News Alert: New Mexico Man Committed No Crime

If someone doesn’t commit a crime, is it news? Can things really be that violent in New Mexico? Anyway it apparently qualifies as news if you have a pellet gun in your backpack. In Las Cruces. And – OMG OMG OMG – near a school. As the reports, though, it’s still not against the law. “The man, who had been riding his bike wearing a backpack with a pellet gun rifle sticking out of it, had stopped because he was feeling ill and had decided to sit down near the school, according to LCPD Sgt. Kiri Daines. He never took the rifle out of his backpack and was not cited, Daines said.” In other news, a Santa Fe woman didn’t attempt to hijack a plane with 152 passengers on board today. Film at eleven.


  1. avatar Ralph says:

    It’s just a matter of time until some dopey Las Cruces politician proposes to outlaw riding a bike wearing a backpack with a pellet gun rifle sticking out of it. Because, after all, we must protect the children.

  2. avatar LC Judas says:

    Close calls to commiting crime? All we are doing is promoting paranoia amongst the people who don’t think for themselves.

  3. avatar John D says:

    En Nuevo Mexico, esto se considera nada!
    Por ello ha perdido espacio de contabilizacion es me supera!
    Que tengas un buen dia!
    Estados Unidos VIVA!!

  4. avatar Joe nobody says:

    Im sure it was a high capacity assault pellet gun with heat seeking .50 caliber..pellets. Either that or it was a cane.

    1. avatar pastubbs says:

      It was probably just black and had an adjustable stock.

  5. avatar Sid says:

    You’ll shoot your eye, kid!

  6. avatar Ivan Pistov says:

    State of New Mexico has a constitutional amendment which preempts gun laws, giving the state exclusive ability to make gun law. Open carry is legal in New Mexico for handguns and long guns. Concealed carry is legal with a license and an unknown part of the law says concealed carry is legal for an UNLOADED handgun without a license. Carrying in a vehicle either openly or concealed is legal. I don’t know anybody who carries unloaded, including yours truly. But if a person listens to the police radio he will hear on occasion a dispatcher sending an officer to investigate somebody reported to have a gun. I can’t say at the moment whether an air rifle is considered illegal near a school, maybe someone else can address that issue.

  7. avatar William says:

    Las Cruces, “we’re a little like El Paso!” is a victim of its own growth rate, formerly the fastest-growing city in the state (an “honor” with now belongs to Rio Rancho, last time I looked). That, and all that other silly stuff.

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