New Orleans Homeowner Shoots Intruder Who ‘Lunged At’ Him In His French Quarter Home [VIDEO]

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Last week a tourist in New Orleans, 29-year-old Matthew Clark, began knocking on a number of doors in a residential section of the French Quarter. In surveillance video, Clark looks to be drunk, which would hardly be unusual for the area.

Watch the video above. You can see him knock on a door on the right side of the street before stumbling over to the left side and trying a couple more. Note the woman holding the bag on the left side of the video keeping an eye on Clark’s movements.

Eventually, he found a house where someone was home.

From . . .

The homeowner, whose age and gender were not released, told police they heard banging on the door of their home, “retrieved a gun and opened the door,” according to preliminary information from NOPD.

It’s not clear why the unidentified homeowner opened the door, but open it they did. And a few seconds later . . .

The man entered the home and “lunged towards” the homeowner, and police say the homeowner then shot him.

The man died at the scene, authorities said. 

Upon further review, the NOPD has determined that the shooting was justified.

No charges will be filed against the homeowner “based on the investigation and circumstances of this incident,” an NOPD spokesperson said Friday.

As someone who used to live in the Crescent City, it’s difficult to understand why someone living in that area would open their door to an unknown knocker. Like so many urban areas, New Orleans has seen its violent crime rate surge over the last year plus. This defensive gun use appears to be a justified, if unfortunate result of a combination of too much booze and too little caution.



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      • I’m sad that poor ‘working girl’ couldn’t get a date… 😉

  1. Lessons we learn are written on the Tombstones of others…(Reid Hendricks)🤷‍♂️

  2. Alcohol and drugs will make you do very stupid things. Why anyone would use either product is beyond me. Life is dangerous and hard enough without them. Using them only adds to the toil.

    I do not preach prohibition. In a free society what you put in your body should be your choice alone. But do not expect those of us leading a sober lifestyle to be tolerant when you force yourself unto us.

    • “…will make you…”
      while recreating may bring deepened stupidity to the stupid, not to mention decreasing inhibition and providing liquid courage, it doesn’t make you do anything.
      i expect nothing of anyone. this greatly diminishes disappointment. i wish this were true of wifey.
      when a teetotaler gets up in the morning, that’s as good as she’s going to feel all day.

  3. What I can’t understand is why the homeowner opened the door. If I feel the need go get my pistol. I’M NOT OPENING THE F’ING DOOR!!!

  4. In some respects it is a testament to the general kindness/goodness of so many people that they would give a stranger the benefit of the doubt and open their door to them. At the same time, people would be wise to recognize that they do not owe access to their home or even their personal space to strangers–and be on-guard accordingly.

    • Notice how she crossed the street to ‘pose’ for the group of guys coming down the street?

      She was advertising her ‘goods’… 🙂

  5. Are we supposed to be outraged and burn something now.
    If so I’ll get the marshmallows cause that’s all I like burned

  6. It was probably a racially motivated murder- a black man shot a white guy just because of his race.

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