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 New York legal AR-15? (courtesy

“In February of 2012, 11 months before the state passed their stringent gun law known as the NY SAFE Act, a hotline was set up for people to call who thought they knew someone that possessed an illegal gun,’ reports. “If a person was arrested and convicted the tipster would receive a $500 reward.” So how’s that whole gun snitch thing workin’ out for ya? . . .

According to data from a Freedom of Information Law request, two years later there seems to be no interest in a person turning their neighbor in or most firearms are legally owned. In an email from the Department of Criminal Justice Services the records assessors office wrote the following — ‘there has been one arrest in connection with the NYS Gun Tip Line call. To date no rewards have been given.’

Before Empire State gun owners who forgot to register their now-illegal AR’s breathe a sigh of relief, know this: no one knew about the tip line. It was so under the radar it might as well have been underground. But . . . 1-855-GUNSNYS is still out there, somewhere (sucking-up tax money). If and when battle lines are drawn, say after the first Empire State reenactment of Ruby Ridge, the number could become a key part of the front line. Just sayin’ . . .

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        • If they could have 50 round drums, they wouldn’t need that…. stock, if you can call it that… in the first place.

      • Yes if you change the stock out so it doesn’t have a pistol grip , fixed- non adjustable, remove muzzle break, no forward pistol grip, no bayonet, then it’s legal. Go figure it’s all about cosmetics. Cuomo is a stupid idiot, it’s like calling a girl a slut if she is wearing makeup vs not wearing any.

        • The Gov Malloy of CT has allegedly promised that if someone starts selling those or other work-arounds in CT, he’ll get the law changed again and if that happens to ban all semi-auto rifles in the process, then too bad.

          If you could eliminate the buffer tube, it might look ok.

    • It’s an FRS-15 stock. It’s used to convert a scary-looking evil rifle with a pistol grip and telescoping stock into a scary-looking “featureless” rifle without a pistol grip or telescoping stock. Handy if you’re in a state that’s a little too blue. In CA it will allow you to use a standard capacity magazine without a steenking bullet button.

        • No it won’t. The FRS stock eliminates the pistol grip as an “evil feature” but the SAFE act prohibits ALL magazines over 10 rounds. Pre-ban mags are no longer grandfathered. They must be disposed of (sold out of state or surrendered) or permanently modified.

        • If you read my original post again carefully you’ll see I said California, where the dang monstrosity was invented. Not NY. You are correct it will not allow standard mags in NY but it will in CA if they are pre-ban.

        • Nope. All magazines over 10-tounds are prohibited. Grandfathering pre-’94 mags was eliminated by the SAFE Act.

        • How does NYS feel if you have this configuration but the original stock and pistol grip are still in a box in your garage?

        • Cliff H – It’s not clear, like so many other aspects of the SAFE Act. Theoretically, you can possess a full-featured lower on a manual upper (gas system disabled) and a separate semi-auto AR that is compliant like the one in the pic. Technically, you would only be breaking the law if you cross-swapped the uppers and lowers. But nobody really knows for sure. And nobody wants to ask. Because nobody wants to hear the answer.

      • The biggest plus for Californians is the ability to use a standard mag release, not the steenkin bullet button. Magazine restrictions still apply.

    • Thats the new “save the public” rifle. The “public” was a gonner with the old stock but nooothing to fear now, Randy

    • It is an M4-clone pistol. It has a short barrel and no usable stock. It has been modified with a grip that adds a shoulder rest. This combination is illegal under US law unless registered with a BAFTE $200 tax stamp.

  1. So, you felt compelled to enlighten all the “low information” types on this

    hotline? What, to help the gungrabbers in NY??

    • If it was only a “security through obscurity” model that was preventing potential ratting-out of their fellow citizens, I’d much rather have the gauntlet thrown down to see who crosses that despicable threshold rather than their mere ignorance cloak them from scrutiny.

      • I understand where you are coming from. But for those law abiding citizens that will be trampled by this hotline, that is small comfort.

        • If someone lives in NY and reads this website, they are almost certainly aware of the hotline… and either was a part of setting it up or has no interest in using it.

    • Or any time someone sees a NYC cop carrying a 9mm subgun?

      Gotta have one of those anonymous cash WalMart Tracfones for your ratting-out.

      Let the games begin!

      • Anonymous? Why? I would have called a MWG (man with gun) hotline to report that I was genuinely frightened of an ordinary citizen (cops are) with a gun….

        Second thought, a burner might be the way to go…

    • Larry, read the newspaper. Firearms are being seized ILLEGALLY, by LEO, across the country, recently, in Texas (my home), twice during open carry (supposedly legal for long guns in Texas).

      Now, this scenario: scumbag neighbor, looking to make some money. LEO shows up at your door, makes up lame reason, confiscates your firearms. Do you seriously believe that LEO ANYWHERE care about your “rights”?? Date to register? More smoke and mirrors for those naive enough to believe anything they have to say.

    • I thought California was bad, the only AR’s that need to be registered are those we buy after January 2014 including all rifles shotguns, but for those of who already have a collection of LongGuns no need to register.

    • The snitch hotline isn’t limited to the reporting of unregistered ARs. It was conjured up before the SAFE Act and it applies to unregistered handguns, handguns owned by persons without permits, “illegal transfers”, “high cap” mags, and on and on. Cuomo’s SAFE Act manufactured new criminals by default and he will eventually use the snitch program to capture them. His new laws made the already bad, and practically unknown, snitch program much worse. You can bet he will make the state more aware of the program, as Robert implied at the end of his post. Next time Cuomo needs to look like he’s “doing something” for the anti’s, he’ll start trumpeting the snitch program like it’s a brand new idea invented by him.

      • Your liberal neighbor may be a bigger threat to your guns than any thief. He won’t just phone in a `possible illegal gun’. In fact, forget the snitch line, he’ll just call 911 & tell the operator he’s frightened by your behavior & there are guns involved……..then you’re SWATd. MRAP, jackboots, battering ram, flashbangs, M-4s with all the fixins’ in your supine face, welcome to Brave New World.

        • Right. A single phone call over an airgun sighting can prompt a tactical tidal wave representing several agencies to roll up.

    • How so?

      That particular firearm is specifically designed as to comply with unconstitutional restrictions or firearm ownership.

      When the law defines what is illegal by describing features on a firearm, removing those features brings the firearm into legal compliance, and demonstrates the absurdity of the law.

      Some States ban pistol grips, or thumb hole grips, notice, that firearm has neither.

      In a place such as California, that is considered a “featureless” rifle as it has none of the features that California lists as constituting an “assault weapon”. Hence, the firearm is both legal to own, and does not require a bullet button. The latter is also a way of modifying a firearm to comply with the stupid State laws.

        • The whack a mole legal game is harder than you might think to ban certain firearms.

          Legally, you have to specify exactly what you are trying to accomplish, in a way that the courts can understand it. Without just banning semi-autos, this means the banners have to describe features, and do so in a manner that legally make sense.

          A pistol grip is different from a other grips, it’s something that can be described.

          Try and describe, using specific legal terms, that particular stock, and do so in a manner that doesn’t include all stocks. Now, imagine someone who thinks a barrel shroud is the “shoulder thingy that goes up” trying to write legislation describing how to ban that “stock.” They don’t even know enough about firearms to begin a legal description.

        • Are those guns legal in Maryland as well? I know in Connecticut the governor someone wrote is threatening to just ban all semiauto rifles if someone gets something like that.

        • One other thing, but don’t the AWBs just need to explicitly outlaw AR-15s to stop something like this? For example, I think the Connecticut law says something like, “Any AR-15-type rifle or any AK-47-type rifle…” something like that, with regards to what is banned. I took it as translation for, “Any AR-15 or AK-47 rifle that somehow manages to finagle its way around our new AWB law is still outlawed.”

    • No, that gun is the perfect representation of the thinking of a statist/ liberal/progressive. They take a perfect idea and out of their irrational and delusional fears; they then twist and distort it to where that perfect idea becomes a perversion; a mutation, a deformity.

      This is what happens to a society; to a peoples freedom;when a liberal/progressive/ statist gets in control.

  2. Looks like a CA compliant stock made in the last place you could imaging SAN FRANCISCO. Yes, it’s true

  3. Geez NY is crazy. (Ring….Ring….welcome to the new york SAFE tip line…..yeah my rich neighbor is a jew I mean an assault weapon owner….send the secret police and give me my blood money.

    The article seemed like something I already read and then it came to me….The Nazi Occupation.

    I hope the citizens of New York use the “Tip Line” to bombard them with bogus tips. So many bogus tips that they are forced to shutdown the tip line.

    • Excellent idea!! Carry it one step further. Report the homes of all the state legislators and LEO’s. Anybody got Cuomo’s address?

    • I am thinking the best way to do that is calling in tips on anti-gun politicians, reporters/editors, and their families. Help them feel the pain and fear they are dishing out on everyone else.

      Though I can see the possibility of legal consequences for New Yorkers so perhaps we the free POTG can help.

    • Contrary to popular belief most of the New York City population is middle to lower class working families. However, the rich elite, a small minority located mainly in Manhattan, has co-opted most of the city’s political power through bribes and broken promises to the rest of the population. Unfortunately, the rest of the population hasn’t figured out that they are constantly getting screwed over and they always vote in the next guy who promises not to screw them over. Then does as soon as he’s in power.

  4. This is way too close to the DEA getting search warrants from anonymous tips and calling out the swat guys. It’s not hard to imagine the same scenario with the AR snitch line. Gangsters love to get their rivals taken care of for them by the police not to mention everyday beefs with people.

    • Now that is genuine anti-crime/anti-gang strategy. Do some research, get a burner, make some calls and get a gang war started, As a law abiding citizen with no connection to criminal activity the bad guys will have no idea that you are behind it. Meanwhile NY LE orginizations will be too focused on dealing with rival gangs shooting up the neighborhood to bother the rest of the population.

  5. Its easier than ever with this hyper-paranoid society to keep these lunatics chasing phantoms and harassing the overloads making fools of the system and buring through mountains of cash.

    Why this isnt happening I do not understand.

  6. New Yorkers won’t make a phone call to stop a murder in progress, so I’m not too concerned about this tip line.

    • Au contraire. The fact that they’ll walk by a crime in progress is exactly why they’d turn in their neighbors and friends for non-criminal possession of guns. Those people FAVOR the criminal and would think NOTHING of ratting out their neighbors who are armed. Gun ownership by citizens puts the criminals at a disadvantage, and that’s just “wrong.”

  7. Not bad enough that NY shooters are denied their 2A rights, now they have to look like dorks with their weapons.

  8. 5.56mm rounds are less deadly when the stock is all weird like that…my condolences for my brothers in arms in those slave states…

  9. Those new NY-compliant ARs, are they legal in Maryland as well? I see in Connecticut someone posted that the governor threatened to just ban all semi auto rifles if someone gets one of those.

  10. The “Kill People to make them SAFE” act is going to be the start of something the Poilticans are really going to regret if they live through it. They will get away with painting the first 10-20 people killed in middle of the night No Knock raids as extremeists but then people are going to start to realize that they are going to get killed anyway and start shooting first. Once it breaks into open violence some are going to remember Clinton’s “Rules of Engagement” and the ARs are going to be put away in foavor of .270s, .308s and 30/06s with 20 power scopes. Their “Green Zone” is going to have to be pretty damn big and will tie up an awful lot of cops to man the walls.

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