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The same New York State Senator who mounted a campaign against saggy pants back in March now reckons that parents should search their houses for contraband. While the adults in charge at casa Farago are firm believers in TBV (Trust But Verify), and I consider being a teenager probable cause for any number of crimes and misdemeanors, Senator Adams’ decision to suggest that his voters’ children are less than perfect angels is further indication that he’s had a recent reality divorce. Equally clearly, he’s watched too much CSI. Or too little.

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  1. By 1st Amendment, I think he meant 4th. After all, he was talking about searches. It’s a little discouraging when a elected official is not familiar with the Bill of Rights.

  2. Oh. My. God. Did anyone watch that train wreck before they hit the upload button? Well, up until today I hadn’t heard about baby dolls that secrete drugs (03:24).

  3. For saying the First Amendment when he meant the Fourth, three times I think it was, I’m sure the pro-gun bloggers will reduce him to something worse than Rep. McCarthy over her failure to define “barrel shroud.”

    But, I liked his message. Parents need to be better involved and some of his constituents are probably very much in need of improvement.

  4. This guy likes to open his big mouth and insert both feet, the kitchen sink and anything else in the immediate area. LOL


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