A .9mm? (courtesy artofmanliness.com)
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New Jersey is where gun rights go to die. The Garden State’s concealed carry laws, for example, are “may issue” — but only in the sense that Hell may freeze over. And now that New Jersey has elected a Democratic governor who’s pledged to sign any gun control law that makes it to his desk . . .

things are only going to get worse. Luckily, New Jersey’s mainstream media is sounding the alarm on the ongoing degradation of their residents’ gun rights. Oh wait. They’re not . . .

At the police firing range in a desolate industrial area of the city, a detective took aim at the target, a grey cinder block.

He raised the BCM assault-style rifle, telescoping shoulder stock pressed firmly against his right shoulder, left hand on a grip in the front, and fired with a loud crack.

The concrete block at the other end of the range exploded violently, as if it had been hit by a cannon.

The guns being taken off the streets in Newark these days often range from the firepower of a combat weapon, to modern semi-automatics little different than those carried by police. And in a place where gang violence and illicit drug dealing account for much of its serious crime, there has been a big surge this year in the number that are turning up.

Nicely played! If you’re a gun control advocate looking to scare ignorant readers into the usual state of firearms-related ignorance and fear.

nj.com writer Sherman (courtesy twitter.com)

A description that surely applies to nj.com writer Ted Sherman (above). Speaking of ignorance . . .

Last month in Newark, a search by police of a rental car driven by North Carolina man turned up two revolvers, a semi-automatic pistol and an AR-15 military-style rifle.

Days later, police recovered a .9mm handgun that had been reported stolen out of an unoccupied apartment in West Virginia. And a 15-year-old kid was arrested at a charter school with a loaded .9mm pistol . . .

According to court documents, David Potts came on the radar screen of the ATF after an informant told them he had three guns he was offering for sale: a .40 caliber, a .45 caliber and a .9 mm. In an affidavit filed with the complaint, an AFT special agent said Potts had told the informant the firearms were coming up from Georgia and were “brand new in the box.” The price: $600 each.

For those new to the firearms freedom fold, there’s no such thing as a handgun chambered in .9mm. It’s 9mm. And there’s no such thing as a law that will stop the flow of black market goods from supply to demand, from one state to another.

Mr. Sherman is promoting the party line for one simple reason: gun control heavy states can only push only one halfway credible (but false) excuse for why it’s “tough” gun control laws don’t work. It wazzunt me!

Only it is you who makes it impossible for honest citizens to protect themselves against criminal, crazies, terrorists and proto-fascist governments, like the one ruling New Jersey.


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  1. That’s a very valid question, even if you ignore the “0.9mm” thing. If I were in New Jersey and had no access to hollowpoints and a 10rd magazine cap, I’d be carrying something in at least .45ACP.

    • The hollow point ban is largely over stated (at least last I checked when I lived there). There are exceptions carved out for your home and travel and such and you can get around it altogether with filled-in-hollow-points like Hornady Critical Defence.

      • Serious question to anyone in that slave state that could answer: would the Ruger ARX rounds be a no-no there?

        • ARX rounds would be legal however they are pointless because hollow points are also legal in your home, place of work (only if you own the company) and at ranges. If you stop to get gas from the range to your home you have committed a felony which will get you 5 years mandatory minimum in jail with no possibility of parole.

    • The present magazine limit in NJ is 15 rounds. However, now that we have Gov. Murfreak, I see 10 rounds on the horizon.

      • 10?!?!? Some state is going to have to be bold and take the first step to go under 10. Like maybe 8 or perhaps they’ll just go straight to 5 or 6.

    • If you lived in N.J. you would be carrying only if you are a N.J. Police officer on duty or a criminal. The only two types of people allowed.

  2. Come on over to PA! Firearm laws are pretty good on this side of the Delaware! I got out of NJ 5 years ago. Props to everyone staying to fight the good fight though.

      • [PA gun laws compared to NJ]

        “No kidding, its like going from North Korea to South Korea!”


        New Jersey’s gun laws are *far* more permissive than South Korea’s.

        “The Republic of Korea, known as South Korea, has strict gun policies. … Violation of firearms law can result in a US$18,000 fine and up to 10 years in prison.”

        “Hunting and sporting licenses are issued, but any firearm used in these circumstances must be stored at a local police station. Air rifles also have to be stored at police stations; crossbows and electric shock devices are also classified as firearms but their private retention is permitted. Tasers are prohibited, and possessing a toy gun without an orange tip is strictly prohibited.”


        I see a franchise opportunity for TTAG’s RF and Dan Z. – TheTruthAboutHomeCarryCrossbowsInTheROK.com

  3. Well if the new governor signs into law the smart gun initiative then that would mean that if the FFLs are in line with the NRA then all the gun stores in New Jersey will close and move out…. would be interesting to see if FFLs from surrounding states decide not to selll 2 New Jersey Law Enforcement… with no in-state FFL 4 New Jersey I don’t think it’s legally possible 2 do a legal transfer of a firearm..
    I would also make sure that New Jersey Law Enforcement was going to pay $5 per round of ammunition….

    • Would it be possible for the state police to register as an FFL? They could do that and distribute to the local PDs in that instance.

      • I don’t think a state or city can hold an ffl, don’t know why they couldn’t, but I don’t think they can. And IMO I think Jersey ffl holders would sale ammo to law enforcement , no mstter what, cause money’s moneyj

  4. “New Jersey is where gun rights go to die. ”

    California begs to differ, at least NJ allows 15 rounds per magazine.

    • That will be changed as a high priority bill for the new governor to sign. The NJ assembly will fast track any gun grabbing bill they can think of.

  5. If you are going to carry outside the law, then .9mm pistols make some sense, you can stash them practically anywhere!

    What I wonder do they consider to be the differences when “ranging from the firepower of a combat weapon, to modern semi-automatics little different than those carried by police”? The difference between 5.56×45 and itself? Or like an M4 with M855 or M193 ball vs said BCM loaded with Speer gold dot or Hornady defense rounds? They could have a technical discussion around that but I think they could just lump all perps with rifles into the same category.

    • Barbie is a true modern woman with no need of Ken to protect her. Quite capable of taking care of herself thank you. 🤠

  6. I wish some Salem county conservative town would take advantage of the LE carve-outs and deputize any NJ citizen in good standing as reserve police officer, creating a de-facto CC license and AWB workaround. It would be a good revenue booster and make the state politicians heads spin!

  7. range from the firepower of a combat weapon, to modern semi-automatics little different than those carried by police.

    What does that even mean? Are police carrying modern semi-automatics for non-combat purposes? The Left is so conflicted where their hatred of guns collides with their love of state power, it’s hard to make heads or tails of their rambling.

    • “…range from the firepower of a combat weapon, to modern semi-automatics little different than those carried by police.
      – What does that even mean?”

      Gun grabbers fear that armed Americas nay out-gun the police, meaning the police will not be able to save them from gun owners when another beserker lights off, or should gun owners decide to overthrow the government.

  8. The AG still hasn’t lifted the stun gun ban, despite the 6 month time limit in the consent decree ending last month. Welcome to New Jersey.

  9. NEW JERSEY is the worst state in the Union, it’s where corruption and taxes thrive. It’s where the Constitution , Our bill of rights, and Federal Laws are ignored.While local, state and county laws multiply all to generate even more revenue for political thieves. New Jersey is where peoples rights are violated and denied. It’s where breathing is a privilege, and working 3 days week is required just to pay taxes. It’s where the endless highway and bridge tolls only increase and the roads only get worse. It’s where there are more Cops than teachers in order to quench the thirst for more money to squander. And now you want to give our money, our safety, and our state away to every ill-willed, illegal to find their way to our state


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