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Earlier today Liberty Suppressors announced “The Sovereign,” a particularly lightweight .30 caliber suppressor. Its titanium tube and core construction means it tips the scales at a scant 12.7 ounces, while still providing an average sound reduction of about 28.4 dB.

The Sovereign ships with both 1/2-28 and 5/8-24 thread adapters and a 5/8-24 muzzle brake mount, making it quite the versatile can. Diameter on the Sovereign is 1 5/8″ and length is 7 1/8″. The target audience is hunters and precision rifle shooters, who are generally looking for a smaller, lighter suppressor with less concern for things like a full-auto rating.

While a .30 caliber, aluminum front cap is installed on the can from the factory, other options exist as separate accessories:

Available Accessories:
APA Little Bastard 2 Brake Mount (allows the Sovereign to mount over the APA Little Bastard 2 Brake)
Liberty Blast Diffuser (including 3 front caps, 5.56, 6.5mm, and .30)
Replacement Front Caps: 5.56mm, 6.5mm, .30
Front Cap Wrench

MSRP is $1,050.

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  1. I support the HPA. My Amex screams and gnashes it’s little plastic teeth at the thought of that bill passing.

  2. Ooo…now that is a suppressor that I like. I think my BAR needs one. What cartridge’s is it good for?

    • Damn good question. They say they tested it with .308 but the “caliber” listed under specs is “.30 Cal (Various)”.

  3. Of course I literally just bought a silencerco omega yesterday lol. I’m sure I’ll still be happy with the purchase, but shaving a few ounces off it would be nice

  4. So what happens when someone inevitably shoots a .30 cal bullet (300 blackout) but they still have the 5.56 end cap attached?

    • Ever heard the sound of a cash register ringing up a sale?

      Kinda like that, but without the satisfaction of having something nice after you hand them the money…

    • It makes a larger hole in the end cap haha. That’s probably a big reason it’s aluminum, actually. Should you screw up, it really wouldn’t be a big deal. That first shot likely won’t hit exactly where you’re aiming, but it’ll cut a new hole for all of the subsequent shots and should not have any reason to cause any damage to the suppressor.

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