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Senator Schumer gins-up his supporter. (courtesy

No, the New York Daily News didn’t call Senator Chuck Schumer’s pro-gun control rally a damp squib. Far from it. “About 100 people gathered outside Schumer’s Manhattan office to praise his work cracking down on guns and vowed to push on despite the defeat of a measure to expand background checks for gun purchases.” But a damp squib it was—especially compared to the Empire State’s pro-gun rallies. “About” 100 people? That’s all a United States Senator can organize in the wake of his colleagues’ rejection of civilian disarmament, despite the mainstream media’s sycophantic support? Yup. And yet the press continues to cheerlead for Schumer and friends, who are sounding increasingly delusional. “I’ve been fighting for gun safety for 25 years,” Schumer told the assembled “throng”. “This is the first time we have a crowd on our side . . . We are aroused, we are fighting, and we’re not going to stop until we win.” That would be never, one hopes.

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    • Kind of funny, with all his money, and email lists and clout. We got more folks showing up for testimony at the capital than he had. We only had some email lists, no money, and little time..

      • Speaks volumes about the pro-gun grassroots movement, doesn’t it? A buncha annoyed people can show up billionaires.

        Speaking of billionaires, how does the evil NRA out-spend Michael Bloomberg? Or maybe it isn’t just the money. Maybe far more people value their rights than the elitists think.

        • You hit it.

          Every day in the Gannet-owned Arizona Republic (housemate buys it, I won’t) I see editorials and letters to the editor yapping on about how the “gun lobby” bought the votes when their side was doing exactly the same thing. Bloomberg, one single guy, dropped 12 million into propaganda yet they surely don’t bring that up.

          To match Bloomberg’s 12 million it takes 342,857 basic $35 1 year NRA memberships. Sure companies, associations and life members contribute large amounts but nowhere do we get 12 million from one source. It’s clear who the special interest side is.

  1. Shit we got more than that to turn up in Martinsburg WV to protest against a anti-gun State Senator.

    If this is the best they can do in NY no less, it should tell you something.

  2. When I lived in NYC, we had more people in our elevator — at 3AM. But it does underscore what the NRA told us earlier this week. The gungrabbers are still coming for our guns. And they won’t stop until we kill their movement dead.

    We will punish them at every election until the Democrats either see the light or are reduced to a minority party.

  3. Best be careful.

    Following a misfire, one should point the rally in a SAFE direction (away from anything important) and count to thirty before ejecting the defective senator.

  4. Is Schumer known for ANYTHING other than “gun control”? He’s like Difi/Lautenberg/Boxer, etc…. he only comes out about “gun control,” then disappears back into his hole.

    • Is Schumer known for ANYTHING other than “gun control”

      Yes, he’s known as a major publicity freak. “The most dangerous place to be in Washington is between Charles Schumer and a camera.” Bob Dole.

    • Also, he’s behind the new gang-of-eight immigration bill, which, even if it doesn’t pass, has succeeded in castrating Rubio.

  5. “I’ve been fighting for gun safety for 25 years,” 

    Finger off the trigger and point in a safe direction. Yea, hard fight.

    • Madonna has been fighting for virginity for longer than that. I’m thinking their both f’d, Randy

  6. All kiding aside, it is nice to see the million mom march in action again. I really didn’t believe 99 percent of NY’ers wanted guns taken, gotta hand it to chuck, well not really, Randy

  7. If I had younger teeth I would be chewing nails
    Raised in MA and owned a 22 rifle, not exactly a gun guy
    Moved to CA in early 70’s, bought a S&W 28, still not a gun guy, laws/rules OK
    Fast forward, own more than 2 and vote every election.
    Anti constitution, gun, self defense, and pro ILLEGAL immigrant screaming liberals still get elected
    We have Boxer and Feinstein and the next new anti ammo/ gun rules are on the way
    We here in PRK need get off your lazy ass and to vote unless you want LA and San Fran to rule the state
    You don’t vote, fly’s on you and STFU
    Oh ya Barry and Joe did get elected and the reelected
    Ralph – We haven’t punished the grabbers yet what makes you think it will change now ?

    • DaveM, the Dems lost the House and Senate the last time they tried this bullsh1t. I think that there’s a chance that they’ll lose the Senate in 2014.

      What the Republicans have to do to win in free states is run against Bloomberg, not the opposition candidate. Bloomberg is an elitist, New York City billionaire — easy to demonize and to hate.

      • Bloomberg overstepped his bounds dumping 12 million into telling other States how they should act especially considering the abortion of a social experiment he’s turned NYC into.

        Here in Arizona his money’s been bashing Senator Flake for voting against all that crap and I’m sure he’s promised McCain a good heartfelt handjob for his yay vote.

        Arizonans love their 64 oz bladder busters, heaps of transfats and especially no bullshit laws about what guns we can buy and how we carry them so this is the last State some greasy ego maniacal billionaire New Yorker should be spending his filthy money. His prop Gabby and her pinheaded husband sure as f*ck don’t speak for this State.

  8. “This is the first time we have a crowd on our side . . . We are aroused, we are fighting, and we’re not going to stop until we win.”

    I’m picturing Mayor Quimby saying those words, and then the camera pans over to an empty street except for Homer, who yells “hey, where’s the pizza?”…

    Still, the point is taken that the grabbers aren’t going to go quietly into the night. More reason to come out and join your local Tea Party.

    • The Tea Party ain’t exactly my cup o’, well, you know. I’m a multi-issue voter who believes in the whole of the Constitution.

      That said, I really would like to see a working Democratic Party, rather than all these re-branded Federalists.

      Ol’ Tommy J. must be doin’ ’bout 6,500 RPM by now.

  9. but I bet he had his ARMED security right there to protect him. If he was a man, he would w/out bodyguards and stand up to common thieves . . . .

  10. Let us not forget, NYC and environs have 10,000,000 within a mass transit trip of this rally.

    Albany has a population of 97,000, and you can’t get there from here.

    • 330 million Americans and chucky comes up with 100 and thinks that’s a show of support?
      NY, CA and other states keep electing and reelecting on a state level, Barry and Joe were reelected nation wide, I would call that a show of support
      Stop bitchin get out and vote !

      • I do more than bitch. I vote in elections and with contributions. I yuck it up to all who will listen and I’ve gotten new people interested in shooting.

        • No problem with you
          I have read your comments before
          We don’t have to agree on all
          I would like to think that at minimum we and others are on the same page

          WAG – I have a hard time believing that a once conservative, pro business, prosperous state of California has turned into the PRK
          Not sure how it happens ?
          Somebody reelected Jerry, Nancy and Barb
          Do have problem with those of us who don’t vote

  11. NY’er here. If you stopped people on the street and asked them if they support gun control I’m sure > 60% would say they do. After all, guns are bad and only bad people have them. Get them to come out and protest ? No way. You won’t find a more self centered population that those who live in the NYC metro area. Most have been disarmed so long that they no longer have any idea what they’re missing. They don’t have the passion that we have. Ever notice that the most vocal are limousine liberals ?

    • You won’t find a more self centered population that those who live in the NYC metro area.

      Actually, self-absorbed is a better description.

    • Very true. My father lives in NYC and I hate the times I’m forced to visit for holidays. Like any leftist cesspool, the people of NYC are simply…what’s the word…loathsome. They’re drones, slaves, and their so proud of their chains.

      Take all the bad and good that humans are capable of, take out all the good, and you have NYCers.

  12. I can’t remember a whole lot of gun control demonstrations of any size in Manhattan. This is something new.

  13. Rally coverage is always very one-sided. I was in DC not too long ago and witnesssed a pro-life/anti-abortion rally attended by tens of thousands of individuals at least; no media coverage. A week later, a pro gun control rally attended by a few hundred was on all the major news networks. Go figure.

    • That’s because anti-abortion protests are old hat. This, as an outdoor rallying thing, ain’t.

      • Not to mention they HATE the anti-abortion crowd about as much as they do the pro-2A crowd (or the Pro-Constitution crowd.)
        So… Not their view, AND nothing new… ignore it. Tragedy? It sells, and they get to tack their own views onto it and preach to the world.

  14. And this is how we do it… defeat the manufactured groundswell.

    Another example:

    BUT it’s not enough to just report such stuff here.

    1 – Find out about “their” staged “events”, spun surveys & manufactured studies. A decent oppo rersearch org could do that reliably. Question – If “Tea Party” folk in Cruz-berg found out about the grabbers’ media op & staged a counter-protest, what good are the “professionals” in the Republican party or the NRA, exactly?

    2 – Mess up the story they are building. Every time. The truth will suffice for this.

    3 – Make a record. The “media” won’t. Make it public. The media won’t.

    4 – Don’t give an inch, thereafter on the story they’re trying to build. In conversation, asking questions, if asked yourself, push back on the premise. So…

    “Gun regulation isn’t dead given the ongoing protests, for example Bloomie’s event in NYC. So, what now for gun guys?”

    “Oh, you mean ‘protests’ like the one where Bloomberg’s self-funded PAC couldn’t get more than 100 people to show up? You’ve seen photos, right? Give me that much money to spend & I’ll get you as many bigger so-called ‘protests’ as you’d like on anything you want. And with way better signs.”

    “But there are other protests, ongoing.”

    “Honest ones? I think not.”

    “But, but, but Cruz protest. And he’s a meenie.”

    “Yeah, OFA didn’t do any better cobbing up a ‘gun protest’ in Cruz-berg. The ‘Tea Party’ counter-protest was 3x their size & those guys didn’t even have time to plan. Like the ‘Minute Men’, I suppose, self-organizing at need. They did pretty well. The counter-protesters, I mean.

    “BTW, how do we feel about incumbent govt officials running their own ‘independent’ political advocacy orgs while they’re still in office? I mean, the Bush family has a lot of money. Or Mitt Romney, even. We’d be OK with them running a non-profit PAC staging media events while they’re in office?”

    Remember, one of the few effective things the Romney campaign did was staging their couple “counter-events”

  15. Wow, there were more than that waiting in line at my backwoods Starbucks on 2-dollar-bill day last year.

  16. I guess this sort of disproves the “90% of all Americans support…” argument, as does the failure to pass any legislation. If that were true laws would have been passed and there’d be huge rallies celebrating.

  17. 100 people? The media will inflate that to 10,000. If it is a pro-gun rally, they will reduce the numbers. If a pro-gun rally has 100,000 people, the media will reduce that to 20,000, to 30,000, and then take film footage of closed and empty roads to demonstrate the lack of interest.

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