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The New Yorker is nauseatingly elitist. Occasionally they outdo themselves. Andy Borowitz’ attempt to make his readers laugh is a case in point: he’s got his head so far up his anti-gun fundament that he inadvertently stumbles onto the truth about guns. Like this:

Americans who feared that Barack Obama would come for their guns are happy that Donald Trump is coming for their health care, a new report finds.

In interviews conducted across the country, people expressed satisfaction that, by taking away their ability to see a doctor rather than their ability to shoot people, the federal government “finally has its priorities straight.”

“I couldn’t get a night’s sleep, worrying about Obama taking away my guns,” Carol Foyler, a gun owner from Kentucky, said. “Now that we have a President who’s just taking away my family’s health care, I can breathe easier.”

Harland Dorrinson, a gun fancier from Wyoming, concurred. “In Europe, everyone has health care and no one has guns,” he said. “You couldn’t pay me to live there.” Noting that thousands of people die in hospitals every year, he added, “Health care has killed more people than guns have.”

True! According to . . .

A study in the current issue of the Journal of Patient Safety says . . . between 210,000 and 440,000 patients each year who go to the hospital for care suffer some type of preventable harm that contributes to their death. That would make medical errors the third-leading cause of death in America, behind heart disease, which is the first, and cancer, which is second.”

So . .. what part of that is funny? What part of any of Borowitz’ article is funny? In fact, truer words were never written in [a lame attempt at] jest.

Tracy Klugian, a gun hobbyist in Florida, said he strongly supported the Trump Administration’s policy, which he summarized as, “If you like the guns you have, you can keep those guns.”


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  1. As if Americans could never get healthcare before Obamacare.

    He is just a Democrat operative with a byline.

    • True. Osamacare has nothing to do with health care and everything to do with wealth redistribution. Anyone can get top notch health care in America, the question is how to make someone else pay for it.

      • The question is how to get someone to pay for it since you are working two minimum wage jobs just to pay the rent and buy groceries, and there is nothing else left at the end of the month…
        What many people simply do not understand is that retail is one of if not the largest employer in the country, that most pay minimum or near minimum wage, and that many large retailers typically schedule their employees for less than 30 hours a week so that they do not have to provide health care. Many “assistant managers” have the title because then the employer can require OT without paying time and a half. Thus, many Americans with families are living on the very edge of or below the poverty line while working 60 plus hours a week making minimum wage with no benefits. Just how are they supposed to afford “world class healthcare”? Why do you think that being on welfare, which pays “better” in terms of low cost housing, food stamps and free medical care, is so attractive?

        • Mark N. is describing the real America. That’s the America that elected Trump. That’s the reality on the ground out there.

          It ain’t a pretty sight, but it’s true.

          For those too young, long before ObamaCare, long before “managed care”, long before HMOs, health insurance used to cost about $200/month for a family. That paid 80%, you paid 20%, and that was it. That’s the whole deal, and that’s all you needed. Today, I have an ObamaCare policy that costs $900/month (for two!), and it pays absolutely NOTHING until I meet my $10,000 deductible. I’m out $20,000 per year before I receive one PENNY in benefits.

          It started with the HMOs, and it’s only gotten worse since.

        • Holy Sh_t MarkN, how is it that the employer is brought into this argument at all. Idiots of the world don’t seem to understand that IT’S NOT THE EMPLOYER’S PROBLEM.


          Further, MF idiots don’t get that if the employer was able to pay more (and you, and enough others, still bought the employer’s product of services) the cost of living and taxes would immediately return those people to the same standard of living. If the U.S. minimum wage was $0.03 then the average wage earner would be able to purchase goods and services ON THAT WAGE commensurate WITH THE SAME NUMBER OF HOURS WORKED.

          EXCEPT THAT





          Quit being a communist.

          AND txTed

          LOOOOONG before that, Insurance was a way to compensate executives without raising their taxable wage. Shortly before that insurance was just what a company purchased to protect itself against the loss of a good employee. Shortly before that nobody had health insurance, and people still got healthcare EVEN IN RURAL AREAS.

        • Everyone agrees that the POS MFing (D) are an FING scourge, and they don’t give a flying F about whether you have health care.






          People are going without medications that are only $23 CHECK WITH YOUR LOCAL PHARMACIST AND ASK THEM HOW MANY “REJECTED PICK-UPS” (people not picking-up or rescinding a prescription request) have occurred since Obamacare kicked in (CLUE: IT IS 15-20 X AS HIGH).

          The only reason why the POS evil (D) think of you at all, is when they get pissed off that they didn’t kill you with scissors as you were coming out of your mother to please their master.

        • “and that many large retailers typically schedule their employees for less than 30 hours a week so that they do not have to provide health care.”

          You realize that before OCare no employer HAD TO provide health-care to their employees – many just did. Its OC’s requirement, arbitrarily set at 40 hours, that necessitates the cut-back in hours, because the mandate ignores a business’ realities about what it can and cant afford, and consequently what it can and will provide.

          It was governent interference in markets that gave us emplyee provide insurance as a concept in the first place. Its been going on so long people just think thats the way it is, and then OCare comes along an turns a historical stop-gap fix to government medeling into a mandatory cost of doing business in this country. Basically piling another 5lbs of shit into our 2.5lb bag.

        • This is where the REAL role of government comes in. The present perceived libritard concept is that the Pofoks need free health care ’cause they are working at low paying jobs, sometimes 2 at a time.

          The real activity of government is to boom the economy and cut the (real) unemployment rate down to the sub 5% level and employers have to pay more to get people to take the jobs. Mo Money, benefits (like health care) and such just to get and keep employees. You would make enough money to pay for health care if you didn’t get it as a benefit. With the real unemployment rate in the 10 – 12 % range employers can afford to be cheap.

          Back in the late ’90’s I was talking to a client of mine from the heartland flyover country who was having a tough time hiring anyone to fill open positions. Apparently McDonald’s was paying $18/hr just to get burger flippers! His area had a 2% unemployment rate and employers paid dearly for help. Thanks to libritard economics, today you have a buyer’s market for employers and the unwashed masses are lining up at the trough for the free food and health care.

          Welcome to slavery!

        • These assertions range from outright false to, at best, partially correct, but grossly misleading.

          I can go point by point in rebuttal, but since I already know for a fact that you haven’t bothered to fact check yourself in the slightest, I won’t.

          First off, I’m not here to teach rudimentary lessons. Debate is great, but you have to come to class with your homework completed. It takes far too much space and time to start from scratch.

          Second, you wouldn’t believe anything I write, anyway. If you had any interest in the truth, you would gave sought it on your own before posting. You’re certainly not going to accept anything from me (or the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) that refutes your beliefs.

          So I’ll just bottom line it and state that extremely few people are making minimum wage at one job, let alone working two. People at that pay rate are mostly teenagers and young adults under 25. In other words, people with little education and/or experience. Once they obtain one or both of those, they move up the pay ladder like everyone else.

          Companies cannot re-title employees to screw them out of OT pay. The Labor Dept. has a set criteria for what constitutes an exempt or non-exempt employee. It goes by the nature of the job, including the degree of independent judgment required of the employee. TItles mean nothing, as successful lawsuits for backpay have proven.

          If it’s hard to raise a family on or near minimum wage, well, then don’t have a family until you’re financially responsible for one. That’s on you as an individual, not the economy or the government or employers or me.

        • Mark N makes good points .
          I’ll make mine: I worked , studied, and navigated the business world to get to a point where I have good insurance along with a nice paycheck and satisfied life. I started with nothing.
          If I could do it so can others.
          The state is that great fictitious entity by which one man seeks to live at the expense of others
          — Fredrick Bastite 1892

        • Jonathan, we seldom disagree, but as you noted, debate is great, but you have to do your homework first…

          Items of note – This is a survey of a whopping 60K households (joke). Most importantly, it’s just about people making the Federal minimum wage ($7.25), which doesn’t include the folks with a State Minimum of say, $8.00. Or even $9.00. People making $7.26 also wouldn’t count.

          Yes, there were a far greater number on Fed Minimum in 1979, difference being that you could actually live on 40 hours, have an OK apartment, a cheap car, food, and some money for entertainment. Today? Yeah, good luck on even $10. Not to menti0on Obozocare mandates and the fact that their hours have been cut so employers don’t have to pay for insurance.

          If the Fed Min had simply kept up with inflation, it’d be around $10-12, depending on what source you reference.

          As for companies ‘not being able to re-title employees to screw them out of overtime’, seriously? Have you ever worked in a company, or had a non-executive job? You supposedly “can’t” use H1-B scum to take jobs away from American workers either, yet it happens everyday.

        • Help me out here – how does working less than 30 hours bar one from getting healthcare? Wake the F up and stop lying. What you mean is part timers don’t generally qualify for company benefits, one of which is group health insurance. So a part timer might not be able to buy health insurance through their employer, but this in no way stops one from going to the doctor. Let me take this a step,further and what you REALLY don’t like is not having someone else pay for your healthcare, which is what the ACA is really about, with a nice side of payoffs for all involved, save the healthcare provider.

      • Wealth redistribution is just a side-effect of the true goals of Obamacare. It was designed from the start to fail, having destroyed the private insurance market in the process. They were hoping to pave the way for a single-payer system like the terrible proposal that Bernie Sanders recently left floating in the punch bowl, once they destroyed the existing system. The reason they want single-payer so badly is because it provides yet another mechanism of control over the lives of Americans. Once you’re the only game in town for healthcare, it’s pretty effective to threaten to take it away if people get too uppity.

        • You nailed it as far as Obummercare is concerned, and the reasons it was implemented. Just don’t forget that the commie “single payer” gives the non-voluntary government total control of the health care providers and about everyone else involved except the big pharma companies.

          Even now, “health care” is mostly about pushing pills and all kinds of very questionable things on patients, with little or no effort made to actually learn what’s wrong or discover safe and effective ways to deal with it.

          Just wait until your health care is run like the DMV…

        • Don’t forget all of the “players”. Hillary pitched obaminalcare back during POS (D) “Peyronie” Bill’s term.

          GE [General Electric] placed the winning bid for the “health records database” AND THEY GOT PAID FOR,

          AND BUILT

          THE MF.

          Who has access to that information??? WHO THE F KNOWS. But the keepers of those keys ARE MAKING BANK ON YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION.

        • Ever notice how in all the blather about obozo care or single payer, none of the politicians ever mention the outrageous cost of getting healthcare (as in getting treatment?) they are always focused on the insurance aspect – and have largely brainwashed the dumbass citizens into equating healthcare to mean the same thing as health insurance? The fix to this mess isn’t in how insurance gets paid for, it’s addressing the criminally high cost of the care and associated drugs/medical devices.

      • Yeah, I, like most employed people had health insurance before Obamacare. I kept my doctor but I didn’t keep my plan. Almost nobody did. It was effectively outlawed by Obamacare. Or, so saddled with regulations to be a worse plan, not better. And then it doubled in cost to me over a 3 year period. And that even with my employer eating most of the increases.

        So, you place a crushing financial burden on about 250 million people just to insure about 12 million. And still 30-50 million aren’t insured.

        Obamacare explained in one sentence: “Some people don’t have health insurance, so let’s fuck up the entire system for those who do.”

  2. Fortunately for this asshat and his smug readers, unlike ObamaCare, the government isn’t forcing them to buy a gun.

    • exactly. i have yet to have any obama supporter explain to me how fining someone for not having health insurance, GETS THEM HEALTH INSURANCE. its just another way for the government to get money it doesn’t deserve. and of course garner votes for the dems.

      • To be fair, the fine for not having health insurance isn’t designed to force anyone to get the insurance; the cost of the insurance would be higher than the fine.
        Instead, it’s just another way to do two things…
        Tell the ignorant peasants that those who don’t get insurance are being punished (they aren’t), and…
        Put more money into the government’s coffers for absolutely nothing.

        Which nicely sums up part of the way our government works: lie to the people, and collect money for no reason that makes any sense.

    • Well kinda sort of it is. You figure income tax is mandatory in that if you do not pay it men with guns will point said guns at you. And a good junk of that money goes to buy guns . . . and ammo . . . and a bunch of other weapons 🙂

      And least when American citizens buy guns they do so with their money . . . or they put it on their credit card and default or file bankruptcy.

  3. summarized as, “If you like the guns you have, you can keep those guns.”
    It wasn’t the guns I have that concerned me so much as the ones I would’ve liked to have someday that scared me.

  4. I sort of worked for Jane Kramer the New Yorker European correspondent in Paris very briefly in the mid ’90s. She was such an a$$whole that even the other New Yorker writers all hated her as far as I could tell. I was like the kid in Swimming with Sharks and she of course was the Kevin Spacey character. I didn’t last long enough to get to the part where I captured and tortured her, I kinda wish I had. That would be a treasured memory.

  5. A lot of us have the problem best stated as, “If I buy another gun, my wife will kill me with it.” Wouldn’t it be simply grand if the ObamaCare paradigm was applied to firearms? If you DIDN’T buy a new gun every year, you’d be fined a substantial amount for your failure to obtain at least one serviceable firearm, either rifle, shotgun, or handgun – your choice. Then all you’d have to worry about is the arguments over who got to choose which gun that year.

    • Wouldn’t it be great if our Founding Fathers killed some MFs over this and set up a system where we could corn hole some MFs with some C-4 if cr_p like this ever reared its stupid head again, then we wouldn’t be stuck with this tyrannical bullshit.

  6. Coming for my health care?

    Jesus I could write a book on how retarded that is. Maybe this moron should try to run out and buy some ACA compliant insurance tomorrow morning.

    He might be shocked to find out that buying ACA compliant insurance, outside the open enrollment dates, is illegal unless you’ve 1) had a kid in the last 90 days, lost a job (through no fault of your own) in the last 90 days, been divorced in the last 90 days or been released from incarceration in the last 90 days.

    Other than that, no compliant insurance for you.

    What’s that? The exchange screwed up your application and you spent a month and a half on the phone trying to unfuck that situation but got nowhere because the state exchange blamed the national exchange, both exchanges blamed the insurance company and the company was legally barred from helping you in any way until the exchange(s) gave them the right paperwork? Well of course there’s a waiver for that right? HA!

    Of course you can buy direct from the company without the exchanges getting in the way, right? HA!

    The ACA is a complete disaster and anyone defending it is a moron or totally ignorant of how it actually works IRL.

    • Since I am self employed I have to deal with it too. Mine has gone up an average of 76.7% a year, and I haven’t been able to stick with the same insurer from one year to the next because they keep dropping out. I also spend about 15 to 20 hours per year on the phone trying to get things fixed. Oh and I have to re-enter everything about me every year because the system isn’t able to access any of that information from a previous year.

      • 76.7%!? Damn. I thought ~48%/year was bad!

        But thank God I have maternity care now. Not just for the wife but for me too!

        • And if you don’t like your gender, you don’t have to keep it!:-) You never know when that’ll come in handy.
          Oh, and it was the 120% the first year that drove up my rate the most. Previously, I had been on an international plan for expats.

        • Well, the gov’t simply figures that, whatever your gender, if they f’k you enough times, you might actually get pregnant.

          Our HI was very expensive (in my opinion) before. Then they made our policy illegal, so we buy O’Care from the same company. It’s still expensive.

          What galls me is this, that I buy insurance with after-tax money. The corporations get to deduct what they pay for employee HI….but the HI subsidy is also not taxable to the employee. Gov’t employees are also not taxed on the benefit. This basically means that every entrepreneur and independent professional gets screwed, unless they work some fancy corporate paperwork for themselves. Which they should. Don’t work for yourself. Work for an anonymous Nevada corporation that you happen to control.

        • “And if you don’t like your gender, you don’t have to keep it!:-) You never know when that’ll come in handy.”

          Strych’s wife is in fully in charge of changing him into a her, and likely *will*, if he ever pisses her off.

          Right, Strych? 😉

          (You know, Strych, that might be a fun comedy angle to include in your new ‘Tube project, call it “Watch Strych Dance” as you dodge heavy objects flung at you by a *very* pissed-off Mrs…)


        • I try not to piss her off to the point that she throws things. At that point I might need some ObamaCare to patch me up.

          Also, our YouTube channel will be serious and professional. There will be no drinking, swearing (including blasphemy), carousing, smoking, chewing, chewing gum or any mention of any of the above (or anything else unprofessional). It’s gonna be like a damn church. A really quiet, reserved and conservative church.

          I might call it the “No Fun Zone” and just disable comments. LOL!

  7. My fiancée ended up working at a local hardware store when she moved in with me. Thanks to Obamacare, she was working six days a week, earning $8.50/hr and getting fewer than 30 hours a week in pay.

    She never got overtime, and never got more than 29.5 hours of work. She couldn’t afford to register the car that I GAVE her on these slave wages, and had to walk home in the pouring rain and at night by herself on the nights I was working.

    She was never anti-gun, but she wanted to get a CCW permit before a driver’s license, because “I need a gun more than I need to stay dry; it’s only two miles anyway.” You know what she didn’t have? Health insurance.

    How does this snooty, ignorant journo propose she get an abortion if she gets raped walking home from her menial job? I’m sure that’s his answer to the vulnerable position the Left has placed her in; but she can’t get insurance if she can’t afford groceries, meaning that she’s worse off than anyone ever was before.

    If Obamacare makes someone homeless because they can’t survive within its rules, they’re going to need a gun to guarentee health and safety a damn sight more than they’re going to need access to 4th tier medical insurance.

    • 29.5 hours is becoming an industry wide standard in all retail businesses–because once the worker hits 30, the employer has to provide health care. My daughter dealt with this for years—now she has another dead end job, but at least the huge international megacorp provides very good health care benefits. Now if she could only afford to pay off her student loans for a college degree from an elite university that still has failed to land her a decent job….

      • Again, it’s not the employer’s problem, POS (D) and socialists/communists/globalists/greenturds of the world hope to keep that stupid MF drum beat going enough in an attempt to get ignorant aholes to go along with communistic nationalization of industry and commerce (e.g., Venezuela, China, NK, Russia), so that you all have to eventually work for the FING government run by POS communist (D).

        and you’re daughter failed herself at gaining sustaining employment.

      • I feel your and her pain, but maybe if some homework was done on what degrees were in demand, she would have a job now.

        • Eh, we all makes our own choices by what’s important to us.

          If making lots of money was super important to me, I wouldn’t have majored in English. Getting paid to do something I enjoy and have some talent for was more important, so here I am.

          Having my children raised by their own parents (rather than by daycare providers) was very important to me and my wife, so she took the role of full-time caregiver. She could have made as much money as I do (if not more), and we would’ve been financially secure with two incomes, but that role was important to her. So here we are.

          Financial security is an opportunity cost that we traded for other things. I may complain about being relatively poor and hanging onto the ragged edge of lower-middle class by my fingernails, but most of the more lucrative degrees and careers I could’ve taken instead would probably have made me miserable. And when I look back, those choices have been reasonably happy ones for me, both at work and at home. I could have made more money, even in my present career, by spending a lot more time at the office. But I wouldn’t trade the time I spent with my children instead for anything. So here I am.

          So… Maybe you’re right in raw terms.

          But telling people “you should have made a better choice” doesn’t erase the problem at hand, which is that Obamacare has crippled the very thing it was ostensibly meant to provide — and screwed up a lot of other things besides.

        • Research on degrees can be helpful pointer but that’s it.

          Until someone invents a crystal ball you’re still just guessing at what the economy will be demanding four years in the future.

          The only thing I know for absolute certain is that the day after Trump won the “Help Wanted” signs started popping up all around my area. Before that a degree didn’t matter, family and friendly connections are what mattered. If you didn’t know someone you were going to have a hell of a time getting much past minimum wage.

      • Mark N.,

        I hear you, and it’s too late now, but college degrees from expensive universities are often the worst financial decision a young person can make.

        That doesn’t make it the taxpayer’s problem.

        Unless someone is getting a degree in a professional field where brand names count (such as a law degree or MBA), it’s just not worth it to go to “elite” universities. The payback just isn’t’ there for a sociology degree (or whatever) from an ivy league or other “elite” school.

        Additionally, they tend to be liberal indoctrination camps.

  8. A right is the ability to buy a gun if you want, or to say whatever you want and the govt does nothing about it.
    The govt forcing you to buy a shitty product or they will send a armed swat team to take your money for said shitty product is, well, it’s not a right, that’s for sure. Actually i think about it more like a robbery or racketeering or hard selling at least.

  9. I detect a very distinct aura of “I know better than you” smugness off this person. The same aura from Audi drivers and apple product users.

    • As an owner of both an Audi (2001 TT Quatro Roadster) and SEVERAL iPhones over the years, I take deliberate offense at your insult (/sarc off now). Honestly though, way way back in the dark ages, I worked retail. It sucked sweaty ballsacks, big-time! I busted my posterior to improve my skillset until I could actually get a job that led to a CAREER! It wasn’t easy, I didn’t fall out of the womb with anything guaranteed but a hard time. If you work some swamp-water-sucking job, better yourself (no, nobody will PAY you to do it – you HAVE to do it yourself – that’s how the world really works, regardless of what the full-potato libtards would have you believe). Then find a job that has the benefits you want and/or need! Again, that’s how the world actually works. Nobody owes YOU anything YOU haven’t earned – period.

      I know, I know – that really blows – but that IS the way things work.

  10. Rich white liberals have the police on speed dial in the guarded and gated community they live in. That is far away from the any “gun free zone” ghetto.

    No wonder that hate, “guns for everyone”, President Trump.

  11. The Constitution was to limit the federal government and I’ve been through the documents many times and I fail to see health care however I did locate The Right To Keep and Bear Arms Shall Not Be Infringed.

    • it’s amazing how liberals have managed to conjure up rights under the penumbra of other right not enumerated in the constitution….but cannot or will not simply read the plain English meaning of the Second Amendment.

      I’m not going to debate whether abortion is good policy or bad policy. But what is NOT debatable is that abortion is not in the Constitution, and it is an absurd logic leap to contend (as some libtards do) that abortion was even contemplated as a right by the founders.

      Roe V Wade is probably the most illogical SCOTUS ruling of all time, with liberal justices contorting themselves to get the policy outcomes that they preferred.

      This is what concerns me about the Second Amendment: there are liberal justices who simply will NOT acknowledge the plain English meaning of the enumerated right because they don’t personally like it.

  12. Here’s the summary. The numbers of deaths due to repeal of Obamacare and the number of people that would lose coverage are based on the repeal of Obamacare and NOTHING REPLACING IT. Right there you can see the numbers are flawed.

    There are numbers being tossed around. First is the number of deaths if Obamacare is ended. These numbers run from 18,000 to 100,000. Second is the number of people that would lose coverage if Obamacare was repealed.

    “Here again, the answer is no, but my reason for reaching that conclusion is a bit more complicated. 21,000 is DailyKos’s back-of-the-envelope estimate that comes from an estimate by Charles Gaba (who runs the website) that repeal of Obamacare (without replacement) could result in 23.1 million Americans losing their health insurance (Gaba constantly updates his figures, the latest being 25.3 million). Reporter Jon Per then multiplied that figure by .091% based on a Harvard study showing that uninsured adults were 40% more likely to die than statistically equivalent adults with private health insurance. This excess risk implies that there is 1 excess death for every 1,094 uninsured (Table 2).

    This analysis has two problems: it grossly exaggerates the number who will lose coverage if Obamacare is repealed and it grossly overestimates the “excess deaths” that would result if indeed the number of uninsured went up.

    “How Many Will Lose Coverage if Obamacare is Repealed? First, Gaba’s figure of 23.1 million (now 25.3 million) includes everyone who gained Medicaid coverage due to Obamacare since 2010. Such individuals constitute 57% of the total he estimates would lose coverage. But a new study by Jonathan Gruber (yes, that Jonathan Gruber) shows that 70% of coverage gains attributable to Medicaid were due to people already eligible for Medicaid under the old eligibility rules. Obamacare can be given credit for pulling such individuals out of the “woodwork” and onto Medicaid, but there is no reason to suppose that states would dump these individuals if Obamacare ended. Removing such individuals from Gaba’s latest count would reduce it by 10.1 million or 39.7%. So in the worst case scenario, assuming Republicans fail utterly to craft a replacement plan, the reduction in coverage would be 15.2 million, not 23.1 million. This alone would reduce the “death sentence” to 13,800.

    But even this figure is a gross exaggeration in that it presumes Obamacare is entirely repealed without any replacement. However, anyone paying attention knows that is not what Republicans are seeking to achieve. Everyone from president-elect Trump to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan has made clear their intention to replace Obamacare, not merely repeal it.

    • “Reporter Jon Per then multiplied that figure by .091% based on a Harvard study showing that uninsured adults were 40% more likely to die than statistically equivalent adults with private health insurance.”

      Also, people on Medicaid do not have private health insurance. The medical outcomes for people without coverage and people who have Medicaid are the same. Therefore, you would have to take out all the people on Medicaid before using the .091% multiplier.

  13. ‘Now that we have a President who’s just taking away my family’s health care…’

    Uh… it was O’Bama that got 7,000,000 of us (myself included) thrown off our health insurance and the only reason I don’t have health insurance today is Obamacare. Now they want 5 or 6 times as much with a higher out of pocket. Fuck ’em. I’ll just pay for my health care out of pocket.


      • The best deal I could get now is through my wife’s work, but the break even point is over $7500/yr., which is 10 times more than I’ve spent in the past 2 decades. Be a bit different if it cost $680 a year with a big deductible (like I used to have).

  14. For the folks that think the government should be in the health care business because health care is a critical item involving your health…….

    …then why shouldn’t we have government in control of our food supply chain?

    Going without health care MIGHT kill you after many months or years without it but going without food will CETAINLY kill you in a matter of weeks or months.

    Why shouldn’t Uncle Sam be telling what Whole Foods and TRaders Joes can have on their shelves?

    • I realize that that is sarcasm, but the answer (for those that don’t recognize the sarcasm… And I know you’re out there) is: Venezuela.

  15. Apparently it’s tough for this dude to wrap his head around the fact that some people have principles. Some people actually believe that government has neither right to take away their guns, nor the money they’ve earned, only to hand it over to some slouch who made shitty life decisions and likely ate his way into the hospital.
    Your choice to:
    1. Stuff your face at every meal
    2. Not exercise
    3. Drop out of college
    4. Not budget
    5. Be lazy
    6. Text while driving
    7. Drink yourself stupid
    8. Feel sorry for yourself and blame everyone else for your problems
    9. [insert lame excuses, ad nauseum]
    …does not entitle you to any portion of my paycheck.

    Some people don’t want gun control OR Obamacare, because both are patently wrong. See how easy that was?

  16. So, a satire created by a person sufficiently detached from reality…demonstrates objective reality despite the absence of core factual evidence to base it upon? That’s a rather philosophically deep corollary to Poe’s Law, I have to say. Maybe the cloistered ivory tower liberals *can* be the perfect rulers of a Utopia after all, so long as they are kept oblivious & convinced they are merely writing plot lines for a fictional depiction of backward Americans living outside the city walls?

  17. For anyone thinking the government should be dealing in healthcare I ask you to just look at the VA. Seriously take a really good look, yes it’s awesome in certain areas or if you manage to get a decent doc but by and large it Fing blows!! Long waits, travelling a good way (3 hrs for me. Travel pay? Yeah lololololol barely covers a happy meal and you get it 2 months later) for simple things like x rays, radiologists that miss 8cm tumors in your pelvis because they wants that productivity bonus (lookin at you Marion, Illinois VA Hospital), and rather than look for alternative treatments for minor issues they’ll fling pills.
    So yeah this is just barely scratching the surface. Can anyone honestly say the government should run healthcare with the VA and the military’s post hospitals shining as beacons of governmental incompetence in the arena of healthcare?

  18. Big government created every distortion in the health care market– only fools think that more government meddling will make it better.

  19. There is another option to health care. It’s called a “health care sharing ministry”. It is exempt from Obama care penalties and you can go to any doctor you choose. I have had it for about 3 years now. Pay only $200 per month and recently they paid over $56,000 to fix my severed tendons from a recent accident. The best part is the yearly deductible is only $500!! Google it!…I have Liberty Health Share and LOVE it. They do not take gays or pre-existing conditions which allows them to keep the premiums low.

  20. “If it saves just ONE child’s life we MUST “ban” Healthcare after all it’s “for the children”!, despite the high mortality rate due to medical mistakes/accidents/malpractice/misdiagnosis that’s something we will NEVER hear out of the mouths of Democrats like Diane FeinSTEIN, N.J.’s Loretta WeinBERG, Mike BloomBERG et. al.

  21. My, a whole lot of panties being wedged into cracks here. There are many problems with America, one of which is the remoteness of Washington from the everday reality of American lives. They don’t know about your problems and they don’t care. All your politicians want is to keep on the party ticket, and to keep sucking at the tit of party campaign financing and the much larger quantity of cash handed to them in briefcases by the lobby groups who actually control US politics. The American system is one of the most corrupt in the world. Public officials are permitted to have multiple streams of income from commercial entities (drug companies, anyone?) which are much higher than their official public wage. Whose orders do you think they are going to obey? Look at the CDC for an example of this, and the Treasury department. People are hired for their contacts within a related field, but they continue to receive payments from those entities, which drastically affects how they perform their public duties. This was shown during the GFC. The guardians of public wealth were asleep at the wheel because they were paid to ignore the warnings of a coming financial meltdown. In the same way, your entire health system has been captured by the insurance industry, magnifying and multiplying your personal health costs. Do you think things are this way overseas? They are not. In British Commonwealth countries, governments operate public health systems which provide adequate health care for the vast majority of the population. Private health insurance is largely unnecessary.

    And what is it with this business of labelling any who oppose your opinion as a Communist? You don’t know any communists, you have never met one, yet you dare to accuse anyone who disagrees with you of being one? This is a gross insult to the millions of people throughout the twentieth century who have suffered imprisonment and execution by brutal Communist regimes. History has proved time and again that Communism goes against every grain of human behavior, and every state which tries it has failed. People who disagree with you are not and never have been Communists. If you continue to insist that they are, you proclaim yourself an ill bred, ill educated moron.

    Just be grateful that you have retained the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, which has disappeared in most of the world. This ensures your freedom, but unfortunately the Washington mandarins who dictate your lives don’t care whether you are armed or not. They have woven a web of insidious corruption into the political system which ensures that their wishes will always be granted, and yours won’t. If you want power back, get rid of Washington root and stock. There is nothing there that will do you any good. You can’t vote out a corrupt system.

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