.”

    I’d invite him often. He might learn something. Worst case, he does show up and makes an ass of himself in public.

    I see no downside to having him to the shop for coffee and conversation as often as possible.

  5. Everyone should contact the mayor and commend him on being a RINO.

    Maybe a real conservative will run him out of office.

    • Not likely. Noblesville is full of overworked people who work 6 days a week in Indy for $15/hr. They don’t have enough energy to care about anything.

    • You didn’t really expect an (R) who isn’t in the spotlight to even so much as pay lip-service to the 2A, did you? Get down to it, and every (R) politician is a fudd and a statist unless they’re being held to their word.

  6. Hey Mayor, when the phone doesn’t ring you’ll know it’s Hoosier calling to ask you to come back.

  7. “I did approach the owner and I just told him that, ‘No one expected this but you’re hurting your business, in my opinion, strongly, and you’re hurting our city…”

    What was that? “Nice new business ya got there; would be a shame if anything happened to it.”

    Thugs gonna thug, I suppose.

  8. Sure is a shame to see an elected official harassing legal activities and a new business in his town.

  9. I think they handled it very well. No one is above reproach. Especially an idiot politician.

    • “I am a sinner that does not expect forgiveness. But I am not a government official.”

      Francis Wolcott. Deadwood.

    • Maybe he objects to how NRA took Russian money to donate to liar-con man-traitor trump.

  10. The Mayor of some burb is down on civil rights, now? That’s not a good look, McCheese.

  11. Um, he’s against a civil rights association that helped black people arm to give themselves the basic protections their local government wasn’t?

    So, more of the same: the 1890s called and they want their race relations back?

    • Helped black people while blocking a quarter of the population, many of them black, who have committed no crime from buying a firearm/ammo or owning a handgun. Plus in the 80s endorsed an outright ban on civilian ownership of the most common firearm.

    • My great-great-grandpa was a Klan leader in southern Indiana in the early 1900s, and he was a Republican government official of some kind too. Back in the day, if you were in this part of the Midwest you had to be in the Klan if you had any aspirations for an elected office. I doubt this mayor is anything like that though- just a regular jerkwad. Never trust an (R) to be what you think an (R) should be unless you’ve got a stranglehold on their re-election chances.

  12. I seriously doubt he was asked to leave for simply expressing his opinion. I also doubt he politely asked them to reconsider the tent. More likely, he went in with an anti-NRA anti-gun attitude thinking they wouldn’t dare make him leave since he was mayor. He was wrong.

    • Long time back, worked in auto repair. Worked on total jerk of a Mayor’s car and when he picked it up, he was told NOT TO COME BACK.. His response was “do you know who I am?’ Yea, your the mayor, get out. Right after this all the shit hit the fan this scumbag was in involved in.

  13. ” I asked them to maybe just think about it and take the tent down…”

    From a private citizen, I’d consider that a request. From the mayor of the city I did business in? I’d be hard pressed not to consider that a veiled threat.

  14. If the NRA or gun owners in general were the violent, reactive thugs the anti’s paint them to be, McCheese there would be in a morgue not spouting off about his … what even was that quoted gibberish. I don’t even know what that meant, beyond: “You, shut down.”

    They harass lawful people, because peaceful, responsible people are harmless. That’s why they hate the idea of peaceful, responsible people making themselves not harmless. When they finally thug enough that it becomes time to not be nice, they don’t want you able to.

    Myself, I hope that business’s insurance is up to date. Somehow, I feel their risk of having a fire sometime soon is pretty high.

  15. “you’re hurting your business, in my opinion, strongly” — typical politician who knows more than the business owner about how a business makes money. Probably more businesses have been ruined by political know-it-alls butting into things where they literally have no business.

  16. I couldn’t help but wonder if he was just confused in some sort of way & didn’t understand who the NRA are? If you only watch CNN you’d believe they are a terrorist organization supported and organized by the former KKK. You would be stupid like the actors on the CNN “news” service are. You know; totally uninformed.

  17. NRA member’s are not school shooters… just like NAACP member’s are not violent drug dealers… Bigots got to bigot though. people this lacking in self awareness should have no access to power, authority or sharp objects.

  18. I believe the township needs a new Mayor….Time for the townsfolk to step to the home plate and install a new Mayor…..

  19. This may prove to have the “Obama Effect” on Hoosier’s gun sales.

  20. “you’re hurting your business, in my opinion, strongly”

    Well, look what we just found — a concern tr0ll who’s not commenting on TTAG.

    • Soon to appear in a comment below this, the one, the only, Crisco. After all, someone has to support Mayor McCheese.

  21. I live about 30 miles from there and can tell you that Noblesville has always been a Carmel Indiana wantabe. Carmel is the richest part of the Indianapolis area with lots of millionaires and Noblesville likes to emulate them. The mayor probably didn’t come from a working family background and doesn’t hunt or fish so it’s not a surprise to me that he would say this.

  22. You know what would be funny? If the NRA provided instructors to train their PD.

    That said, I don’t think the mayor’s gonna be welcome back with open arms.

  23. “Noblesville Commissar Jackoff Dick-Smear” there I fixed for you.

    Somebody’s asking to be Primaried, time for Indiana Republicans to have a talk with the state’s GOP.

    • We had our primaries earlier this month. It’s too late for this election cycle.

  24. Imagine this scenario: a mayor walks into a grand opening of a new car dealership and tells the owner that the tent set up where people are encouraged to join AAA is hurting business because there was a drunk driving incident the previous week where children were injured.

    Of yeah, that won’t happen because GUNS.

  25. Would have been better if he didn’t leave and the cops were called to eject him for trespassing. That would have been classic!

  26. hopefully, the d-sucker mayor learned a lesson: as in none of your fng business, ahole. but i doubt it. another arrogant toilet-ician living well off the taxpayer.

  27. I would have told him, “Go pound Sand, Pound it hard too” some fols go looking for trouble why go to a gun store to dump on the NRA? Virtue signalling is why

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