New from Tech Smith MFG: B&T Tailhook Brace Adapter

I really enjoy shooting my B&T TP9, which I reviewed here. I haven’t registered it as an SBR yet. I’m just not convinced it’s going to stay in my permanent collection. The main reason: its proprietary suppressor is just too expensive to use on only one weapon. Sure it’s a great suppressor, but if I’m going to spend $1,200 plus tax plus more tax on a 9mm can, I want to use it one more than one gun . . .

I decided to hang onto the TP9 a little longer when I heard Tech Smith Mfg is making a Tailhook brace adapter for B&T pistols. Now that I have a good option to install a stabilizer brace I might be able to overlook the suppressor issue and just shoot it loud.

The Tech Smith brace adapter works on a wide range of B&T pistols: TP9, MP9, GHM9, KH9, and the P26.

I spoke with Mike at Tech Smith at SHOT. As a B&T fan, he’s passionate about making a product that aligns with B&T quality.

To make the Tailhook adapter, Mike uses factory B&T stocks and modifies them to accept a Gear Head Works Tailhook.

Like anything else B&T-related, it’s not cheap. $205.99 to be exact. However, the B&T stock alone runs about $160, so you’re really only paying another $45.99 for the modified version, which in the B&T world equals about two thirds the cost of one magazine.

You’ll also need to buy a Gear Head Works Tailhook, which runs $119. Mike from Tech Smith Mfg was nice enough to loan me a Tailhook adapter for my TP9. Review pending. SPOILER ALERT: I may end up keeping my TP9 after all.


  1. avatar ironicatbest says:

    I don’t own an aeroplane, and couldn’t land it on a boat if I did. I can’t see a reason to own a tail hook?

    1. avatar Michael says:

      Some people do not want to SBR a Pistol. Some people do not want the crossing state lines with an SBR hassle. A brace is a very nice option for those people.

    2. avatar Philthegardner says:

      I for one, live very close to a state line and find myself crossing said lines several times a week for work, play, errands etc. Being able to cross it while carrying a “pistol” in my possession without the need for a permission slip from the government is THE reason why I have a Tailhook, a Shockwave, and an SB Tactical. Because, I love pcc’s and I hate government intrusion in my life.

    3. avatar BaconLovingInfidel says:

      “I don’t own an aeroplane, and couldn’t land it on a boat if I did. I can’t see a reason to own a tail hook?”

      Weak! You got no skillz and no game!

      Get you a tailhook and a kickboard with a hook mounted with duct tape and gorilla glue and then practice jumping on that joker from the edge of the pool/river/lake.

      Your call sign will be Maverick.

  2. avatar El Duderino says:

    Perfect for the naval officer accused of sexual harassment in the early ’90s who likes shooting PCCs.

    1. avatar ozzallos says:

      #neverforget lol

  3. avatar ozzallos says:

    Sorry, ill wait for the more reasonablely priced tailhook knockoff.

    1. avatar BaconLovingInfidel says:

      “Sorry, ill wait for the more reasonablely priced tailhook knockoff”

      Should be available on Amazon soon for about $50 with 57 of 57 reviews giving it 5 Stars and a glowing recommendation in semi-intelligible Sino-English.

  4. avatar rudukai13 says:

    Someone needs to make something like this for the USW…

    1. avatar TechSmith says:

      We have a USW completed but also have paperwork in with the ATF on it…

  5. avatar Rich says:

    So I went to the tech smith link in this article and it didn’t take me to this product. I searched everywhere online and just cannot find it, do you happen to have a new link or phone number I can call to order one of these with Mike? Thanks, I greatly appreciate it.

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