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Let’s face it, Google Glass, at least in its current iteration, is about as stylish and fashion forward as a 73 shirt. And we’re not sure that TrackingPoint’s new ShotGlass specs are much better. Then again, they’re only intended to be worn while shooting. And Google’s things don’t let you shoot around corners or over walls without exposing yourself, all while recording your ballistic activity in HD glory. Press release after the jump . . .

Pflugerville, TEXAS (October 14, 2014)—TrackingPoint™, creator of the world’s first and only Precision-Guided Firearm (PGF) systems, today announces the world’s first weapon-integrated digital shooting glasses, ShotGlass™. The new digital shooting glasses allow you to routinely make extraordinary shots from around corners, covered positions, over walls and behind trees. ShotGlass™ includes a video camera, microphone, and a high-definition video display, that automatically records high definition videos of your hunting and shooting experiences.

“ShotGlass™ is similar to Google Glass™ but optimized for shooting sports,” said TrackingPoint CEO John Lupher. “The innovative shooting glasses have an aggressive high-tech posture and connect wirelessly to TrackingPoint’s Precision-Guided Firearm’s. ShotGlass™ can even record the excitement of your voice when you make an astonishing shot on a moving trophy at extreme distance.”

ShotGlass™ has four primary uses:

  • Shooting around corners. Shoot from completely protected positions from behind trees or around corners when necessary to remain unexposed to the target.
  • Increase situational awareness. When you are zoomed in on a target with your Precision-Guided Firearm, the view in ShotGlass™ can remain zoomed out. This permits you two unique fields-of-view on the same shot.
  • Video/Voice Recording. ShotGlass™ can record everything you are seeing and saying. With the same capabilities as a GoPro™, ShotGlass™ videos can download directly to smart devices for sharing with friends, family and social media.
  • Collaborative shooting and mentoring. Friends or family can wear ShotGlass™ while others are shooting. They can see exactly what the shooter is seeing and share the same experience. Fathers can mentor children by guiding them to the proper whitetail. Professional hunters can see exactly what target their client is engaging and direct the client to the desired target and to the actual desired point-of-impact. In battle, a spotter wears ShotGlass™ to direct their sniper to the desired target in real-time under high battle stress.

ShotGlass™ is simple to use. Put them on like any other glasses and get ready to experience high-definition displays showing exactly what the TrackingPoint Precision-Guided Firearm is pointing toward. Now engage your target without actually looking through the Precision-Guided Firearm. You can shoot from a completely covered position without exposing your position. Hit a wild boar at 900 yards from behind a tree with only the PGF and shooting hand exposed. Tag-and-Shoot an entire pack of wild boar without being detected.

“Wearable tech, designed to enhance the shooting and hunting experience, changes the way you experience the sport,” said TrackingPoint CEO John Lupher. “ShotGlass™ adds an element to hunting and shooting that is beyond belief.”

Technical Specifications

  • Wide Screen WQVGA display (Image appears as if on a 30” HD Display)
  • High contrast and brightness
  • Power saving sleep mode
  • Optical control buttons – control even with hunting gloves on
  • HD Camera
  • Speaker and Microphone

Accepting pre-orders now for delivery in March, ShotGlass™ is available for $995 to TrackingPoint Precision-Guided Firearm owners. ShotGlass™ is free of charge with the purchase of your Precision-Guided Firearm prior to November 30, 2014. For more information visit

About TrackingPoint

TrackingPoint based in Austin, Texas created the first Precision-Guided Firearm, a revolutionary new shooting system that puts fighter jet lock-and-launch technology in rifles, enabling anyone to make extraordinary shots on moving targets at extreme distances.

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  1. Is TrackingPoint going to trigger NJ’s “smart gun only” gun ban? Even if it’s not “personalized” I expect the anti gun pols to say it does…

  2. ShotGlass™ can even record the excitement of your voice when you make an astonishing shot on a moving trophy at extreme distance.”

    Why are you taking the long shot on a moving target? So much for responsible hunting.

    “excitement of your voice”

    Like: “I got him! It’s bleeding and running into the woods. I hope we can find it when we get down there.”

    • Well I think the idea is that you can take a responsible shot on a moving target with this equipment. That’s why it costs as much as a Kia.

    • You make a full blown assumption about a rifle system you have never even fired so your comment is really a moot point.

  3. Well, if you are going to be a glasshole* you might as well be a scary one.


  4. The bans on firearm related tech will be coming, you are asleep or in denial if you think differently. If the tech isn’t banned the firearms will be, TrackingPoint is leading us into a future without a second amendment.

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