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Chassis are heavy and expensive, but for long range accuracy they’re essential pieces of equipment. Especially chassis that give you the ability to adjust your gun to fit your body. KRG has been making chassis for long range rifles for a few years now, and they’re introducing a hybrid polymer and aluminum chassis that will not only cut down on weight but also the price.

The X-Ray Chassis is an adaptation of their existing top seller, and is interchangeable with many of the existing parts. It is built off the same aluminum spine as the other chassis, but where the original has an aluminum construction this one uses polymer. It allows for more recoil reduction and weight reduction, while at the same time giving the rifle the same rigid platform so it works perfectly.

The chassis will be available for the Remington 700 short action and Tikka T3 action initially, with more coming down the road. Retail is going to run about $590, but they’re having a special on the first few runs. So it’ll be even cheaper if you hop on this quickly.

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    • When the makers found that bureaucrats’ would pay more for items that did not sound like firearms parts

      • That’s the best I’ve heard yet. It’s
        obviously marketing BS, but I can’t figure out why our side is buying into it.

  1. Who cares what they call it!

    It’s significantly cheaper than any other adjustable ‘stock’ or ‘chassis’ out there for the Tikka that I’ve found!!!

    Shut up and take slightly less money than anybody else out there would!!!

  2. The forend warps and buldges. Screws loosen up. Buttstock splits at seam.
    Too much!!!!!

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