One of the more interesting things on display at the FNH booth was this air powered training system. Using a target on a far wall and a little black box on top of the gun, the computer can track how your gun moves as you’re aiming and records where your shots would land. It also uses a gas powered system to cycle the bolt and simulate recoil on the gun. The full kit runs about $5k, but the slimmed down civvie version can be had for $1.5k. It seems like something that would be really useful for firearms instructors. And I might want one for dry fire practice as well.


  1. Given the cost of ammo these days, one of these could actually pay for itself in a fairly short period of time. Bonus: it doesn’t wear out the barrel, either!

    Heck, given that ammo isn’t even available these days, this could be the only way to get practice … assuming we don’t run out of air.

  2. Or you could go for a green-gas powered airsoft rifle (a decent blowback gas powered AR is way less than that thing)… recoil, take down like an actual AR, and can be used for force on force training…

    Heck I use a gas blowback airsoft 92fs for addition trigger time and training (it even fits in all my Beretta 92FS gear!)


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