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“One bullet. Three lives. Everyone pays.” The question is: who’s paying for this turkey? Too soon? All I know about Shot is what I can glean from the trailer below — which reveals that the lead character’s a sound editor punching-up gunfire in a Western (ironic, amiright?). Then there’s what I can discern from the official synopsis . . .

“On an average Los Angeles day, a couple on the verge of divorce and a bullied teenager find their lives desperately changed when the boy’s illegal gun goes off.”

Goes off? Sigh.

Why did the filmmakers choose to have the movie’s middle-class hero shot “accidentally” by a [generally] “good kid”? Out there in the real world of LA gangs, amoral thugs are gunning down other amoral thugs with crystal clear intent, creating the occasional horrific collateral damage.

There’s a racial element to the casting and scripting, but I’m not going there. At least not until I see the whole movie. Meanwhile, Ralph’s review of Atomic Blond is on deck. Makarovs over moral preening, I say.

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  1. “The question is: who’s paying for this turkey?”

    Pffftp. THEY ARE, RF.

    This thing is gonna bomb *hard*, like ‘Miss Sloane’ (Box receipts, $6.6 million on a budget of 13 million), and then they might think a little harder about wasting their money on propaganda no one wants to see.

    Let them waste their money on this dreck.

    Meanwhile, as reported on a few days ago here, Mike ‘the gun guy’ Weisser admits they have lost the culture war on guns.

    And just like the ‘Affordable Care Act’, the more energy they expended trying to explain how good it is, the poll numbers fell even further.

    They haven’t figured out yet, just like as in the ACA, that they explained it just fine, and that’s why ACA popularity continued to tank the longer they tried to sell it.

    The American people don’t want your vision of ‘gun safety’ (gun control), Leftists.

    Learn to accept it, or pay a heavy price fighting it.

    (Even now, I hear the sound of a P&W PT-6 spooling up…)

    • So it bombs (or squibs, maybe, given the subject). Then the studio and backers get nice tax deductions. So it’s not gonna hurt nearly as much as you might wish it would.

      However, that thanks to those deductions, in effect you’re helping to subsidize it a little, even if you never go to see it.

      • And the Hollywood target audience of young adults goes to see ‘John Wick pt.3’ and the only thing you see in the ‘Shot’ theater are a handful of demanding moms.

        I’d call that a *win*…

      • I know there’s guys like Uwe Boll who work the “The Producers” angle as far as making intentionally bad cinema, but there’s a limit to how many losses they can write off, and even more on how well they can predict box office success these days. Little ~10mil flicks like this one *could* be a hedge against taxes on a breakout hit…except that was supposed to be Valerian this year (oops). More likely it’s a vanity project for everyone involved, to brag about at cocktail parties full of philanthropic heiresses.

    • $13 million “production” costs. Over $15 million on TV ads. I can’t find numbers on other promotion costs, but I’m sure they are out there somewhere.
      But only $13 million production cost? Was this thing shot in 13 days or something? In Motel 6 rooms? That seems like a ridiculously low figure.

  2. Didn’t Wyle star in the series “Falling Skies”?
    Post alien invasion apocalyptic thing in which his character’s gun of choice was the great general’s eponymous invention?

  3. 1) A gun “goes off.”
    2) Noah Wylie’s in it.

    Proof it’s made by someone poorly informed, making poor choices.

  4. Oh goody, another bigoted, anti-civil rights film, made by ignorant, intolerant anti-civil rights bigots for ignorant, intolerant anti-civil rights bigots. Whoever financed this filth sure likes to throw his/her/it’s money away in pointless, futile endeavors.

  5. I’ll forgive a man staring in a movie to make a buck. It’s called acting for a reason. It’s the insipid moralizing and virtue signaling on Twatter that is nauseating.

  6. Noah gets shot in front of Silver Lake’s LAMILL, Ground-Zero for Hollywood Hipsters. I should know; I live two blocks away. The most realistic part of the trailer is that none of the gawkers around him know how to administer TCCC, and just stand around Instagramming while he bleeds.

    If he could have only limped up the hill to my house, not only would I have patched him up, but I could have recommended a much better self-defense weapon than a Beretta!!!!

    • The movie prop houses have more 92s than any other prop gun. That is why you see more 92s than any other pistol in movies.

  7. If they want a runaway box office hit, all they need to do is re-make a modern day Vigilante movie. You know, the old Chuck Bronson series of flicks that killed it at the BO. Only this time, it’s a disaffected silicon valley programer whose life partner gets “done” by MS-13 savages after a wine tasting in LA. Turns out they are illegals who were given sanctuary status and can’t be prosecuted for some quirky reason so our hero decides to get a little of his own justice.

    • That actually sounds kinda like the plot of “Savages” but the dude grows weed in Cali, not a silicon valley douche.

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  10. It’s always interesting to explore the nuances of how gun violence is portrayed in films. Noah Wyle’s ‘Shot’ appears to delve into the consequences of a single bullet, and the ‘One bullet. Three lives. Everyone pays.’ tagline suggests a focus on impact. The choice of having the movie’s middle-class hero accidentally shot by a generally ‘good kid’ does add complexity to the narrative. While there may be racial elements at play, it’s wise to reserve judgment until you’ve seen the entire film. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this intriguing topic


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