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President Joe Biden (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)
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The new rule essentially expands the definition of a “firearm,” as established by the Gun Control Act, to cover “buy build shoot” kits that people can buy online or from a firearm dealer and assemble themselves. It will make these kits subject to the same federal laws that currently apply to other firearms.

“At its core, this rule clarifies that anyone who wants to purchase a weapon parts kit that can be readily be converted to a fully assembled firearm must go through the same process they would have to go through to purchase a commercially made firearm in short weapon parts kits that may be readily convertible into working fully assembled firearms must be treated under federal law,” a senior administration official told ABC News.

Commercial manufacturers of the kits will have to be licensed and include serial numbers on the kits’ frame or receivers. In addition, commercial sellers will have to be federally licensed and run background checks before selling a kit. …

“If you can put together an IKEA dresser, you can build a ghost gun,” Mia Tretta, a volunteer leader with Students Demand Action and a gun violence survivor who was shot and wounded with a ghost gun in a school shooting in 2019, told ABC News. “Unfortunately, it is that easy to get a weapon that has not only changed my life but has done the same thing to thousands of others. Finalizing this rule is a critical step to making sure no one else has to go through what my family has had to go through.”

in Biden Admin, DOJ to Announce Final Rule On ‘Ghost Guns’


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  1. Well done, let’s see what happens next. We have already seen illegal Glock full auto connectors/converters made and sold to criminals.

    Take away the ability of people to easily made their own firearms and you will see newer, cheaper metal 3D printers come on the market. If you have that, you can make anything. Submachine guns are pretty easy, easier than a pistol. Shaped charged RPG’s are easy to make too. Careful what you wish for.

    Of course the real target is everyday people, never the criminal. Expect them to try and force everyone to have serial numbers on the upper and lower receivers, barrel, bolt, etc. Buy specific parts separately and expect a background check to be done on each.

    Think this doesn’t effect you, wait until the “Ghost Ammo” ban gets talked about and kiss reloading goodbye. Can’t have untraceable homemade bullets on the streets.

    • Starts making a case for me buying one of those CNC machines to start cutting from a block of aluminum..

      • It’s getting to the point where a man is better off learning how to make anything he needs from scratch, or in the least from off-the-shelf products.

        I won’t go into the details, youtube covers those, but black powder, priming compounds, and nitrocellulose (nitration) are all easily made at home. 3D printing, casting parts, machining, etc, can also be done at home with a little investment.

        Of course, follow all appropriate laws, licensing requirements, and safe storage laws / practices, as applicable.

    • I truly would love to know ALL the sources building the Glock full auto connectors and getting them out on the street. I’m sure we’ll learn a scan few are the criminals themselves but I also wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of them are being done by design intentionally to further this SNOTBALL REGIME’S totalitarian agenda.

        • Yes that was real smart and cheeky.

          It should be obvious I wasn’t curious because I want to build them myself. Somebody is building these in a large number to make sure they get distributed to all the wrong people. And yes I sure as Hell do want to know who ALL is doing that. I have my suspicions indeed.

      • Straight from the PRC. Any bets there is involvement of the PLA and the CCP in this?

        • The PLA gets 60% of it’s budget from the CCP. The rest comes from it’s own enterprises which include manufacturing, mining, farming, property, logging, and less than legal methods including smuggling and crypto currency.

    • The new rule essentially expands the definition of a “firearm,” as established by the Gun Control Act, to cover “buy build shoot” kits…

      ??? But a “kit” is not a firearm. It’s a kit. Only after the fabrication is complete, IS it a firearm. The executive branch is bypassing the legislative branch in an effort to literally redefine words, to mean whatever they want them to mean, and it’s unacceptable. You want to make private manufacture of arms traceable? At least try to legislate it. Instead, Biden whips out his pen, mumbles “cornpop” and calls something “fat” and then signs a document authored by his puppeteers after they shake him awake, and then people seem to think that’s “okay.”

      • I’ll take “Constructive Possession” for $200, Alex.

        I have an as-of-yet-unopened 80% P80 frame, plus all the parts (LPK, complete upper assembly) to build an entire gun. All in a Ziploc bag, waiting for some future day when I’m no longer in CA. Fully legal at this time, and certainly not a gun. Unless someone at the AFT decides it’s a homemade “kit” now that can be converted into a gun as easily as an IKEA table?

        • Legal for now anyway. There are bills pending that will define that kit as a firearm. I don’t know if that law will make possession of an unserialized kit to be a crime, but keep your eyes peeled. Noisome is on a jihad against “ghost guns.”

        • I should clarify. I purchased all the parts separately, and from separate online vendors. I put them all into the bag myself. So a kit, of sorts, but not purchased that way.

        • Break up the items into separate bags instead on one bag, then it,s separate bags of parts.

      • I have little doubt that a legal challenge will be mounted for precisely6 this reason. The Administration cannot change the law, which is what changing a statutory definition requires, without Congressional approval.

    • Made and sold to criminals? So law abiding citizens cannot buy them? Yes? Using a bit of CRITICAL THINKING here is it not obvious that if these items are for sale then ANYBODY CAN bloody well buy them OR knows somebody that can? I personally cannot see rthat it makes any difference as to how you obtain your ‘piece’
      When will Americans realise that the rest of the CIVILISEED world does NOT see the possession of personal firearms as beeing a nessessity for their personal freedoms as citizens and never have.
      Even when there were, for all intents and purposes no gun controls of any worth in the UK [ pretty much up to WW1], very few people in the UK ever owned firearms and the Police were unarmed. You could count the number of GUN CRIMES in the average year in the tens rather than the hundreds. Mind you the use of firearms for criminal intent resulted, in modt cases very very lengthy sentences and the death of a Police Officerm by gunfire whilst carreying out his duty carried a MANDATORY DEATH SENTENCE. No if’s no but’s and no excuses. Criminals regularly searched each other for possession before taking part in a Criminal activity.

  2. Clearly none of these folks making comments about how “easy” it is to take a gun even from the 80% level have ever touched a machine tool in their life. All a kit is, like for everything else, is convenience for the average person who doesn’t want to or doesn’t have the time to get parts separately. You have to machine the lower – even if it is polymer. You have to be careful, patience is needed to get the parts in and correctly assemble. Various parts need to be torqued and staked. And, especially with cheap parts, they don’t always go together cleanly and require filing, sanding, drilling out, or other various adjustment so the fit is proper. I call BS on these lying jerks. They are only out for their agenda of banning guns altogether – has nothing to do with reducing or deterring criminal behavior.

    • “Clearly none of these folks making comments about how “easy” it is to take a gun even from the 80% level have ever touched a machine tool in their life.”
      Yes. Well stated. Having put together a few of these “kits” I found myself constantly re-working many of the cheaply made parts – rails, slide, even barrels. After many hours of “tweaking” I finely got some consistency. Not that I would ever CCW one. You better have a Dremel tool, a work bench with a vice, and a lot of patience.
      The damn liberals always exaggerate the experience and situation. F__k ’em if they can’t take a joke.

  3. I just got my Hot Pink Ikea AR15 with a 2000 round clip, with grenade launcher, infrared self targeting, with the computer lockout to prevent my kids playing with it.

    Damn Ikea – there are a couple screws missing! And, the paisley clip doesn’t match the pink gun at all!

      • OH CRAP!! I got a hernia! Nobody warned me that 2000 round magazines weigh over 180 pounds when loaded! I was alright until I jumped down into a foxhole on the tactical range! Maybe I should have left the crate of RPGs in the truck . . .

  4. Once again misinformation. Including home build firearms into the “ghost gun” mantra is just wrong. Criminals are not building their guns. They are buying stolen firearms and filing or obscuring the serial number which now makes the firearm a Ghost gun designation. Two very different things. Real “Home build firearms” may be used in 0.01 percent of criminal activity. So, the Biden admin is either outright lying or being disingenuous. Based on past conduct, my bet is on lying.

    • Of course they’re lying – it’s the only path to restricting access to firearms. If you make only truthful statements about restrictions on a human being’s inherent right to defend themselves you will have nothing to say.

    • The rule change doesn’t help prosecute criminals, as if they ordered an 80% receiver and built it as a prohibited person, they would be breaking the law under the old rules, the same for a black market machine shop who might buy lots of 80 percent parts and build them to sell on the black market, also already illegal to do.

      By essentially taking a bat to the entire 80% industry, I guess that would make it harder for a criminal to buy that route, by essentially making it pointless for anyone to do it. In the same way that closing all gun shops would mostly do away with straw purchases as a source.

      But doing so also infringes my right to buy a non firearm and turn it into a firearm, but obviously they don’t care about that, feature not a bug, they don’t want anyone having unserialized guns, legal or not.

    • The shooter in NY who killed a 16 year old bystander apparently used a kit gun. But because it is a “ghost gun” with no serial number, the police cannot trace the gun, and don’t know if the shooter built it himself, stole it, or bought it off the maker. To which I must ask: You have the shooter, you have the gun, you can establish the elements of a murder charge and maybe an unlawful possession charge, plus miscellaneous NY gun crimes. What more do you want? I was under the (obviously mistaken) belief that the purpose of tracing was to find out who was the last person to possess the firearm before it was used in a crime.

      • Does the source of the gun really matter?

        And what’s to stop the cartels bringing in crates of guns with their drug shipments? Will Leland Ye get back into business once he’s out of prison?

        • I wonder how often tracing the gun back adds any value at all. Say it is learned it was stolen. Then what? How often is a useful charge brought? My guess is nearly never.

  5. so, like, those casper mattresses? i already cut the do not remove under penalty of law tag off. now i’m in even biggerer trubble.

  6. Nothing will change with me. But it makes it harder for me to explore building options! Where’s my bumpstock?🤨

  7. I was amazed to read about Myanmar rebels trying to survive their brutal genocidal government by hand making guns from junk. The article said they were boring the raw bore using a wet electro-chemical process then hand reaming. All from metal junk like car axles. These guns actually work. More proof that supply side controls fail. In United Kingdom they suppress gun use with severe penalties. Owning a gun will get you a prison sentence longer than a basic violent rape. Hmm. Imagine a fantasy place where actual criminal acts were severely punished? Say that violent rapist. If he was in prison with no passes outside for 5 years, he would not rape and torture anyone for 5 years. Crazy talk. If that rape victim had a gun, oh never mind.

  8. Did King Biden issue this rule by royal decree, using one of those executive orders that he’d formerly pointed out are tyrannical and unconstitutional?

    Now every block of raw aluminum, plastic, copper, brass, steel, or even wood is an “AR-15 ghost gun” that must be serial-numbered and background-checked! Home Depot will be surprised to learn that they must now shut down because their entire inventory of lumber is now considered “ghost gun kits.” After all, it’s easier to drill holes in wood than aluminum, so it’s easier to make an AR-15 out of wood than aluminum. I’m tempted to become a test case for this law by marketing a 2 x 6 scrap of lumber as an “AR-15 80% lower,” but I can’t afford the legal fees for both state and Federal charges after the inevitable arrest that would follow!

    Now every state has become like New Jersey with its “ghost gun ban,” so if misery loves company, then maybe I should be happy (but I’m not).

    • Uh….that would be a “0%” lower. Hmmm, might run with your idea on EBAY and GunBroker…….”Two Blocks and a Rod AR Kit”…..0% Lower, upper, and barrel readily completed AR Kit,” includes .PDF blueprint links, contacts for milling machines, cutting and marking tool retailers, Brownells/MidwayUSA item numbers for lower parts kits……the White House’s phone number for Customer Service Help, ask for Joey…..100% satisfaction guaranteed, or call 888-F–KATF for fast return pick up. In the small print……”When calling, strongly recommend minimum Level IV vest and kevlar helmet for all dogs.”

  9. I have seen various builds with serialized Lowers. Even this takes more care and expertise than what BiteMe ascribed to the effort required to make an 80% pistol. Drilling and Milling accurately is not as simple as the Demented Old Circus Monkey claimed.
    So now they are going after the complete parts kits. Are the 80% Lowers themselves going to be next? Then what? Lower Parts kits, barrels, stocks, foregrips, slings? All these are in reality accessories used to complete a build, or modify an existing arm. Are all of these going to need serial numbers and background checks?
    What stupidity! Building your own firearm has been legal and normal since before we were a Country!

    • Would have been hilarious had a reporter insisted that BiteMe demonstrate on camera how easy it is for anyone to build a Ghost Gun in 15 minutes.

      It’s all a hoax targeting freedom……and, the means to resist tyranny they know is just over the horizon.

      Politician with a law never stops a bad guy with a gun.
      He merely controls the good guys, which is his true agenda.

      “That is why our masters in Washington are so anxious to disarm us. They are not afraid of criminals. They are afraid of a populace which cannot be subdued by tyrants.” – the late LtCol Jeff Cooper.

      Dead bodies in a school, a WallyWorld aisle, a night club, Shootcago et el city streets; parents of children killed by “gun violence”; a survivor of “gun violence”; gang banger drive-bys; Libturd funded “for the children” Feel-Gooders; Hair On Fire – We’re All Gonna Die Karens; lying media; free shit addicted Government Plantation Dwellers; public school indoctrinated Snowflakes, et el, et el………government alphabet gangs…….all…..are the Socialist/Elitists/One Worlder politicians’ Useful Idiot Tools to achieve a dis-armed, enslavable America.

  10. I want to see Biden build a P80 live on TV. Hell I want to see Biden build a piece of Ikea Furniture live on TV.

    The dude hasn’t built anything in his life but has failed up to the top.

  11. I met a man that made flawless firearms such as MP-44 out of hardwood.
    These would chamber a round but the wooden spring
    Yes wooden springs, and wood firing pin were unlikely to set off a primer but if they did the wooden barrel would have burst. Anyway he wanted to bring them from Canada to USA and back again for a TV interview on a hunting channel. Neither Canadian nor American border authorities would give him a letter assuring he would not be arrested. He gave up.

  12. During Magoo’s Second Term, the focus will be on banning home workshops and banning the possession of tools of any sort. “We are a Consumer Nation; we don’t need to build anything ourselves. Tools are used by criminals to make weapons, and this must stop”. If you really want to make something, you can do it in a Government Supervised Workshop, if YOU qualify.

    • I’d honestly rather see Government workshops than supervised injection sites. it would be a better use of tax dollars having kids learn their way around an angle grinder then how to tie off before shooting up.

  13. This is what happens when you let a gun-control advocate start writing columns and commentaries here. Such are simply the journalist version of the whiney bitch Mia Tretta (and others) that dreams of being her high school’s twisted hero, that was listened to (thus USED) by a totalitarian regime to further a communist and globalist UN gun control dream. Personally I hope in the future they’re the ones oppressed, hammered, and abused the most when the monster they’re helping to create comes in to full reality and operation.

    These SCUM are simply liars; none of them mention any of the issues cited by any of the pro-gun commenters that speak up in these articles with points as valid as any argument ever put forth by Feinstein, Schumer, et al, and this proves they care less about stopping any violence perpetrated by the mentally ill or emotionally distraught but they demand any and every tool imaginable to assert TOTAL DOMINATION AMD CONTROL over a free society. Not only are they the trash of society but also simply our modern day TRAITORS.

    It’s obvious they don’t want to be each other’s inmates/fellow patients in a mental hospital as this is where they ALL would be if our society truly had their shit together and restored our mental health systems as they were before the communist and deceitful pedophilic Clinton regime got in to power.

    Hopefully common sense will prevail in the long run and we can shitcan all this snowflake and unicorn bullshit AND like-minded journalists who write articles with even a subtle slant in support of such idiots. And some folks wonder why the number of people openly stating they can’t wait until the next civil war is increasing in numbers and frequency every day.

  14. Hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of .22 rifles and shotguns were legally manufactured without serial numbers before 1968. Are these being counted as “ghost guns”? And every FFL is supposed to apply a serial number and report all of them to ATF? That should overwhelm whatever clever little system the feds create…..

  15. First the ghost gunms next the deer riffles.
    Ghost gunms,,if my memory is correct that phrase was coined by ABC doing a report on unserialized firegunms made in the Philippines and shipped to big city gangsters.

    • And why go to the effort of building a gun if it’s just going end up in the river after the crime is done?

  16. Not sure I get it. If you buy a complete lower receiver, in any form, that’s a firearm. It’s serialized and requires an FFL transfer. Period. It doesn’t matter whether you buy it standalone, or as a part of a “kit,” it’s a firearm, by definition. If you buy an 80% lower receiver, it’s not a firearm, whether it’s included in a “kit,” or not. It’s not serialized and it doesn’t require an FFL transfer. Period. Now, if the Biden administration is going to arbitrarily rewrite standing law, and redefine an 80% lower as a firearm (and, oh, BTW, turn millions of us into felons overnight), then they might as well go all the way, and define billet aluminum as a firearm. Either way, the courts are going to reverse them so fast it will make your head spin.

  17. I think Biden made a really great point about tobacco companies being sued for prostitutes.

  18. So much legislation is essentially: “If you’re not a complete retard we need to make things more difficult for you.”

    Why not, right? Western civilization has been incentivizing the mass retardation of society. Almost like they want you to be a drooling imbecile who couldn’t change a lightbulb without calling some regime sanctioned “professional” to do it for you.


  20. Neither the ATF, DOJ nor POTUS have any authority to make any law. That is the job of the Legislative branch at both the Federal and State level. The Executive branch is supposed to enforce laws that the Legislative branch already made.
    Somehow our once great nation is being run by a bunch of folks who do not even know what their job is supposed to be, much less how to do them.
    If they need a refresher course, they could refer to a very succinct document called the Constitution – it has very clear distinctions provided for who does what….

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