New Zealand Police Forced to Shut Down Gun Confiscation Website Due to DoS Attack

new zealand confiscation denial of service

Courtesy – NZ Police

And some folks say gun owners don’t have a rebellious streak in them. Within less than 24 hours, the NZ Police was forced to shut down their gun confiscation website due to massive amounts of online trolling.

Courtesy – NZ Police

Through a coordinated denial of service attack, gun owners around the world and classical liberals submitted numerous bogus online registrations to overwhelm the system.

NATO Reporting name for the Mig-15 is FAGOT, it means Bundle of Sticks.

Courtesy – NZ Police

Courtesy – NZ Police

Courtesy – NZ Police

Courtesy – NZ Police

Courtesy – NZ Police

Apparently, a number of people outside of New Zealand weren’t too thrilled on the idea of gun controlwebsites being blocked, or people being arrested for simple possession of a video. Others are directly reporting that the Prime Minister is a thief.

Courtesy – NZ Police

Furthermore, some online have poked fun of the website’s first sentence after the registration is completed.

Courtesy – NZ Police

Thank you for your submission indeed.

Recognising how personal this item is to you, please be assured that we will take every precaution to ensure that your firearm(s) are handled in the appropriate manner.

How are they going to handle these firearms? The same way they did in Australia. They’re going to confiscate them and destroy them. Don’t look for the NZ Police to cradle the guns with white gloves and place them on feather filled laced pillows.

The attacks on the web site are a public act of civil disobedience by gun owners, most of whom in the United States judging by the entries above.

This can be viewed as small victory in the wider war by those who believe in the natural right to self-defense. No doubt bigger battles lies ahead. But in an interconnected world, people half a planet away are attempting to stand by 250,000 beleaguered Kiwi firearms owners who are being blamed for the actions of one crazed person.



  1. avatar TommyG says:

    Whats the URL? I want to make a contribution

    1. avatar Arandom Dude says:

      Everyone needs to use VPNs to reroute your IP address to NZ so that we can get the NZ version of the website shut down as well. Right now only the overseas form is shut down. Press the attack!

  2. avatar GlockMeAmadeus says:

    Be careful, if you file a phony Submission you may be held liable under NZ law, Section 505, even if you live in USA.

    AOC will file the extradition papers to send you to kiwi land where 80% of the prison population are Maoris or Muslims. (Which incidentally speaks volumes about who is doing the crime in NZ)

    BTW, reading this is also a violation of NZ law, subsection 303-A. So unread this immediately and don a hijab for forgiveness.

    1. avatar Kirwood Derby says:

      Perhaps it is no coincidence that New Zealand has the highest rate of domestic violence in the world. This is according to a UN report. Source:

      Is that a coincidence with the New Zealand prison population demographics?

      Maybe the New Zealand police should spend some time working on that instead of disarming law-abiding citizens.

      It’s quite clear from the mosque attack that New Zealand police are completely incapable of protecting the citizens. So disarming them is leaving them utterly defenseless and without protection.

      1. avatar Patrick says:

        I clicked the link to see just exactly what domestic violence is and how it would be measured. According to the website “The study found a third of the country’s women had reported experiencing physical violence from a partner”. That can mean a lot of things.

        This same article references the so-called “wage disparity”, so I wouldn’t put too much trust in it.

        But yeah, good point you have. You may be correct that they are generally more violent in interpersonal matters. I wouldn’t have the knowledge to say.

        1. avatar Peter says:

          Just a response re – the social disease in NZ, check out the disparity in suicide stats between men and women in NZ. Pretty grim here.

      2. avatar Herb Allen says:

        Maybe that high domestic violence rate in NZ is mostly among Maoris and Muslims.

        Maoris are not pleasant people. Think haole-bashing Hawaiian “bruddahs” on steroids.

    2. avatar Phil Wilson says:

      I was just wondering about extradition. Seems we have had a treaty in place since 1970. I can’t imagine they’d have the resources to even attempt to get all the foreigners who filed a protest entry, but they might decide to make an example of someone.

    3. avatar WhiteDevil says:

      Be careful? It’s fucking New Zealand. Every proponent of gun rights needs to go file a phony submission, over and over, again.

    4. avatar Hannibal says:

      Even if said crime were listed here:

      The idea of NZ trying to investigate, extradite and try everyone shitposting to their stupid site is hilarious, as it would completely bankrupt the nation. They’d have to make 6 more hobbit movies to pay for it.

  3. avatar Ward munchen says:

    If you love your country then obey the laws. How else do you show you love your country.

    If you do not like it then get out!!

    Isn’t that what we tell people here in America when they complain about civil rights and such.

    Have the honor to do the same.

    1. avatar Rick the Bear says:


      I’m glad that the colonists didn’t take that view.

    2. avatar pwrserge says:

      Malus Lex Est Null Lex

      1. avatar Rick Hess says:

        malus lex non est lex – A bad law is no law.

    3. avatar DJ says:

      In America obey the U.S. Constitution. You leave. I’m going to use lethal force to defend the Republic.

    4. avatar Art out West says:

      If you love your country, then you do good toward your fellow countrymen. You strive to better your society. Sometimes loving your country REQUIRES you to oppose evil laws.

      The PM of New Zealand is working hard to destroy her country. She needs to stop.

      Sadly most of the Democrats and many of the Republicans in our own government (along with much of Hollywood, Wall Street, the big banks, the Education industry, and many religious organizations) are also working feverishly to burn down this nation.

      Things are really getting ugly. May God be merciful and lead us to national repentance and turn us to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

    5. avatar Ansel Hazen says:


      When Tyranny Becomes Law, Resistance is DUTY!

    6. avatar Jim Bullock says:

      Actually, no.

      Sometimes love of country requires you oppose the government.

      Most of the time, these days.

    7. avatar Jim Bullock says:

      Indeed, we do seem to have extra problems when some “law” is slid through, slammed through, or snuck through. Bad laws done because “something must be done”, bad laws because they can (and screw you — ” Elections ha e consequences.”), and bad laws they’d never get through if anybody knew what was in it (by, for example, reading a bill before its passed.)

      Stuff done outside slow, transparent process we get more shenanigans than law.

      All that infuriating ritual is a shenanigans wash. Makes one wonder what shenanigans are tagging along on this spasm. Aside from the obvious.

    8. avatar drunkEODguy says:

      good thing civil rights movement, the women’s suffrage movement, and every other movement fighting for civil rights of some group ignored you and engaged in civil disobedience. You idiot.

  4. avatar WI Patriot says:

    Meh…it was only a “DoS” and not a “DDoS”…

    1. avatar napresto says:

      Rifle, not shotgun, I guess…

  5. avatar Rick the Bear says:

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

  6. avatar what would spock say says:

    surely there must be a phased plasma rifle reference in there somewhere..

    1. avatar B says:

      …with 40 Watt range?

      “Hey, only what you see here, buddy…”

  7. avatar Denim Dude says:

    Texas would welcome some more Kiwis with the aroma of gunsmoke on them.

  8. avatar Aaron Walker says:

    Funny…I think the citizens NZ of NEED to make a stronger response to their Goverment.

    1. avatar Ross says:

      Yes they do, a MUCH stronger response!

  9. avatar Kevin says:

    Death Star

  10. avatar Tim Toroian says:

    This is truly comical!! I hope they have fun trying to stop it.

  11. avatar James W Crawford says:

    American gun owners might be having fun messing with this confiscation website, but gun owners in New Zealand are eagerly lining up to surrender their guns. They are like a herd of docile sheep eagerly submitting to slaughter or castration.

    Twenty years from now when the same government that is so eagerly exploiting the mosque massacre as a pretext to ban guns has also opened the floodgates of islamic immigration from Indonesia, Malasia, Bangledesh and Pakistan, any children or grandchildren that New Zealand’s geldings might have had will curse their elders as they are compelled to submit to Sharia law.

    1. avatar LarryinTX says:

      Interesting assertions, given that the law in question has not been passed, yet. A given government will *always* claim that everybody agrees and will go to the gas chambers politely, but that does not mean it’s true.

      1. avatar HP says:

        Authorities in New York claimed compliance with the registration component of the SAFE Act. When pressed on producing numbers, the state scoffed and refused to release the information. After a successful FOIL suit, the state embarrassingly released numbers that suggested roughly 95% non-compliance. Governments and the news agencies that are nothing more than propaganda outfits lie, lie, and lie some more.

      2. avatar Mark N. says:

        Knowing nothing about NZ law, I too thought it a bit strange that the PM ordered that the ban was effective immediately, even though no law has been written much less passed its parliament. Any attempt by a US official to do something like this would be stopped almost immediately by an injunction, as any such act would be ultra vires (beyond the power of the public official and therefore null). Since there have been no reports of court action of which I am aware, I have to assume that this is within the scope of her “emergency” powers.

        1. avatar California Richard says:

          “Ardern announced the ban Thursday and said it would be followed by legislation to be introduced next month.”

          Frightening stuff. The immediate and universal suspension of rights based on the whim of a single individual…. oh wait….

    2. avatar Fred Ward says:

      Last I heard, they’ve had 37 people turn in their guns so far. Not exactly a crowd.

  12. avatar Chris T in KY says:

    It’s nice to see and very heartening to me to realize that there are still classical liberals in the world. Particularly in the United States. Not the strap on dildo liberal parading around in San Francisco and Austin Texas. Who at the same time deny civil rights to people they don’t like.

  13. avatar GS650G says:

    The cops in NZ hadn’t planned on a major gun confiscation project. Even if they are enthusiastic about it the logistics are daunting.

    Are they prepared for emboldened criminals too? How about the refuses? Plan to shoot people in front of their family and neighbors over this?

    1. avatar Defens says:

      How about the drive-bys in the collection zones? If it becomes so hazardous to man the collection points that no one will do the job, the confiscation ploy will grind to a fast halt.

      1. avatar Herb Allen says:

        If the collectors/confiscators have to kiss their families goodbye every morning before reporting for duty, then that’s a good thing.

  14. avatar James W Crawford says:

    My phased plasma rifle is in the 40 Megawatt range.
    40 Watt is barely a dim light bulb.

    1. avatar Bubba Gump says:

      It’s not the watts that kill… it’s the amps

      1. avatar napresto says:

        Friggin’ rock bands and their noisy amps…

      2. avatar stroctor says:

        voltage x current = watts

        simple ohms law so yes wattage can kill you.

    2. avatar Teddy whompa says:

      Phased plasma has a whole different scale of energy. It’s like saying 3milliwatt laser is barely enough to burn your eyes out. A 3 watt laser can be seen on the moon.

  15. avatar 12gaReason says:

    Dear NZ Police,

    I will not be surrendering my fully semiautomatic man eating assaulting rifle with chainsaw bayonet and death ray attachment to you. I will simply wrap it up in a hajib and point it away from Mecca. Will that suffice?

    Thank u very little,
    [email protected]

    PS- just exercising my white male liberty loving heterosexual privilege

  16. avatar Ogre says:

    I wonder if anybody submitted a request to turn in a .9mm semiautomatic automatic, or maybe a 6.5mm Creedmore sub-nuclear magnum? Or used the serial numbers “1369” or “2569” (very appropriate in this case). Obviously, the New Zealand Police has no sense of humor.

    1. avatar Rick says:

      Help me out with 2569. I know of 2469.

      1. avatar Ogre says:

        1369 – Unlucky C…………r
        2569 – Two-bit C…………r

        In the USMC, we used these numbers as fictitious MOS designators

        1. avatar Rick says:

          2469… Also from the Marine Corps, I’m retired, it takes 2 4 a 69. I had not heard of the 25, thank you.

  17. avatar Chip in Florida says:

    While I can’t condone the digital graffiti that is a DDoS attack, I can make a nice big bowl of popcorn and watch what happens next.

  18. avatar Jim Bullock says:

    I’m curious about the stru ture of the NZ govt.

    Banning a video, comment, and discussion; shutting down access; banning n confiscating a class of property, creating new crimes n new criminals … by admin fiat in a matter of hours.

    What can’t the PM do? The AG?

    1. avatar strych9 says:

      Their communications decency laws are being abused for sure. Some of that is law and some of it is voluntary on the part of ISPs. A company like SparkNZ (an ISP in NZ) is going to play by whatever rules the government suggests because it’s a private entity only because it was spun off from the NZ Post Office in the early 1990’s. They were privatized but they suspect that they can be nationalized again if they don’t play ball, so they play ball.

      However, as I have now pointed out repeatedly: There is not yet a ban. The notion that there is already a ban comes from poor media reports written by people who don’t understand sweet-fuck-all combined with other media reports that are pushing an agenda.

      What the government has done so far is to change the definition of what an MSSA is to encompass firearms not previously covered by that definition. They can do that administratively and have done so. “MSSA” now covers guns that were not legally considered MSSAs a few days ago.

      The next step is legislation to ban MSSAs after the definition has been expanded. That has to pass parliament to become law because it’s amending the Arms Act of 1983. They’re currently drafting that legislation and will submit it to parliament in the future with a target date for passage of 11 April.

      Until then, they’re encouraging people to turn in firearms in anticipation of the legislation becoming law, which is going to make the people who comply voluntarily feel really dumb if that legislation gets defeated next month.

      Half of what you’re seeing is ignorance. Another 40% is an agenda. 10% of it is technically correct.

  19. avatar former water walker says:

    He he…take THAT Iran er New Zealand jerks😄Funny indeed.

  20. avatar James T Matters says:

    New Zealanders can use this url ” ” to report property crimes, such as the unlawful seizure of private property.

  21. avatar Agreed says:

    Oh man that MiG one is killing me

  22. avatar raptor jesus says:

    Guys – just remember to use the TOR browser before participating so they can’t track you.

    1. avatar HP says:

      There’s really nothing they could do even if they did track you. I suppose if they discovered your identity, you could have an issue if you tried to visit New Zealand. Other than that, they could complain to the State Department, I guess. That wouldn’t do any good. Maybe complain to your ISP? This is a country with 5 million people on the other side of the globe. That people from outside of New Zealand were even able to access the form shows you how far in over their heads the Kiwi police are.

  23. avatar Rocketman says:

    What does every politician fear? Answer: losing an election and being just an average citizen with no special rights. NZ gun owners need to create a new political party, one that is classical liberal and respects THEIR rights. Put the PM and her leftists friends out of office for good.

    1. avatar HP says:

      We need to do that here, first. The GOP says a lot of the right things, but when push comes to shove they don’t get a lot done.

  24. avatar jwm says:

    Come at me, bro.

  25. avatar Jross says:

    hahaha /k/ was having fun with this the other night.

    1. avatar Beer_Gut_Boomer says:

      Yeah, it was hilarious to watch it progress…
      I forgot to use a VPN to browse 4chan and everyone involved with that particular thread got IP banned.

  26. avatar shocked american says:

    The prime minister should set the example and disarm her security no assault weapons! same for the Military or police These people will regret this one day in the future! Very Sad!

  27. avatar Demoncrats says:

    There is already a firearm registration database in the USA. The FBI firearm database includes your name, address, and all your firearms by type and serial number. Demoncrats will soon be using it to consficate firearms if morons keep electing the socialist and constitutionally traitorous Demoncrats.

    1. avatar GluteusMaximus says:

      I believe they could prove i bought a gun. I don’t believe they can prove i still have it

      1. avatar Joel says:

        In WW2 Germany, many people died because they couldn’t produce the firearm they genuinely no longer owned just because they were the last person the gun was registered to.

        The sad truth is, this is why so many want to “close the gun show loophole” because right now there isn’t a way to track private sales.

        The real challenge for gun grabbers is the shear volume of firearms in circulation. It’s impossible to confiscate so many firearms right now. There is much resistance. That won’t change anytime soon, but they want to be ready if it ever does.

    2. avatar Bob999 says:

      With New York’s Safe Act netting about 5% compliance, I doubt the global-socialist in America will be as successful as they fantasize. Assuming all the police in the country ignore their constitutional oaths, there simply will not be enough police left to complete the job of confiscating people’s firearms in America. With Sheriffs from around the country promising to ignore confiscation orders, i think we are good. As far as NZ, I guess we will see if they are subjects of the government or they have the heart of a free people.

  28. avatar strych9 says:

    Predictable. So far Labour has done exactly what this guy wanted and the interwebz responded as he wanted too.

    The generational culture war is one the powers that be really can’t win over the medium to long term without basically shutting down modern communications.

    Podesta recognized the dragon. But Podesta was just too stupid to realize that he couldn’t actually control that dragon the way he wanted to and his attempts to do so were only going to make it angry.

    It didn’t work out well for him, his brother or his masters. I doubt it will work out well for the PM or her party.

  29. avatar Joker says:

    My vpn is set for New Zealand Can someone post the url

  30. avatar Thatguy says:

    I’m working on finding the url, but google has obviously modified their search results to only include all the MSM posts about how people are “turning in their weapons in droves”.

  31. avatar Thatguy says:

    Here ya go — you might have to use a proxy or vpn like stated above:

  32. avatar John Moses Browning says:

    What kind of name is Jacinda anyway?

  33. avatar Bob999 says:

    And this is how fast a tyrannical leader can assert their power over a people. This is why you disobey any law that requires you to tell the government what you have. The next steps are always disarmament followed by the loss of other freedoms.

  34. avatar Kiwinews says:

    Fyi it wasn’t mostly gun owners that did this it was the guys at 8chan. They wrote a script to break the captcha and went nuts.

    They also made a ton of real looking entries using real addresses. Pretty sure every mosque in NZ now has a registered firearm on premise…

  35. avatar MR MAX says:

    I left the US after Bill Clinton and Hillary occupied the White House. Being a 5 Time US national rifle Champion and Ruby Ride and Waco having taken place I wasn’t real interested in becoming #3 on that list , as I was already having BATF in my tiny gunshop . Life was good in NZ until the Communist came to control the government , the media lied to the hilt to spread the hate propaganda against people like me and rigged the election process with the MMP system that the people do NOT elect a government it is created by minor party’s selling their support to a second place political party for positions of power . NZ is finished I would advise that it be taken off your bucket list and check out Alaska which is much more beautiful and diverse .

  36. avatar The Grey Man says:

    Now we’ll see who is a lemming in NZ and who is not….

  37. avatar The Grey Man says:

    Oh, another thing… Who else thinks the NZ gov’t will fudge the turn – in numbers???

  38. avatar Ed says:

    Banning something because a minority committed a crime? Could you imagine the shitstorm that would that play out after 9/11?

    “9/11 hijackers were muslim? Ok, all muslims must leave the country within 1 month or face federal prosecution”

    Or if someone went on a stabbing spree…”turn in all knives in your possession by April 18 or risk prosecution”

    1. avatar Ed says:

      And for the record I don’t mean minority as in non-white individuals…I just mean the minority of a group. Are all muslims terrorists because some of them decide to commit suicide attacks on people minding their own business?

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