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We’ve been fans of StealthGear’s uber-comfy holsters — the ones that feature their VentCore backing — since we first tried one way back when. They’re some of the best made rigs on the market. They’ve just announced a new addition to their line here at NRA — the IWB Mini. It’s basically a lower profile version of their original model, the IWB (formerly known as the ONYX). The Mini has less material, less bulk. Good idea. And they feature their newer, tougher polymer clips. StealthGear’s also rolled out a brand new version of their web site for your shopping pleasure. We hope to get our mitts on an IWB Mini to review soon (we also have their FLEX-OWB holster…review to follow…we swear).

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  1. I love SG, I just wish they would sell the kydex replacement shells like alien gear does.

  2. My first IWB holster was their ONYX; purchased on the strength of TTAGs review. I’ve tried a couple/few other IWB holsters since and this one is STILL the best! Their customer service is simply amazing, as well, even if they seem to be always on a back order (but that could just be a testament to their quality and desirability).
    Checked out their new web site…. not so much…. Appears to be Very Much a Beta version. But their product is Top Notch!

  3. Judas Preist!!! They are sure proud of their holsters. $100.00-$200.00 for a holster?? (and it’s not leather)
    I can buy 4-6 quality holsters all over the net for that kind of money. Maybe I’m cheap but if you want to burn that kind of money go ahead. No thanks..

    • They are expensive, but it’s a unique design not offered by anyone else I know of, and sounds like it is better than leather in function, if not longevity. Supposedly it breathes better, is not as hot against the body, won’t soak up sweat and transfer it to the gun, and requires less break-in time to be comfortable.

      I would not pay as much for a leather holster. I don’t care about fancy stamp patterns or prettiness and I know there is little R&D cost in most leather holsters to justify a premium price. Most are a copy of a previous design and the leather itself didn’t have to be invented, tested, and manufactured like the materials in this new holster.

      The only time I have spent over $100 on a holster was a Garrett Industries Silent Thunder Fusion which had a feature set that I could not find in any other holster, and I added some custom options to it. I wanted those features and nobody else had them, so I had to pay what Garrett asked. Best IWB holster I have ever had, so I don’t regret it. It is a little warm against my body in summer, so I am seriously considering one of these StealthGear holsters for summer carry.

      • “They are expensive, but it’s a unique design not offered by anyone else I know of, and sounds like it is better than leather in function, if not longevity. Supposedly it breathes better, is not as hot against the body, won’t soak up sweat and transfer it to the gun, and requires less break-in time to be comfortable.”

        This does all that for a much more reasonable price:

        • Except it doesn’t do all that. The backing material is the big difference. The neoprene backing does not breathe like the vented mesh backing on the StealthGear does.

          Alienware didn’t invent neoprene backing either. Both N82 Tactical and Garrett Industries (and maybe others) were using neoprene sandwiched between thin leather layers for backing long before AlienGear. I know from experience that neoprene backing is comfortable but makes a hot spot against the body just like all-leather backing.

        • I’ve purchased both alien gear and Sg. My
          Sg I wear everyday I don’t even know where the alien gear is now. It’s pricey but SG is the best hands down. I will never own another iwb holster.

  4. Wish they had a version that covers the grip completely like N82 Tactical. Sure, it’s not the best tactically but I’d overlook that for the comfort with no undershirt.

    • I initially liked the original style N82 Tactical I had, but found that the big flap behind the grip actually printed against my shirt when I leaned forward with the gun at 4 o’clock. I ended up cutting it off, and later switched to a Garrett. I also didn’t like that I couldn’t reholster one handed with the elastic style N82. Briefly tried their newer non-elastic twist-to-draw design, but I could not get the draw to work reliably for me with the short grip on my SR9c. I sent it back for a refund.

      • I only have the elastic version. I figure it’s only for carry, not training. If I have to draw from it I’m not going to be in a hurry to re-holster!

  5. I have an SG holster for my Ruger LCP for times when I can’t pocket carry it. It is super comfortable and doesn’t show at all. Perfect for when going to non gun friendly areas.

  6. Purchased an SG off the TTAG review. Absolutely love it. Especially during the summer months down South!

  7. I have two. One for an M&P compact and one for a Sig p938. On both holsters the mesh backing is fraying from use. The Sig really chews up the material. This is actually the second holster for the Sig. SG sent me a replacement after the first one started fraying. They are hands down the most comfortable 3-5 o’clock holsters that I have tried, but they are not EDC tough. I have moved them to hot weather, high activity holsters because they just can’t stand up to everyday use and training. I got about 6 months of use with the Sig holster before it started breaking down, both times. The M&P made it about a year. There are less sharp edges on the m&p. SG said they have not received many complaints about durability. I assume that most people that carry them must not train with them much, if at all. I love them for function and comfort, but they break down relatively quick. All that said, they both are still functional. I still carry them, but it is just frustrating seeing your high end holster coming apart after less than a year. Once they get too bad, I will probably try to get them replaced, but I probably won’t buy any more holsters. I don’t know how they could fix this problem without changing material. And even then, what would they use?

    Now their mag carriers are holding up well and are just fantastic for all the same reasons as the holsters.

    • I never train with my carry holsters. I train with something less comfortable but more durable set up for the same carry position but my carry holsters emphasize comfort over durability. Sounds like you found the trade-off for that.

      • Yeah, I guess I messed that one up. I just figured I would want the most practice with the rig I would most likely be carrying. I don’t train with them anymore obviously. Honestly I have pretty much switched over to kydex appendix carry holsters.

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