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Alex Bosco just texted me this picture of some of their newest concoctions. For those who don’t know, Alex is the inventor of the pistol arm brace and his company, SB Tactical, manufactures them. Companies like SIG SAUER simply re-package them and distribute them with their guns. It looks like SB Tactical has moved on from just the bog standard design though, and has branched out into designing braces to fit the style of a larger variety of firearms. Because seriously, a standard brace isn’t going to look as nice on your H&K MP5 clone as the dedicated brace above. The only question now is what the legal status of the pistols will be that these adorn.

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  1. Id LOVE to get a chance to shoot one of those SBR IWI Galil Aces, although the price point for the standard rifle is like 1,900 ish(just double checked on Atlantic Firearms) which seems a little high if they’re really trying to be competitive.

  2. So go in indoor public firearms rang with SB Tactical standard brace on what ever gun you put on. Once your in indoor rang two thing well happen first indoor rang well not allow shoot your firearm because there not comfortable fact that have SB Tactical standard brace on your firearm can get you in a lot trouble if ATF vist rang catch you shoulder fire your gun with one on it. Second thing could happen they allow shoot your gun warning you that if your shoulder fire your gun ATF vist them see you well be held responsible for actions they take over matter not them.

    • Devil’s Advocate, get to a doctor, I think you have been afflicted by Aphasia. I recognize that some of those are words, but the order doesn’t make sense.

      • I think he’s anticipating the reactions of average range staff on seeing someone shoulder one of these things, either kick them out so the ATF doesn’t come down on the range for allowing an NFA violation, or give you fair warning that the ATF can go after you, the customer for it. Local shops around here when they first came on the market weren’t always happy seeing someone shoulder SB equipped ARs even without shooting them.

      • Or possibly is just a non-native english speaker doing his best to communicate his point within his ability to do so. It was not very clear, agreed, but the point he was trying to make came through I think. Namely, that RO’s at your local shootin-spot might not be so keen on allowing you to shoot one of them there without NFA paperwork for an SBR. I agree, this is certainly a concern. Regardless of the legality, it certainly LOOKS like an SBR, and most ranges I know are sticklers for no NFA firearms without proper paperwork. I’ve seen them ask a guy with a 10″ AR “pistol” with a SB brace to put the gun away when he didn’t have NFA paperwork for it. He hadn’t even shot it yet (so no idea if he was planning on shouldering it or not). He explained it was legal, did not require a tax stamp, etc, and they politely told him they understood, were aware oft he situation, but they didn’t want to take the chance and were erring on the side of caution.

  3. Create a trust. E file. Have your approval in a month or so. Congratulations. You’ve got a legal SBR with no questions about current or future legality.

    • And you are fully registered to the government and have to ask permission from the ATF when you leave your state with it plus the cost of the stamp and trust. Nevermind the fact SBR’s are not legal everywhere in this country either.

    • Your’e 100% right… just get a tax stamp and you’ll be legal forever… OR until the ATF/ congress ban SBR’s altogether and check your safe to make sure you have destroyed or disassembled your once legal braced pistol…I mean SBR.

      • I suspect I will be advised when ATF is coming to collect my registered guns. So, I will be ready!

  4. I still wonder about what the interpretation will be for a Non-AR pistol arm brace. An AR has a buffer tube that’s integral to the operation of the pistol, so adding a brace is not that big of a deal. All the rest of those require a more extensive addition – can’t help but think that those braces would be less likely to get an approval in the convoluted workings of the BATFE.

    • By creating specific braces for these other guns, the company basically negated the whole “is it legal to attach an AR buffer-tube” argument. The only issue now is that of the legality of having any sort of brace at all attached to the gun. Any brace at all is in kind of a grey area now. I suspect that the pistol market is about to see a sharp and severe decline. It’ll go back to tax-stamp guys who want to shoot their toy until they get the stamp.

      • How do we go about contributing to Sig and their efforts on our behalf? This is constant, unrelenting pressure, we should CONTRIBUTE to it!

  5. I’d certainly be very interested in the Vector one…

    … once we straighten out that business with ATF.

  6. With all due respect and understanding to Alex, his business … and for those that haven’t quite grasped it yet: The Sig Brace is dead. The revolution is over.

    Many of us somehow mistakenly thought ATF’s initial ruling actually had some integrity. I guess we learned that lesson. It’s just not worth it to most people to take even a remote chance of committing a felony by accidentally or otherwise shouldering a SB – or even the possibility of being falsely accused of intending to do so.

    And if you have no qualms about that yourself, well… try taking one to any respectable range now and see the reaction. I know my local ranges – understandably so – won’t let these on the line anymore. I can’t blame them. They run a business. They can’t take the chance of people accidentally or otherwise committing felonies on their range.

    The local LGS’s also won’t sell these anymore. How does that ‘included ATF letter’ look now? ‘ATF has ruled installing this does not reclassify your weapon… BUT, if for any reason anyone shoulders it by accident or otherwise, it’s a Felony punishable by 10 years in prison and loss of all firearm privileges for life’. Yeah, that’ll sell a bunch of braces for sure huh. Think they would have sold one if ATF ruled that way in the first place?

    So now the music has stopped playing…

    The ones who got duped by ATF’s schizophrenia have pulled down their videos and pulled off their braces.

    The ones who already have SBRs feel vindicated and get to take their little snide shots.

    The ones who don’t want to accept it for their various reasons, say they will trudge on.

    But for everyone’s sake, I think it’s time to move on from the Great Sig Brace Fiasco, because honestly I don’t want to hear ATF’s ‘answers of the day’ to some of the questions this raises.

    It would probably be a good time for a nice “how to SBR your AR pistol” posting, eh?. I know I’ve learned a lot researching already I didn’t know before – about engraving, and transportation, Trusts and Form 1’s, etc.

    I understand of course there are many behind the lines for whom this is not an option, and others who don’t even want to mess with it… but for many now, it’s either give up on the joys of 300 BLK through a 9” barrel altogether, have a useless novelty item to stare at, have a felony-maker sitting in the safe, or pay the man and get the stamp.

    And man do I love me some 300 BLK.


  7. SB Tactical filed a lawsuit against Shockwave Technologies. I’m sure the ATF letters have cut into their profits and now nobody wants the crappy strap on braces, they want the harder to recognize and better looking Shockwave Blade. Screw SB Tactical. Good luck grasping at straws.

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