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Not that the outcomes of the referenda, one way or the other, will have any effect on downstaters’ ability to pack heat any time soon. From “The measures are non-binding, since no local law can override state law. But advocates hope the votes help build pressure on lawmakers to support so-called “concealed carry,” an issue that resonates in much of Illinois, and highlights the divide between Chicago’s powerful anti-gun forces and the rest of the state.” So while it mayy feel good pulling that lever (or punching that chad) in favor of the good ol’ 2A, the ballot measures will have about as much effect on the Windy City’s anti-gun rights stance as gravity has on Shlomit Riger. Short of secession from everything north of I-80, the rest of the Land of Lincoln will remain in their Constitutional rights-free zone for the foreseeable future, ballot questions or not.

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  1. The Daily Journal has it wrong.Illinois in point of fact does not have statewide preemption of local firearm ordinances.As such State Law only regulates legal transport,leaving individual cities and counties to pass their own enforceable gun ordinances.This is why Chicago,Evanston and Morton Grove could enact handgun bans without involving the State Legislature.For decades its accepted as a given in Illinois that local communities could pass restrictive gun laws which go beyond state regulation,but the grey area now is can that pendulum swing in reverse-namely,can a community pass right to carry instead of a gun ban?
    In legal terms its possible for I’L RTC to happen county by county.Practically speaking the Illinois State Police takes its marching orders from Springfield,and Springfield doesn’t take a dump without a go from Chicago.

  2. The gesture has to be taken. The statement made. Otherwise it appears that the fvcktards running Chicago have the backing of the entire state.

  3. Dan, I never knew they made them that cute I sorta wished that had I moved to Israel when I was 18 years old. Then again, Israeli divorce, alimony, and child support payments are allegedly as bad as in America, maybe worse. I probably would have gotten into trouble if I lived there. In addition, the right to own a gun is virtually non-existent for private citizens in Israel.

    • Actually I sort of have to agree. You can put pressure on state legislature, but passing everywhere else, so it is a good move. Certainly it will cause pause to the Anti crowd in Chicago. And if it does pass in other counties, then maybe the citizens will start to wake up and move in the same direction.

      As far as Israeli divorce, if you file with the rabbinical council before any civil matter is filed, it tends to lean much more in favor of the man. The Rabbinical council holds exclusive authority over divorces filed with them first.

      Since most who live there, usually have done army service it isn’t hard to be an armed citizen, but having all the fun toys we can get in the US is a different matter.

  4. I was hoping my county would be one of them, but no such luck. Sei la vie. Must still be too far north.

  5. Lake County here… only thing extra we could have voted for was “Do you want to give government employees more money?”.

  6. Good luck to those counties, I hope you take your rights back. Just to be safe though, you should bring something with you to those polls since it’s well known that the dead rise on election day to vote.

  7. “Short of secession from everything north of I-80, “

    It’s not “everything north of I-80”. It’s Chicago and it’s adjacent vassals. The paved over northeast corner. The rest of northern Illinois is fine.

  8. Mixed results, but generally favorable.

    From The Daily Journal website:

    SPRINGFIELD — Most voters in 10 Illinois counties said on Election Day that they think the state should pass a law permitting citizens to carry concealed weapons, but voters in another four counties rejected the idea.

    Those mixed results reflected the outcomes in central Illinois, where Woodford County voters supported the advisory referendum and voters in McDonough and LaSalle counties gave it the thumbs-down.

    The referendum question surfaced after Winnebago County Board members decided to put it on their ballot and then asked all other Illinois county boards to do the same thing. The referendum failed in Winnebago and Kendall counties in the north.

    The other counties where it passed were Saline, Ogle, Union, Jefferson, Jasper, Greene, Franklin, Effingham and Crawford.

  9. If I lived in that area, I would never allow the gang bangers to be in the position of having guns while I myself was not. Better judged by twelve than carried by six.

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