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Greetings and salutations from Corey in Oklahoma who sends his “No Matter What” everyday carry ensemble.  Via Everyday Carry.

He writes this about his gear:

These items are with me no matter what day it is. I started getting into edc back in 2015 and slowly building it up. A few years later and a better job and its almost complete.

Corey, it’s never complete.  You’re always tweaking what you carry when you find something better, more efficient or more effective.  And discarding that which is no longer used.

He builds his gear from the FNH FNS-9C 9mm pistol in a Huckleberry Tactical Traditional Concealment OWB holster.  Outside the waistband?  For many, including me, that means a longer cover garment.

He also carries a Blue Force Gear Badge Carrier.  Corey, please (PLEASE!) tell me you don’t have a concealed carry badge.  For if you do, there are pages of reasons why that’s a very bad thing to do.

Throw in a reload, a Microtech blade, and a Streamlight right-angle flashlight and the rest are merely the accessories.

Question though:  What’s up with carrying the half-dollar coin?



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  1. List his occupation as Surveilence….maybe a PI?

    Lots of folks carry a good luck coin…… before fidget spinners.

    My guess ( and hope ) is the neck wallet was chosen to have easy access to the light and maybe papers…..who knows?

    • That’s a USAA bank card of some kind in the Magpul DAKA upper right hand corner (have a couple of few of their cards myself). I’m betting military or military contractor now and that’s the reason for the neck ID holder. Possible he just likes the carry method but don’t know many that are completely away from the military that still carries a neck or arm band ID holder.

        • Pfft, only when absolutely necessary with no other choice and never now. Some ass wipe General officer must have thought it to be some cruel sick joke to try to make PT belts necessary for almost everything.

    • Opossums exhibit a tendency to become fatally confused when confronted with unfamiliaity and circumstance’s involving rapid neurotransmission’s. So that’s why I keep my sht the same year in year out

  2. I understand your sensitivity to printing because you live in Illinois but those of us who live in open carry States can carry OWB without running into legal difficulty. I find IWB uncomfortable even with my Nano and I have no desire to wear one size larger pants.

    • If someone chooses to carry IWB and they carry everyday (as they should) larger pants or shorts should be of little consequence. Even if I have to take my gun off for a doctors appointment for example I tighten my belt a little bit and then put my gun back on after the appointment. All of this is regardless of being able to open carry. Limit your options you limit yourself.

      • All carry methods bring their own set of limitations. I find the tradeoffs to be best with OWB.

        • So true. I carry 3:00 OWB when hiking because printing is not really a concern and appendix is not as comfortable. But a chest rig would be nice for hiking.

      • I have long ago dropped the “now in Wisconsin” qualifier. I am the Western part of the State.

  3. I also carry OWB Alien Gear or in a shoulder holster depending on firearm,time of year or clothing. As for the coin could be a good luck piece or as in My case a silver dollar from 1934. Well worn by my father. He always said as long as you have it you’ll never be broke. Living through the Depression. He understood the concept well.

  4. The 9c is actually kind of a PITA to find good holsters for. I was surprised by that when my wife picked up that gun as her carry piece but, it’s true, difficult to find outside of pure kydex.

    Fortunately, yet again, BlackArch came through on that one where all those nice leather companies failed spectacularly.

  5. The only thing I disagree with are those belt clips. I tried them and after the first time getting out of the truck, one side came unsnapped. I did it again to see if maybe I was just being negligent, but it happened the second time too. They are not very secure. I would NEVER OWB with those clips. In fact, if you are OWB, especially open carry OWB, secure loops that your belt goes through and won’t come off are the only way you should be wearing it.

    As for the ID thing… whatever. Never wore one when I was in, but they started making people wear them on bigger FOB’s during later deployments, along with bright ass PT belts and eye pro lol. My last tour, we were doing route clearance and were forced to change our mission to a bigger FOB after spending all day doing recovery due to an EFP and 3 wounded, with blood all over our uniforms and just generally all fucked up, they wouldn’t let us into the DFAC for midnight chow because we didn’t have our fucken PT belts, or eye pro… Yea… didn’t sit well with our PLT leaders and the fobbits ended up letting us in for midnight chow after being chewed the fuck out. So I doubt he’s active duty or anything similar. Maybe just likes it?

  6. Since this is EDC related, I’m dropping it here –

    For the first time in over a decade, it’s finally new gun time.

    What’s the difference in shooting the Ruger SP-101 compared to the LCR, both in .357?

    Carry will be primarily appendix…

    • Just my opinion, the 101 is like a Smith K frame and the LCR like a scandium J frame. One smacks the web of the hand the other makes your hand feel like the devil shook it. Some might call me a whimp but 158 gr full power 357 just plain hurts in a scandium J frame.

      • I have shot the Scandium/Titanium PD Smith’s. They are like catching a fast ball with your bare hand.

        The LCR is nothing like that for me. I own 2 Centennials, an original 38 special 640 and an airweight 042 in 38 special. I love them and pocket carry from time to time. I carried them exclusively in the 90s.

        I would consider an airlite if they released them again in 38 special, bit wouldn’t bother with a 357. The titanium cylinder also gives me concerns about erosion.

        • The LCR does spread the recoil out better but to me it’s still not nice to shoot a lot with full power 357. My 2 3/4 inch 69 Combat Magnum is more comfortable to shoot to me for some reason. Although I have to admit I don’t make a habit of shooting a lot of 44 mag out of it either. It generally gets fed what I call light magnums or very warm 44 Special. It’s all subjective though to the individual shooter.

        • Yep….i agree. Every hand and gun combination is different.

          On S&W magnums, I never enjoyed the target grips and replaced all with Magna stocks and a TGrip.

          I seem to control the gun and handle recoil better when I can clinch my hand tighter around the gun.

          Same on J frames. I detest oversized grips. Standard panels with a T Grip there as well.

          I like the roundness.

          • I’ve never shot a Tgrip equipped revolver. I have held one though and it felt a little foreign to me. However having large hands it would probably feel pretty good in actual use. Like you being able to get a better hold on the gun makes recoil tolerance better. If memory serves the Magna grips cover the entire back of the frame grip? The full length and added width does make for a more comfortable grip.

        • NOS
          No. The magna grips are panels with the backstrap open.

          The service panels were the same but flattened on the bottom to flare less.

    • I’m a little different. I have owned both but still own and carry an LCR.

      The squarish neoprene grips on the SP101 are a poor design for my hand. They have no real stop at the top and it drives the gun into the ball of my hand. Painful after a few rounds.

      The LCR grips aren’t perfect but spread the recoil over my hand better. I carry Critical Defense 125 grain or Remington Golden Sabre 125 grain. The Sabres are softer shooting.

      Each hand is different, try before buying if you can. Even though the LCR is 8oz lighter, I cand a couple of boxes before my hand tells me to stop. A couple of cylinders full in the SP 101 is enough for me.


      • Yeah, the stock grips on the 101 don’t appear to be very comfortable while firing.

        How about the trigger? I’ve heard the LCR has an excellent trigger, and the 101s is on the heavy side. How do you find them on the ‘pull’?

        • The LCR has the better pull by far IMO.

          The first LCR 357 I owned (early model) was much lighter pull but kinda spongy. I was more prone to short stroking. I sent the gun back and Ruger replaced the gun with a new one (firing pin bushing).. The new gun (2 years) had a heavier pull (10 pounds) but was much smoother and easier to shoot.

          Plus it had the cool black PVD finish that still barely has a turn ring.

          The SP101 is more variable throught the pull. I did shoot a Wiley Clap model that had a much smoother pull but not as good as my LCR.

        • Oh…and if you decide on the SP101, consider the one with a bobbed hammer since you mentioned Apendix carry.

          The hammer on my SP was sharp as hell and the only revolver I ever had snag when drawing.

          Surely you know enough gunners to borrow an LCR and SP101 to wring em out a little.

          I love taking mine out and introducing folks to wheel guns when they get the itch.

      • Hated the stock grips on the 101. Replaced with hardwood Hogue grips and love them

    • I have the 4.2″ SP-101 in .327 and absolutely love it – and my other revolver is a Korth. I imagine that the 3″ .357 would also be an excellent and more concealable gun. That extra .75″ over the 2.25″ might add as much a 275fps (depending on the bullet and powder load) and might reduce muzzle flip noticeably. The 3″ SP-101 is also 10oz heavier than the LCR and that is a good thing for a magnum in my estimation. For me, unlike Specialist38, the SP-101 grips are more comfortable even if a just s bit small for my medium hands. I only fired and LCR once for five .38+p rounds so I don’t have much experience with it. It is easy to do an action job on the SP-101 yourself from youtube instructions – I did and it really smoothed it out.

    • If you go the 101 route, check out Badger grips. Got smooth boot grips for the Daughter in Law. Much more ergonomic. Spring kit for trigger is less than 15 bucks. YMMV

  7. “You’re always tweaking what you carry when you find something better, more efficient or more effective.”
    This is so true. I stopped a carrying 2nd knife, tried carrying a spare mag in a seperate carrier (but I would forget it sometimes), found out Coast flashlight weren’t as durable, only use a silicone wedding ring moving forward, always carry a metal pen, stopped carrying sentimental trinkets. BTW, Corey’s EDC is off to a great start.

  8. How does one UNSUBSCRIBE from the EDC: Pocket Dump articles without unsubscribing totally from the TTAG?? Completely sick of deleting what trash little Dopey stuffs into his pockets.

    • The ‘UNSUBSCRIBE’ in TTAG is simple, you don’t bother to click on the posts you don’t want to read…

  9. If that badge carrier is there for one of those idiotic concealed carry badges you can buy online, well that’s a major negative.

    If the guy is some type of badged/credentialed officer of the law, well okay that’s cool.

  10. He clearly has a special badge from the Governor of Oklahoma permitting him to carry that horrible phone case. I’m sure he’d be shot on sight otherwise.

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