Sellmark Pinnacle 3-18x44
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Looking at that pic, I thought the Sightmark riflescope and spotting scope were one unit. Which would mean the blond was springing, Athena-like, from the bearded guy’s head. Once the drugs wore off, I read the press release for their Pinnacle 3-18×44 (below) and reckoned their $1559 msrp optic could well be . . .

“ideal for extreme hunters, competition target shooters and law enforcement/military personnel.” Right mag, right?

As for the manufacturer’s contention that “the Pinnacle 3-18×44 is sure to never leave your rifle once mounted,” these guys know me so well! I’m one of the laziest — I mean most versatility-seeking gun guys you’ll find. And you’ll find me and the team at SHOT a week from Monday, checking out all the new gear. Watch this space. 


As versatile an optic as they come, Sightmark is proud to introduce their latest first-focal-plane riflescope, the Pinnacle 3-18×44 (SM13030TMD). Bridging the gap between the 1-6x and 5-30x Pinnacles, the meticulously designed 3-18x Pinnacle is a first-class riflescope with close- to long-range shooting capabilities. Ideal for extreme hunters, competition target shooters and law enforcement/military personnel, the Pinnacle 3-18×44 is sure to never leave your rifle once mounted.

Sellmark Pinnacle 3-18×44 Riflescope

Built with world-class Japanese glass and featuring fully multi-coated lenses, the Pinnacle’s image clarity and resolution are second to none and help bring shooters the most precise shots possible. Its zero-stop elevation dial allows a “no look” return to zero without passing below the zero range.

A must for serious shooters, the Pinnacle features a first focal plane reticle for accurately range finding targets and shooting holdovers at any power quickly. The 3-18×44’s 34mm tube also helps add an elevation adjustment range for those extra-long shots.

Sellmark Pinnacle 3-18×44 Riflescope turret

The Pinnacle also gives shooters the option of capped or exposed turrets depending on their preference. For low-light shots or those with damaged eyes, the Pinnacle boasts red or green reticle illumination. The 3-18×44 Pinnacle includes sunshade, 2 turret caps, 2 thread protectors and a CR2032 battery.

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  1. From the lead photo, it looks like the scope comes with a miniature spotting scope mounted to the top with a miniature spotter chick that sits on your right arm.
    How cool is that?

  2. Whew! The objective lens barely cleared the barrel. Definitely going with Ludicrously High Rings on the next Sightmark build to be safe.

  3. I thought sightmark made a bunch of sub 100 dollar EOTech homages? Or is it like Bushnell where they run the entire price spectrum?

    Ps I’m not knocking sightmark or Bushnell, I just wasn’t expecting to see that price point

  4. In this alternate reality, Commander Riker is an Operational Operator. With a scope. And a blonde growing out of his scope.

    It could happen.

    • Commander Riker IS an operational operator. How do you think he got so much space action with the space ladies? Plus he rocked that leotard

  5. I really want one of those blond spotting scope chicks. Pretty sure I can’t afford it, though. Besides, my wife wouldn’t like it.

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