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California Gov. Gavin Newsom (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)
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After a weekend which saw a police officer shot and killed in Los Angeles as well as the Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting, Gavin “The Buck Stops Here” Newsom pointed the finger of blame at…President Trump, Republicans in general and America’s culture of “gun violence.”

Newsom touted his and other California leaders’ work to crack down on high-capacity magazines and increase background checks for guns and ammunition purchases. He blasted Republicans and pro-gun groups trying to roll back gun-control policies in states like California.

“California’s doing its part, but Jesus, these guys, the folks in the White House have been supporting the kinds of policies that roll back the work that we’re doing,” he said. “It keeps happening, over and over and over again, on their damned watch.”

– Sophia Bollag in Gavin Newsom blames Trump, Republicans for ‘culture of gun violence’ after Gilroy shooting

And . . .

While a massive manhunt is underway for the gang members who slaughtered a California police officer, the Governor is once again using the death of one of our brothers to advance his own anti-gun agenda.

Juan Jose Diaz of Lincoln Heights, California was killed early Saturday morning and a second person was injured after a reported gang-related shooting in Lincoln Heights.

Gov. Gavin Newsom put out a statement that the killing “is a painful reminder of the gun violence that exists within our country.”

“As a state, we must do more to stop these senseless acts that continue to take lives. We owe it to 24-year-old Officer Diaz and all Californians,” he said.

– Kyle S. Reyes in Governor blames officer’s murder on “gun violence” while police search for gang suspects from Mexico

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  1. Riiight… Gumminator NewSCUM can’t take responsibility for the fact that HIS STATE and its endless list of gun control non-laws (anything that violates the Constitution is NULL & VOID) totally failed as always to stop the bad guy.

    Moreover, this happened in a “GUN-FREE” VICTIM DISARMAMENT ZONE, ensuring that the people there couldn’t fight back!!

    These frickin commies are criminally liable and ought to be strung up from every streetlamp in the state!!

    • I was very proud once-upon-a-time to say I’m a native Californian, born and bred. Then when Gray David became Governor almost twenty years ago and began the flip from reddish-purple toward blue, I became perturbed and participated in the recall vote that resulted in him being the first Gov in our state’s history to be removed from office. Then Schwarzeneggar rode in as a Republican and became a turncoat for the Democrats, screwing us up even more and signing the first ammo registration law (that was blocked by judicial review). Then we got Jerry Brown, and I became upset at the full-steam-ahead passage of all the LGBTQ+ and gun control laws.

      Now we have Screwsom, and I’m just embarrassed. He is the most blatantly slick snake oil salesman touting the most harmful things for our state (socialism, free everything for the illegals, hates the 2A, wants to raise the minimum wage even higher, moar taxes on everyone to pay for it all).

      I’ve been working with the hundreds of thousands of dedicated freedom loving, gun owning conservatives trying to take back our state, but it’s getting harder and harder each year. I have an excellent job with a great company, and can enjoy a good income for the rest of my working years if I choose, but the trade-off is dealing with the crap coming out of Sacramento and wondering which freedoms will be infringed next year.

      I’ve been building a side business over the past few years. If/when it reaches the point where the income grows enough to be sufficient for me and the wife to live off of, we’ll seriously consider leaving this mess behind once and for all. For now, it’s now easy leaving a secure job that pays the bills and a good church where you have close friends.

      • Oops. Gray Davis, not David. These were the local nicknames we had for all of them:

        Gray Davis (Gumby)
        Arnold Schwarzeneggar (the Governator)
        Jerry Brown (Moonbeam)
        Gavin Newsom (Screwsom)

        • It’s an old, old game. The better the gig, the more they can do to you before you’ll leave. Depending on what you do, maybe you can pitch doing yr current job in a better location for less.

          I’ve sometimes proposed variations on: if you unwound this bit of nonsense here, you could pay me this much less. That seldom that gets traction, like their “payoff” isn’t making money by getting stuff done. It’s like once you’re in, you’re a vassal. Fascinating.

          Maybe you relocate first, then let them bring you in from out of town, on your terms. Companies find that easier to do than the other thing.

      • I love the CA beaches, mountains, Channel Islands and Pacific Ocean, car culture, ethnic diversity, great weather. Dislike the damn Handgun Roster, Dem politics, immigration policies, high taxes, housing crisis, gangs, growing homelessness, earthquakes. Hate this new Governer; he’ll prove to be worse than his predecessors. Wife and I are financially stable, but talk about moving to TX, AZ and CO (we have fam and friends in thoses states). But for now, we continue to fight.

        • I have family in those same states (all three), but my sights are set on the American Redoubt.

          Ventura and Santa Barbara are my faves for afternoon visits. Once you go further south past Zuma, Malibu, etc., it’s just too crowded for my tastes.

        • Skip Colorado. It’s a California wanna-be with Dem control of all branches of government and all state-wide offices.

        • Choose Texas. There’s plenty of room and endless varieties of temperatures (I’m not kidding as we have a town called Alpine and one named Dry Gulch), geography and settings from mountains to the sea. We may be the most personal liberty loving state in the Union.

          CHOOSE TEXAS. You won’t be dissatisfied with that choice.

        • Arizona consistently ranks #1 in gun rights. Maricopa County is currently experiencing the best job growth in the country. All we ever ask is to not California Arizona.

      • as a person that just left cali for better work

        the last gasp of a sane state was 1994 when Prop 187 passed, but sadly the other 49 states did not heed that CRY for help…from there it was lost cause as wave after wave of illegals over ran the state and in 18 years had a whole generation of DNC voters to work with….almost sounds planed in someway???

  2. Gov. Gavin Newsom put out a statement that the killing “is a painful reminder of the gun violence that exists within our country.”

    Gavin, it’s actually a painful reminder of the cop hatred that you and your kind encourage. No one with any sense expects you to be honest about the actual problem.

  3. How come they never blame the scumbag that pulled the trigger? It’s always someone else’s fault in these scenarios

  4. @Jeremy: No, first it’s “gun” violence, then it’s someone else.
    Still haven’t had one of my guns sneek out and commit violence.
    Some of my guns do look like they could commit violence. But haven’t yet.

  5. Wow! Matter of Fact! For a sudden out of the NRA support/GOP/Pro2@ member, where’s the body of the shooter, and the other guy on the grassy knoll…Sound very fish to me….Unless its illegal alien criminals…Gang violence….Or “A Deep State/NWO event”….Usual, high profile, mystery shooter incident…Like the Las Vegas shooter…All leading for the inevitable promotion for Civilian Disarmament….Directing us all to Authoritarianism…..

  6. Ive fking hates this idiot ever since he was on the Adam Carolla podcast like 5 years ago. He blamed every problem california had on everyone but the people who actually needed blaming.
    He is souless and will say anything to rise in power. Make no mistake he is going to run for President one day and will prob win.

    • Oh, we all know here in CA that he’s going to run. When he was Supervisor of the City of San Francisco, he already had his sights set on being mayor. When he became Mayor, he touted his desire to become Lt. Governor of CA. When he become Lt. Gov., he campaigned for the Governorship and eventually attained that office as well. And now his retinue is openly speaking about his push for the Presidency.

      Did you know that he entered into an agreement with former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to *not* discuss their respective adulterous relationships during last year’s primary campaigns for the Governor race? Newsom had an affair with the wife of his longtime friend and campaign manager. Can’t trust him.

  7. The funniest part was when every reporter immediately demanded of the governor to cite even ONE “rollback” of California’s gun laws that the “folks in the White House” actually imposed on California AND which had a direct impact in allowing the garlic festival shooting to take place. A policy that the White House merely “supports”, but which has not been imposed on California and is unrelated to this shooting does not count.

    Oh, wait, you say the media didn’t collectively and immediately push back on the governor’s lame AF assertion? Huh. That’s weird.

    • This is where I went.

      Supporting and implementing are two different words with different meanings, Gav-ster.

      TTaG doesn’t like ad hominem attacks, so I _won’t_ call Newsom a piece of Squad. There, I didn’t say it.

    • In a way you answered your own question without realizing the truth of the matter i.e. that if we had uniform Federal Laws that banned assault rifle mass murder killing machines then the nut case would not have been allowed to purchase a mass murder machine in one State and then take it to a Civilized State like California that did the civilized thing and banned them.

      • Sure, just like how the federal prohibition on marijuana completely illuminated it’s use within our borders.

      • Lol! Vlad, Vlad, Vlad. “Mass murder machine”? Really?
        The vast majority of death by gun in the US is the pistol. According to FBI stats, more people are killed by fists, feet and and blunt objects than by long guns.
        The Virginia Tech shooter murdered 32 people with a Glock 19 and Walther 22lr pistols.

        So please spare us the Pearl clutching hysteria that is better suited to day time soap operas and the standard Rachel Maddow spew about “Russian Collusion”!

      • Vlad, you are aware that murder is already against the law, aren’t you? How’d THAT work out?

      • What makes you think that “uniform Federal Laws” banning semi auto rifles would stop the murderer if existing uniform federal law against murder did not?
        If we just federally banned every board with a nail in it, nobody would get killed by getting smacked with a board with a nail! Oh, when will we learn? It will work this time, I’m sure, never mind the Prohibition and war on drugs.

      • Funny how that oh-so-civilized California citizens keep murdering each other. Meanwhile, many of the uncivilized states with much better legal firearms availability don’t have such problems. Almost as if crime was a people problem, not gun problem.

        But we all know that leftists don’t care about crime, they just use it as a stick to beat us into defenseless position. Only then they can practically implement their ideology.

    • Good point, Vlad! We could get rid of those pesky rifles! And then those terrible handguns! And who really needs shotguns that hold more than two rounds? Then, finally, we won’t have those mass murder atrocities. We’ll finally be as peaceful and untroubled as our neighbor, the tropical paradise of Mexico, where violence is almost unknown.

  8. My cali home boys at cal guns are predicting a semi auto ban for the golden state. Until SCOTUS does something they are up th creek!

    • No, that won’t happen. Semi-autos are much, much too widely in “common use” for such a ban to take effect. That wouldn’t stand judicial review. Sounds good for Internet gossip fodder, though.

      • There’s a lot great info and advice on firearms and gun laws, but theres also a lot of FUDD on the message boards.

      • They did ban the free sell of handguns through their “safe handgun roster.” That has been going strong for a long time and has only gotten stronger.

        They also have been removing the functionality of semi auto rifles through loading restrictions and capacity limits. They eventually want the law to say only single shot firearms are allowed. I heard at one point the law allowed people to buy certain guns if they got them as a single shot exempt firearm (then people would revert them back to a normal functioning gun after purchase).

        They will argue no where in the U.S. Constitution does it say you have a right to a semi auto gun, as long as you have access to other guns it’s okay to impose laws for public safety, that laws to promote the general welfare of America outweighs the want for semi autos. Like the government did with full autos when they had crime sprees that affected the public’s safety.

        It should be obvious by now to everyone with a human brain that this bullshit is manipulation by the government to remove all human rights without starting a revolt. These tactics are being used by both parties to take away all human rights; it’s not just the “liberals” or “commies” that are doing it. Until we stop joining a political side to distract ourselves from the problem we will continue to lose our rights and end up as slaves again. We know — but refuse to acknowledge — they want to setup a one world government where corporations/billionaires run the system and the workers follow their rules/laws.

        • “That has been going strong for a long time and has only gotten stronger.”

          No, that’s a misconception. It’s actually self-defeating over the long run. Think of it this way…if the State banned all cars after a certain year and demanded that unavailable and as-of-yet unrefined technology was required for any new ones (all in the name of “safety concerns”), then we’d be stuck with only the existing cars while the rest of the nation enjoyed the advances in such safety. Think of how Cuba eventually became stuck with all those cars from the ’60s as their only option.

          Eventually, the argument of not allowing newer cars because of “safety” begins to fall apart, as it becomes obvious that safer cars are indeed available and in common use across the nation, and the State’s argument for prohibition becomes weaker and weaker, until it’s finally overturned.

      • Don’t forget that every 2nd Amendment infringement is illegal yet here we are having “law enforcement” cage people for breaking those illegal rules.

        You can continue to rely on the old system to fix the new system or you can accept reality. The old system is dead and the current government does what it wants. If the old system was still working, the country would not look anything like it does now.

        Your corrupt government is not here to save you. They even said so.

  9. Gavin Newsom, you are a complete idiot, seriously dude, you are a clueless jackass. News flash, every city in America that is overrun with gangs and shootings is run by Democrats. Detroit, LA, San Francisco, Chicago, NYC, Baltimore, and the list goes on. You are s typical Democrat, dilusional and ignorant. You bbn lame others for your complete incompetence.

    • As usual you are completely wrong. Civilized Cities and States with tough gun laws have guns funneled into them by Hill Jack States that have no gun control laws. That is exactly why Chicago and other high crime areas have mass murders with guns, it has nothing to do with Democrats who are doing the right thing and everything to to with Republicans that guarantee criminals will always have an ample supply of mass murder machines like assault rifles and high capacity hand guns.

      • You really are a caricature. Did you ever stop to ask yourself why Iowa and Indiana, despite being the sources of all those evil guns, don’t have the same violence as Chicago?

        • quote———————–You really are a caricature. Did you ever stop to ask yourself why Iowa and Indiana, despite being the sources of all those evil guns, don’t have the same violence as Chicago?———————-

          You are obviously not a product of higher education and if by some odd ball miracle you are you should never have been given a diploma. Its far to complex to go into here but briefly when you destroy a City by taking away its decent paying jobs and everyone ends up on welfare, often now for over 4 generations, and since all the high paying manufacturing jobs were sent over seas by greed monger Capitalvanians you then have extreme poverty and crime. In the more wealthy States often with way less population even the math will tell you crime will be less. Less people , less crime and less people means more job opportunities. More wealth often means the local population is better educated as well because the state and or local government has better educational programs as well. Is this getting too complicated for you, if it is we have not even yet begun to discuss the problem in anywhere near its entirety.

      • Newsflash, Drac.
        Criminals will always have an ample supply of anything they want. Drugs, guns, cars, you name it. They operate on black market and will smuggle, manufacture or steal whatever they want.
        There is no law that can stop a determined criminal. Only hot lead.

      • Sounds like you like to blame everyone else for the criminal’s actions. But I expect that from leftwing ideology.

    • He is actually a very smart man, an evil genius. He uses his intellect to enslave the people he does not like by getting them to use their own government against themselves. That is an impressive accomplishment that demands respect. To pretend he is just an idiot is like pretending mass murderers are just crazy. He knows what he is doing and he does it that way on purpose, similar to how a mass murderer knows he will get his infamy and will change society through his act.

      It would be very sad if stupid people can fool the majority for centuries in this country. If dummies can fool the country enough to get elected and pass their rules, what does that say about you and others? I know most people are not geniuses, but I don’t want to believe the average American is in the 60-80 IQ range.

    • “Newsom: Trump and Republicans to Blame for Gilroy Gun Violence”


      That’s because you do not understand. You do not understand the history of this planet:
      All, as in 100% all, bad things that happen, or have happen, is the fault of the US, and Republicans, since before there even was a US and Republicans. Without Republicans, without a US, the planet would be populated with peaceful tribes, working in harmony between themselves and nature. There would be no murder, no disease, no war, no hardship of any kind. Yes, you don’t understand that it is clearly because there would one day be a US and Republicans that all the bad things happened, and continue to happen. Eliminate Republicans, and the US, the world will return to equilibrium and peace.

      “So it is written. So it shall be.”
      – Ramses II (Yul Brenner)

      • Hey Sam I realize you wrote this with “tongue in cheek” but sometimes even a highly intelligent man like yourself fails to see how much of what you posted is historically accurate. The U.S. is the new 21st Century Nazi’s and most of the wars we fought today and in the past were either totally unnecessary or often instigated or started by us. The entire rest of the world including our former allies are no real friends of ours and its for their own benefit that they are not. True, they must play political games with us because we are the most powerful nation earth but by far the most loathed and hated on this earth.

        In a way Herr Drumpf has been a blessing for Europe as they can finally let off steam without fear of the usual reprisals by telling the Americana what they really think of them because they know the majority of Americans are now beginning to see how evil a nation they have become under Herr Drumpf. It all started with the Vietnam War as it was the first American war that woke up Americans to the evilness of their own government that was pure Imperialistic and willing to murder millions of people to gain economic wealth and military power over smaller nations completely trashing its own former values which was (and I say was) that declared that “All Nations have the right to their own self determination”.

        No America is not the only evil nation on earth but if you eliminated Putin’s Russia, China and the U.S. then yes the world would be a much better place than it is now. All three have made violence in the world between much smaller Nations far easier to do with the traffic in arms sales to them to fuel their ethnic and religious warfare.

      • Native Americans were totally peaceful idyllic people. The never carved up their enemies alive, tortured them or enslaved them. Wait what?

        • “Native Americans were totally peaceful idyllic people. The never carved up their enemies alive, tortured them or enslaved them. Wait what?”

          No, you got it right. I read it on the internet.

          Facebook and Twitsville are the only legitimate sources of history, now.

      • The shooter used an SKS in Gilroy. It seems that it was NOT modified, meaning it had an attached mag, and was loaded round one at a time or with a clip(not a mag change). Unless the rifle was modified, it was completely legal in Ca. How again is this Trump’s fault?

  10. Why don’t we talk about the arrest rates for homicide in California?
    When you have cities like Compton where murderers have a 90% chance of literally getting away with murder, the problem is police, prosecutors, judges and legislators who give criminals a free ride.

      • Only in Democrat controlled heavens on Earth like Chicago, Baltimore and Detroit.
        Chicago has homicide clearance rate 9.1% this year. How many of those charged will get convicted is different story.

  11. Gov Newsome is a slick tool. Just like every other politician, he’s saying what he thinks the people want to hear so he can advance his power base. I often wonder why it is that every time I see a photo of Newsome (or any other politician for that matter), they always seem to either have their mouth wide open and their eyes bulging (like they just had a rupture), or have that Cheshire cat grin on their faces that says “I’m getting over on you and I know something that you don’t know…”


    This is coming, make no mistake about it.
    Trump 2020? Possible but what if he caves? What happens if Trump doesn’t win?
    There will be a Democrat sooner or later and they will come after firearms.
    2nd Amendment right? Do you think any politician cares about your rights?

    • That’s why everyone needs to buy guns and ammo (or moar guns and ammo, plus parts) now while they’re plentiful and prices are low.

      • CA does buy a lot of firearms, but time will tell. I’m using Turners Outdoorsman Stores to gauge if firearms buying dramatically and consistently dies down. There’s like 22 of these in SoCal, if they start closing down stores, then we’ll know.

        • I already have more guns than I can count without referring to my inventory spreadsheet, and I stocked up on a TON of ammo over the past few years in preparation for the recent ammo registration law, so I’m good to go. Any items that may fall into gray areas are simply disassembled and locked in one of the safes. Last time I bought a gun in CA was so long ago that I’m not in the AFS database for ammo purchase approval. Inherited or built the rest before those loopholes closed as well (you can still get them this way, but the State will know about them via de facto registration). I won’t be walking into any gun stores here for years.

  13. It ‘takes 2’ for a lie to work.

    One democrat to tell the lie, and a second one to believe it.

  14. California = failed 3rd world state.

    This is not news… (yawn)…

    If you currently reside there.. RUN!! As far.. and as fast as you can.. Help is NOT coming…

      • “”””””””””””””””Blue wave. Californian tsunami into the small red areas left in America. Totally, man.””””””””””””””””

        Excellent idea, lets hope it comes to pass for sooner than later.

    • Then America will be just like a communist one party state. California, for the most part, is a one party state.

    • “”””””””””””””””””””””””The Democratic party needs to be abolished”””””””””””””””””””

      You just proved what Liberals have always feared i.e. that if the Far Right had a chance they would change the U.S. into a jack booted storm trooper dictatorship with one party complete with the outlawing of freedom of speech and the destruction of everyone who was not White, Anglo Saxon, Protestant and Blue eyed. Hitler would have loved guys like you.

  15. This guy just shows what an idiot he is. Blaming everyone except himself and his predecessors. Write more stupid laws that stop anothing. Take away more of your citizens rights and watch one more failure after another happen in the land of Nuttz and Berries. Make more areas gun free while your at it jackass and see how that works for you.

  16. No Gavin, it happened on YOUR WATCH, despite all of the tyrannical anti-gun laws you and your predecessors put in place. Own it, pal. There’s a reason why this kind of stuff doesn’t happen in a lot of other states. Just about anywhere else, this nut could very well have been stopped after the first or second shot by an armed civilian in the crowd.

    Oh, and the cop that was killed by the gangbanger? That was also a result of your party’s policies. Namely, your open-door immigration policy. And guess what, it’s going to keep happening as long as your party is in charge, so you need to own that one, too.

  17. Oh I forgot to mention. What makes this shooting any more important then the one in NY this weekend. Kommie geys the press. Brklyn gets nada.

  18. I wish I could say that no one is that stupid, but Newsom proves me wrong on a regular basis.

  19. The Gavinator will blame anything and everything on the President, this while dodging ALL responsibility. Just like he said He and his party own homelessness, but will flop and try and blame the President, while giving himself a pay raise for doing absolutely nothing for the state or it’s residents.

  20. He’s a philandering drunk (check out the info on him on the interwebz). He’s just pandering to the liberal California masses.

    • “quote————————Anyone wanna guess on the immigration status of the gangbanger who killed the cop?_________________

      Yes he was a natural born Far Right Wing Racist maniac with an assault rifle. Unable to get the mental health care he needed because the Criminal Prostitute Republicans continue to make health care totally affordable in the U.S.

  21. You could more better by concentrating on crime in general rather than expending so much time and resources on implements.

  22. The sad thing is that everything he says is true. The amount of nut cases now running loose in the U.S. due to the break down of family life has finally bringing to an end the attitude that gun ownership should be completely unrestricted and unlimited. Too many senseless deaths of innocent people due to now, to weekly mass murders. The majority of the American people today do not even own any guns and are fed up living a life of complete terror when they drive to work and are gunned down over road rage or when they attempt to go to any large gathering of people or even when they go to church they know they are not safe from a lunatic with an assault rifle.

    We are no longer living in “the old America”. The “American Dream” has long ago died and become extinct. We now have a Nation of people living far below the income that our parents and grand parents enjoyed. Women must now work to support the family and that means children grow up largely without a mother in the home. The high divorce rate over the extreme pressures of life has further eroded mental health of not only the children but of the parents as well which is a breeding ground for mental illness. To exacerbate an already volatile situation the Greed Monger Republican Criminals have blocked bill after bill that would make mental health care and all health care affordable thereby guaranteeing a now endless supply of lunatics all hell bent on mass murder with assault rifles.

    We often do not realize that children are far more intelligent than we give them credit for. They quickly see the hopelessness of life in America now. They know their parents are unhappy in marriage and in life and the high divorce rate only adds to their despair of living a life that to them seems hopeless, ridiculous and is completely asinine. Young men who have far more testosterone take out their frustrations on society and that is to use an assault rifle and commit mass murder.

    If the Republicans lose heavily in the next election, and they will if the Dems are intelligent enough not to run Biden the surviving Republicans will be forced to approve draconian gun bans and the corrupt Supreme Court, including the corrupt Conservatives will approve the draconian gun bans because the courts never met a gun ban they did not love as it enhances their power over the proletariat.

    Our Democracy and our way of life has now been completely trashed with gerrymandering , the corrupt Electoral College and the corruption of Lobbyists whose prostitutes the Congressmen are owned by them and together they have bankrupted the American people to the point that they are now little better than modern day Middle Ages Serfs.

    “Comrades”, unite against the Capitalvanian Greed Monger Corrupt Criminal Republicans or you will forever remain troglodyte worker slaves of the ruling elite Capitalvanian Republican Greed Monger Criminals.

    • Okay, now wait a minute…this is actually a coherent comment with salient points that I almost entirely agree with. This can’t be the real Vlad. Where are all the run-on sentences and nonsense? Who’s taken over the Vlad namesake?

      • I agree. And then the last paragraph was a laugh riot. “Comrades, unite against the Capitalvavian Greed Monger Corrupt Criminal Republicans”.

        What a hoot! This guy sounds like he stepped out of a 1930’s film from the Soviet politburos propaganda arm.
        This guy is obviously playing a part. Government plant?probably not. Vlad is to obviously a role he is playing.

        Probably Vlad is one of those over age Democrats still living at home with his parents, too much school debt, unemployed with a useless degree in gender studies, and having some fun on the internet messing with those “mass murder killing machine” enthusiast’s.

        • VLAD TEPES urban dictionary meaning:

          Very Likely A Democrat Troll Exhibiting Pinhead Erroneous Shit.

    • How exactly is the Electoral College ‘corrupt’? The states decide how to appropriate their votes and the electors vote accordingly. Where’s the corruption in that? If the states wanted to make themselves irrelevant in presidential elections they’re free to do so

      • “How exactly is the Electoral College ‘corrupt’?”

        Pfttttpt. Easy –

        Anytime a Leftist loses a presidential election…

  23. Of course he’s going to blame someone else. Let’s blame the media, that’s who I blame. Let’s blame instant accessibility to any news almost as it happens virtually anywhere.

  24. Gavin Newsome cheated on his wife with his friends wife (or on his friend if you look at it that way) – some things we do in life reveal who we really are…..

  25. So let me get this straight, this liberal clown, that is the governor of the state that has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country; is blaming Trump and Republicans for a gang related shooting ccommitted by an individual who more than likely despises Trump and Republicans.

    • “…is blaming Trump and Republicans for a gang related shooting ccommitted by an individual who more than likely despises Trump and Republicans….”

      Let me help you with this….

      1. The shooter was likely a right-wing, nazi, white supremacist, white, male, liberal hating person of privilege. Which explains everything.


      2. The shooter was a compassionate, peace-loving, docile, liberal who was driven to shoot fellow employees because of Trump and his base of right-wing, nazi, white supremacist, white, male, liberal hating persons of privilege.

      Universal excuse for everything.

      • Nope. None of the above. He was an anti-capitalist extremest of Iranian descent. I bet that burst your bubble, you MORON !!

        • ” I bet that burst your bubble, you MORON !!”

          You must be new at the toddler table. But, hey, one day you too will be able to read; just give it time.

  26. From a story about the gunman:

    “”That weapon could not be sold in California. That weapon cannot be imported into the state of California,” he said. “There is a very strong likelihood, as we develop the evidence, that the perpetrator in this particular case, violated California law, on top of the crimes of homicide.””

    So the dead gunman is in really deep shit for breaking gun laws ON TOP OF the murder rap.

    That was the AG of california BTW. They have placed their stock in safety in gun laws it seems.

  27. Mass shootings always seem to “appear” whenever the democrats are majorly losing some prime time investigation, debate, or major political talking point.

    Coincidence? Classic misdirection.

    • These kinds of shooting are pretty common now, they happen a few months. Since politicians make problems their career they will have a shooting to campaign on eventually. The media will make sure to encourage future shooting and ask politicians after one happens how they are going to fix the problem.

      The formula has now become normalized.

  28. Yeah, well, Gov. Newsome the amount of hair gel you used for that single picture is toxic to aquatic wildlife and contributes to climate change which increases rainfall.

    This contributes to iron oxidation which as everyone knows causes rust that disproportionately impacts firearms and causes guns to become gun violence. So, really, it’s your fault because science and the answer is amnesty, happy homes for firearms and “CLP for All” at taxpayer expense.

    You’re not a science denier, are you, Governor?

    • Low rent crack whores have more self respect than this guy, and what’s worse, people will believe him.

  29. Anyone who follows the news at all could have written the Newsom response before the event happened. Just leave blanks for specific details.

    • He moved in with other family in Nevada and bought a SKS there. Then he brought it back to his home in California to attack the festival next to his home. It appears he planned this out for some time — he went around the laws and literally around the security.

      Since Nevada is now a blue state, I would expect them to push for a law to ban people under 21 from exercising their rights.

  30. All this coming from the douche bag that rewards felonious behavior with free medical, rent and food stamps. Fineswine’s sock puppet needs to go. Sign the recall petition people!

  31. It’s not just Trump and the Republicans but moreover the “radical” idealism of the gun-owning Jethro’s who bow down to the phallic barrel of gun culture. You Jethro’s will not give in to the fact that guns are the harbinger of death in this country. They are a blight on civilized society and they need to be banned! We do not need to start with the accessories of guns. We do not need to start with the age limits of purchase. We do not even need to begin the process of confiscation. What we need right here and now is a total, all-encompassing ban of guns, all guns, period. We need to turn this country from the United States of America to the Socialist States of America – the SSA. Within the SSA no guns will be owned by any private citizen. The police will be disarmed and be renamed “peace officers”. This will be the end of negligent killings by the police. Only the military will have direct access to guns. The military in conjunction with the government of the SSA will provide security to all private citizens and be in charge of confiscation efforts of all firearms within the SSA. The education system will be geared toward gender choice and firearm suppression (among other things). Children will be taught from the beginning that people who own guns are to be reported to the authorities so that they may be brought to justice under the new SSA judicial system. A generous reward system will be put in place to honor those that are responsible for bringing gun-owners to justice. This entire process will begin in 2021 under the leadership of president Kamala Harris and her colleagues in the congress and senate. The process will begin with the repeal of the 2nd amendment and the rewriting of many parts of the constitution. Mr. Jethro, you got less then 2 years to get yourself educated.

    • Governments devolve into mortacracies that commit democide on a monumental scale – to the tune of about 262 Million in the 20th Century. That’s right: 262 million, and there’s an avalanche of data to support that conservative estimate of civilians murdered by governments over 100 years – at least 6 times more people than died in combat in all the foreign and internal wars of the century. Read it again and let it sink in: 262 MILLION. So it’s not just going to happen, it’s already happened, it happened here, and it will happen here again.

      I would ask if you trust your government now, and forever in the future, to protect you, keep you safe, and never commit theft or violence against you? Only a complete, obtuse fool would answer “Yes” when confronted by the most rudimentary evidence.

      If you have even the smallest doubt, then there is nothing to debate on gun control – the argument is over. Some people are unwilling to stake their life and freedom on suppositions concocted by the intellectually lazy, or subservient drones who exchange reason for the infantile scholarship of logical fallacies.

      If a choice is to be made, you feel free to be a good and loyal serf, show your submission to the state whom you will call “Lord”, and to the mass murder that will inexorably follow. Just remember the choice you made when they come for you.

      Also, it goes without saying: If you think an inanimate object like a firearm has agency and harbors malice, you clearly have a fascinating and precarious grasp on reality, desperately need copious pharmaceuticals, and should consider a lifetime of highly supervised therapy.

    • In your wet dreams you stupid stick !! You can take your Socialist States of America and piss off to Cuba, Venezuela , or even “Mother Russia” for that matter. Educated pompous assholes like you are the TRUE danger to this country. As I am sure you you would drop your pants and bend over for some blue helmet wearing UN Peace Keeper with him blowing you a kiss.

  32. “…It keeps happening, over and over and over again, on their damned watch”

    You need to check your privledge at the door there Herr Newsome. The Democrats have been running your States since 2011 so it’s really YOUR damned watch that has been the problem, not anyone elses.

  33. Screw this asshole. And yeah, they’re going to keep fighting to roll back your shitty laws. Go. Get. Fucked

  34. Hey, Newsome, you forgot to say it was PRESIDENT Trump and the Deplorables’ fault Cain killed Abel.

  35. Newsom is a total idiot . You are not going too stop someone who decides too go out and shoot people. Changing or adding more gun laws will not prevent these incidences from happening. And anything from guns too baseball bats , or anything else someone uses can be an assault weapon.

  36. Once again, we see the tragic disease of liberalism reaching into the higher government of California, with its usual infectious-insanity results! Next, Pres. Trump will be blamed for the inevitable damage which will result from the next major San Andreas action. Perhaps they’ll rename it as Pres. Trump”s Fault?

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