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HPR ammo (courtesy

“State lawmakers from Brooklyn announced on Monday new legislation aimed at tightly restricting the sale of ammunition in New York,” reports. “The Senate and Assembly bills were drafted in an effort to keep potential terrorists from stocking up on ammo, according to sponsors state Sen. Roxanne Persaud and Assemblymember Jo Anne Simon.” Yeah, right. Skipping all the yada yada yada, we learn that the amendment to the SAFE Act would limit Empire State gun owners’ ammo purchasers to twice a gun’s capacity every ninety days. As the Eagle points out . . .

While the measure is aimed at owners of assault rifles, the language contained in the draft legislation would also affect owners of handguns with much smaller capacities, such as six-shooters.

Since the measure would cap the amount of ammunition to no more than twice the amount of the capacity of the weapon every 90 days, these gun owners would be limited to buying a dozen bullets every three months.

This provision is likely to make the bill unpopular with everyday gun owners and advocacy groups including the National Rifle Association.

Ya think?

This amendment to the SAFE Act could well be the most impractical gun control legislation ever drafted – and that’s saying something. In order for it to “work,” anyone selling ammunition in New York would have to have immediate access to a database of gun owners that revealed how many of what type of guns they own, and how much ammo they’d bought in what caliber, and when. In the case of the “six-shooter” above, the ammo provider would have to sell less than a box of ammo.

You may recall that the Empire State suspended the ammunition registration part of New York’s passed-in-the-dead-of-the-night-insituted-as-an-“emergency”-measure, unconstitutional, ironically-named SAFE Act because it was unworkable and really, really expensive. Which makes this amendment nothing less than a fascist farce. It gets worse . . .

Under the proposal, Section 270.00 of the New York State Penal Law would be amended to prevent gun dealers from selling ammunition for a firearm to anyone unauthorized to have such a weapon, regardless of the weapon type. Under the current code, only pistols and revolvers are specifically regulated. The bills sponsors say this creates a “loophole” for those seeking to purchase ammunition for assault weapons.

If enacted, no one could sell.223 or 5.56 caliber ammunition in New York. How would the State enforce these provisions? The same way they enforce ANY law: by force.

Penalty for the violation of this law would also be increased from a Class B misdemeanor, or not more than three months in jail and not more than $500 in fines, to a Class E felony, or up to four years in prison with a minimum of one year.

A one-year minimum jail sentence for buying more ammo than allowed, or the wrong type of ammo? Did I just wake up in Communist China? Grandstanding aside, any New Yorker who thinks the State won’t come after their unregistered “assault rifles” take note: judging by their determination to destroy citizen’s gun rights, they bloody well will. [h/t HB]

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  1. With a 10 round mag limit, can they even buy a box of practice pistol ammo anymore? Or do they have to buy “loosies” on the street. Oh, wait, that didn’t turn out well either…

    • The unintended consequence will be people unable to train with their weapons. Folks won’t practice and familiarity and safety will suffer. There will be a few accidental shootings and the Man will say, “See? Citizens can’t be trusted to safely use firearms. We need stronger laws.” Hmm, maybe it was intended after all.

      • The intended consequence is to dry-up the supply of ammunition, making guns useless. And yes, they will soon get around to placing a limit on the number of rounds that may be kept. How to enforce ? Actually quite easy: send demand notice to everyone that they must surrender all ammunition above whatever mandated amount. Then whenever someone is arrested, charge them with non-compliance along with whatever primary offense (traffic stops/tickets included). The fear of being charged with non-compliance for even a parking ticket will be a power dissuader.

        • Yep. If you’re limited to buying a single box of pistol ammunition every 6 months, nobody will be able to make a profit selling ammunition in NY state. The supply will be gone.

    • So I can only buy eight shells a year for my single barrel shotgun. While Bob over there can buy 20 bangs every 90 days for his Glock? That’s discrimination based on ammo preference!

      If the law passes, I’m getting a BMG to make it worth while. Cannot afford more than a dozen .50s anyway.

  2. And, of course, this will do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to stop criminals or terrorists.

    Once again, the derp continues to be strong in that state’s guvment.

    • They totally know it won’t do anything to stop terrorist or even slow them down. Their motivation for doing this is to incrementally strip people of their firearms. Simple as that.

      I know liberals, I used to be one, they are self righteous control freaks. I know how they think.

    • Also note that Mr. Adams is a retired cop; the law won’t affect him. New York cops say that non-LEO’s shouldn’t have guns because they don’t train, use useful idiots (ahem, sorry, low information voters) to pass laws to PREVENT them from training, then then say, ‘See, I told you that non-LEOs aren’t adequately trained to be trusted with a gun.’ Disarm everyone but the cops,rinse, repeat, and in a couple of decades we have a Mexican-style utopia where common citizens are at the mercy of the criminals and the police only have stir from siesta to stomp out civil dissent. NY residents, make sure to let Mr. Adams know what you think about his idea:

      • Given NYPD’s dismal hit ratio, I think they should be subject to this limit. It’s really idiotic because you need 50 rounds to shoot quals.

    • No, the obvious answer is to buy a belt fed… I can afford enough links that I wouldn’t be able oto afford the rounds to hit my ammo limit.

      (There are pistol caliber links and rifles out there too.)

      • I live in NY. The SAFE Act was supposed to include a state wide provision for background checks on ammo purchases, to be run by the State Police. The implementation of the system has been pushed back to the point of “whenever it happens”. They can’t get it right. Same for 5 year re-ups on pistol permits. County clerks have been told it’ll happen when it happens, but they’ve also been told that the funding for that has been gutted.

        Without having that system in place, this bill isn’t capable of gaining any traction.

        • It may not be ENFORCEABLE, but that doesn’t stop them from passing it (like the ammo registry) and mucking things up even more.

    • Maybe their strategy is to put out a draconian law so that when they come back later with a less draconian one it will be harder for people to vote against it…

  3. I have to say, that $360 million all-guns buyback plan a few days ago was probably more impractical than this one.

  4. If enacted we potg need to push back on ammo suppliers, gun and gun accessory manufactures. To not support or sell any of their products to ANY state or federal agency or civil servants withinNew York. Maybe make an example of New York to warn other states .

  5. I think they need to limit the amount of food that can be imported into NYC and limit the number of people that can leave.

  6. WTF. If this isn’t infringing I don’t know what is. NY already flushed the Bill of Rights with the UN-Safe act, this must be them doing a courtesy flush to clean out the bowl.

  7. So, since I shoot trap with a Browning BT 99, I’d get 2 rds of 12 gauge shells every three months to pursue a lawful activity. It sounds great, perhaps, from a Manhatten standard, but fails everywhere else. I guess, if this passes into law, the only thing left to New Yorkers is deliberate disregard for this and all other laws that usurp individual freedoms. Strong words, but I question if the time to consider such action has arrived.

    • That’s exactly the first thing I thought of. Over a year and a half between each round of skeet? I bet there are a lot of Fudds in New York tonight who regret giving aid or comfort to the disarmament lobby.

    • Speaking of shotgun sports, it would take 1.75 Y-E-A-R-S to supply an over/under with enough shells to shoot one round of trap. How are the children ever going to win the Olympics that way?

  8. Saw a cartoon where 2 politicians were talking, and one says “and since they elected us, everything we do is their fault!”

  9. And in Seattle, a county court judge just upheld the City tax on ammunition and firearms sales. The state preemption laws say that the state wholly occupies all laws pertaining to the sale of firearms…but the judge said that it’s not a regulation, it’s just an innocent tax.

    The two major firearms stores in Seattle are already planning their departures from the city limits. The tax is nothing more than a tool to get the stores out of town.

      • It’s really lame they open up just a year ago and are a great store. They are also the only dedicated gun shop in town.

        • Sergey apparently already has a plan in place to move in the next few weeks. Great shop and service, competitive pricing and he’s not afraid to put his money where his mouth is when it comes to fighting stupid-a$$ laws in Washington State.

          Wherever he moves to I’ll still be a customer.

  10. Not content with black markets on drugs and other contraband items, New York has decided to create another valuable black market product. Sounds like socialism in action.

    • And there you have it. “The Wealth of Nations” – Adam Smith, published in 1775

      Paraphrased: The only thing you accomplish with excessive taxes or outright prohibition is to create an economic climate in which an item in demand in the marketplace is now worth the risk of smuggling, where it was not worth such risk previously.

    • I’m gonna make a bundle! Just like grandpa did during Prohibition!

      Running ammo into the LI shore at night.

      New York legislators are just plain bat guano crazy! And you people keep electing them.

  11. Did I just wake up in Communist China?

    No. It’s New York. Which is far worse than China. Don’t think so? Try opening a business in both places and then tell me which is worse.

  12. A FELONY to buy more than 14 rounds in 90 days?? Holy SH*T they really do want to lock up every law abiding gun owner they can. I’m gonna parrot someone’s earlier post: gun manufacturers and ammunition suppliers really should stop doing business with these fascists, it goes against everything we hold dear here in America and they damn well know it’s not gonna hurt their bottom line at the end of the day.

  13. Holy shit. Every day I thank God I left that filthy totalitarian state for PA. Trying to get my family to move across the border too. There’s a lot of them though.

  14. The Gov. of NY already said gun owners are not welcome there. Take the hint, abandon ship, move your tax dollars elsewhere.

  15. SGAmmo won’t send me any in Upstate New York but I bet they will at my temporary South Carolina address. The Troopers will start looking for vehicles that don’t have the front wheels touching the pavement.

    • I don’t see this happening. This is an enforcement nightmare even for the quasi-Stasi types running NY. Just HOW will NY stop large ammo purchases from out of state?!?

      Transporting property (ammo) across state lines isn’t a state crime. Interstate commerce is the Fed’s responsibility UNLESS New York outlaws new ammo and/or requires some sort of ammo registration scheme (like they do fireworks).

      Currently, almost all DA’s and sheriffs in rural and Southern tier counties ignore SAFE act enforcement. And I suspect most juries would nullify any ass-hat who tried to enforce this sh!t.

  16. Imagine this: “Since the measure would cap the amount of gasoline or diesel to no more than twice the amount of the capacity of the vehicle every 90 days…”

    Sounds about right.


    • Not Sarc at all! This is the same mentality that would, if it could get away with it, force you into a Smart car with air cushion bumpers and a speed governor, and really would like to force you into a filthy subway or bus with a stinking drug addict or bum puking all over you, or maybe stabbing you. Because, don’t you know, it’s good for your soul (not theirs) and they are your betters.

  17. Let me see….
    15 months to get enough ammo for a 50 bird trap shoot at my Fish and Game club. (Without any practice rounds)
    Sign me up!!
    Is someone pulling our leg here?

  18. Oh New Yorkistan. You deserve every last horror inflicted on you to come. But lets hope upstate grows some stones and kicks NYC out.

    • We upstate can’t kick the bastards downstate out through voting, the city outnumbers us 6 to 4 (as in for every 4 people upstate, there are 6 in the city). And downstate has 70% of the seats in the assembly and nearly half the senate. It’s pretty hopeless, this democratic process.
      This will probably pass the assembly, and then I’m moving.

  19. New York City is a cancer upon this country that needs to be excised at once. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – they need to be expelled from the Union (note I did NOT say Upstate New York should secede, because that would not be the same thing, nor would it solve the immediate problem.) Northern New Jersey and Western Connecticut can join them as well, and they can build a big-ass fence all along their borders, give everyone one year to stay or move, after which they can pass any damn fool law they please. But – they must never be allowed to poison the rest of this country.


  20. I used to drive to the Poconos for my shooting fun. 1 hour 20 minutes for all your ammo needs. How a law like this would stop someone from taking a ride? I have no idea. Next thing will be border patrols searching all cars.

    Off this subject i just watched a documentary “Winter On Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom” Shows why 2A is so important. recommended viewing.

    • The thing I’m wondering is…
      Why aren’t the citizens of NY collecting bags of feathers and warming up some tar?

  21. It says purchase but the state of New York only has the power to regulate purchases within the state. They cannot restrict what you do in Pennsylvania or Ohio for example. That is what they call interfering with interstate commerce, a definite no no under the interstate commerce clause. That would be the same thing as arresting you for visiting the Bunny Ranch while you are in Nevada. They would have to outlaw possession of ammunition not the purchase.

    • Yup, all sorts of illegal derp in this proposal, not unlike the Terror Watchlist craptlap. I hope for the sake of NY’ers, that their attorneys general value being able to sit down painlessly more than their paymaster’s idiot demands.

  22. Step One: Buy allotted ammunition
    Step Two: Burn allotted ammunition within the first two minutes of a range visit on camera
    Step Three: Demand additional ammunition, get denied
    Step Four: Call Alan Gura on the red phone.

    Practically writes itself.

  23. Everyone in NY has been buying their ammo and “assault weapons” in PA since safe act passed, if this was passed no one would even notice. Between shutting down prisons/mental institutions, the fracking moratorium, and the safe act Cuomo seems to be trying to destroy as many jobs as possible.

  24. Someone commenting on another site actually called the reps in question and spoke to their staff. Apparently the staff had no idea that people actually practiced with their guns and that 500 rounds a week was not considered excessive.

    This is not a serious proposal. It’s being put forth as a bargaining position. With the Republicans running the state senate it has no chance of passing. Just like that bloated omnibus that never got through congress…

    Hey, wait a second.

  25. This idea is something the anti-gun crowd has been looking for a long time: strategic targeting.

    Dry-up the means to re-supply troops in the field, and the die on the vine. It is the essence of the strategic bombing campaigns of WW2. By essentially making ammunition re-supply impossible, guns become generally useless. No need to confiscate trash metal.

  26. Yep, pretty sure that will prevent terrorists from stocking up. No reason to though. They can’t get guns anyway, why would they need ammo?

  27. Guess New York state farmers better upgrade from a single-shot shotgun to a double-barrelled so they can double their ammo purchasing power.

    • Hey, if you own 100 guns, you can buy 100x as much ammo, am I right?

      How’s that for unintended consequences of stupidly written legislation?

  28. Before we go all Chicken Little on this let’s do some research. There are no bills currently proposed in either the NYS Assembly or Senate that contain this language. Where did the Brooklyn Eagle get this info.

  29. Any neighboring states require ID for ammo purchase? I live in Cook Co,Il where a recently enacted ammo tax happened. They DO set up checkpoints for cigarette smugglers into Illinois-kinda’ doubt they will do the same for ammo. And Cook is MILES better than NY…sad.

    • I feel so sorry for all of those states that are virtually controlled by one or two large metropolitan areas while everyone else has virtually no say. Illinois, New York, California, and Oregon come to mind. I live not far south of Illinois (I have relatives who live in S. IL) and I know of how neglected southern Illinois is. Those of us who enjoy the freedom of wide-open spaces are increasingly left out in political discussions (as the people in the cities come to hate freedom in general). Those of us in “flyover country” are just plebeians who grow food, dig ditches, and don’t matter to the bustling metropolises of this nation.

      Okay, rant over, I guess.

  30. I’m not seeing this pass even in NY as essentially ALL ammo sales would be in “loosies” and as previously mentioned, unless all ammo dealers have access to a database listing all gun owners and their complete inventory of guns, how would they know if it would be legal even to sell 2 shotgun shells to someone?

    The proposal fails as being logistically impossible to enforce but I guess the legislator can brag that he tried to his constituents.

  31. Time to set up a business like those wine making clubs, where you buy your ingredients and use the club equipment to crush, ferment, bottle, etc. a couple of Dillon 1050s and a club store, stocked with primers and powder. Buy your bullets and cases online. “Ghost” ammo, anyone?

  32. If you think they care about trap shooting ,, hunting , or any other ” collateral damage” you’re kidding yourself . That’s not a flaw, its a feature! The object is to eliminate and all legal firearms usage and ownership in the state.

  33. if this wasn’t so utterly stupid, it would be funny.

    This is effectively prohibition on ammo. Folks will find a way around it by getting it on the black market, making road trips out of state, buying on the rez.

    Even if it were to become (unconstitutional) law, it would be difficult if not impossible to enforce.

    And to what end? These people are truly INSANE.

  34. Just when you think the gun-grabbers have reached the limits of stupidity, they reach way down deep and outdo themselves.

  35. Nothing will improve until the gun & ammo manufacturers unite and discontinue servicing State, Federal, and Local LEO’s.

    When Glock says, “no guns for cops in a city that disallows that same gun and that same ammo to its citizens”

    That will end this insanity.

    • A few years back, Ronnie Barrett notified the city and county of Los Angeles that he would not sell his rifles to lawbreakers, including those who refused to allow people to freely exercise their second amendment rights. LAX LEOs were left with no way to adequately maintain and repair/re-supply their Barrett sniper rifles.

      • Gaston Glock is not Ronnie Barrett. He’ll continue to give LE heavy discounts on their weapons even if they use them to confiscate ours.

    • Pretty much, they need to organize against the PDs at that level; The people on the other side think that they can use the military and PD contracts for leverage, but that’s a bridge that can go 2 ways especially considering that our market is way bigger than theirs.

      • It is not about market share, it is about smoothing demand. A large dollar contract with set deliveries over a year or more is guaranteed income/cash flow vs. peaks and valleys in demand from gun stores. In the end, it is always about money. Look at the harsh gun rule states, how many gun and ammo manufacturers have decided to stop selling in those places?

  36. When are we going to stop trying to bring down despotic governments in the middle East and start trying to bring them down here?

  37. Ammunition Mfg. need to set up shop on the borders of NY.

    Unless their is something in that goofy Safe Act Provision stating it is illegal for
    New Yorkers to buy all the ammunition they want out of state and bring it home a
    company could make a lot of money setting up shop and catering to New Yorkers as well as
    provide jobs to some in the states bordering NY.

  38. So what happens if all I got is a revolver aka six shooter? They dont sell boxes of 12 do they? Stupid bureaucrats.

  39. Nothing said about making your own. Let’s hope the lawmakers are equally ignorant.

    And I thought things were bad in Her Majesty’s colony of New South Wales. At least under our current regulations we can own unlimited quantities of “safety cartridges”, buy as much as will fit in our cars and can afford, and the only limit is 10kg of propellant powder.

    Otherwise, buy it cheap and stack it deep.

  40. The really smart criminals just go into politics before they get caught; look at how much money Hillary is now worth, all by using the Clinton Foundation as a way to funnel mostly foreign money from her shake down operation to herself, her family. and her puppets.

  41. What is “twice the capacity of the weapon”? The number of rounds that can be loaded at a single time? The number of rounds that can be fired before it doesn’t work? I’d argue that the capacity of a 1911 is the number of magazines that can be put through it before it stops working.

  42. Watch the ammunition fly off the shelves again if this gets close to passing. I feel sorry for the good people of upstate NY.

    • Both those bills were referred to Codes, which is where bills go to die in the NY legislature. It basically means that the speaker of the Assembly won’t allow the bill to come to the floor this session.
      The second one there has been floating around since at least 2010, as that’s the date on the memo.

  43. A one-year minimum jail sentence for buying more ammo than allowed, or the wrong type of ammo? Did I just wake up in Communist China?


    Sometimes, very rarely, we come upon a bill so heinous that it should carry the death penalty for those who pass it into law.

    For the first time in my life, I have now encountered a bill so heinous that it merits the death penalty for those who introduce or co-sponsor it.

  44. I actually think it’s pretty awesome that they are really taking smart, common sense, effective steps to solving ammunition shortages!!! Rather than get pissed about stuff like this, isn’t it wonderful that we get the opportunity to shine the light on these mental cockroaches?? They brandish their obviously impotent, insane thoughts and we get to point out how stupid they are in public. Gun control is looking more like idiocracy every day. We really do have the upper hand and we will crush these proposals at every turn.

  45. I am from NY.
    Under the SAFE act the legal capacity for any firearm is 7.
    That would mean that I could only buy 14 rounds ever 90 days.
    That is the stupidest thing that I have ever heard.
    At least I would still be able to go to the range for about 35 seconds every 3 months.

    • Check again, its 10.
      The 7 round limit was overturned in federal district court almost 2 years ago and the decision was upheld on appeal to the 2nd circuit.

  46. I’m thinking…

    Would the law make it illegal to *give* someone ammo? Or is that illegal in NY already?

  47. This is the same bunch of idiots that introduce micro stamping legislation every year.
    Not to mention all sorts of other moronic stuff, like making it illegal to walk wearing headphone because one to many idiots walked into traffic in the Bronx…
    Churning the waters of stupidity.

    (also, more than likely, they’ll forget to include the components, so invest in a press and roll your own)

  48. Look on the bright side. All of the other states will get New York’s ammo. Goodbye .22LR shortage!

  49. Every time I read about New York gun control, I think of a conversation during a mission in GTA:IV, early in the game:

    Dimitri: We’re seeing a friend of mine who’s got a good line on weapons. It’s underground. A backroom place. There are a few around the city. The Mayor has a real hard-on for gun control.
    Niko: Guns don’t seem that controlled, I’ve seen plenty and I just got here.
    Dimitri: And now you’ll know where to get them for yourself. What’s the problem?

    And the alternate conversation:

    Dimitri: We’re going to a gun shop.
    Niko: Hey, I heard about these. Big American Supermarket where you can buy any gun you want. Ammu-Nation, right? Shopping carts full of AK47s… I might buy flamethrower.
    Dimitri: That is another part of America. Here, in Liberty City, there is no such things as the Ammu-Nation. Buying guns is illegal. In fact, the Mayor of this city tries to shut down Ammu-Nation shops in other states. This is because guns from them have ended up on the streets here.

  50. “any New Yorker who thinks the State won’t come after their unregistered “assault rifles””

    Unregistered? They’ll be coming for those as soon as they’re finished picking up every registered gun in the state. See, if you start with the unregistered guns, there are too many people who would shoot you. So you pick all their guns up, first, and then you can search every home at gunpoint without fear of effective opposition. Simple, huh?

    On this subject, why not drive an hour to the next state and buy a few thousand rounds at a Cabellas or whatever, selling to your friends can get your gas money back. If arrested, you want a jury trial tomorrow morning, as guaranteed by the constitution.

  51. Responsible people practice much more than that allows.

    What it this, a back door scheme to make citizen shooters as reactive and inaccurate as the NYC police? Fine way to destroy the responsible practice of gun ownership, so you can declare gun ownership irresponsible, there downstaters.

    • What’s a gun worth without ammunition? If the supply goes away, you can render firearms useless. BTW, ICYMI, there is no such thing as a responsible gun owner because gun owners have guns. Get it? You gotta read more angitprop from the goonies….I mean anti-gun crowd.

  52. The movie “Escape from New York” is looking like a much better idea all the time. We’re proposing to build the wall in the wrong place.

    • Especially since we have a federal court ruling that any restriction on civil rights (2A) is permissible if the community “feels safer”.

  53. The NRA should sponsor a bill that imposes this same philosophy on vehicles: No more than two tank-fulls every 90-days.
    After all, driving causes deaths, we have to do it for the children.

  54. How stupid can people (the government) be, terrorists aren’t going to buy their ammo here, they’re going to bring it with them, besides it costs to much here, what idiots!

  55. Everybody knows were the real gun problem in this country is.It is in the inner citys But because government cant control the thugs,They go after the people they think they can.Which is Joe Citizen.Joe Citizen is not killing 13,000 of its people every year in this country.The murderous low class thugs are. WAKE UP !

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