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L-R: NRA Exec. Dir. Chris Cox, GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, NRA Exec VP Wayne LaPierre, via
L-R: NRA Exec. Dir. Chris Cox, GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, NRA Exec. VP Wayne LaPierre, via

POLITICO reports that the NRA has launched a $6.5 million ad buy to support Donald Trump’s campaign, and its centerpiece ad features a 26-year old woman named Kristi McMains, whose defensive gun use against a knife-wielding attacker in January saved her life.

The left-leaning news site terms the ad a play for “millennials and women,” and notes that the ad buy will be focused in the key battleground states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, as well as being broadcast on cable channels nationwide.

Regarding the ad, Ms. McMains was quoted as saying:

This election comes down to my Second Amendment rights — specifically, what happens with the Supreme Court…. Without my gun, I would not be alive. This is a tough election for a lot of people, but I know where Donald Trump stands on the Second Amendment, and I know where Hillary Clinton stands. I stand with Trump.

The ad can be found on YouTube below.

Her word choice is interesting: “Every woman has a right to defend herself with a gun if she chooses. Hillary Clinton disagrees with that.” Perhaps…it’s not a gun, it’s a choice? I wonder if that phrasing will resonate with women and millennials.

Ms. McMains was attacked on January 26, 2016, allegedly by John Ganobick in a Louisville, Kentucky parking lot. The story was reported by WLKW in Louisville earlier this year. Ganobick allegedly followed Ms. McMains from Louisville’s Fourth Street Live food court to a nearby parking garage. He entered the garage elevator with her, and generally made the lady feel uncomfortable. When the doors opened, she ran for her car, and Ganobick gave chase.

As she tried to get into her car, Ganobick slammed her head into an unknown object, told her to “give me all your (expletive removed) money,” and showed her a knife, the arrest report said.

[McMains] told police Ganobick was thrusting his knee toward her torso and trying to push her into the passenger seat of the car.

She pulled out her gun, but it did not fire and Ganobick punched her in the face and pushed the knife toward her head, police said.

[McMains] fired again and Ganobick was shot.

Ganobick survived the shooting (she had hit him in the neck,) and was subsequently charged with robbery, wanton endangerment and assault.

POLITICO says that Ms. McMains “was trained to use a gun, but hadn’t been diligent about carrying it until a few weeks before her attack.” She since has chosen to carry her gun more regularly “after watching a heated exchange between President Barack Obama and Kimberly Corban, a rape survivor who said [Obama’s] gun restrictions made it harder to protect her family.”

Good for her. Let us all be thankful that we live in a country that — at least for now — respects our right to make that choice as well.

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  1. Anyone who’s ever seen a knife attack knows that they want a gun when the other guy has a knife.

    You can get into debating effective ranges for draw and the “21 foot rule” but the truth is a gun is what you want. Not a knife, not your bare hands, not a stick, not a baton. A gun.

    Also, can I get my comment on The Trace story moderated? I wouldn’t think that using the proper term for a female homosexual in a non-vulgar manner would result in nearly two hours of limbo.

    • I hope to God that I never see a knife attack (or any other serious violence for that matter).

      I just wanted to point out that the type of gun you want in that situation is a hammerless snub nosed revolver. At knife range, there is too much chance of a contact shot being pushed out of battery, limp-wristing etc. I know 5 shots isn’t a lot, but hopefully it is enough.

      • Slapping a threaded barrel on your gun is nearly as effective.

        I’ve tested this (with an unloaded gun obviously) and unless you’re pushing the front of the gun into a really fat guy (how did he get a hold of you in the first place?) or have the front of the slide snagged on something like a mag pouch on the aggressors chest rig, a gun with a “tactical” barrel will not come out of full battery due to contact with another person. She’ll fire, and in the case of my USP, she’ll fire all 13 rounds of .45ACP if needed.

        • Really? Most browning actions won’t.
          Are you sure its the barrel making contact and not front of the dust cover/pic rail?

    • Yes, according to that one movie with Tommy Lee Jones, the winner of a knife fight goes to the ER and the loser to the morgue.

      • In a knife vs. knife fight the statistics say you will get cut or stabbed. The question is who inflicts lethal damage first.

        So, while not the best training tool, the movie you reference is correct.

        Knife fights are brutal and to be avoided. I know that having trained for them and having been in one.

  2. “Ganobick survived the shooting.”

    Oh, well, I guess that every silver cloud has a dark lining.

  3. I elected to not renew my NRA membership for endorsing a Democrat for MO governor when we need everyone voting (R) in Mo for Trump to have a chance. I had been a member for 25 years, never again.

    No more donations to single issue PACs, you don’t know who your money may support.

    I will miss the magazines but will borrow one from a buddy when they finish.

    • Naz,
      Don’t be so narrow-minded. At this point, we ALL have to think of the BIG PICTURE. It is my understanding that Dem gov was PRO gun at least compared to the republican candidate.

      GO VOTE EVERYONE, don’t just sit there and sulk!

      • They picked a Dem for governor too?
        The Dem senate candidate is not what I’d call pro-gun, even if he can un-field strip an AR blindfolded, and I think the NRA endorsed him.

    • Naz, first why are you not an NRA Life Member?

      Second, the NRA is a single issue organization, that issue is 2nd Amendment rights, nothing else. The NRA endorses only those that meet it’s strict selection process on the 2nd Amendment. The NRA has endorsed democrats before and probably will again, you may just not have noticed as there are fewer each year that make the cut.

      There’s lots going on in Missouri this year, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

      • I’m not an NRA life member because I reserve the right to renew from year to year depending on if I agree with them or not. For the first time in 25 years I strongly disagree with their decision to endorse Chris Koster (D) who is running for governor of Missouri.

        It is my right to non-renew and therefore no longer support the NRA because, although the democrats’s and Republican’s candidates views are EXACTLY the same they chose Koster simply because he is about the only democrat running for governor in any who supports gun rights.

        The democrat party overwhelmingly wants to disarm as many civilians as possible, why endorse the only one who supports gun rights? The only reason he supports gun rights are to get elected.

        So if you are so weak minded that you are voting for a democrat because the NRA endorses him, our movement is on very shaky ground.

        • Naz,

          Then take your 1911 out, cock it, aim at your left big toe, pull the trigger.

          You are not helping.

          By the way, if HiLIARy gets in, that will be the last time you will need your 1911.

          We ALL have to VOTE!!

        • If the (R), a former member of the Special Forces, is exactly as pro-gun, pro-2A and an all around better person, I should vote for the democrat just because the NRA says to? LOL, only an absolute IDIOT would EVER vote for a democrat,

          The modern democrat party hates guns, gun owners and that pesky 2A, go ahead and vote for him, lemmings. Do not think for yourselves, don’t read about the other guy, just do what your overlord says to do, even though, in this case, the NRA blew it.

        • Naz,
          While I’m not familiar with the candidates (D or R) in question and assuming the (D) candidate was in-fact pro-gun, it seems the NRA may have taken the opportunity to endorse a unicorn. I agree though, there doesn’t seem to be anything good coming from endorsing or electing democrats in the long run.

        • “The democrat party overwhelmingly wants to disarm as many civilians as possible, why endorse the only one who supports gun rights? ”

          Eh.. Because he supports gun rights….?

        • They endorsed Koster because he has a 17-year-long record of supporting the 2nd Amendment, and Grietens has zero record, as he’s never held a public office. All they have on him is his answers to the questionnaire.

          And regardless of who the NRA endorses, there are still many Republican voters (presumably such as yourself) who will vote Republican simply because they are Republican.

    • All of us need to be sure that every politician understands that attempting to infringe on RKBA will get you widespread opposition, even from fellow Republicans. If that is what you want, you need to STFU if you want to have a chance. If I were in MO, I would follow the NRA suggestion, and thank them for the heads up.

      Shorter version; I don’t GAS what party you claim to belong to, I care about your vote on gun control.

  4. I voted today after jumping thru hoops at the courthouse for an hour. I had recently moved and had to change my voting location as well. I’ll be at sea in Nov. Safe from the Hitlery Riots. The wife has the KSG so she’s safe as well.

  5. This site has way too many ads and pop ups to read anymore. I used to enjoy reading but am tired of all the pop ups.

    • Everybody has to earn a living.
      Why don’t you suggest TTAG offer a paid subscription that is ad free if you prefer to pay your dues upfront instead of grousing and offering no solution?
      Come to people with problems and negativity and they tune you out, come to people with solutions and you have their attention. Just a thought.

    • Maybe set up a Patreon account? How many of us read daily? If a thousand of us commit to a couple of dollars a month each, then can dial back the ads a bit.

  6. “millennials and women”


    If they want to reach out to millennials, the first thing they need to do is ditch Trump. Over 30 points difference by now in millennial polls, and it’s only getting bigger.

    Remember: if you want to sink some cause, the best way to do so is to tie it to Trump candidacy, and have him endorse it. He’s like Midas in reverse: everything he touches becomes stinky. Sure, if he wins in November, that won’t really matter. But if he loses – and the electoral map does not favor him – it’ll all get flushed down the drain along with him.

    Although the NRA has made that decision for you already. It doesn’t matter what Republican rank-and-file do – as far as the public is concerned, NRA speaks for all gun owners in this country, and they have very publicly thrown their lot with Trump.

    Don’t forget to send your thanks to them when the blowback happens next year.

    • I might take you seriously if Trump wasn’t gaining in nearly every state poll, including in blue states, and currently up in some national polls.

      Sorry, HRC is falling flat. I don’t know who will win but Trump is even money at this point. The trend is Trump’s friend right now. Unless HRC can change the trend to being in her favor in the next couple weeks, she’s lost. Maybe she will, maybe she won’t.

      • Unfortunately, everything I’ve seen indicates that Trump’s surge came to a screeching halt last week, about the time he turned in an astoundingly bad debate performance and then spent a week fighting over that Venezuelan beauty queen.

        Hillary is presently climbing in the polls.

    • Just like how Truman was so certain to be beat that they printed up papers saying Dewey won, right? Calling the game a bit early, ain’t ya pal?

      • I said “I don’t know who will win but Trump is even money at this point”.

        3rd grade reading. You need it. Even the gov’t schools got it. You must have fucked up real bad to miss it.

        • Their reply was to int19h, not to you…. if it was to you, they would’ve clicked the “reply” button beneath your post, which would have indented their reply beneath your post (like this one)…. instead, they clicked the “reply” button beneath int19h’s post, which is why it was indented beneath that one and in line with yours.

          Or did they not cover that in 3rd grade, as well? 😉

        • I think he was talking to the OP, not you strych9. Oops, cueballer and I seem to have posted at the same time… mine was a little less antagonistic however. Just sayin’

    • int19h,

      You are obviously disgusted with the current situation. I would like to hear your proposal that strengthens our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

      Should everyone rally around Hillary and ensure that fedzilla neuters the Second Amendment and starts Australia style “buy-backs”?

      Should everyone oppose Trump? (Pro-tip: this is the same as rallying around Hillary.)

      Should we all vote for Rand Paul? (Pro-tip: this is the same as rallying around Hillary.)

      Should we all vote for Gary Johnson? (Pro-tip: this is the same as rallying around Hillary.)

      Should we all stay home and not vote? (Pro-tip: this is the same as rallying around Hillary.)

      The simple truth of the matter, int19h, is that a LOT of people between the ages of 18 and 35 care mostly about their appearance and entertainment and believe that the world owes them. There is no way that a Republican candidate is going to appeal to such people. I don’t care who he/she is. I don’t care what he/she does. Get over it and go vote for the best electable candidate that will do the most to strengthen the Second Amendment.

    • Don’t forget fat. Although none of the guys in the pic is really fat….have to keep up the NRA member image of OFWG’s though.

  7. They ought to push this ad in the Unfree States too. Maybe we can eventually get the voters there to oust their masters.

  8. If the NRA wants to reach millennials, it will have to offer them some free sh!t. You know, something that they really need — like a free Xbox. And maybe a bong.

    • Ralph, that is BRILLIANT! Maybe some new posters for their bedrooms that are still in their parents basement?

      • Naz,

        Then take your 1911 out, cock it, aim at your left big toe, pull the trigger.

        You are not helping.

        By the way, if HiLIARy gets in, that will be the last time you will need your 1911.

        We ALL have to VOTE!!

        • Voting for a democrat in Missouri will keep Hillary from getting elected exactly how? You know one is a member of the gun hating democrat party and….. wait…. so is the other!

          I can’t wait to hear your logic, be careful with that 1911 there buddy, I hope you’re not using it to scratch your head with while contemplating the answer to my question.

          • Lord, you boys must be slow down there.

            You don’t have to vote for the Demo Gov., you could vote for the janitor for all I care………………..

            But you need to vote Trump for President, so HiLIARy does NOT get elected and take our guns away and most importantly does NOT get the opportunity to appoint Supreme Court Justice(s).

    • As a millennial at the top end of the age group I resemble that comment.

      No, let’s be real. This comment is off the mark a bit. A lot of us have graduated from college under Obama and gotten screwed. The media focuses on the “millennials” and says that they are a currently of college age… and that’s a whole different kettle of fish.

      Let’s look at the actual definition of “millennial”. It’s “a person reaching young adulthood around the year 2000”.

      Someone who’s 22 and a college senior now doesn’t fit that definition at all. You need to be getting out of high school in the 1995-2005 to meet that definition. Today’s “young folks” who are 25 or less were born in 1991 or more recently where as actual millennials would have been born no later than 1987.

      • @strych9, I think that you and your cohort have been called “Generation Z.” Which has nothing to do with Z Nation (or so I hope).

        • I graduated HS in 2002. 9/11 was my senior year.

          I’m certainly a millennial and damn fucking proud of it.

          What a dipshit 22 year old does today is none of my business nor any of my concern but they sure as hell don’t represent real millennials. We went out and enlisted after 9/11.

          These people barely know what 9/11 was because they were put into safe spaces. *spits*

    • “…something that they really need — like a free Xbox. And maybe a bong.”

      Make that a vape instead of the bong…

    • A free X-box? No.

      But it wouldn’t hurt the NRA in the least to come out with some first-person shooter games with the NRA label. Make some that feature home defense, school defense, etc., to get training into the game.

  9. Ha ha. Okay, good luck with that. Using Trump to appeal to women only appeals to a very, very… very narrow segment of the women in this country. And they were going to vote for whichever Republican anyway.

  10. I’m still not quite sure why the NRA endorsed Trump this election-
    He’s no better than Clinton on most gun issues, he just lies more effectively. He’s no friend to individual rights in general and gun rights in specific.

    If the NRA had just said that both canidates suck, both want the no fly list to be used to take away a citizens right to purchase, keep and bear arms with no due process, and both have been for a federal assualt weapons ban, I’d be much happier. Sadly, the NRA seems to have fallen onto the trump train wreck, and so if by some fluke he gets elected, they won’t be as on guard as they should be when he starts degrading gun rights.

    The only big difference is that taking away gun rights is a goal for Clinton, whereas trump won’t support gun rights, but he’s also not rabid to attack them.

    Either major party winning this election means america loses. And a third party, any third party canidate has no chance of winning.

    Although, in truth, I’m pretty impressed as to how the progressives got their canidates selected in both major party.

    • The picture you have described is the sad reality. There really is no candidate speaking for gun rights in this election. Even the ones that say they support us are not going to bat for us when it counts. The NRA probably took the only option left to them to oppose Hillary and that’s nice and all but his feet are clay. Gun rights are going to truly become a grass roots movement over the next four years, we will all have to be activists and that will require more than sending a few dollars to the NRA if we want to get the attention of lawmakers.

    • Again, too many people seem to be missing completely what appears so important to me, in this and every election. If you speak against guns/in favor of any form of gun control, I will contribute and vote for your opponent. If once in office, you propose/vote any manner of gun control, I will contribute/vote for your opponent in all your future elections. As Bill Clinton called gun control the third rail of politics, so it should be recognized as such by *every* Democrat and *every* Republican as well. You are acknowledging that Trump speaks correctly, but you fear he doesn’t mean it somehow. Get a grip! If he recognizes that his support depends on 2A support, why in the hell would he change that support once elected? I don’t care if he is a true believer, so long as he acts like one! Hillary is basing her campaign on a blatant promise to gut 2A and outlaw firearms of all kinds. If you do not think *SHE* is lying, then you have to vote for Trump, whether he is lying or not!

      • That works where you have a choice between a gun control candidate and a gun rights candidate. Not everyone is so lucky, My choice is between Toomey, of Toomey-Manchin UBC fame, and McGinty, a Rendell crony who is even worse on gun rights! Should I vote for McGinty, the democrat, and aid the democrats to take over the Senate just because I want to teach Toomey a lesson?

      • Why should I vote for someone who has constantly showed a lack of character? A lack of even temperament? An inability to tell the truth?

        He supports “no fly no buy” legislation.

        He supports a federal assualt weapons ban.

        He supports stop and frisk.

        He, for most of his adult life, financially supported politicans who worked to eliminate gun rights.

        He will not expand gun rights, and I doubt he even knows what the NFA is.

        Clinton is worse than Trump. Let’s get that clear, she *is* a worse choice than Trump. But I’m done voting for the lesser evil.
        And this election is not a binary choice. Not supporting Trump is not supporting Clinton. Saying I’m *for* Clinton is insulting, to me, to you, to anyone with an IQ over 60.

        When Clinton wins, because she will, you’re going to blame me, when we will need to be working harder to slow down the expanding power of the federal government. We don’t really have any hope of reducing the federal government, or having the president respect and follow the constitution, those days are long over, but we might be able to put off the comming collapse for a few more years.

    • Ancidotal counterpoint. At my workplace, about 75 people I work with directly are republicans or republican leaning, the other 8 or so are libertarian or uninterested in politics- not many modern democrats interested in natural resource extraction.
      None of them, none, zero, are willing to admit to being willing to vote for trump. What they actually do in the ballot box may be completely diferent, but no one has been willing to say they’d vote for trump when I’ve asked over the past month.
      When I ask if they think Clinton would be better, they almost universally say no- she’d be worse, but he’s still so bad on what various issues they care about, or they don’t trust him enough to vote for either.
      Many have said they’re going to either not vote for anyone for president, and only vote the down ticket, or write in “none-of-the-above” as a protest vote.

      Again, it’s easy to say this, outside of the voting booth, and fairly low cost to “say”. What happens on nov 8th might be completely diferent.

      I won’t be surprised if Clinton wins the electoral college by a landslide. I will be surprised if she gets anywhere near half of the population to vote for her.

  11. I support the NRA! I shoot regularly and appreciate an organization that will do its best to protect my rights to own a gun. But, I’m also voting a straight Democratic ticket next month. I’ve got to tell ya, you guys are betting on the wrong ponies to win…

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