No One Has Ever Successfully Underestimated the Knowledge Level of the Average Lawmaker When the Subject is Guns

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  1. I don’t think it is possible to evaluate the educational level of a DEMONcRAT.

    • If the gummnt will give me a multibillion dollar grant, I’m sure I could build some test mazes to prove the level of Democrat intelligence, the entry will have a gun free zone sign on it, and free covid booster within. I’ll mark the exit as [egress].

    • Walt – the problem is that far too many of them are highly ‘educated’ (idjits) with little to no common sense or real world experience. Just look at how many of them are liars oops I mean lawyers. But even with all of that ‘education’ it seems that many (most?) can’t understand basic commentary. How many of them buy in to slow joe’s ‘ya can’t own cannons’ LIE?

  2. I would be in favor of demanding that lawmakers score a. “A” on a detailed exam about the Constitution and its history BEFORE being allowed to take the Oath of Office. No one can swear to protect and defend something they do not understand.

    • Unfortunately you would have to give them a reading comprehension course first.

      • “I would be in favor of demanding that lawmakers score an “A”…”

        K. On who’s interpretation of the Constitution? At least half of SCOTUS would disagree on how you likely read the words.

        Just expose them, use their own words against them, hound them no matter where they go. That’s what they’ve been doing for 40 years, now that there seems to be a shifting in the trends, it’s time to play offense.

        • Craig,

          Of course, I get it. My point was that I doubt many of our lawmakers actually know or care what is in the Constitution. AOC? The rest of the Squad?

        • Craig – in that case perhaps the first group that needs to be tested on basic reading comprehension.

  3. As far as I’m concerned the ‘standard capacity magazine’ should be a back-pack full of ammo connected to a feed linkage to your gun.

  4. With number of bullet mag restriction all the lawmakers are doing is encouraging people to learn fast reloads.

    And I’m good with that. POTG should have excellent skills and better than the average basic training grad.

    IIRC that crazy kid at Virginia Tech “Cho” reloaded two pistols several times. Restricting the majority to limit a very few minority is BS.

    • “…encouraging people to learn fast reloads.”

      Your response is close, but doesn’t quite hit the real problem.

      The real problem with banning standard magazines – even IF it worked to keep a large capacity magazine from a criminal – is that someone planning to commit mass murder has the TIME and MOTIVATION to practice and become fast at changing them. As you noted of Cho. So in real life, banning them to force some theoretical pause in their attack during which the victim/heroes are supposed to throw a couple rocks or whatever other ridiculous notion the gun-haters can come up with to stop them, will never actually happen, because the criminal will be prepared to change quickly, and that theoretical pause will never actually happen.

      And at the same time, any armed victims who may be carrying a gun for self-defense, but are quite likely NOT as well practiced in quickly changing magazines, are yet once again left at a disadvantage to the criminal, who always knows when and where they will attack, taking the victims completely by surprise.

    • of the “mass shootings” I’ve looked at, nearl all of them were perpetrated by the use of ten round mags, or even smaller. Aurora Theatre, Columbine, Texas Tower, San Bernardion Christmas Party massacre, Luby’s cafe in Texas, Southerland Springs, Texas, Sandy Hook Elementary School, OParkland Flroida high school shooting the DC Snioers, the Arizona shooting falsey lbeled the Gabby Giffords shooting (she was unplanned collateral damage) all were accomplished with <11 round mags.

    • MJ – IIRC that nutter at VA Tech used handguns – one of which was a little old .22 Walther which uses 10 round magazines.
      The other nutter down at Parkland also somehow managed to get by with 10 round mags as well.

      Most of us realize that it isn’t the hardware that is the problem, it is the evil mindset of the killers.

  5. I think the magazine capacity thing is overrated. I own rifles with magazine capacities from five to 35 rds. Handguns with capacity from five to 19 rounds. I’ve never felt unarmed with any of them.

    • Gadsden,

      Agree, somewhat. Back in the summer of fiery but peaceful protests, I swapped my EDC to an M&P 9mm from a G43. I wanted more range (and a better grip). Now, with 15 +1 and a spare mag, it seems sufficient. I like the larger gun and the added capacity is a plus.

      Yeah, yeah, yeah, a flashlight, a folding knife, and a multi-tool, also. And a comb and a pen and a marker and a cell phone and a wallet and a set of keys. Just sayin’.

        • Dude,

          You made me laugh!!
          But you are right.

          How about a Samsung Galaxy Note? Built in pen for handwriting.

        • Now that was funny, but it has gotta be a write in the rain version. I am not sure why but maybe S only hits the fan when it is raining?

      • Life, I never made it all that complicated. But, you did forget the battle rifle (of your choice as long as I approve) and at least four spare magazines with support equipment. The folding knife is a must. I’m currently carrying a Chris Reeve Sebenza, but you really should have a fixed blade in your gear also. A 7″ Randall #1 is hard to beat. I’m puzzled by your recommendation of a comb. I groom myself every morning, then usually wear a hat. So I seldom need to re-comb. Maybe I’m just not vain enough. I really don’t think I need a pen. I don’t often run into people who have anything interesting enough to say that’s worth writing down. Maybe you know more Hollywood types the me. I just try to remember what my friends say to me. Hey! The keys and wallet were an outstanding suggestion. I’m going to try to remember that tomorrow. I was wondering why I could never start my truck every.morning, or could never buy anything. Thanks!

        • Comb, wax paper = kazoo.
          If I’m not shot in the first 15 minutes the other guy shootz himself.

        • Possum, thanks for the laugh. Fiddles work well, especiallyif yuo are “learning” or hoelessly musically challenged, but they ARE a bit less portable. When I was first learing my little brother suddenly began taking afternoon walks.. at the same time I tortured the air with that old fiddle. Glad he is not of the violent type. I might not be here smacking these plastic squares just now…….

      • Life – some interesting (and a few entertaining) comments in ya, I’ll toss in my dos centavos – carry what you need and can comfortably carry (all day if needed).
        Since I am retired I can no longer designate a dedicated Sherpa to tote all of the extra ‘stuff’ everybody claims I need. YMMV.

  6. Most people are ducking for cover when a shooting begins, And usually no one shooting back. There is always time to reload. Even if you are slow.

  7. I’m regularly surprised by the ignorance of journalists and politicians about guns. It’s not that the information isn’t out there. They just won’t invest the time and effort required to absorb it. The same is true for other subjects about which I am somewhat knowledgeable. It makes me question whether they are any better informed on subjects about which I know little myself.

    • It isn’t entirely ignorance. Much of the misinformation and exaggerations are intentional. They just speak the language of their base: those mobs WANT to hear about scary death machines used by evil white supremacist rednecks blah blah blah.
      When a reporter calls a box of M193 a “cache of armor piercing bullets!” those sheep get excited.

    • they have an agenda that precludes the seeking of truth or any semblance thereof.

  8. Lord, this site has really gone to hell. I mean with the awful “writers” and all of the Trolls who post here.
    I miss the old days of RF.
    Time to find a new place to spend time & read gun info / news.

  9. Ignorance, or lies??? Or how about “embrace the healing power of ‘and'”.

    I’m sure many of the gun-grabbers are quite aware that they are spouting male bovine excrement, lying, etc. But most of them are also quite ignorant. It’s a frequent combination among Leftist/fascists . . . just look at MinorIQ and dacian the stupid.

  10. That, literally, may be the most accurate statement regarding guns in the history of statements regarding guns.

  11. My all time favorite that proves that any idiot, in this case Dianna Degette, can get elected by Democrats:

    “I will tell you these are ammunition, they’re bullets, so the people who have those now they’re going to shoot them, so if you ban them in the future, the number of these high capacity magazines is going to decrease dramatically over time because the bullets will have been shot and there won’t be any more available.”

  12. I’ve carried the same 7 round 1911 magazines for years. Never felt like I was under gunned or short of ammunition. 1 mag in the pistol and 2 on the belt. Easiest solution is to learn to actually hit what you are shooting at and learn to shoot under stress. Nothing like an angry Master Sargent screaming in your ear or up in your face to teach you how to shoot under pressure/stress.
    As for the actual knowledge of reporters and politicians compared to what they claim or think they know….. Sort of like comparing a single shot .22 rimfire to an M2 Browning.

    • Interesting, maybe in the past, but BCT in 03 and distinctly remember that the range was the one time drill sergeants did *NOT* scream. The psychological games were put on hold and they were serious about getting people trained to fire properly. The screaming would start if any brass was found in shakedown afterward.

  13. “One of the notable aspects of the democratic process is that one need not know anything about a subject in order to pass laws about it.” – the late Col Jeff Cooper.

  14. So how do we get R’s and R demographics to use appropriate terminology so we can push back in legislative matters?

  15. it’s kind of amazing that anyone still considers government bans–drugs, guns, sex workers, alcohol, etc–a good idea.

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