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Troy Industries has created a unique bolt carrier with integrated buffer weight and pad, thereby allowing the shortest possible buffer tube. Attached to that buffer tube is a 6-position adjustable stock, and with all of these components together you now have Troy’s new M7A1 PDW Stock Kit. Definitely pretty slick for anyone wanting an extremely short length of pull or the ability to fit an AR into the smallest possible bag…and then extend it to a normal LoP. Of course, at $499 it’s a tough pill to swallow at a time when complete AR-15s are being sold for less. Troy’s press release follows . . .


“TROY® Adds M7A1 PDW Stock Kit to NASGW Line Up


West Springfield, MA – Based on overwhelming consumer demand, TROY® is adding the M7A1 PDW Stock Kit to the line of reliable, innovative, BattleReady™ advanced small arms accessory upgrades.  The PDW Stock Kit will be on display at TROY® Booth (LL, #927) the NASGW Annual Meeting in Little Rock, AK.

The popularity of this highly concealable and compact stock, initially offered only with the Troy Defense PDW carbine, initiated the development of a complete upper package to satisfy demand. The TROY® M7A1 PDW Stock Kit features a rugged, retractable stock designed for close quarter 5.56 rifle builds. Utilizing a proprietary, patent pending spring, buffer system and heavy-duty latch assembly, the BattleReady™ PDW Stock Kit functions without question under intense conditions.


“We have been overwhelmed with calls and requests for our PDW stock ever since the rifle debuted at SHOT two years ago.  We’re not sure who is more excited about this release: us at TROY or our customers.  It’s another great example of how TROY actively listens to our loyal fans and supporters.” Molly Troy, Director of Sales.

The M7A1 PDW Stock Kit will be offered in Black and Flat Dark Earth and features Q.D. swivel holes for an optional sling attachment for cross-body wear. The MSRP is $499.

Learn more about the TROY® M7A1 PDW Stock Kit by visiting

See TROY’s new products at NASGW at the Statehouse Convention Center in Little Rock, October 15-17 on the Lower Level, Booth 927.

About TROY

Established in 2003 and based in West Springfield, MA, TROY® designs, manufactures and markets reliable, innovative, advanced small arms components, accessories and weapons for professional, duty and civilian use.  Our American made, technologically advanced, and professionally constructed products set the industry standard for quality and durability. TROY® products are BattleReady™ and designed to perform flawlessly under intense conditions.  We are honored to have the trust and support of discerning shooters, Special Ops, Law Enforcement and military personnel worldwide.

There is only one name to remember:  TROY.™

For more information visit”

h/t C4C

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  1. Before someone says it. It is different from the Northeastern Arms one. But I want to know if it will work with 300 blackout?

    • I’ve since heard that Troy licensed that design. Also, there’s no reason this wouldn’t work with .300 BLK that I can think of. Nothing changes about the bolt, bolt carrier, buffer, etc for .300 BLK.

        • On a Facebook post Troy talks about how they worked with NEA on the design of this piece together. But in the end they werent happy with some of the parts so they went a different route. They state that only the butt plate is the same. But honestly who knows for sure. I dont have the extra cash to buy both and inspect side by side

    • Yeah troy over engineers everything. It doesn’t need tactical buttplate crenellations to tenderize your shoulder…

      • A stock that short is most likely to be used with a chest rig or plate carrier. The tenderizer is likely designed to prevent slipping off of the comparitvely slick and stiff surface of nylon as compared to a shirt over flesh.

      • Range? What’s a ran… Ohhhh, you mean the mountains? There’s 22.9 million acres of BLM managed public land in Utah, if you get out past the cities enough to learn your area, you never have to go to a range.

        • Yuuuup! There’s a nice spot in Tooele County out near Five Mile Pass where a buddy and I go. We’ve got about 350 yards to play with, and a nice natural backstop, plus no one else is ever there. The only time I’ve been to an actual range in the last few years is when I want to visit my cans in ATF jail.

    • After owning both the UCIW from LWRC and the NEA CCS the UCIW is hands down better. Cost, comfort shooting everything. The CCS only gets you an inch or so smaller but at an enormous price and it limits you to DI systems because of the carrier. I have a 7.5″ barrel 5.45 SBR that is 22.5″ with the UCIW, the extra compactness of the CCS is almost not noticeable at that point.

  2. I love Troy products and want this system. $500 dollars is quite a bit, but a lot of people put hundreds into accessories for their ARs and don’t even bat an eye. Look at some of the higher end Magpul offerings and this is only slightly more.

  3. Troy Industries?

    The company that hires Chicago Police Superintendent Jody Weis, the rabidly anti-gun shit-for-brains (yeah, I wrote it), as one of their training subsidiary’s instructors? Jody Weis, known to his men as “J-Fled” for running FROM the sound of gunfire like the yellow-bellied coward he is?

    They canned him roughly 12-hours after I publicized his hiring.

    But then word came out that Troy was standing behind Dale Monroe, Lon Horiuchi’s partner from Ruby Ridge. You remember, Horiuchi shot Vicky Weaver while she was armed with a newborn in her arms. Who is Dale Monroe? He’s a guy who testified he would have taken the same shot but Horiuchi fired first.


    Ruby Ridge Snipers Defend Their Actions in Front of Senate Panel

    (LA Times via The Tech – Sept. 15, 1995) – FBI snipers Thursday defended their actions at the 1992 Ruby Ridge siege where a white separatist’s wife was killed, contending that danger to an FBI observation helicopter from armed men outside the separatist’s cabin justified opening fire.

    But skeptical senators questioned whether permissive shoot-to-kill orders and exaggerated information about the threat of Randy Weaver led to an overreaction.

    Dale R. Monroe, the partner of FBI hostage rescue team leader Lon Horiuchi – who fired the fatal shot – said he was preparing to fire but didn’t only because Horiuchi fired first.

    I wouldn’t own a Troy product even if their stuff was the best of the best – which it isn’t.

    I literally *burned* some of my Troy magazines and gave the rest away to a friend who owns a gun shop. Last time I was there, he still had that box of crappy Troy mags for sale for $5 each. Seems I’m not the only one who doesn’t want Troy products.

    Troy can go commit unsanitary acts with Barack Obama.


    • John,
      Dude, you really need to stop internalizing your feelings. It’s not healthy.
      You should try expressing yourself. You know. Speak your mind!
      Sarc off…

      Yup. I won’t own anything Troy either.

    • This. Not only that, Troy went on an ARFCOM thread defending his decision of hiring Monroe.

      I find it funny that TTAG would advertise his stuff. I thought they were all about stopping the police state.
      Or maybe he just recognizes good click bait for his “one weird trick for fat guys to get good credit scores” ads.

      • Hey Slick, it’s actually a lot simpler than that. A friend (the C4C in the h/t) forwarded me an e-mail from Troy announcing some new products. I thought this one was interesting but it was really the sticker shock I experienced when I saw the price tag that spurred me to post it haha. Figured it might be interesting to some other folks as well. Pretty unique design. It’s not an endorsement of the product or the company. I’m glad some of this background has come up in the comments here, as it can help folks make informed decisions in the future. I think this information is quite serious, but I don’t think I could censor every company with something controversial in its past. A blackout on Troy, Remington, S&W, Ruger, and plenty of others would be hard to achieve. I just got done testing a new LC9 vs a new LC9s and I know there will be comments about Ruger during the Clinton administration, which is fine. Don’t buy from companies you don’t want to support. There are a couple I choose not to do business with as well. That doesn’t mean that if they do something newsworthy and relevant I’m going to censor it, though. I hope this makes some amount of sense or at least informs why I put the post up.

    • I must be living under a rock but I just heard about this a couple days ago in the comments on another website. It angers me that so many people that say they care about TRKB are taking this news so lightly. Whenever I hear about RR, Waco, Oak city, 9/11 etc I get a sick feeling in my stomach. I’ll NEVER buy anything from Troy ind EVER! I called them and told them how I feel. Is Monroe still employed by them? I don’t want to see people out of work but we can’t afford to have companies in this industry giving us the finger by hiring traitorous jbt’s while we scratch and claw to keep what little freedoms we have left. But I guess that’s the problem with alot of Americans these days. As long as they have their Starbucks, Xbox and fancy ar doodads all is well.

    • Any company related to the shooting of white supremacists (any age or gender) is all right with me! You just sold two for them.

  4. Reminds me of the HK A3 collapsible stocks. Those are pretty rough on the shoulder too. Wearing a plate carrier it isn’t noticable.

    I love my troy flip sights. Got 3 sets of them.

  5. Given the pending lawsuit, allow me to be one of the first to seriously ask, “Will it work on select-fire weapons?”

    • With the angle they have the BCG I can’t tell if there is enough left of the bottom of the carrier to trip the auto sear.

    • NO! you cant slap this on an AR pistol and call it a brace. this is a stock, not any type of adapter if you are trying to skirt around any SBR laws.

  6. The NASGW mtg was in Little Rock, AK (Alaska) or in Little Rock, AR (Arkansas)? Come on TTAG, spend 5 seconds of research and get it right.

  7. the bozos who wrote the safe act claim the function of a collapsible stock is to make the 2 foot long gun more concealable and more agile.

    this will set them off.

    • I think you mean <$500 😉 ...I've seen at least three sales in the past couple of months that were for complete AR-15 rifles for under $500. I think that one from KYGunCo was the lowest I've seen at like $469. The description makes it sound fairly decent, but I know nothing of it personally. There have also been forged, stripped lowers for as low as $43 that I saw. Demand is down and so are prices.

      • As a programmer I make that error way more than I like to think….

        So what other cheapo ars then (if I may ask)? I’ve never shot an ar, but I tend to think 16″ might be too short a barrel for accuracy/energy purpose; but then maybe it is better. (I feel the start of a flame war)

  8. Troy didn’t invent anything here. They licensed the design from NEA in Canada. They changed the latching system and made the buttplate out of plastic instead of metal. They had no intention of selling the stock alone. It was only supposed to be sold on their “PDW”…but the downturn in the AR market has pretty much forced them to start selling the on their own. Would still rather have the NEA version, which is now sold by Brownells for less.

  9. You know what would be news? When Troy is unabashedly, unquestionably pro-2A. ‘Til then, there is really no news.

  10. Spend $500 to save a few inches when collapsed!!!! I am sure there will be plenty of people spending their own, or Tax Payers money on this.
    I will wait for the Tapco version.

  11. That thing costs more than some whole rifles. A whole lotta nope from me. Could duck tape a pillow to the biffer tube and have the same effect :p

  12. I have tried this unit with three different uppers and all have failed to eject shells from full magazine. Quite a bit of money to risk your life with. oh well, I will try and call Troy and look for a solution.

  13. You know, I’ve been wanting to find a way to reduce the storage size of one of my ARs, I may have to look at the NEA Compact Carbine Stock. Like most everyone above, I won’t buy Troy products.

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