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TTAG supports the groundbreaking project called SAFE: Share America’s Firearms Equally. Through the generosity of the program’s sponsors, SAFE dedicates itself to arming America’s minorities: Backs, Hispanics, Asians, gays, physically challenged, etc. People who tend to live in high crime urban environments, and.or need to protect themselves and their loved ones from violence and intimidation. Members don’t choose SAFE. SAFE chooses members.

Each potential member of SAFE must pass a rigorous background check. They must be documented American citizens with a clean record (no criminal convictions). They must name three “sponsors”: individuals of good character and standing within the community willing to vouch for the applicant’s integrity. They must pass an interview with a governing board, which includes at least one member of law enforcement and one community leader. And they must submit to a home inspection (which provides information for firearms defense and storage).

People who quality for the SAFE program receive ongoing firearms training. The initial educational program includes gun safety, selection, cleaning, loading, firing, marksmanship, strategy and mental preparation. The organization provides telephone/internet/text support, and legal advise to guide them through their state’s conceal carry permit application. And any post-firearm incident representation.

If an applicant clears the process, they receive a free weapon, holster and safe. They must then participate in mandatory, bi-monthly range practice and ongoing combat skills training.

By the end of the program—well, there is no end. As long as a SAFE member owns their gun, they must stay connected to the local chapter. If they fail to practice regularly, or for any reason the board decides, they must surrender their weapon and cease all contact with the SAFE.

As far as I know, this is the first time that SAFE has contacted the media. They reached out because I inadvertently contacted one of their new recruits, as part of my decision to declare a “Take Someone Gay to the Range.” My source says SAFE supports TTAG’s effort, but wants it known that there are people who are already way ahead of us.

Well, good for them. Meanwhile, please join me in taking someone gay to the range next week. Preferably someone without any firearms experience. FOLLOW AND TEACH ALL BASIC FIREARMS SAFETY RULES. I’ll be reporting back here, including my interview with the founder of The Pink Pistols. If you could do the same, emailing a report via the contact button, I’d be must obliged. Meanwhile, what a long strange trip it’s been.

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  1. Mental checklist of all my gay friends…

    All are urban, educated, politically liberal (except for one), and adamently non-violent.

    Not one – any – would take me up on an all-expense paid trip to the gun range. I may as well be inviting them to the rodeo, monster truck race, or Sturgis motorcycle rally.

    Except for my lesbian friends. They’d be all over it. But please, don’t insult them with a pink gun.

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